Rising beast system wants every man, woman and child to be a ward of the state, completely dependent on them for food, water, energy, security, transportation and shelter

According to multiple reports, Bill Gates is invested in artificial lab-grown eggs and has been since before the current egg shortage hit. No surprise there.

Gates is also heavily invested in U.S. farmland and lab-grown meat. He’s the single largest owner of farmland in America. He hasn’t ever explained exactly why he wants to possess all this farmland but we can assume it has something to do with making money, for that’s what Bill Gates does best. Make money.

Knowing what I know about Bill Gates, that he is already heavily invested in farmland, artificial eggs and lab-grown meat, here’s what I would do. I would remove this newly purchased land from the realm of productive, food-producing acreage. By doing so, that reduces the amount of land devoted to producing meat, dairy products and eggs, which millions of people depend on for a healthy source of protein, and I’d convert it into unproductive vacant land. In Gates’s eyes, this means he’s “saving the planet” — fewer cow farts and less fossil fuels used — while starving the human population.

If you look at the map of Gates’s land holdings, it’s mostly concentrated in states known for cattle-raising, pork and other livestock, as well as dairy and egg production.

But wait. It’s not Bill Gates the eugenicist and depopulationist he wants you to see hiding behind the curtain but rather Bill Gates the savior. After people become priced out of the market for healthy farm-raised beef, chicken and eggs because there’s not enough of it being produced, Bill Gates rides to the rescue with the solution (classic Hegelian dialectic).

Here, taste my lab-grown beef and chicken and my plant-based fake eggs. I’m sure you will like it. Just give it a try. It’s good for you.

This is the same Bill Gates who invested billions into vaccines, and assured us that Covid vaccines would be especially good for us, only to sell his Covid vaccine stocks at huge profits, and now he admits they don’t work (see video below).

As the globalists tear down our existing food infrastructure, whether it be by converting productive farmland to unproductive, or drastically culling the chicken and turkey flocks under the guise of “bird flu,” they must endeavor to erect a new infrastructure based on CRISPR gene editing and man-made fake food grown in their laboratories.

Globalist corporations have already converted all of the commercial corn and wheat crops from natural seed-grown crops to unhealthy manmade GMO crops, now they are concentrating on converting the animal populations from natural to man-altered, genetically manipulated versions.

Why? Because they can. And technocrats always think they can improve upon what God created, whether it be the plants in the field, the animals in the barn or the humans who report to work as staff for their corporate creations.

But it’s not only scientific experimentation that drives them. It’s also money and greed.

In the process of destroying what God created on the earth and declared “good,” the profits of producing food shift from generational farmers working the land to technocrats staffing factory farms with their cultured cells and manipulated DNA.

It’s no coincidence that egg farms are burning down, millions of birds have been slaughtered for allegedly coming in contact with a bird flu, and that eggs are now in short supply, causing prices at the grocery store to skyrocket.

When they diagnose a single bird on a chicken farm with bird flu, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and its equivalent in Canada and Europe typically order the slaughter of every bird on that farm. Tens of millions of birds have been eliminated in this fashion over the past year.

And guess what they use to determine if a bird has avian influenza? You got it, the infamous PCR test, which was never designed to diagnose any form of sickness in any living thing. The test’s inventor, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mulliss clearly explained before his untimely death in 2019, a few months before Covid became a thing, that his test could not determine if someone was sick.

One of the hallmarks of the globalist technocrats is they love to manufacture problems for which they can then turn around and offer solutions. And their solutions always involve more profits and control shifting to fewer and fewer people, while the rest of us are left with less wealth, less independence and far fewer freedoms and choices.

I have often said that the goal of the globalists is to make us sick, scared, confused and broke. Because when we’re in that condition, we are dependent on their systems for our survival.

Travis Maddox of the Prepared Homestead nails it in this video below.

What’s the one thing all of the globalist policies and narratives have in common?

Whether it’s replacing gas stoves with electric ones, gas cars with electric vehicles, getting rid of wood stoves, punishing citizens for growing gardens or capturing rain water, replacing cash with central-bank digital tokens, replacing analog meters with smart meters, encouraging more public transportation, mandating mRNA gene-altering vaccines, lockdowns, fake meat, fake eggs, etc., the end result is always more control for their small group of elites and less freedom for we the people.

