EXCLUSIVE Special Report: Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed

Doctors will be ‘incentivized’ by the government to start asking more questions about your vax status

January 17, 2023

A set of international codes are used by the medical industry for billing purposes under Medicare-Medicaid and the private insurance companies, but it’s not just about billing.

These codes are part of the International Classification of Disease (ICD) system set forth by the United Nations World Health Organization and they’re about to get far more invasive.

This system was originally created after World War II for the purpose of tracking the diagnosis of major diseases within a population. But over the years, there have been 11 major revisions, and with each revision the data being collected on each individual has become more precise and all-inclusive.

More than 1.6 million clinical situations can now be coded, according to the WHO website.

And it’s also become more coercive, to the point where it’s become impossible for doctors to get reimbursed by insurance companies if they don’t upload all the requested data points.

According to an April 2016 article in the American Journal of Neuroradiology, “Across the years, it has become an integral part of the payment infrastructure of the U.S. healthcare system along with the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding system for medical procedures.”

The ICD system really grew into an electronic data-mining beast with the passage by Congress of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in 2012. The digitization of healthcare records was fully implemented with the upgrade to ICD-10 after two congressional delays in 2016.

Since then, there has literally been a numeric code created for almost any diagnosis you can think of, and some you would never think of (Searchcrazy ICD-10 codesand you will see what I’m talking about).

Fast forward now to April 2022. This is when the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced a new code that anyone who is awake and aware of the growing medical tyranny should be concerned about. After some delays, the new code was rolled out in October 2022 and became available to nearly every medical clinic and hospital in January 2023.

What is this new code? It’s Code Number Z28.310. This is the code for a very peculiar “diagnosis” since it’s not a diagnosis at all, but an invasion of privacy and likely to be used against many people in the future. This is the code your doctor will log into the computer system that is accessed by government and private health insurers informing them of your Covid vaccine status.

These are internationally recognized codes for very specific medical conditions for insurance and government purposes. They are accessible worldwide should you be overseas and have a health issue that needs to be treated.

I recently interviewed a fully licensed M.D., a physician who practices in a Midwestern state and has full hospital privileges. This doctor’s name will remain anonymous because if it were to get out, he could end up losing his job. On January 12, he informed me that Code Z28.310 went live in his state.

“Yesterday (January 11) it showed up for the first time in any kind of hospital paperwork I’d seen,” the doctor told me.

If diagnostics aren’t entered properly, a doctor may not get reimbursed. Now that this new code is officially required by government and private insurance providers, doctors will likely now be “incentivized” to ask about your vax status, he said. That means they get financial payouts whenever the government decides there’s a “meaningful use” for this data.

I had no idea that doctors were being bought off in this way.

This system appears to be the way the military-industrial-biomedical complex will identify and separate out those who have submitted to their digital identification system, which starts with being “up to date” on your shots — endless shots. As the late Dr. Zev Zelenko and others have said, these continuous boosters will become a “gateway to transhumanism.”

The powers that be at the United Nations and World Economic Forum have a “need to know” when it comes to those who reject this demonic transitioning of the human race, which the transhumanists refer to as an “upgrade” to “humanity 2.0.”

“I’ve never used this diagnosis code, never would for any patient,” the doctor told me in a follow-up interview this week. “I never even knew it existed until last week.”

He explained that Z28.3 is the diagnostic code for being under-vaccinated generally, but it gets more specific from there.

“It’s non-specific,” the doctor explained. “But with Covid they added the 1 after the 3 (Z28.31), so Covid is the only vaccine they’re specific for. Then they added a second digit if you’re partially vaccinated and didn’t get any of the boosters.”

These codes could continue to get more specific to the point that they also log in codes for why you refuse Big Pharma’s ineffective and unsafe — but very profitable — injections.

The doctor told me he saw one patient’s diagnosis code that was specific for refusing the vaccine due to his schizophrenia.

“A lot of people with schizophrenia are paranoid of shots and different treatments, so his doctors were attributing him (as unvaxxed) on that basis,” the doctor said.

