America 2023: Sleepwalking into World War III

February 11, 2023

China and Russia are both in full-on war mode, mobilizing their economies, their armies and navies for World War III with America.

Notice I said “America.” Not “NATO.” NATO is America and America is NATO along with its vassal states.

NATO has always been built upon American power. The problem is America has lost its power and any that remains is largely about perception, not reality.

Once the world figures this out, it’s game over. Once they see that the Emperor has no clothes, that it’s all smoke and mirrors — and the balloon incident has started to open people’s eyes — they will be shocked at how weak America actually is.

This degrading of American power was facilitated by ideological traitors (communists posing as Democrats) and greed-based traitors (Republicans posing as crusaders for “free trade” and the global “free market”). They have hollowed out this country’s manufacturing base, making us dependent on a hostile foreign power, China, while profiting greatly from their partnerships with “Chinese businesses,” without explaining to the American people that to be a viable Chinese “business” you must march to the dictates of the Chinese Communist Party. When you boil it down, basically every Chinese business that our American globalist friends are involved with is part of the Chinese Communist Party controlled state-corporate superstructure.

Take, for instance, this headline from today’s Detroit News: Ford to Announce $2.5B Battery Plant in Marshall (Michigan) with Chinese Partner.

A friend of mine from Michigan said it best when I texted him the above article: “100 years ago Henry Ford brought Sharia compliant Mohammadens to Michigan to provide cheap labor for his plants. Today, Ford Motor Company is bringing to Michigan America’s enemies from China to enrich its business.”

Democrat governors like Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, and Republican governors like Brian Kemp in Georgia, are completely on board with selling out their states to the Chinese under the guise of providing jobs.

The Biden administration clumsily announced this week that it is banning the U.S. from doing business with six Chinese corporations because they have ties to the Chinese military’s aerospace industry.

According to CNN

The US Commerce Department is restricting six Chinese companies tied to the Chinese army’s aerospace programs from obtaining US technology without government authorization.

The move comes after a Chinese balloon suspected of carrying out surveillance flew over the US last week, raising political tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

Six companies? This is laughable. Every Chinese “company” ultimately ties back to the CCP and its military ambitions.

Meanwhile, the globalist communist Democrats and globalist “free market” Republicans have allowed our military to degrade itself while sending endless weaponry and munitions to Eastern Europe and other areas of the world. They have opened up the U.S. borders and ignored the defense of the homeland, thinking the U.S. is invincible (eerily similar to the revived Babylonian empire, drunk with pride, described in Revelation 17-18).

At the same time America’s government has been corrupted, individual Americans have grown way too comfortable, living in luxury, too engrossed in games, entertainment, and other frivolous things that don’t matter, too ambivalent of things that do matter, to even see what’s happening before their very eyes.

America is in free fall, both economically and militarily. And especially morally. It’s been a gradual decline for decades but at the end things tend to move very fast and I believe we’ve entered that final death spiral.

This is very reminiscent of ancient Rome and its far-flung empire building. Rome, like America, was busy nation building abroad while ignoring the homeland. Finally it imploded from within when it realized the barbarians were not only gathering at the gates, they were inside the gates.

Here is a list of things the Biden regime is doing that are the opposite of what any legitimate government would do if it was heading into war with a superpower like Russia, China or, God forbid, both at the same time:

  • Pushing dangerous experimental pharmaceutical products on U.S. military, first responders and healthcare personnel. China and Russia have not forced these mRNA drugs on their military personnel.
  • Sending endless arms and munitions to Ukraine.
  • Pushing for a global pandemic treaty that would shift sovereignty from individual nations to the United Nations World Health Organization in matters of public health and “public-health emergencies of international concern.” The new International Health Regulations, if adopted by the World Health Assembly in the last week of May, would hand over authority to the WHO to declare when such emergencies are declared and how to respond, whether with masks, lockdowns, forced injections, etc.
  • Introducing transgenderism, critical race theory and other destructive, divisive elements into the U.S. military.
  • Drawing down the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to dangerously low levels while continuing to push “climate change” policies of phasing out so-called “fossil fuels” that are needed to run a modern economy, let alone a war-time economy. Russia and China do not indulge the John Kerrys and Bill Gateses of the world. They have no problem with “fossil fuels.”
  • Continuing to stoke divisions within U.S. society — racial, sexual, religious. Just this week an FBI leaked memo shows it is targeting conservative Catholics as an “extremist” threat. Previously, we’ve seen parents who attend school board meetings, so-called “election deniers,” vaccine refusniks, and pro-life evangelicals labeled as extremists and enemies of the state in the world of fairy tales in which the DOJ and FBI operate. They should be focused on real enemies but they choose to demonize various categories of law-abiding, hard working American families.
  • Continuing to encourage business deals with China in which China buys up valuable U.S. farmland and industrial land.
  • Opening the borders for terrorists and sleeper cells to enter from China, Iran, Russia and any other country that wants to send us their bad apples.
  • Going after guns. If we had a legitimate government that knew war with Russia-China was on the horizon, it would be encouraging responsible citizen gun ownership rather than trying to ban these weapons.
  • Not explaining to the American people that we are at war with Russia and China, at least in a proxy war and rapidly moving toward direct war with both sides escalating the conflicts. Why escalate toward war without mobilizing for war and explaining the rationale to the people?

As a result of the above policies, America is not ready for World War III. And if America continues to sleepwalk into World War III, it will lose World War III.

The country is not mobilizing. It is not uniting. I truly believe that’s because we don’t have a legitimate government in Washington. It’s a fake government run by traitors. This entity that people refer to as the government, while pushing the world toward war, is not preparing for war.

As individual people of faith, I say this: Prepare accordingly. Because your “government” is not going to protect you from enemies foreign or domestic. It will be every man for himself, every neighborhood for itself, every community for itself.

Millions of Americans will be focused on the Super Bowl this weekend as the world is on fire with war, earthquakes, bioweapons being promoted as vaccines, and growing famine. They are and will remain totally impervious to what’s going on. I hear God saying, “Come out of her my people,” before it’s too late, before you share in her sins and her plagues. is 100 percent reader supported, not beholden to any corporate advertisers or sponsors. As a result, we are an independent provider of news and analysis for such a time as this. If you’d like to help keep us online, please consider a donation of any size, which may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.


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98 thoughts on “America 2023: Sleepwalking into World War III”

  1. Kayjae – re: “I guess accidents of this sort with that degree of ‘coincidence’ is only business as usual in the transportation world. I don’t believe it in this case,” and “…if there’s a way to create disasters (like burning down food processing plants and “accidents” like the one in Ohio), they will eventually accomplish their depopulation goals over the long term.”

    I think you’re right, Kayjae. Yesterday, another coincidence happened. A tractor trailer truck carrying hazardous nitric acid overturned in Tucson, releasing toxic fumes. Those living in the area were ordered to either evacuate or shelter in place according to their proximity. The driver was killed, so we’ll never know if he perceived any malfunctions in the vehicle before the accident.

    Totalitarian regimes have often staged events that not only produce death and destruction, but also achieve their objective of instilling fear in their citizens so they’ll be willing to exchange their freedoms for “security” (i.e., enslavement) offered by these entities. We know, because of his nature, Satan is influencing the thoughts and actions of the global cabal: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” (John 10:10). He’s also laughing at all his puppets at the same time that he’s using them. But there’s One who will have the last laugh:

    Why do the nations rage,
    And the people plot a vain thing?
    The kings of the earth set themselves,
    And the rulers take counsel together,
    Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying,
    “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
    And cast away Their cords from us.”

    He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
    The Lord shall hold them in derision.
    Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,
    And distress them in His deep displeasure:
    “Yet I have set My King
    On My holy hill of Zion.”