Once Gates and a few others blaze the trail, we can expect Wall Street to throw money at lab-grown meat factories and insect farms, several of which are coming online in 2023. These billionaire fraudsters are banking on the fact that as real meat becomes unaffordable for the masses they will soon swallow their pride and start to swallow the elites’ fake food. Canada and the E.U. already have approved insect larvae to be included as a legal ingredient in packaged food.

If they can replace meat with lab-grown varieties and insects, why can’t they do the same with eggs, dairy products and other things? Just drive up the cost of real food by encouraging government programs that punish farmers, then replace the real with the fake. That way they get to poison and/or malnourish the peasants while they get rich off the proceeds since they will own all the fake-food manufacturing plants. And don’t think for a minute they’ll be eating this fake crap they’re trying to force onto our tables.

See: China building herd of mutant GMO super cows.


Which brings me to a disturbing public survey. It found nearly 40 percent of Christians said they would eat the globalists’ lab-grown meat if it looked and tasted like the real thing and is cheaper.

The survey was conducted by Ready To Harvest – an educational outreach ministry that remains neutral in their Christian beliefs, but provides research data on what each denomination, sect, group, believes and teaches.

Christians of all types and from a wide array of denominations participated in the study.

The question was simple: “If lab-grown meat becomes indistinguishable from regular meat in taste and texture and the cost is less expensive, would you consider switching to it?”

More than 17,000 people participated within the first 24 hours.

40% said “No, I would not eat it.”

39% answered “Yes, I would eat it.”

18% said they are “not sure” and the remaining 4% did not give an answer.

What should we make of this? It just proves to me that there’s a segment of the population out there, including many Christians, who will buy into whatever the propaganda narrative of the day presents to them. We learned this from Covid, when large swaths of people obey whatever new mandate was thrown at them even when they were nonsensical or conflicting.

This is confirmation that we must stick together as the called-out remnant of the Body of Christ, who get our walking papers from the one above and not the Luciferians seeking to restructure the world in the image of their father, Satan. He is the “father of lies,” who comes to kill, steal, deceive and destroy. His minions are now well into the “kill phase” of the Great Reset. If we wish to retain our souls, our free wills, or even our basic humanity, we must find ways to dislodge our lives from their beast system, becoming more self-sustaining by building our own alternative systems — food, medicine, security, etc. — that honor God and the free will he placed into every human being.

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61 thoughts on “Rising beast system wants every man, woman and child to be a ward of the state, completely dependent on them for food, water, energy, security, transportation and shelter”

  1. Their biggest, strongest weapon against us is FEAR. The Bible tells us to FEAR NOT and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross.

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  2. WE are the ancestors of the Cherokee Indians that habitated too the lands where the feller in the video above, Travis, lives now. I am the Cherokee working woman trying to love. I am there to reward the news that the cultivated lands are there to be there to reward fishing and hunting and loving the lands to the needs. And the Mother Herself, the darling called the planet, wuvs all humans and animals and shelters too the squirrels in their trees. The WE too thinks shooting squirrels out of trees is cruel.

    Cherokee ways are really the way to ending the plandemics too. You are to read between the Leohohmann’s to really hear that the astral plane is the home to the heaven that is real.

    Astral realities are the Sat-Chit-Ananda of love-light-bliss that too is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Consciousness is.

    Meat eating is the way to eat meat but the flesh consumed is too the consciousness of the animal rendered to bones, blood, essences of love and light and pure consciousness, at least as pure as the feces too rendered by the animal consumption permits since the colon, the lower chamber of the digestive channel, holds both the waste product to be released to the outer elements to compose to decomposition to wasted again not but to ruffage to the refuge that humus is this.

    The lower chamber of the digestive channel too uptakes to the neurological world the consciousness of the animals spent to the mentioning that the animals left along for the meat consumption of the standard fare, the animals of the husbandry, too must not only be fed rations, but too be left out of the money pit that says I am that alone.