So it doesn’t take too much of an imagination to see how this system could be abused.

What about if you continually refuse your doctor-recommended vaccines? Could you end up being diagnosed with mental illness? The doctor I spoke with agreed that this is not far-fetched. And once you get diagnosed with a mental disorder, you can lose many of your constitutional rights. You essentially become a second-class citizen.

“You could technically get a diagnosis of schizophrenia from any medical doctor, but usually they will refer you to a psychiatrist to make that diagnosis,” he said.

And that’s not the only thing to be concerned about with regard to this new diagnostic code.

Here’s where it gets interesting. At the G20 Summit held a couple of months ago in Indonesia in November 2022, the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies issued a joint statement that called on the nations of the world to implement a global digital vaccine passport system, based on standards set by the WHO, which would force international travelers to have a digital vaccine passport ID on their mobile phone. Without it, you would not be “allowed” to travel outside your home country, unless of course you’re an illegal migrant trying to get to the U.S. or Europe from an “undeveloped” or “under developed” country.

We also know, from a Forbes magazine article published in February 2022, that nearly half of the states in America had already at that point signed the contracts and laid the infrastructure to implement digital vaccine passports, so this same system could eventually be used to control, or at least monitor, the travel of Americans outside of their states.

Then we have the World Economic Forum’s push toward Smart Cities, recently rebranded as “15-Minute Cities,” which would monitor and restrict travel outside of one’s city. Are you following me here? A digital system is being put in place that would have the capability of essentially locking down entire populations at any given time. All that would be needed is a declaration of a “public health emergency of international concern,” or of “regional concern” and the U.S and E.U. are trying their hardest to turn that authority over to the WHO in the form of a new pandemic treaty.

Eventually, as we have been informed by Yuval Noah Harari, a top adviser to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, the plan is to put this digital surveillance technology not just on your mobile phone but “under the skin.”

The doctor in the Midwestern state explained a medical terminology called “meaningful use” and how it’s used to log personally identifiable data on medical patients.

“If you ever wondered why they try to get your blood pressure and your weight every time you go to the doctor’s office, it’s because hospitals and physicians get reimbursed if they provide ‘meaningful use’ data. They get reimbursed better. They get bonuses. Doctors have monthly meetings with staff and administrators and this is how they get reimbursed higher, they get more money, if they provide that meaningful use data.”

He further explained that if the ICD-10 coding system requires doctors to find out their patients’ Covid vax status as part of the “meaningful use” data, then they will add that to their office charts and they will get reimbursed handsomely for providing this information to the government.

“Every time you go to the doctor’s, they will try to get this information out of you,” he said.

The U.S. expanded its ICD system under the presidency of Barack Obama and the adoption of the Affordable Care Act. Previously, the U.S. used the ICD-9 system, which required less specific and less invasive information on patients, “but then with the ICD-10 system all of a sudden, they got real specified. Instead of just high blood pressure it became, is this high blood pressure caused by spending too much time with your mother-in-law or is it because of this other thing, whatever it may be. It became very specific.”

According to the government’s CMS website:

“ICD-10 also includes significant improvements over ICD-9 in coding primary care encounters, external causes of injury, mental disorders, and preventive health. The ICD-10 code sets’ breadth and granularity reflect advances in medicine and medical technology, as well as capture added detail on socioeconomics, ambulatory care conditions, problems related to lifestyle, and the results of screening tests.”

In other words, ICD-10 coding became a tool for extraordinary data mining of Americans’ personal life histories.

When ICD-10 was implemented, that’s when the AARP got the contract to administer the program in the U.S.

It also got more rigid.

“As a doctor, you have to use the ICD-10 system to get reimbursed,” my doctor source told me.

Even if you do not have government or private insurance and pay strictly out of pocket, each and every diagnosis is still logged into the system.

“If you have an interaction with the healthcare system, you will have an ICD-10 code logged and assigned to your condition,” he said. “And all that data goes into a central database that was created under Obama so that the Electronic Medical Record systems (EMR), can talk to each other.”