    “I will declare the decree:
    The LORD has said to Me,
    ‘You are My Son,
    Today I have begotten You.
    Ask of Me, and I will give You
    The nations for Your inheritance,
    And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
    You shall break them with a rod of iron;
    You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’ ”

    Now therefore, be wise, O kings;
    Be instructed, you judges of the earth.
    Serve the LORD with fear,
    And rejoice with trembling.
    Kiss the Son, lest He be angry,
    And you perish in the way,
    When His wrath is kindled but a little.
    Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.
    – Psalm 2

    The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
    – Revelation 20:10

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  2. The Bible says that many in the church will fall away and they believe THE LIE. They have itching ears which means they don’t want to hear the truth. Most pastors are not preaching the truth coz they don’t want people to leave. Many don’t preach prophecy either. God knows the FUTURE.

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  3. I am much less concerned about what Russia, or even China, will do than I am about the gangsters, grifters, Nazis, Commies, professional fraudsters and jackasses of both parties who are in charge of our federal government. For decades they have caused the rotten relationships we now have with Russia and China, indeed the entire world, and put us on the brink of a major war. They have for decades corrupted our military and depleted, abandoned or taken apart our resources, military and industrial. When they approach any problem, it’s always in a state of hysteria (as in covid or those high altitude balloons) or total disinterest (as in the case of the Ohio train derailment catastrophe). These are not reasonable, rational people who care one iota for the American people or for human life in general, so it’s quite likely the Biden administration to do a first strike nuke and set off WWIII. Gotta look tough for the cameras. Consequences do not matter and appear not to be even thought about. As we build up to a missile exchange, the Syncophant media will sell this to the American public and seek to stampede us with fear to “rally round the flag” and cheer on getting the drop on those Russkies or Chinamen, with nukes or without. This fraud, lies, incompetence and hysteria is what’s leading us to war and disaster.

    It’s come down to which country these fools want to take apart first—Russia or China? Depends on which warmongering party wins out in DC. As Ukraine is losing big time, soon our focus will be shifted to going toe-to-toe with China and Ukraine will be forgotten the more embarrassing it becomes. It’s all a game these gangsters play and they don’t expect to be the ones that get hurt from the consequences of their actions. The name of their game is “permanent war” and our whole economy and politics is geared for that and has been for a very long time. That’s why we are involved in proxy wars all the time. Ukraine is just another one, but a very dangerous one. No politician getting fat kickbacks from the military-industrial sector will do anything to jeopardize their profits.

    Reason and rationality is not be to expected from reprobate minds such as we have as our overlords. And anyway, war is great for their eugenics agendas.


    1. hello kayjae
      The american presidency has been in the hands of the globalists for a long time now.
      I remember president George Bush promising a new world order with absolute certainty.
      So, I believe whatever Biden gets up to will be within the boundaries which have been pre-determined by the globalists. The decision to start a nuclear war will never be his. Putin and Zelensky have both been trained to be world leaders by Klaus Schwab and again their actions have been pre-determined by the globalists.

      So, the globalists may tolerate politicians and their crooked dealings on a domestic level but they wont allow these politicians to derail the globalists modem operandum for achieving a new world order.

      Nuclear war would in my opinion derail the controlled roll out of the global reset.

      These are just my opinions. We will have to wait and see what transpires.


  4. Leo – Re: “This entity that people refer to as the government, while pushing the world toward war, is not preparing for war.”

    Thank you, Leo, for another hard-hitting, beautifully written story! Sadly, not only is our country unprepared for war, but there seems to be a deliberate effort to minimize our defensive nuclear capabilities.

    Biden made little or no demands on Russia when the 5-year extension of the New START nuclear arms treaty was signed on Feb. 3, 2021. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas had this to say about it: “He ignored nearly two thousand Russian tactical nuclear weapons outside the scope of the treaty and took no actions to constrain China’s massive nuclear buildup – both critical U.S. priorities related to New START.”

    Since I heard the following reports last year, I’m not sure if they still hold true:

    Although Russia’s hypersonic missiles are designed to use nuclear weapons, there is currently no plan for U.S. hypersonic missiles to do the same.

    There are plans to eliminate the nuclear-armed Sea-Launched Cruise Missile.

    There is a possibility of adopting a nuclear “no first use pledge.” Peter Pry said this about it: “Should nuclear employment become necessary, if Biden does not use tactical nuclear weapons first, he will never have any opportunity to use them second.”

    Pry also had this to say in his March 7, 2022 article, “Biden Blundering Toward Nuclear War That US Isn’t Prepared For”:

    “In contrast to Russia, the U.S. strategic nuclear posture is more transparent and eschews surprise attack for ‘strategic stability’ by relying least heavily on ICBMs and most heavily on missile submarines that normally are mostly in port and are all armed with SLBMs of intermediate range (so they must go to sea to reach Russia), as well as non-alert strategic bombers that can fully mobilize in three days.”

    Thinking about all this, incredibly 1 Timothy 2:1-4 came to my mind:

    “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

    What a hard pill to swallow! How can you give thanks for people who tie our hands behind our backs while bullies are arming themselves to the teeth? Honestly, I’m not there yet, so I guess I’ll start small and just pray that the Lord gives them wisdom.


  5. Mr. William, what the Antichrist wanted to restore was actually the Babel style rule of Nimrod and the rule of Naphilim before the flood.


  6. It’s worth noting that America is heavily reliant on China for it’s supply of antibiotics. I wonder what will happen if people’s immune systems cease to function due to the poison jab.

    I see a situation unfolding where the vaccinated community will succumb to bacterial infections as their immune systems become unable to fight off infection..
    Here’s a quote from an article I read today:

    “Right now, the U.S. has virtually no capacity to manufacture antibiotics,” health care expert Rosemary Gibson wrote in Market Watch. “That’s because China currently controls roughly 90% of the global supply of inputs needed to make the generic antibiotics that treat bronchitis, pneumonia, pediatric ear infections, and life-threatening conditions, such as sepsis.”

    So, this is another weapon in China’s armoury
    Nuclear war is in nobodies interest. The ‘Globalists’ want a world that they can live in, after the ‘great reset’. They are planning for a utopia on this earth. Nuclear bombs are too indiscriminate as they release radiation into the air which in turn can transport the radiation wherever the wind blows. This would not provide for a greener earth.

    Just some of my thoughts on the matter.

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    1. Anthony—excellent points. I’m surprised China hasn’t already restricted exports of their antibiotics. But if the relationship between China and the US and its Western allies keeps deteriorating, that day may be soon. Meanwhile the CDC is still pushing covid jabs and boosters for everyone, despite the evidence of declining immunity and many deaths and injuries, and is recommending it be included in the battery of vaccines required for school children.

      I am concerned that there are crazy warmongers in the US government very willing to use nukes, regardless of the consequences. They are already talking this way as their neocon Ukraine proxy war is falling apart. There have been these types in our government before who were all to ready to resort to nukes, certainly throughout the 60s when the Cold war was quite hot. Strangely, the most hysterical of these warmongers both in the US and Germany are now the radical leftists/liberals (as well as neocons who are not true conservatives in any case.)

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      1. @ kayjae
        February 14, 2023 at 12:01 am

        Thanks Kayjae
        I’ve read about the vaccines being recommended for inclusion in the battery of vaccines required for school children.
        According to Robert Kennedy this is a legal ploy which will enable the manufacturers to avoid liability.

        “The CDC officially added the ‘unsafe and ineffective’ COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood immunization schedule for 2023. Robert Kennedy said that when a vaccine is added to the recommended childhood immunization schedule, the manufacturer gains a shield from liability and being sued. State or local authorities frequently consider the CDC’s schedule when establishing their school admission requirements.”