    Subtle energies permeate to the inside of the outside to the need to firing arms too wins the subtle need to penetrate to the knowledge that the sexual needs of the animals left to be “food” too are unsubstantiated. The chickens permitted the backyards with the roosters allowed too are more allowed to the better feeding of the children too sick now from the consumption of the horrid CAFO animal practices to be well at all are then abused by the masking, the sheltering inside the florescent lights and concrete blocks and the way to ending too the ways of the show thinks that allowing the animals to be confined to hell very importantly sells to the public the desire to be that.

    Joseph of Arimathea too thinks that the world according to Leo is write. Love to Leo Hohmann!


    1. I believe that they are paving the way for a food rationing system. Food will be exchanged for property and fire arms and of course compliance with the governments edicts.

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    2. Your video won’t play. What sort of canned meat? I have about 280 cans of tuna downstairs–wonder if I should get more? Thanks:)


  3. Not surprising that so many Christians will go along with whatever is thrown at them since they went along with closing churches. Harari even commented on that. It almost sounded like he was disappointed that Christians didn’t act like they really believed or trusted in the God they said they believed in. (How many others then didn’t see the reality of God?)

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    1. It doesn’t help that so many Christians are lazy thinkers who eschew creative and critical thinking. As someone who tried to get into the Christian writing market over 15 years ago I can assure you they avoid thinking for themselves. Yes, they’ll reject evolution or whatever because enough people in the subculture around them also do. They neglected teaching us apologetics in youth group (which would have helped us when encountering atheistic teachings in college later) opting for pizza and fun instead. Throw away the hymnals so they can be replaced by vapid, biblically illiterate lyrics set to hypnotic music piped in from the Hillsong franchise.
      For years, some of the most poorly written novels out there were found in the CBA market. Almost nothing was good. Instead of salads or meat and potatoes or even milk and oatmeal they served readers nothing but ice cream and candy. Dumbed down, brainless stuff. A lot of the nonfiction was bad too. At least the kind that sold well.
      Badly made Christian movies can be sort of excused due to low budgets, but not books or music sung by nonprofessionals in pews.
      The dumbing down of Christendom happened with the rest of the west, only in some ways it was worse. Since wisdom comes from God for the asking, there’s far less excuse.

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  4. Yes, I watch Travis’ videos too. I have my list of these. Them trying to sneak bugs in the food is a real problem for me. I don’t mind being a vegetarian at all, I was at times and do a lot of veggie cooking and it’s delicious, like my lasagna. But bugs and fake meat, yeah, I do have a problem with that!
    When it comes to being independent, I would love it. But even if I won the lottery and could buy land and have a homestead, you still have to pay taxes on the land. So whose is it really? They keep passing laws about ‘you can’t do this’ and ‘you can’t do that’ just like Travis said. And if we’ve been paying attention, laws can change. Next thing you know they’ll make some law you can’t do any kind of farming at all on your land…. because…. you know…. the climate. : O
    So far I have not won the lottery. The pep talks are great, but I live in an apartment. I have stuff stored up, but that’s all that will fit. We may have to move if they raise the rent more. To where? I have not a clue. My mom is almost 90 and I am her caregiver and the rest of the time I have to work so the bills get paid. I have student loans to be a math teacher. Which I was, but the career was short lived and all the problems have only gotten worse… as we know.
    So I just have a regular job and make a little over minimum wage right now. Despite the fact that I did the honorable thing by not complying with corrupting the next generation. And my other crime is I wasn’t born rich so I needed a student loan. All my fault, of course! I have an almost 20 year old car and a little bit of diversified funds that I need to keep just in case of a rainy day. My mom gets SS of course. When she passes away I don’t know how I will make it on my one income. We have no family to lean on. It takes all the energy I have just to get through all the daily errands and work. So that is as far as my ‘homestead’ can get at this point.
    If there were any decent Christian men who were looking to marry and had a farm around here, my situation could change. Despite the fact that I’m 50, most take me for a thirty year old. But then the young ones are too young who think I’m their age, and the old ones who are my age think I’m too young and they all look like they’re in their 70’s, and move like it too!
    So that’s my predicament.
    All I can do is trust the Lord.
    But He tells me that’s all I need.
    I’ve done all I can do.
    And I might die…. because….
    I’m NOT eating the bugs!
    : D
    Klausie can have them all.
    Zo no Klausie, ju veel eet all zeeee bugs!