“Nobody else is talking about this,” he told me.

Obamacare forced all doctors to use the EMR system in order to get reimbursed.

“Because up until eight or ten years ago, a lot of doctors were still using paper charts. It’s all digitized now.”

In fact, according to the WHO website, that U.N. body has already rolled out an “upgraded” ICD-11 system and is working to get nations to adopt it.

When the U.S. federal government adopted ICD-10, it subsidized the transition, offering interest-free loans and grants that many doctors’ offices used to pay for the upgraded EMR software systems.

“There were hundreds of millions of dollars allocated, but then you had to allow the government to come in and access your books whenever they want,” the doctor said. “But now you can’t get reimbursed unless you go through this system. Virtually every doctor is a part of this system now.”

Bottom line: Be aware of what information you hand over to your doctor, because they essentially all work for the government now. That’s who they are beholden to for reimbursement. And if your doctor asks too many questions that seem unrelated to the health issue you’re being treated for, you may want to fire them and find a new one.

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  1. What is to prevent a person from lying to his primary care provider about his or her vax status.


  2. Tony Blair has been pushing the notion of a digitalised vaccine system for a whole slew of new injectables

    Tony Blair at The 2023 World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos…

    “We going to have a whole slew of new injectables… digitalisation in health care is one of the great game changers”


    1. I am a medical coder and this 100% accurate. I left a comment on one of your articles a year ago, about the new codes. It is scary and only getting more invasive by the day. I see it every day. You are your best advocate when it comes to your health, we cannot trust most of our medical professionals anymore. For some, who are in the field still with eyes to see, speak the truth to anyone who will listen. This article is so encouraging to me, I’ve felt like such a loner in my field thinking I’m a nut case some days. This confirms all my suspicions from the long hours of research reading all the fine prints of ICD-10, CMS guidelines, WHO recommendations etc etc. Stand firm my friends, the Lord will bring everything done in darkness to light. Maranatha!

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  3. So are members of the “no thankyou i dont want the jab” community working on a standardized response to the request? Seems to me we need to get one adopted that will fill the form but not create jeopardy?

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    1. Members of the deluded “no thank-you i don’t want the jab” community, which are mindlessly enslaved within the Marxist Beast’s Socialistic Security System, foolishly attempt to work on a standardized response to the WHO request. Seems to me Socialism’s secured chattel needs to get one adopted that will fill the form but not create eternal jeopardy to their digitally-marked (SS#) souls. The voice of the Lord Jesus in Revelation 18:4 leads His theocratic flock of sheep to safety, out of the Beast’s Socially Secured democratic ‘City of Destruction’!!


  4. Mr. Hohmann, this is very good info. Thank you. Last week I casually viewed my health record summary online, available to patients with a certain insurance. To my horror, at the very bottom, was a diagnosis of “schizotypal personality.” No more details than that. The last time I checked my health record, that diagnosis was not there. I informed one of my doctors two years ago that I was more afraid of the jab than covid!

    I found this: “Under-immunization status”

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    1. Was a formal psychiatric evaluation performed by a qualified individual to arrive at that diagnosis? If not, ask to have that removed. If refused, file a complaint with the state medical board, if a physician noted it, or the nursing board, if by a nurse.