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      1. @ lzh
        February 14, 2023 at 1:26 pm

        I don’t think so.

        If Russia starts a nuclear attack there would be an automatic response from America and it’s allies.

        Putin is sabre rattling. The super powers prefer to fight each other in proxy wars such as the war in Syria and Ukraine.

        As I said earlier, “Nuclear war is in nobodies interest. The ‘Globalists’ want a world that they can live in, after the ‘great reset’. They are planning for a utopia on this earth. Nuclear bombs are too indiscriminate as they release radiation into the air which in turn can transport the radiation wherever the wind blows. This would not provide for a greener earth.”

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  7. Leo,

    You are spot on my friend. The wise see what is coming. I told my dad last night that we are already at war, but the people just don’t know it yet. It’s hard to know what to believe from the media, so I just don’t watch it. All of this feels like a set up though.

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  8. Thank you Leo for your tireless work and devotion to awaken the sleepy church as to what time it is ! About 3 years ago I came upon a new program on the TCT TV Network. The theme of this 1/2 hour program on Sunday evenings was ‘America’s Role In Bible Prophecy’

    The co-hosts of this program are Richard and Karen Pearson from Ontario Canada.

    This ministry is the result of 35 years of researching exactly ‘who is Mystery Babylon The Great’ in the book of Revelation. 53 biblical references have traced the progression of ‘The lady of Kingdoms’ found in the Old Testament all the way through to the New Testament of Chapter 18 in Revelation.

    America is positively identified as the ‘7th’ of the final ‘8th’ kingdom to complete this mystery that is now unfolding just before the wrath of God is poured out.

    Here > http://WWW.PROPHECYUSA.ORG is the address to find out more about this prophetic ministry. Your excellent article ~ ‘America Sleep Walking Into World War 3″ is a very important message as it is complements the message about Mystery Babylon The Great – aka The U.S.A.

    Sincerely, Gordon B.

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  9. Very good article. Will share with friends. Many excellent comments as well that give hope because there are others that see what is happening. Let me share a few thoughts here. Someone here mentioned Jeremiah. This is extremely important. Jeremiah tells us that God’s judgment came because of the sins of Mannaseh. Mannaseh brought in false worship and child sacrifice. Mannaseh reigned for 50 years despite bringing in such evil. My friends it has been 50 years since Roe vs Wade. Millions of slaughtered children and many used for medical experimentation which is way beyond what mannaseh did. Aborted children’s scalps cut off and attached to rats in our labs at the university of philadelphia. All done under the watch of francis collins the so called evangelical christian that endorsed the covid shots while church leaders promoted him. Leo comments on the sell out to world trade. Let me tell you something. It is not a coincidence that the World Trade Center opened in New York the same year as Roe vs Wade. Child sacrifice and world trade have gone hand in hand since the times of the phonecians (trye and sidon).
    I agree here with those that see america as babylon but I think the picture is much larger. It is in reality the anglo saxon system or the anglo american establishment. It is my beleif that King Charles may well be the antichrist. If he is not the antichrist he is definately of the spirit of antichrist. The great reset was in fact kicked off by him and this whole ukraine war is all about the city of london. Russia sees itself in a battle against the antichrist system. This is not a new idea. It goes back before the first world war. Much can be said about this. But I will not say it now. Our system seeks to spread evil throughout the world. This is undeniable. For those that believe that this battle can be won with the sword or the voting booth it cannot be done. The way of Christ is the way of the cross. The true bride will follow her Lord to the cross. Going back to Jeremiah we must remember that in the midst of the collapse of jerusalem God’s watchfull eye was upon ebed- melech the etheopian as well as baruch the scribe and jeremiah himself. God watches over His own and will bring them safely home. This world is not our home and the loss of it will only bring His bride to a better appreciation of what our Lord has done for us. This is truly the blessed hope. Sorry for any mispellings or bad writing, I am not a writer.

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      1. Thank you Leo. The article you wrote was excellent and I have shared it with others. Thank you and God bless


  10. 100% agree with all you said Leo. I have tried to be hopeful America would straighten up and fly right but it’s not happening. The parallels between America and first century Rome are undeniable. For instance America’s insatiable porn addiction. In A.D. 69 the year before Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem Mount Vesuvius erupted. 1800 years later excavations began in Pompeii, Herculaneum and a few other Roman resort towns, sort of ancient Epstein Islands. The rich gathered there to indulge their lusts. Other than torturing Christians. The so called art revealed a culture of perversion and idol worship with no boundaries. Child porn and explicit sexual paintings on most walls along with depictions of male genitalia in statues and talismans. They didn’t have video. My point is I don’t think it was an accident all those artifacts were preserved.


    1. Somehow I lost part of my comment. Anyway it seems providential to me the artifacts were preserved and the West knows what happened. I believe God gave them over to their desires and judged as surely as He judged Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe you said before America is under God’s judgment now, I believe that. Believers must rely upon God’s guidance and make use of what He provides for our survival until He calls us home.

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    2. Hello Veronica
      Several years ago when I was in Athens there were shop windows showing lots of figurines with exaggerated male genitalia. I reckon that they were copies of the old Greek statues which you’ve mentioned.

      These days people have access to online porn which is doing great damage to so many Americans especially teenagers.

      I believe that the gender crises is being caused by porn sites as well as the media etc.

      Young people are engaging in all sorts of fantasies online. In many cases the fantasy develops and becomes a psychosis which takes over the senses of it’s victim. This psychosis is then reinforced and normalised by the media, medical, educational and legal systems.

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      1. Anthony, you are thinking in the old Cold War terms. Something has changed. It will be different this time. The two sides will engage directly this time, in my opinion. We will see World War III. Whether that goes nuclear or not, I cannot say, but it would not surprise me if they did fire off a few. Most Westerners have watched too many movies and think that a few nukes would destroy the world, or at least an entire large nation. That is not true. Everything within 25 miles of the blast will be killed but most of the people outside of that range will survive. While I don’t rule out nuclear strikes, I believe an EMP attack is more likely.


      2. Also, these globalists don’t really believe in saving a “green” earth. That’s just a smokescreen used for gretaer control of the masses. We have a chemical catastrophe right here in the U.S. going on as we speak and the federal EPA is nowhere to be seen. They could care less, and this chemical explosion, caused by a train derailment, is every bit as dangerous as a nuclear bomb going off, in some ways worse. I talked to a hazardous materials expert yesterday and he told me a chemical agent is in some ways worse than a radiological agent. At least with radiation you can detect where the bad spots are with a Geiger Counter, but with chemicals it seeps into the groundwater undetected until it’s too late.


      3. leohohmann February 14, 2023 at 7:25 pm

        Hello Leo

        My view is that the ‘Globalists’ will want a world that they can enjoy after the great reset. As you have rightly pointed out, there are other weapons at there disposal.

        Klaus Schwab has predicted the possibility of a great cyber attack which he says would make the Covid pandemic look like a minor disturbance by comparison.

        I believe that the Russian Ukraine war is a tool to cause food and fuel shortages and to weaponise Ukrainian refugees who are already putting considerable strain on European countries where medical services are not coping and where ques for food banks are getting longer.

        These are the plans I see unfolding. A progressive wave of economic and social chaos world wide in order to break down the old order during which the fall out from the poison jab will accelerate on a logarithmic scale.
        If you combine that with a cyber war then you will see utter destruction of society.
        This will greatly reduce the population without damaging buildings and physical infrastructure and without leaving long lasting nuclear fall out.

        The problem with a limited nuclear attack is that it relies on the opposition sitting on their hands and not responding. But now there are huge nuclear arsenals on both sides and as we know wars have a habit of escalating.