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    1. Not strong enough to homestead. I do not own my place and my jabbed parents will have their acres sold when they die. I’m determined to stay out here if possible. Maybe pitch Dad’s camper on someone’s else’s homestead for mending clothes and tutoring?
      I look younger than 49 but feel much older. I’m damaged from trusting doctors too long. Never again.


  5. To keep it simple and not diving into the “Rapture Ship” and without being too hateful towards Mister Bill Gates, Schwab, Hararri, Buffett, Soros, Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush’s, Clinton’s and the rest, We need to be able to survive somehow and our actions and thoughts, and direction needs to be in touch with God. Psalm 91 comes in mind) God will be with us and Over us and directing us what to do. HE isn’t going to do it all for us but help us and protect us, and He’s Already been doing that for this last 3 years!
    Growing our own food, starting a garden is an idea, storing water and get water purifiers and, getting beef and chicken and vegetables from some Rancher, Farmer or Farmer’s Market. Getting a Solar Generator or Solar panels with batteries. But this takes some money!

    We must not fear death, nor those who can kill the body only, but Fear HE whom can kill the body and Soul!

    Maybe, in the end, that Final day when Jesus Christ Does return and here on earth, if We want Him & The Father to Forgive us of ou sins, we will be expected to forgive others of their sins first….AS Gates, Schwab,Tedros, Soros, Obama…etc…and the rest…..
    That isn’t going to be easy!

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  6. At what point do we stop talking about all this? Words are not going to stop any of this. I knew a bully once; his incessant picking at me was intensifying. Once I punched him in the throat, and I mean hard, he never picked at me again. Several years later, when I joined the Marine Corps, he followed me into the service; weird? He suddenly had respect for me. Our leaders don’t respect us. They don’t fear that we might punch back. The time is coming when we need to punch back.
    Forgive my inability to write like you do Leo, I was educated in the government schools…:)

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    1. I agree Sir. But punching back doesn’t have to involve violence. Every time we hear their anti-human narratives and resolve to do the opposite we are punching back against the system. Without our cooperation, their system collapses, or at least gets delayed. And it doesn’t even need to be a majority. If even 10 to 15 percent of us resist, refuse and stubbornly non-comply with any of what they want us to do, then they can’t implement it, at least not on a mandatory basis. What are they going to do? Lock us all up?

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      1. Ahhh but there is a time for everything under the sun.
        I am not a lover of violence but I WILL fight, physically, to protect what God has given me to watch over. I am NOT beholden to these global predators and will not obey any of their Godless edicts.
        God gave me an innate knowledge of right vs wrong, light vs dark. I pray for guidance all the time and try to do that which honors Him.
        Will I eat their nasty bugs? NO WAY! A country girl will survive 🙂
        It is very sad to see so many who claim to follow Christ quietly just do as they are told by the global predators. They don’t understand that by doing so they are chosing to serve Satan. There is no darkness in the light. You can’t have it both ways and God knows about all our choices.
        Stuff like this gets my dander up. I am the gray man for the most part but a warrior at heart!
        Thanks Leo for the light you share.

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      2. The guns will come in handy when there are people to shoot. Eventually they will try to march survivors off their land. Or send bands of immigrants. Or even troops of Chinese or UN soldiers. Self-defense or even guerilla warfare would be justified.
        As things stand we cannot get at the globalists to do anything. And it doesn’t matter who sits in the WH since they’ll always be a puppet for the NWO. America has already been taken. This needs to be seen and acknowledged.
        Any attempt at revolution or another civil war will only kill many innocent people and play right into the hands of Bill Gates and the rest. They WANT violent disruption and chaos.

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      3. 10% of the US population is over 30,000,000 people. Now that Biden has culled his military they are diminished but with all the letter agencies there may be as many as 500,000 including the FEMA camp people. Get organized and be prepared.
        Worth noting that a lot of the camps set up during WW2 were never used. Why not? The local population showed they were not on board.