  5. I’ve been experiencing an awakening to the scam that is our modern medical system since 2015 when it is my opinion that my mother was killed by incompetence, partially created by the fact that doctors now have to log everything into a laptop…even if the patient they are caring for is in critical care within the ICU. I cannot prove it, but it’s just a hunch based on what I observed in the 13 days that she spent in ICU. I saw patients in the ICU prior to Obamacare, and my Mom was the first patient I had to visit in the ICU after its implementation. The difference between the pre and the post is night and day. I knew the ACA had changed medicine, and not for the better, but I also became aware that this has been a brewing problem for many years. But, what should one expect when there are pharma reps trotting in and out of doctor’s offices all of the time, treating the staff to catered lunches, etc? That’s just one part of the bribes in the corrupt system. As it stands now, I don’t have a primary care doctor because I have not found one that I can trust. My previous PCP retired in 2020, before the pandemic was declared, because she was tired of what medicine had become with EHR’s. The past three years have only made my growing mistrust of doctors accelerate by 1,000%. However, I still have my ophthalmologist. God love him, he’s a throwback to when doctors were DOCTORS and not paid off or bribed shills for the gov’t and Big Pharma. I saw him the other day, and noticed for the second year in a row how empty his waiting room is. I’ve been seeing him annually since I was 14, and I’m now middled aged. Yeah, he’s up there in age…not quite 80…but still in good health and able to do eye exams. He loves what he does. All of the years I’ve seen him, his waiting room was full. He informed me that his patient roll has been slashed dramatically because he refuses to implement the EHR system. He’s self-employed and not under the umbrella of a hospital system, so he’s definitely independent. Naturally, the gov’t revoked his Medicare and Medicaid privileges, which is why his waiting room is now empty. I have private health insurance, but it doesn’t pay for my visits to him because other than being nearsighted, I have no other eye issues. I pay out of pocket to see him once a year, and I gladly do so. It’s actually far less than what he’d be forced to charge my insurance provider. As he said the other day, he’s not in this for the money at this point in his life. He continues to do what he feels that he was called to do, and he loves interacting with the few patients that he’s been left with. I asked him if there are any primary care physicians in our area who are like him. He said he gets asked that question all of the time. Sadly, he said, they’ve either all retired because they got sick of the bureaucracy meddling in their practice, or they have passed away. He said the patient-doctor relationship is sacrosanct to him. They don’t make them like that anymore. I told him that he needs to stick around for a long time yet, and that for everything else on me, I am trusting to the Great Physician.

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    1. Thank you, K. Floyd. Like you, I am trusting the Lord Jesus, my Great Physician, for being my total health and eternal welfare Provider. By His miraculous healing touch my life has been amazingly transformed! He set me free from being idolatrously enslaved as a digitally-marked, dependent ward of the Beast’s Socialistic eugenic Security System.


    2. I love your story very touching you’re so blessed to have a God-fearing man that with morals and takes his Medical Oath to heart. I don’t know what’s happened to the medical system I was in it and disabled at an early age. But why would you be in the medical field if your heart didn’t love what you did and helping people live healthy and long lives be true to yourself.. warms my heart to know he doesn’t care about the money the root of all evil. What a wonderful man with integrity may God bless him forevermore..


    3. Yeah that’s all true. Keep in mind that many hospitals restrict the access of pharma reps so the problems with hospital medicine are much more than from them. It’s true that we see reps in the office, but the truth is most physicians limit them to lunch time since we usually don’t have not much time otherwise, and they will see the office manager instead.


    4. I made a choice a couple of years ago to opt out of medical insurance. I don’t see doctors but rarely. This article will make me think twice before I visit one again though!
      I have learned to use what God himself gave us-herbal medicine. So much of this ancient wisdom has been forgotten. Erased from history by design for profit.

      I am definitely an outlier. Even my hubby will turn to the medical system when I will not. I have found a lot of peace and confidence in becoming free of the fear that the medical system breeds. Think about it. How many routine dr visits are motivated by fear? How many times does God remind us to not be afraid? Men’s systems are all driven by greed and people are motivated by fear. Not a very fantastic way to live life.

      I talk to people all the time about these issues. Most look at me with that, I’ll listen but you’re nuts look! Well, the only person I actually have control over is myself. Most just don’t have any idea how to live for health and many don’t want the responsibility either. You can lead a horse to water but surely can’t make em drink!

      So very thankful that you search this info out Leo and print it for those who care about it. I do forward a lot of your articles.

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    1. I’ve been reading Robert Yoho. A former doctor. He’s been sharing how greed and legalized bribery (aka “lobbying”) have destroyed medicine from within.
      Doctors don’t realize it, but the NWO has decided it doesn’t need most of them either. The few doctors it keeps will make short, virtual screen visits. Nurses can be replaced by robots.