        I believe that the toing and froing between the Eastern and Western powers is all choreographed and is paving the way for more emergency legislation over the general public.

        The third world war has already begun and it is a war between the globalists and the masses in order to bring about the great reset. This reset will happen and will usher in a demonic ‘new age’ which Jesus Christ has predicted. Klaus may not be aware of the devils plan for a spiritual new age since he is only a puppet of the Satanic elite.

        I don’t believe in Global warming. But I do believe that there is a green agenda working towards an ideal world for the globalists who will have gotten rid of the clutter of the masses so that they can rule over a more manageable population in a greener world. They are deluded in their quest for their ideal world.

        But ultimately this is all about the new demonic age which is on the horizon where the man of sin will be revealed and will rule over this new world order until Christ returns and destroys him.


      4. leohohmann February 14, 2023 at 7:28 pm

        Hello Leo

        The distinction I would make with regard to the rail road accident is that it was not an intended release of chemicals. It was an accident and is probably being fully assessed before putting people to work on the scene of the spillage.

        So, I wouldn’t read into it any lack of a green agenda.


      5. Anthony– There is something very odd about this train “accident” in Ohio. Two years ago this town was the movie set for an identical disaster called “White Noise”. The townsfolk played bit roles in it. Looks to me like a dry run for the real thing which has actually descended on this town. Maybe this disaster was planned for some time. Reporters going into the area are being arrested and major media has not been covering it. So a cover up is going on, too.

        Two more derailments involving toxic chemical shipments happened the same week in Texas and South Carolina. But the one in Ohio produced the mushroom cloud full of poison that has killed a lot of fish, wildlife and domestic animals. All this pollution in the water will be flowing down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers so people along those waterways can drink it. Meanwhile the Fed director supposedly in control of all this is AWOL, didn’t even mention this disaster in his latest press conference. He was instead preaching against too many white people in construction. The Green Agenda being imposed on us is only to cripple the economy, not produce paradise. The elites already have their bug-out places so what do they care…they just want us gone.

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      6. Thanks Kayjae for the link

        Over the past couple of years rail road accidents have actually decreased when compared to the previous six years.
        In the previous six years the annual number of railroad accidents exceeded 11,000.
        But in the last two years the annual number of railroad accidents was below 10,000.

        The article in your link is typical of a conspiracy theorist gathering isolated info on random events and pooling them together in order to suggest that a co-ordinated conspiracy is taking place.

        Many elitists have hideouts but they will want to be able to exit those hideouts and live in a cleaner environment in harmony with nature etc.

        Do you remember the Georgia Guidestones ?

        You will see that the ideal world for the globalists is a spacious depopulated earth.

        The ninth and tenth guidelines say :
        “9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
        10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.”

        They are seeking to establish an earth which is in harmony with the infinite.
        My view is that this perceived harmony is the devils plan which will include a greener earth and the demonic spiritualisation of the reduced population under the rule of the man of sin who will sit in the holy place showing himself to be God.

        Polluting the earth does not figure in the ideals set out in the Georgia Guidestones.

        There may be some coincidence between the railroad accident and the film you mention but coincidences do happen. In my opinion it was an accident probably due to negligence and human error.
        But it is a bit of a stretch to conclude that the accident is part of a conspiracy to reduce the world population by polluting the earth.


      7. Anthony—You can call the link about the Ohio disaster a “conspiracy theory”. I guess accidents of this sort with that degree of “coincidence” is only business as usual in the transportation world. I don’t believe it in this case. It’s just TOO strange that it was a movie set for an identical disaster.

        The train showed signs of malfunction for 30 miles before the accident and this was monitored, but nothing done. The feds on the scene appeared to have taken a sledge hammer to the problem and made it significantly worse. The incineration could have been done more in a more controlled fashion. Instead it create clouds of phogene. Eventually this area (which is mainly populated by poor whites) is likely to be depopulated because of all the lingering pollution. Certainly it will be a cancer cluster. But our government officials have shown they do not care. Why?? Their job is to protect the citizenry, but this administration (and earlier ones) do not.

        Problem is most of the scoffed at “conspiracy theories” I heard since 1963 have come true. This latest incident seems very suspicious and needs a serious investigation that gets at the truth. But as usual, we won’t get it. We don’t need yet another Warren Commission, or 9/11 Commission or “Iraq weapons of mass destruction” commission, or the Gulf of Tonkin pseudo-investigation, the Jim Jones congressional pseudo-investigation, the 1980s cocaine epidemic (that especially devastated the black communities) and the heroin epidemic (during our occupation of Afghanistan) that came under the supposed purview of the “War on Drugs”, the pseudo-investigation of the S&L collapse of the 1980s, or the pseudo reasons for the 2008 market collapse and bailouts of the favored few, or the Wuhan covid pseudo-investigation and the pseudo “safe and effective” covid vaccines (that no one should dare question), or the countless pseudo-justifications we get for the many costly proxy wars—ALL of these and more covered up the truth and if anyone questioned the results of these official “investigations” were labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and were to be ignored. Nothing but lies on everything.

        There are several kinds of conspiracies: by government, by corporate, by criminal or any combination of these. There are lots of them operating around the world in different arenas, and there’s a big hive of them in DC. I believe these conspirators have no regard for the citizens in this country and if there’s a way to create disasters (like burning down food processing plants and “accidents” like the one in Ohio), they will eventually accomplish their depopulation goals over the long term. If it means some areas have to be poisoned for a while to chase away or destroy the residents, there’s plenty of other spaces for the elites to live in while they wait for those areas to get cleaned up. The elites take the long view and can wait for as long as it takes.

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      8. Hello Kayjae
        I believe that 9/11 was an inside job and a conspiracy. I also believe that that Pearl Harbour was a conspiracy .
        So, Conspiracies are a reality in my opinion, but in the case of the train crash I believe that it was an accident. There is probably a cover up gong on as people try to avoid prosecution etc.

        But I just don’t think that it is part of the globalist conspiracy to reduce the population. The globalists have far more effective ways of carrying out their depopulation agenda .
        In situations like the train crash it is not unusual to have a news black out whilst investigations are carried out . So, we will have to wait and see what a fuller assessment shows.
        I’m cautious of the article in your previous comment. It seems to me that the journalist is a conspiracist who has lost objectivity. The article by SAUL ELBEIN – 02/14/23 1:32 PM ET seems to be more balanced.

        It seems to me though that action was taken and is continuing. Maybe the knee jerk response wasn’t perfect but immediate action was needed which didn’t allow much time for contemplation by the decision makers.

        We will have to wait and see what information surfaces over the coming days.


      9. This latest tragedy could be part of the evil plan to bring about famine and supply chain interruptions, or it may not. We cannot know due to the media black out and journalists being arrested just for asking questions and taking photos. The Ohio governor called out the National Guard to stand watch and prevent questions, photos, et

        I remember the 9/11 tragedy because I was caring for a sick relative, and when I was bringing her dinner, the planes flying into the towers were being televised. At the time I assured my sick relative that this was not real, that it was just a movie. In the movie, the plane was averted from smashing into the twin towers by a computer expert on the ground who was able to take control of the plane’s computer system to divert the plane away from the twin tower, but that evening on t.v., it turned out to be REAL Life happening as planes really did crash into the twin towers. What left me speechless too is that no military jets were scrambled to stop them as surely they were picked up as being planes off course or on a wrong trajectory by air controllers, military surveillance, etc. But no planes were scrambled. Act of terrorism! How many millions of possible terrorists have already crossed into America via our Southern border???