        It’s not just a lack of arms that made the Aussies so easy to take down. They showed no loyalty to their neighbors. The police were horrible, but they couldn’t have done it without the neighborhood “karens” and snitches ratting out their own family and (former) friends. When misfortune strikes them who will come to their aid?

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    2. Semper Fi, Chesty. Your writing is right on and wonderfully expressed. I agree, time for the punch back. The bullies are far too emboldened. Any suggestion on how to proceed with it? Demand Bill Gates and pharmaceutical companies reimburse the taxpayers. especially those whose families suffered the SAD and pregnancy miscarriage tragedies? It was Reagan who granted the liability immunity, as I understand it, and Trump continued touting his Warp Speed until he was asked to stop pushing the vaccines. No, politicians do not have the discernment or judgment required. We the People are in charge, so we must deliver the judicial punch to stop this massive train wreck. Hope together we can muster a solution before the light goes out on the Hill. Go Army, Beat WEF et al!!! and may all our patriots and veterans be with us as we charge the enemy with our spiritual weapons – Put on the Armor of God. Go USA. God bless you all. Semper Fi.

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    3. Totally agree! I’m constantly battling ANGER over FEAR and FAITH, maybe some Hope, there’s so much feeling of helplessness!! Are we angry at the Bad guys or are we angry at God?….Maybe part of it is we are angry at ourselves for getting into this mess? … Did we stay in touch with God? Or did we get lost and hypnotized in Computers, TV’s and Smart Phones, Videos, Games, Food, Drink?… We just didn’t pay enough attention and the devil snuck in our back door and replaced God! Either way, we’d better be getting a plan! And Pray!

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      1. I also feel that way Kevin.
        I am organizing a grassroots system offline.
        It will not stop the encroachment of the Beast. But–if God permits–it will provide places of refuge around America. A way to survive unmarked outside the satellites of Babylon.

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  7. Well, What are we going to do about it? I’m NOT going to eat Billy bugs or Bill’s beef, This sick, wicked treacherous murderous man (and I use the word ‘man’ lightly) needs to be in prison on death row!…. Oh, wait a minute, there’s no Police, FBI, Military, Governmental figures that hasn’t been compromised to go get these Bad, Evil men! Not many people that we can trust any longer! Our own family members are either asleep, or too “Americanized” Still tryin to chase after ”The American Dream” Or / and they look at us whom are awake (& Non-vaxxed) as “The Bad guys!” Maybe GOD Above is causing us to Not have many people or options left so that we Only have God left to call upon!… ‘Come As I Am’ to GOD, that’s about it! Actually, we got ourselves into this mess by first turning our backs on GOD! Also let me make this perfectly clear I Do NOT believe in The Rapture! Jesus Christ will NOT come in The Starship Enterprise and ”BEAM US UP!”
    He will protect us and help us make some decisions and be resourceful and conservative, and show us where to go. Supplies, healthy foods (Farmers Market, Survival Seeds…etc) Also weapons as Self-Defense.
    No where in the Bible does it say we Cannot protect ourselves!
    We had Better be doing something and FAST! The WHO has just declared people as us as ‘Spreading MIS & DIS-Information (Extremists, Terrorists, Spreading Hate Speech)….. I dunno” Time to be getting ready and maybe, Give God A Chance! Sing it to the tune of John Lennon but this time exchange Peace for GOD!….. Well it’s an idea!

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    1. Mat 24

      “229Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

      30And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

      31And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

      This is the rapture.

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      1. HE isn’t going to automatically take anyone into heaven, but gather them and protect them and instruct them what to do.
        Jesus (Yahshua) is in the Clouds, Comes in the clouds from Heaven, but how can anyone think they (Saved and as a member of His Bride) going to be LIFTED up (IN these wretched sinful bodies) on UP INTO heaven Forever And Ever sitting on a cloud playing a harp?
        There’s still way more we ALL SHOULD Have learned being here on earth in this mortal flesh. GOD (YAHWEH or YAH-HU-VEH) will still keep this earth and there will be a 1,000 yr period that His Son Jesus (Yahshua) will Rule & Rein with His Elect/Bride then there’s The Body of Christ and everyone else. No body is going to be lifted into Heaven (to stay) until After the One Thousand Years but in New Spiritual bodies.