  6. Also, things are moving quickly on the world stage! I heard today that CA will get digital driver’s licenses. Things are moving in a digital direction on all fronts.

    It’s all lining up for the final scene too.
    1. Israel is about ready to build the 3rd temple and they are planning a sacrifice on the temple mount this Passover.
    2. House of Abraham in Saudi Arabia is nearing completion. (one world religion).
    3. Abraham Accords are ready to be signed. Middle east is on board. Things are escalating in Israel like a hornet’s nest and the UN goes after them due to a visit to the temple mount by Ben Gvr and they are all up in arms. This may be the 7 year peace treaty of the tribulation.
    4. All the globalist meetings in Davos with all the villain roles for the end times filled by these characters.
    5. The groundwork has been laid for a one world religion, government, and economy with this pope at the helm of the push for it all. I’ve had my eye on that for the last 10 years and it was a full 10 years of the pushing.
    6. Things are falling into place for the mark of the beast system with digital currency, global currency, economic crashes, and so on.
    7. Tyranny through technocracy is closing a tight grip around the world. Covid policies are one example.
    8. AI is rising fast along with transhumanism and the ‘human potential’ movement, trust in man rather than God.
    9. Surveillance is on the increase all over, the ‘all seeing eye’ of the occult. All these things seek to counterfeit what God set up.
    10. One world religion via the new age movement, the occult practices, pantheism, and panentheism, oneness, and ‘universal energy’ is invading all around.
    11. Perversion abounds as in the days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah.
    12. The once Biblical church has fallen into full blown apostasy.
    13. Persecution of Christians is on the rise all over the world, including the West.
    14. Murder of unborn babies is promoted by the blood thirsty.
    15. Natural disasters are on the rise in every form, in intensity and in frequency.
    16. Wars and rumors of wars, ethnic wars, political wars, etc. are increasing.
    17. Civil uprisings are growing all over the world.
    18. Borders are falling and waves of migrants are invading.
    19. Supply chains are failing and famines are predicted.
    20. They are already preparing for the next outbreak, ‘contagion.’
    21. Much is going to be rolled out in May of this year, like the ‘king’ of the UK and many other things.
    22. The globalists just passed some laws that impose international rules about health mandates.

    The list goes on. Let me share my online list again from youtube:

    Patrick Humphrey
    Rapture Ready Headlines
    The Watchman
    Watchman Adam
    Watchman Dan Trendell
    Watchman on the Wall 88
    Watchwoman 65
    Hope for our Times
    A time for judgment

    Note that I do not agree with many of the doctrines that some of them hold, such as OSAS and pre trib, etc. but there is a lot of useful news and updates about end times issues on them.



  7. How to keep democracy afloat:

    My visit to the doctor is as follows. I’m sitting on that raised seat with the wax paper. The doctor enters, greets me, quickly sits in front of his computer screen and types in a few things. After the routine stuff he asks me if I had or would like “my” C-19 vax. I calmly reply that no, I would not. He launches into a long speech about how ‘safe and effective’ they are. I keep my poker face on and look bored. At the end he tries again to see if I want it now. I simply reply; “No thanks, I’m not interested.” A look of perplexity mixed with mild annoyance crosses his expression. With a frowed brow he asks, “may I ask why not?” I reply with, “you may ask me anything, but I may or may not relinquish the answer” as I smile wryly. So he says, “so you don’t want to answer that question?” I reply with, “Yes, I will answer that question. I won’t take it because I don’t want it. Since I am an agent of free will, I possess the right to refuse any medical treatment that I don’t want. That is also part of the Nuremburg code after the Holocaust. Since we don’t live in a nazi dictatorship, but a democracy for and by the people, I have no penalty to fear from my decision, but that is my decision either way. I do not need to furnish anyone with reasons as to why I refuse the medical treatment as that might be personal and private. Now are there any other questions I can answer for you?”