        Bill Gates is the expert on eugenics and depopulation – witness his TED talk during which he claimed vaccines would be a pathway to depopulation. Now his fake meat and bugs for dinner. Anyone handling chemical agents on the train surely would be knowledgeable about chemical reactions and the danger of setting spilled chemicals on fire, especially since they recognized that the chemicals could catch fire. They could have disposed of the liquid chemicals via tanks, etc. rather than causing such a massive chemical reaction via dispersion, as reaction with water causes a conversion to hydrogen chloride acid – many fish and animals were killed. Humans are now subject to horrible cancers.

        Hollywood has made movies that can give copycats very bad ideas indeed, such as the movie about the plane crashing into the twin tower. These New World Order people are demon inspired or demon possessed, and will do all they can to distort, deform God’s creation, thus the threat to install chips in our brains so they can control us – there will be no more free will, according to Yuval Noah Harari!!! This train wreck and chemical fire is serious because the outfall contaminated the streams and rivers that flow into the Mississippi River, affecting all agriculture in the path of the chemical dispersion. Climate change has been manipulated for years via the infamous “chem trails”. Bill Gates wants to expand those to block the sun, giver and sustainer of life. Plants cannot survive without CO2. Humans are deficient in Vitamin D that is critical to the immune system. Our food has been contaminated with many ugly chemicals. Was this train wreck a conspiracy or a movie copycat action? Only the perpetrators know, but it is very suspicious that the information and photos are being blocked by the military and even arrested by police. Those at the helm of this evil enterprise want to instigate a civil war so they can call in the U.N. troops, and implement their full control plan of depopulation. Of course, none of this applied to them, the “elites”. Despicable because their money was made on the backs of the taxpayers whose money was used to purchase the so-

        We need to put on the Armor of God and pray for His Divine Intervention. Bible event Sodom and Gemorah should tell us we as a country are on the wrong path, on the path to perdition, unless enough of us pray and fast and repent on behalf of our country. Only then will God answer our prayers, and pray we must. I think many of us are praying. I also trust in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Look at your dollar bills and you will see “In God We Trust” – and this spiritual part of every transaction gives me hope for our country and an even stronger desire to urgently fight against the Central Banks and their digital dollar. This is an emergency.

        Thank you so much, Leo Hohmann, for being a warrior for truth and the First Amendment. You have a special anointing from God to preserve truth and to disseminate it to us and all who have ears to listen and learn. You, Leo, are a champion for truth for which we all are very grateful.


  11. Thank you, Leo Hohmann, your post is so true, so true–more true than too many Americans will NOT pay attention to.
    To let you know, Leo, since Ann Corcoran introduced you to me I have followed every post and commented on all and placed them at Gab and, and at Facebook until they kicked me off for the third time (I’m not referring to their silly 3-day jails) The thing is I rarely remember to place my comments on YOUR page.

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    1. It’s understandable to be kicked off facebook for Leo’s content. They can’t handle the truth! Know that in war fighter pilots call being ‘over target’ as identifying and hitting the enemy. When you’re catching flack you’re glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ and getting the demonic realm steaming mad because you’re over target exposing and taking down strongholds. I know you’re not discouraged but some may be in this fight. It is a spiritual fight and war is very very hard. Stay strong any that are discouraged. The Battle is the Lord’s. There may be setbacks but HE Always Wins !!


      1. Right on – over target. Let’s keep our focus on the winning touchdown as the end goal because God is in charge and We, as His children, help defeat the enemy. Praise Jesus Christ! Thank you, Leo Hohmann, for being a beam of light and truth to the world – your courage gives us example to follow and hope in the ensuing battles. May God bless all and protect America. Amen.

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  12. Israel was invaded by Babylon, and God allowed it. Our country has committed the same and worse, so I would not be surprised and think it’s only a matter of time. We are after all, in the end times, and end times things are going to take place. The problem is everyone thinks certain things are invincible; America, our way of life, one’s own life and personal kingdom, one’s family and offspring, one’s hopes and dreams for themselves and their offspring, and so on.

    Just before Babylon took Israel, no one believed it would happen. God sent the prophet Jeremiah to warn the people and call them to repent, well they just dismissed him with a wave of the hand and persecuted him as well. But as God said, Israel fell to Babylon. Israel (or Judah actually but it applies as all of it was taken over at some point)…. was full of people. People who were old, people who were young. People who had their whole lives ahead of them. Just like America is today; full of people saving for college, getting engaged and planning their weddings, giving birth to children and assuming they will watch them go off to college, get married, launch great careers full of promise, land great fortune, buy houses and cars and pension plans, and have kids of their own someday and producing grandchildren and so on. They plan trips and honeymoons and see financial advisors, they all make lofty plans for the future. Just like back then, no one saw it coming and no one sees it coming today. But then again, if they are all sleepwalking to the point of thinking it is safe to even raise children today, trust the public school system and libraries with them, along with the CDC, they see no problem with the tyrannical claws and their shadows encroaching, they did not study history and the rise of such dictatorships and how they separated families, and they cheer on as parents take their kids to see perverse things as fluffy feathered rainbow shawls swing vigorously around scantily clad groomers, then they will sleepwalk right into what comes next as well. And war zones are not a pretty picture at all.

    I thank the Lord that I at least know what is coming and can warn about it, albeit I can do nothing to stop it any more than one can fight against prophecy and win.

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  13. I believe the U.S is primarily where this System originates. Possibly the Religions as well. Look at all of the denominations of Christianity. Over 20,000 denominations and sects. Something isn’t quite right in Christianity as they’ve NOT stood up and Stopped this “Beast’ system and it’s evil men from rising up and taking over. Therefore, to some extent Christianity has became The Whore of Babylon. Jesus Christ may not be totally happy with His Church when He comes. We’ve ALL Sinned and came short of His and The Father’s Glory.


    1. True Christianity cannot be the Whore of Babylon. But this system of evil happened primarily in the USA thanks to the lukewarm, unsalty churches.
      Despite the righteous condemnation by many of abortion, unchastity, perversion, drug abuse we lost the culture war due to our failure to evangelize individuals. Why did we fail to win souls?

      1. Lack of discipling. Maturity is needed to reproduce spiritually as well as physically.

      2. “Simping” for the approval of this world by courting the rich and powerful. Even now many continue idolizing Musk and Trump since they are powerful billionaires they trust in rather than our King.

      3. Constant bickering, feuds, and cat fights within local bodies of Christ. Breaking hearts. Sometimes deliberately driving out families or splitting up the church. This started back in the fifties–before rock and roll and hippies with pot. Cliquishness and ignoring “the Wrong Kind.” Mean Girls go to church.

      Women, including the “trad” kind, can be vicious at church and sabotage from behind the scenes by using their husbands to get the men leading the church to do things the matrons’ way. I grew up in a preacher’s household and the spiteful nastiness made me almost leave the church. Not the lack of praise band worship teams with contemporary sons or the refusal to affirm popular sins or ordain the women. Who managed to cause enough damage despite this. We were supposed to stay quiet and pretend none of this was going on since that might make Christians look bad. But it WAS going on. Our silence and covering for the horrible things done to my father and the rest of us–even forcing us to tell white lies to “not make the church look bad” led me to a nervous breakdown in my early teens. I got so sick of constantly enabling adult church goers who insisted on lying and being horrible. Seems all the covering and enabling didn’t help after all. It cost the western church the culture war.
      Hollywood’s tinsel would not have worked at such thorough corruption if the Church had done her job.
      The petty little cruelties and gossips and back stabbings and vanities and greed and jockeying for preeminence. Nothing spectacular. The little foxes tore the branches from the vine, so we bore no fruit.