      2. Haven’t you read that at the rapture we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye and we shall become immortal in our Glorified bodies. When we see him we shall become like him.

        The dead in Christ will be raised at his coming and those of us who are still alive will be caught up along with the resurrected saints to be with Christ in the air and so we shall be forever with Christ.

        This earth will be destroyed but we Christians are told to look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

        2nd Peter 3
        “10But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

        11Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

        12Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

        13Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

        The rapture will happen immediately after the great tribulation before God begins pouring out his wrath on the unbelievers who remain on the earth. The church will be with Christ in heaven during this period of wrath.

        So the church will not be on earth when the seven trumpets in Revelation are sounded and when the vials of wrath in Revelation are poured out.

        There is no mention of Christ dwelling on this earth with his church.

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    2. kgazin says:

      “ Also let me make this perfectly clear I Do NOT believe in The Rapture! Jesus Christ will NOT come in The Starship Enterprise and ”BEAM US UP!”
      He will protect us and help us make some decisions and be resourceful and conservative, and show us where to go. Supplies, healthy foods (Farmers Market, Survival Seeds…etc) Also weapons as Self-Defense.
      No where in the Bible does it say we Cannot protect ourselves!”

      The Bible says:

      Revelation 13:7-10 NASB
      “[7] It was also given to him to make war with the saints AND TO OVERCOME THEM, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him. [8] All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. [9] If anyone has an ear, let him hear. [10] If anyone is destined for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints.”

      Emphasis mine.

      Good luck, kgazin. You’re completely wrong, but good luck. It’s all you’ve got.

      Now you’ve should ask yourself WHY the saints in the Tribulation are given over to the Beast/Antichrist. Or you can turn your back on the Bible and make-believe you’re somehow going to survive.

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      1. In the Holy Bible there’s plenty of verses where Jesus does encourage us or right out tells us to pick up our sword, of course the Word of God is a Sword too! It seems here on this issue that we have one group believing the Rapture is going to ”Lift us up out of here before all hell breaks out and now your interpretation is Everyone Including the Saints will be killed, No Rapture, just killed. I’m going to keep reading Psalm 91. NO body knows Exactly what’s actually going to happen! Also, we have many Christians believe there’s this wicked man all dressed in Red carrying a pitchfork and has horns sticking out of his forehead and will rise up above all as the AntiChrist. I don’t believe it is just ONE man.

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      2. The Bible says there are many antichrists. They were around in the first century. Spirits that deny Jesus came in the flesh and false teachers who teach this demonic doctrine.

        The Beast is described as a conglomeration of powerful men (horns and heads) rising from the sea. More than one individual. But the mark is the number of “a man” (singular.) 666.

        Gates took out the patent number WO2020060606 for a cryptocurrency linked to the IoB and has talked about making people take a vaccine of his that they can give themselves at home. A bunch of needles stuck into the skin. He said it will leave a little patch–like a tattoo–that can be scanned on the left hand or forehead.
        In his book Covid 19 and the Great Reset, Schwab says as things fall apart Bill Gates will use his factories to provide food to those who stay vaccinated.
        As far as who’s the Man with the Number of the Beast my money is on Billy.

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      3. Yes Rachel I agree! The bad guys (Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State, Elite) whatever you want to call them do read a little in The Holy Bible, they use it like a playbook. To see what they’re supposed to do next! (GOD said that HE Would set a trap for them)…. They’ll come up with an “AntiChrist Man” and Billy boy Gates will fit the calling perfectly! However, he Alone is Nothing, but since he has lots of Money..$$…and friends and control over lots of businesses , he is a powerful .. puke…( I can’t bring myself to call him a man!)…..Maybe he will replace Biden?
        The WHO and the WEF may soon Replace ALL Countries Governments…?
        We have to wait and see and stay in prayer!