    Check mate.
    ; D

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    1. If any of my patient encounters contained what you stated I may begin to enjoy my work. Unfortunately what you stated was the dialogue running in my head, not from any patient’s mouth. How brain dead can physicians be to stick with the party line or to have ever fallen for it. If you do clinical medicine, you know how to read people, yet when it came to the medical literature, or lack thereof, the docs either fell for it, didn’t analyze it, or are corrupt beyond repair.


    2. Two years ago when the covid vaccines first came out, I visited a specialist office and was waited on by a nurse practitioner (the common practice these days instead of getting to see the doctor), and she asked whether I took the jab.


      She replied rather sharply, “Why not?”

      I said: “That’s an experimental vaccine and you can’t sue the bastards for any injuries.”

      She said no more.


      1. IMO, nurses are worse than the docs. Hospital nurses could have stopped all this “pandemic” related nonsense by threatening a walkout. Unfortunately they don’t collectively have the intellectual heft to see the con. As for the docs, it’s just greed and as a doc, I call it as I see it.

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    1. I haven’t read the book myself. But I’ve heard someone quote from Klaus Schwab’s “Covid-19 and the Great Reset” that Bill Gates will make sure everyone gets fed as long as they stay current on their “vaccines.”
      “How many vaccines are enough?” the creepy old German muses.
      My first thought is, “Enough for WHAT?”


    2. It would be interesting to see how that would be crafted. I’m sure there would be multiple exemptions. There is no “right” to social security as per Supreme Court rulings so likely there will be found no right to Medicare, that you paid into.

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    3. My step-father was a doctor and when Medicare came out back in the 1960s, he warned other doctors not to sign on because this would ruin medicine. But nearly all signed on because the money seemed irresistible at the time, but it consistently underpaid the doctors for their services, often by a lot. Soon the whole US medical world was swept into it, like it or not. Most of the independent doctors got driven out of business by it and later by Obamacare. Under Trump, there has been a welcomed move for more independent doctors to set up their businesses—but it’s a concierge service that you pay a monthly fee to be on a retainer list. I use it because I can get quick service from the concierge doctor who will actually treat me, whereas the corporate doctors won’t actually treat you for much of anything, but send you to specialists. That’s not medicine; that’s a bureaucracy.

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      1. I agree with what happened and why but what really stuck the knife in us docs are Medicare Advantage plans. That’s so because they use third party reviewers to determine what’s “medically necessary” based on their interpretation of the medical literature. There are delays in care due to this especially if an appeal is required or you just suck it up and tell a patient “this is how the insurer wants you treated” which is what I tell them if I disagree but see no wiggle room for an appeal. To me, it’s better that people understand what is being done and if they want to change this it’s up to them.


  8. Thanks Leo! Well, “They’ got me! This new Dr’s office that my Mom & I started going to (approx 2 yrs) (Infinity Health) ∞ … figures!
    The first office visit the Nurse took our BP’s and Pulse..And soon asked ea of us “Have you had your Covid-19 Injections?”… I quickly said …”NOPE! and we’re NOT interested!”…. She quickly typed that into the computer. I figured, “well this info will go to Big Brother!”….. Now I know for sure!
    Where can I find Dr. Welby? or Doc Baker from Little House?

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  9. As someone who fled the psychiatric system after a lot of physical conditions and neurological damage created by 25 years of their “safe and effective treatments” I quit trusting doctors some time ago.
    It was a shock to find out how much lying has been going on in the medical field for decades. Many doctors are deceived themselves–to some extent. But they believe lies and hurt people because of it.
    Big pHarma + Big Government + Centralized State Health Care.
    If you want to see where our “health care” system is headed look to Trudeau’s Canada. The end game of state “health” care is Big Brother playing God by telling people when it’s time for their lives to end. The real reason the DOJ wanted it so badly.