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      1. Thanks Rachel! You have a much better way of putting your thoughts into words than I do. What you just wrote up above is what I wished to express! Also, we have these “So-Called-“Churches’ pushing the vaccine! Some even saying “Well if Jesus were here He would go get vaccinated!”… So many of today’s Churches “claiming to be Christ-like” are beaten, whipped, and pierced and hit and bruised up they are unrecognizable (Just like the body of Christ as He hung on the cross! There HAS TO BE a body or group of TRUE CHRISTIANS Come Out of Her and gather! They become THE ELECT and Bride!… Those Vaccine-pushing SUN_day Christians will be the Body, ARE The Body and still may awaken to the complete Truth but they’re going to have to Come Out of this Prosperity-Preaching & Go Grab The World & Love and except Everybody style of living! They still love life and are OF This World. They’ve been manipulated!

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  14. When God said “Come out of her my people” He was telling us to come out of Mystery Babylon which is the United States. As you mentioned many will be watching the super bowl or other frivolous activates while we march on to our destruction. Just as all people must die so must all empires fall.


  15. Likely, we are close to war already, following the Seymour Hursh article detailing the means President Biden utilized to blow up the Nord Stream II gas pipeline from Russia to Germany in the Baltic.
    While the article has been largely censored, but bad news travels fast.

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  16. hank you Leo, for doing what the Lord has called you to do and doing it in a timely and professional manner . We all have that calling just in a different fashion for each one of us .

    I know it all sound like war and it is , but it is a war on the souls of men and women and on all the chosen ones of Jesus . Paul made it very clear in the book of Ephesians what the battle is and nothing has changed . Deuteronomy 32:17 They sacrifice to demons not God , to gods they have not known , 18; You ignored the Rock who gave you birth ; you forgot the God who gave birth to you . Bob Dylan said it best you are going to have to serve somebody , It maybe the devil or it maybe the Lord but you will serve somebody. The same sacrificing of idols in the old and new testament continues today but the demons have regrouped and are not objects or statues any longer . TV, entertainment , money , career , self , what ever takes the place of Elohim . These are all the demons of today and God will have nothing to do with it . We live in a possessed society because that’s what happens when you serve idols and there coming for all the believers in Jesus just as they did in the early days of Rome . Why because the disciples of Jesus Christ had the power to cast them out . We can’t have anyone telling us about sin . So put on all the armor that Paul talks about especially the sword of truth . The present day Sodom and Gomorrah will go down just as the previous did . You are right on Leo come out of her now why you still have time and tell everyone who will listen . The contractions are growing more quickly by the day .

    To God be the Glory forever and ever / credentials can be used.


  17. Are Americans “sleepwalking” because [ in part ] they are unaware / unable to recognize the tactics of “unrestricted warfare” & “stealth invasion” ?

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  18. Another great and timely article, Leo, followed by very thoughtful comments. Thank you so much for your leadership and courage!!!

    When I was a U.S. Army fellow at Tufts University, during a conference luncheon a Chinese student sat across from me. At one point, out of the blue, he looked directly at me and stated that China will not make the same mistake Japan did. He continued to state that China’s intention is to take down America economically. Naturally, I was shocked that a foreign student being financially supported here would engage in such comments so brazenly bold. Needless to say, his warning has come to pass in so many insidious ways. Looking back via these comments herein, we can see clearly now the long trajectory of this Chinese strategic planning and plotting against us, and the horrible irony that is America has provided all the tools to bring this about, enriching China at every turn, naively thinking this would endear China to us. Instead it only reinforced its diabolic mission. Nearly every object one picks up at a large business chain is made in China. This also happened with Japan, but Japan became our ally while China intensified its enemy position. Why? Steadfast weakness on our part. Japan knew it could not break us, but China’s cunning is working due to the god of money, power and control. We must weed out the traitors, but that is not so easy due to the depth of PRC/CCP infiltration at every level. It is baffling that people like Soros, Gates, Romney and Kerry are allowed to pontificate with lies when most real scientists have noted the error that is “climate change”, although disturbances have been created with “chem trails” and foolish Gates concepts that blocking out the sun with air sprayed chemicals will somehow diminish “climate change” all the while trying to induce this “climate change’ by eliminating the life-force carbon (CO2) plants thrive on.

    It is important to point out all the treacherous and traitorous events and people, but what is even more important, I think, is to create a solid pathway of defeat for their ruinous goal. If anyone has an idea or way to do this, please let us all know. For one thing, we can refuse to purchase any item made in China – fight fire with fire. President Nixon opened the floodgates to China while removing the gold standard from our currency. All the “BAD” has been building for decades, and as the comments indicate, is speeding up with an alarming rate. Our voices must clamor loudly with resistance. Unfortunately it is taking terrible tragedies from the bio-weapon jabs to wake people up. But alas, the fake media is hindering progress. Alternate media helps tremendously, but needs more people to forsake the god of money, for the true God, Jesus Christ.

    Can we work together to create a strategic plan to defeat these traitors in our midst? Satan already has these bad actors in hand, manipulating them at every turn. Satan attacks the good actors, trying to derail them so they will be plunged into Hell along with him, the Evil One. We have an obligation to fight for future generations, just as our Founding Fathers did. We can create a snowball of Faith and Love that can become the avalanche of hope that only Jesus Christ can bring. He loves America, so all we have to do is purge America of the “rotten apples” before the whole bunch becomes garbage. Remember, the “rats” scatter when the Light comes on, and they only number in the one percentile of the population. Our job, together, is to diminish the moral depravity and treachery.

    If people would research, they would find out that Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has penned a document that dictates that only a member of his own family will be able to inherit his New World Order (NWO). Gates, Soros, and all the alphabet traitorous organizations, like the CIA and FBI, who work to destroy America, thinking they will then rise to the top power and control position, are in for a rude awakening. Their eventual demise is in the plan. But that will be too late, so we must hold all these deep state creeps accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America. Defund the bad organizations now before the Central Banks and other bad actors enslave us all or persecute us to death. As Eugenicist Bill Gates told us in one of his TED talks, the world population must be reduced. Vaccination is a way to do that, but of course that does not apply to him or his family. David, inspired by and helped by God, defeated the massively stronger Goliath. We can do the same, and must.

    Some small protests are happening, and spreading. Some Christian preachers are holding tent events in Billy Graham fashion. We link arms to eventually, but hopefully more quickly, overwhelm the enemy. God answers prayer. We pray for America, and doing so, we include the whole world – do not allow the light on the hill to be extinguished. Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, and America is anointed to carry that torch, the Gospel, to the whole world. Redemption is the great prize of this effort. Let us put on the Armor of God, His Word, and charge to victory. Our children are counting on us. As Benjamin Franklin warned, only a religious and moral people can preserve this constitutional republic. Amen.

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    1. My friend you are truly about 10+ years way too LATE! That ship sailed and ended up like the Titanic for the U.S. America has officially been Taken Over since about 2020 if not earlier. And you know what, WE the do Nothing American citizens did Not do one damn pathetic thing!! Our greed, our laziness, our apathy, our disgusting addictions and on and on. This country is DOOMED, it is only a slight matter of time.


      1. We stayed home and refused to work despite 2 Thessalonians 3:10 and forsook the Assembly despite Christ’s orders, while praying to Caesar in that lighted shrine in the family room. “Caesar is lord. Oh, save me from the flu great Caesar.” We quit worshipping God and took no thought of Heaven since this life is all so many church goers really believe in, hence the insane cowardice of the tiniest chance of bodily death. We showed NO compassion to the elderly who died alone, to the neighbors we helped the globalists force out of business–into bankruptcy and homelessness. People turned against members of their own house–not for the sake of Christ, but at the orders of a worthless human physician turned into an idol. Don’t get me started on what I’ve seen.