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      4. @ kgazin February 2, 2023 at 1:39 am

        The persecution of Christians happens during the great tribulation which correlates with the persecution mentioned in Revelation 13. But the pouring out of wrath happens after the rapture.

        So, before the rapture there will be a terrible persecution of Christians.

        Paul mentions a single individual who he refers to as the ‘man of sin’ and the ‘son of perdition’

        This is a single individual who will be the devil’s man and who will come with all power and false signs and wonders and will sit in the holy place showing himself to be God.


      5. @ Rachel Nichols February 2, 2023 at 2:04 am

        Hello Rachel I believe that Bill Gates is a very evil man. But he doesn’t fit the description of the beast who will cause people to receive the mark. That beast will have great spiritual powers and will be able to do miracles and bring fire down from heaven in the sight of men.

        Also, in your comment you mention that the vaccine mark can be scanned on the LEFT hand. But the mark mentioned in Revelation 13 is in the RIGHT hand.

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    3. You should watch the movie, “Before the Wrath”. It will teach you WHY the Rapture comes “BEFORE”….. that is IF, of course, you ARE teachable ~~


      1. Please, I ask my readers to avoid this topic on my site. The debate is unfruitful and I avoid it in my articles so I don’t think it’s too much to ask my readers to avoid it in the reader comments. No movie is going to change anyone’s mind on this issue anymore than a comment on this site is going to change anyone’s mind.

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      2. Thanks Leo! I apologize for even bringing up the topic in my post.
        I was wrong for even mentioning my disbelief in the matter.
        One thing for sure is we ALL need to work together and NOT fight, argue and getting lost in anger.

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      3. Exactly! The hour is late. We cannot be distracted by side issues that, while important, only serve to divide us off from one another when we need to unite against the beast system.

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  8. Yes, great article, videos and comments. I concur with all. It is a shame that these so-called self-appointed “elites” don’t follow their own advice and lead by example, using themselves as the guinea pigs, not us. We have been hearing these horror stories for way too long. It is progressing to mind control and being arrested for praying silently, etc. Noah Hararri wants to hack into our brains so he, they, can know what we are thinking, which is only God’s domain. Now these evil doers and planners must be stopped. No more talk, just action. I do not know how to stop them other than through courts but those judges for the most part seem to be corrupt or corruptible as well. Bill Gates, the eugenicist, is not committing suicide as part of his depopulation agenda. Instead he is robbing the taxpayers blind and greatly enriching himself as a result. We need to have a lawsuit against him for fraud and theft of the U.S. Treasury. Congress has to stop the crazy spending that is not in the public interest. Bill Gates and the others are hypocrites, telling us all is for our good. We need ACTION now BEFORE it is too late, if it is not already too late. Fixed-income people cannot afford the cost of fire arms, long storage food, etc. If anyone knows a good plan of action please share it with us. If all of us refuse to pay taxes until this mess is fixed, that might work, unless we all would end up in jail given the newly armed IRS. Perhaps they suspect we will rise up and demand reimbursement for the fraudulent expenditures so they had to hire the army of 87,000. Plus, we need to abolish the Central Banks.
    God bless the USA!!!

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    1. As for what you can do on a fixed income, I recommend stocking up on canned meats and vegetables, soups, etc. They won’t keep as long as the freeze-dried food but they often have more dense calorie content and typically will last for at least four to five years. The good thing is you can buy a little at a time, maybe two or three cans per week. Also, just save up for one decent shotgun, which can be had for as little as $200, maybe less if you find one used at a local shop (don’t rule out pawn shops) but if you go used make sure you stick to the major brands like Mossberg, Remington, Savage-Stevens or Winchester. Also stock up on bottled water. If you are elderly or frail you may want to go with a 20 gauge shotgun and not a 12 gauge. Plant a garden, even if it’s just a few tomato and pepper plants in containers. Look for a source of local eggs. Unless you live in the central city it’s not hard to find folks with backyard chickens who sell eggs to help pay for the rising cost of feed. When the grocery stores go bare, you will still have your egg source. Hope this helps for getting started on a limited budget.