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  10. “But now the digitally-marked (SS#) chattel that are enslaved within Socialism’s eugenic Security System can’t get Transhumanist Medicare unless they mindlessly submit to this diabolical system. Virtually every doctor is a part of the Beast’s Fourth Reich system now.”

    But for the wise virgins in Christ’s Bride, who obediently came out of the Beast’s Socialistic Security System, the LORD Jesus will remove from them all sickness. He will not lay upon them any of the terrible diseases and plagues of Egypt, but He will inflict them on all foolish, socially-secured chattel who hate you. Deuteronomy 7:15; Revelation 18:4

    Bottom line: Socially secured chattel should be aware of what information they hand over to their doctor because they essentially all work for the Orwellian WHO government now.

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    1. Yes, ICD 10 Z28.310 is unvaccinated and Z28.311 is partially vaccinated. There are other codes that can also be used for nefarious reasons such as ICD-10 Z91.1 for patient’s noncompliance with medical treatment and regimen. That code has been available for a number of years. I have it in my system but never used it. I don’t work in a hospital so there’s more leeway.

      As an aside, it’s interesting how many patients I see who have had most or all Covid shots but don’t get flu or pneumonia vaccines. My take is that it’s either paranoia, stupidity, family/work pressure or a combination. Logically, the Flu vax is nearly useless and pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics, which you’ll get if symptomatic whether you’re vaxxed or not.

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      1. Yes codes such as Z28.82 – patient not vaccinated due to caregiver (parent) refusal (as well as other refusal codes) have been in affect for years and is used mostly for when parents of newborns refuse the Hep B vax for their babies but can be used elsewhere such as pediatrics when parents refuse COVID vax. There are other refusal of vax/other medical care codes that are routinely captured in the payment (govt) system. Documentation of refusal is likely more prevalent in physician offices rather then in hospitals which is my area of knowledge. So yes, Leo’s article is great information to be aware of. When I’m asked about my vax status or reason for refusal I simply say it’s a private matter.


  11. I work as a coder – i.e. I assign ICD-10-CM codes to hospital records. I think there is a misunderstanding on the purpose of the ICD-10-CM codes in that not every code affects reimbursement to hospitals and physicians. The new unvaccinated code does not give the hospital or physician more money – it has no affect on how much they are paid. It is a statistical code only so yes it does start the data keeping effort on who is fully vaccinated and who is not. And yes that could definitely be the information used to create/maintain the digital passport. HOWEVER, this code has been effective since Oct 2022 and it is VERY rare for a physician to document that the patient is undervaccinated for COVID. I have only used it maybe 5 times since Oct 2022. We cannot assign ANY code, even this one, without a physician including the information in his/her documentation.


    1. Thank you for your input GraceGlory. Nothing you say here refutes anything in the article, which states that financial payouts (to the doctors) can be applied “whenever the government decides there’s a ‘meaningful use’ for this data.” This article is meant to place the medical patient on high alert for these questions. I’m sure you agree that’s a good thing?

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      1. Yes people should know about it because it is definitely a major step in the tracking of people and it could definitely be expanded and required reporting in the future. So I am very glad to see this article. I simply wanted to point out that as of now it is not required to be reported by physicians, does not increase payment to facilities or physicians and, in my experience, physicians rarely document the vaccination status which in turn means that the unvaccinated code cannot be applied/captured/put into the government system. I do believe that this will change in the future, however. Thus the validity of your article is spot-on as a heads up.

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    2. I am a physician…. Yes you are correct that just because it has an icd 10 code they will not get more money… If they make it part of ‘meaningful use’ requirements they will! Doctors get up to 50k yearly in bonuses if they meet the meaningful use requirements set forth by their hospital and ultimately from the government! This is really bad… We are so screwed!

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      1. If I were your patient and tell you I was up to date with shots but really have not had any can you confirm I’m lying to you?


      2. Depends on the state and level of “proof” required. But there are ways around that. It’s really a matter of how sophisticated one is in knowing how to get around “roadblocks”.


    3. The other issue is whether it is will become included in “meaningful use” which will affect reimbursement.


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