  19. Leo,
    Your comments are spot-on. And, this is all being funded by borrowed, fiat money.
    History is an excellent teacher. May I suggest, again, looking closely at the decline & fall of the Roman Empire.
    Lee Norman

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  20. We are going to see America fall(IMHO it already has) it isn’t a GOP/DEMOCRATIC thing it is God’s plan for His righteous Kingdom/ie Government to take all worldly governments place. I agree it will be more than difficult to watch and maybe if the Lord tarries endure. But who are we to complain? So many in the world have stayed faithful to Gods design with far far less than we? Every Christian must agree times of hardship we may have to endure just as our fellow believers have. Why should we think we are immune? That is the arrogance of Americans. I long for heaven not just because I want out of here but because I want my King to reign! It is time we embraced the destruction and be joyful that in it we will se our Heavenly Father imminently. I for one am anxious I cannot bear the pain of knowing children are slaughtered each day for inconvenience ,body parts, Satanic rituals, and wars. It sickens me! So if this nation needs to fall to end the carnage of innocent lives adult or infant then let her fall! Just as Babylon let her burn! May my GOD/Jesus reign may HIS Kingdom come! After all isn’t that what we pray every time we pray the Lords prayer?

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  21. Didn’t we sleep walk into WWII also? All the peaceniks at the time, Japanese building up military and we just sat by with a Dem President. Guess that was also part of the Giant Reset plan


      1. There is no question! The Chinese pukes will land huge amounts of man and material in CA and have stated they plan to SLAUGHTER EVERY single man, woman and child they come across.


  22. Thanks for this!

    I would change this one little part:

    “They have opened up the U.S. borders and ignored the defense of the homeland, thinking the U.S. is invincible …”

    I don’t think *they* believe the US is invincible at all. Seems to me they either want it to fail, or they don’t care, as long as they get a seat at the table. Money, power, control, and whatever other trappings from the father of lies and death are what they are after.

    The upper echelon folks want us to fall. The middle management (executive and legislative branches at least, both federal and state levels) are useful idiots, punctuated with a solid group of communists and psychopaths who will do whatever it takes to bring down the house.

    If they could choose to crash and burn the world, what would they do differently?

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    1. The useful idiots you mention probably think we are invincible.
      Reminds me of that story of how an army invaded the capital of a rival kingdom by bribing the guards to open the gates while their decadent king partied.

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  23. …anybody high on cannabis be watchful when they’re isuing orders concerning the shooting down of high objects…’cause thats how they view folk!…i know…its semantics!


  24. I wrote this up a few weeks ago….
    Common sense & logic out the door.
    God’s commands most people ignore.
    Godly righteousness a small remnant fights to maintain.
    Trying to warn others of what evil is working to obtain.
    Souls of many are in danger;
    The heart of God many are a stranger.
    ⚫Every World Leader Is Paying Attention to How Biden Handled the Chinese Balloon – And It Doesn’t Look Good

    A joke of a leader … the only thing he is leading is America into the ground!!!
    A treasonous supporter of America’s demise!!

    Him & Kamala were specifically chosen for their role – controllable puppets.

    Will Americans fight back and resist when O’Biden pushes forth on the digital Ids and the destruction of our currency for CBDC’S?

    Fools, weak, gullible, cowardly, indoctrinated immoral youth and sexually immoral perverts …. are his support base.

    Climate change is a TOTAL DEMONIC LIE … that sadly even many Christians have bought into; not realizing it is meant to create the NWO system of bondage … to help roll in the prophesied Biblical truths of the Antichrist.

    Many will discover that GOD’S WRATH, upon the Christ rejecting world, will be very difficult to endure.

    Millions will die without eternal life established thru a faith in Jesus Christ – which will bring satisfaction to Satan and his followers like Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and others who are currently establishing the Antichrist’s throne.

    Many others will receive death the moment they take the Mark of the Beast 666 … hell awaits,, eternal separation from GOD.
    HUMAN 2.0
    Artificial intelligence
    = SATAN playing god with GOD’S creation

    God can deliver, and has, but ONLY if people turn to HIM to fight for America, for families
    The children
    The unborn
    Trust, Obey, repent, and most of all
    ⚫Demonic attacks
    More and more people are inviting them into their lives – especially the farther they are from GOD.

    The demons are having a field day with so many open welcome vessels.

    Fetterman Hearing Voices Like Teacher in ‘Peanuts’ as He Struggles to Recover

    John 3:19–20 ✝️
    men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

    ✝️ 🙏 🇱🇷 Only GOD
    can help AMERICA … but it takes people acknowledging this fact …

    Sadly many (although not woke to the critical Race theory, LGBTQ +, & Climate change anti-God garbage)
    are woke to the infiltrated communist lies that have infiltrated into and overtaken many churches.

    Putting into place Satan’s deceptions concerning the need and value of the Holy Bible, the need and value of Jesus Christ for eternal life, and the need to read – study – meditate – and apply scripture; along with attending a solid Scriptural church.

    GOD knows the heart of the individuals, and the heart of our nation.

    What has overtaken AMERICA is spiritual darkness; and it has rapidly been spreading.

    Parents for many years now have been allowing their children to be overtaken and influenced by very dark forces; these parents have willingly sacrificed their children at the throne of evil inspiration….
    Video games
    School classrooms
    Drugs – illegal & legal


    … the weakness & lack of quick acting & thinking of the 2 leading this country and OUR WOKE MILITARY … has put our nations defenses in a very vulnerable position!!!!

    Biden ordered the military to shoot down a “high altitude object” flying over Alaskan airspace in the last hour

    The object was much smaller than the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down near South Carolina last Saturday, and is about the “size of a small car.” Kirby said a “recovery effort will be made” for the object, which he said landed on frozen water off the coast of Alaska

    For GOD’S FAITHFUL, OBEDIENT children – followers of Jesus Christ – remain trusting no matter what.
    Yahweh takes care of His children, He knows who they are. He examines our heart, and does what is needed to strengthen, and provides what is need for comfort. We have his Holy Word filled with His numerous promises.
    He will deliver as he brings forth punishment / righteous wrath upon the enemy.

    Exodus 15:9–13
    The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake,
    I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them;
    I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them.
    Thou didst blow with thy wind, the sea covered them:
    They sank as lead in the mighty waters.
    Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods?
    Who is like thee, glorious in holiness,
    Fearful in praises, doing wonders?
    Thou stretchedst out thy right hand,
    The earth swallowed them.
    Thou in thy mercy hast led forth the people which thou hast redeemed:
    Thou hast guided them in thy strength unto thy holy habitation

    Everywhere around us churches are bowing down to the gods of this world, abandoning the Word of God for the worldly God.
    False teachers and prophets have increased.
    Wolves have intermingled among the sheep, looking for the weak and unaware, and dragging them away.
    Folks are claiming they know God, Jesus or Scripture…..
    Yet what they speak does NOT ALIGN with Scripture [they are deaf, blind, & refuse to study, when TRUTH is presented that counteracts their falsely laid beliefs]

    SATANIC INFLUENCE has risen and overtaken many … causing many to fall away from GOD’S divine truths into man’s manipulated desires and foolish perceptions

    Antisemitism is ➖👉 SATANIC!!!