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      1. Oats , Pasta and Rice can be stored with no need for refrigeration but how long can a limited food supply last?
        Still, for those of you who have storage room then oats , pasta and rice are an option worth considering.


    2. Hey sister Margaret Anne! This 60 years young gal has been thinking along those lines too. In 2018 I invested in a fireplace insert and scavenge wood around town to keep warm in winter. I got a little 14″ bar electric chainsaw at Aldi (of all place) I figure I saved ( in heating bills) about $2300/$4000 paid originally for the unit. They let me go from a good job recently but I saved enough to buy a little numismatic gold. I converted another account to gold that had lost 30% of original deposit(!)( Due to stock market). Thinking about what if I had to barter, so have been collecting salt, sugar, coffee, tuna, sardines, toilet paper, soap, etc. I didn’t used to think about guns but I am now. Trouble is…if “they” know I have bought one, if I’m on some gun owners list, then “they ” will just come to take it away. Maybe a crossbow would be better, a silent weapon. With cyanide-tipped bolts–?


      1. We do not have a federal gun registry, yet. The big chain sporting goods stores that are computerized may share their data with the feds but if you buy from a small mom and pop store or pawn shop the only way those records are ever turned over to the government is if the store goes out of business. So my best advice is that you should act now, before they do require every purchase to be logged into a federal database.


  9. “In 1815, Rothschild made his famous statement: “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”[1

    I’ll go one further and say that whoever controls a nations food supply controls that nation. Gates is a control freak. He wants to control everything, for his agenda.

    In Egypt when the famine struck the land, Joseph controlled the food supply and made the people bargain for food.

    First it was their money
    Then it was their horses, and flocks, cattle and asses:
    Then it was the people themselves and their land.
    Having surrendered themselves and their land they were moved to cities on the borders of Egypt and became servants to Pharaoh.

    “23Then Joseph said unto the people, Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh: lo, here is seed for you, and ye shall sow the land.”

    Can you see a picture here.
    I believe there will be an engineered crop failure and culling of livestock throughout America with the exception of crops belonging to Bill Gates . This would leave Bill gates in control of Americas food supply.

    We know from the Egyptians how far people are willing to go in order to survive a famine. I see the American people going the same way.

    It will be case of “you will own nothing and you will be happy”

    Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

    P.S. Great article Leo.

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  10. Watched video where the farmer said he was paid by the government $24 dollars per acre for ever acre he had (paid yearly).
    That adds up to a lot of money.
    So is Bill Gates & others getting paid this as that’s a lot of money?


    1. A lot of land owners/farmers enroll ground in the gov’t CRP program and get paid money NOT to farm that ground. Of course the gov’t controls what can/cannot be done on that land for a set period of years.
      Those that choose to own/farm thousands of acres make out on this like bandits. Then there is the crop insurance program that farmers are pretty much forced to participate in if they need loans for inputs, equipment etc. Most all farmers need loans to survive-nasty cycle there. There are many who have learned to cheat the system and make millions from the taxpayers whose money goes to these programs.
      American ag’s diry little secret.
      Bill Gates likely gets his share of this pie as well although I’m betting he has nefarious intentions to destroy lives.

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  11. I’ve eaten fake meat before. Textured tofu.
    Technically that’s not a sin.
    The problem is the technocrats are wicked people leading us into an evil system by getting us to agree to do things that are not actually sinful or should be allowed in extreme cases for short periods.
    “Where in the Bible does it say not to wear a face mask?”
    “Where in the Bible does it say not to accept welfare benefits? If you’re in need go for it.”
    “Does it really matter if we only meet on screens indefinitely? We aren’t supposed to forsake the assembly, but Jesus wants us not to get others sick after all.”
    “Where in the Bible does it say, thou shalt not get vaccinated?”
    This is all top-down grooming of the masses. Discernment among Christians is at an all-time low.
    We have grown far too trusting of evil doers. Too chummy with open enemies of God.
    The Beast System will be a vast welfare state. And they will cripple and sicken their pets by requiring regular shots. Professional guinea pigs since they produce nothing the State values. Not much like the system depicted by Christian pop culture.
    Hence a surprisingly large number will be taken in for longer than they should be.

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