    Outright hatred & prejudice against another human life ➖👉SATANIC

    To believe one is undeserving of GOD’S LOVE or the Saving grace of Jesus Christ ➖👉SATANIC

    To believe you are better in your sins then another ➖👉SATANIC

    To believe you can stop or alter Bible prophecy, to usher in the kingdom of Jesus, and bypass the 7 year tribulation ➖👉 SATANIC

    To fight the battles of this world 🌎 that is encased in demonic influence – ran by forces of darkness that many do not understand – within your own flesh▪︎ DENYING & DEFYING A NEED FOR THE ALMIGHTY FATHER ▪︎is pride ➖👉SATANIC

    To serve, believe, and fight for … pagan gods, idols of worship, other sin-filled men, worldly possessions & wealth ~ while denying and refusing to look to JESUS CHRIST alone ~ ➖👉 SATANIC

    The battle for the soul has intensified

    Are you caught in Satan’s crosshairs?
    Does he have you trapped in sins suffocating bondage (anger, hate, violent, depressed, anxious, fearful, hopeless, confused, uncertain, mocking Jesus & his followers, shame, pride….)?

    Prideful rebellion Satan also uses to keep people away from a trusting faith in Jesus.
    If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ
    What has Satan used and influenced you with, to keep you from accepting the gift of eternal life that GOD, your Creator, offered to you?

    SOME Tools of SATAN that he uses to OWN you…….
    ■False Gods
    ■Twisting of Scripture
    ■Pride (self reliance)
    ■Abundance of religions
    ■Denial of creation for foolishness of evolution
    ■Ignorance of sins destructiveness
    ■WORLDLY focus – career, wealth, popularity, looks, prestige, possessions, addictions 💥 all can instantly be taken away or destroy you
    ■lies about WHO Jesus is and His purpose for ALL
    – to offer grace, mercy, forgiveness for our sins. Sins that keep us separated from a Righteous Holy GOD and entrance to His glorious kingdom. 💥 denial that JESUS is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, the ONLY giver of (eternal) life
    ➖👉… an overwhelming abundance of lies and SATANIC deceptions to prevent the individual from discovering the need to repent of sin,
    to accept & believe that Jesus (God in the flesh of man)
    – dwelt among us
    – lived a short life (30+ years) free of sin, although Satan did tempt him
    – was wrongly convicted ( but it was all part of GOD’S PLAN to redeem mankind of their sin) and suffered brutal pain & humiliation & then death on the cross
    – 3 days later rose from the grave, DEFEATING DEATH (sin)

    Only Jesus …
    Acts 4:12 ✝️
    Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Jesus was Jewish, he came for the Jews, but his sacrifice/ salvation is for all….
    John 4:22-23 ✝️
    Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.. the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

    Romans 1:16–18 ✝️❤
    I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.
    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness


    1. Shelb – Yes! Everything you said is so true. The heart of our Abba/Father really longs for all men and women to be reconciled to Him through His beloved Son. It will be much easier for them to do that now than during the soon-coming Tribulation. We don’t have to be trained evangelists to share the Gospel. Just need to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to bring people across our paths, and direct us to a few scriptures to share with them. Then do it with humility, kindness and respect – don’t hit people over the head with the Good News. It can also be as simple as just relating how Yeshua/Jesus has impacted our own lives, and it’s always nice to sincerely offer to pray for them if they have any needs or struggles, since these hard times are hitting so many in ways that are absolutely devastating. People who are really hurting can often sense whether or not our faith is truly authentic. Plus, it’s pretty easy to leave Gospel tracts in public places where people will find them. Some ministries offer some wonderful tracts (example: those in the Billy Graham Association’s online bookstore).


  25. Thank You Leo! There’s some new Superbowl ad out featuring a “Hip Jesus” entitled “He Gets Us” and he’s winking his right eye and supports the LGBT movement. It’s on U-toob. America may very well be what Revelation 18:7 is referring to-“How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.”
    We’ve been too arrogant and with our backs to God far too long!

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    1. …what’s that Jesus said about ur right eye sinning…’And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for. thee that one of thy members should perish, and. not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. ‘ …

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    2. KG, to provide clarity on your Rev comment, the whore of Babylon is primarily an institution which is framed in direct opposition to the Woman with the 12 stars on her head and in the wilderness (this is Israel). Mystery Babylon must be seen as religious ideology based group of people. America doesnt seem to fit the pattern because it was founded on the basis of freedoms of conscience and religious persuasion (which is what America has become–a pusher of non- or multiple religions are part of its new mission). The comparison to me just doesnt hold to the scriptures. That to me doesnt provide me as an American much comfort because the judgment of God can still descend upon us without us being in the running for title of ‘Mystery Babylon’. Perhaps ‘Mystery Babylon’ is going to wind up to be something much larger and global in scope.

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      1. Perhaps ‘Mystery Babylon’ is going to wind up to be something much larger and global in scope. … Yes, I believe it has economic component as well as a spiritual dimension. It could be the entire Western civilization, which was founded on Christian ideas and principles but over time has become an adulterous apostate whore.

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      2. Maybe…just maybe, the Scarlet Woman or Babylon is the Industrial Age of global commerce where the comings and goings of everyone were increased. The rising Beast system wants to usher in a post industrial era as Klaus Schwab loves to pontificate about.
        Lots of people point out how this will shoot the globalists in the foot at some point since their economic schemes are unsustainable.
        The big beast rising from the sea with 7 heads and 10 horns and 10 crowns is the global power structure and the smaller sheep like, dragon-mouthed beast from the earth would be technocracy or scientism. It exists to exalt the Big Beast and grant it authority.

        For those who wish to argue why this hypothesis CANNOT POSSIBLY be so, I know your hypotheses and analyses already. You can post them below, but I will not respond.


      3. @ arnoldfishman
        February 11, 2023 at 7:11 pm

        Hello Arnold

        Don’t forget the punctuation.

        It doesn’t say ‘Mystery Babylon’ It says , “BABYLON THE GREAT,”


        In verse 18 we are told who / what the woman is.

        18 “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.”

        John speaks in the present tense when identifying that great city. This leads me to believe that he is referring to Rome which ruled the world at that time. I believe that the world will be ruled again from Rome by a spiritual leader who Paul describes as the man of sin.

        I see a correlation between the man of sin and the second beast mentioned in Revelation 13 who will be a spiritual leader empowered by the devil.

        At the time when Revelation was written, Rome had already conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the temple.

        From what I’ve read, early Christians used the name Babylon to describe Rome because both cities had conquered and had destroyed the holy temple.

        The word ‘Babylon’ came to be used as synonym for evil and as a code word for Rome.
        And I understand that the Jews used the term ‘Babylon’ to describe evil.

        “That “Babylon” was a type or symbol for wickedness, wicked people, or wicked places has a long history in Jewish writings. ”

        So, I believe that Revelation 17:5 is referring to Rome and it’s evil acts and I believe that Rome will once again resume leadership of the world and will preside over a demonic spiritual age which many people describe as the ‘new age’.

        I don’t believe that America will be nuked. But I believe that it’s power and influence will be greatly diminished in the near future.


      4. everyone on this site has their thoughts. “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.” I guess we will find out when it happens. until then, we serve the Lord with gladness of hearts and thankfulness. one day closer. amen.

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      5. arnoldfishman February 12, 2023 at 11:54 pm

        Hello Arnold

        I had hoped to be helpful with my last comment to you.

        God’s truth is an ESSENTIAL for every Christian. It is God’s truth which unites us. The church becomes fragmented when we lose sight of the truth and heresies are allowed to creep in.

        Charity includes keeping your fellow brethren in the truth so that they are not led astray. Charity does not encourage a passive disregard for God’s truth which causes a brother to go astray.

        Sadly, for many apostate Christians the truth is an inconvenience that spoils the party.
        They endorse error and applaud heresy. They wont let the truth spoil their misguided notions. They cover their ears and will not permit correction from others

        Adherence to God’s truth sets the true Christian apart from the apostate Christian, so, we must strive to keep each other in the God’s truth.


      6. @ Anthony William February 13, 2023 at 8:03 am


        The last sentence should read…

        so, we must strive to keep each other in God’s truth.

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