Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’

The narrative has been set for election chaos and political violence

Joe Biden, in his prime-time speech earlier this week, again painted the November 8 midterm election as a referendum, not on his policies, but on “democracy” itself.

Listening to the rhetoric, one can envision how things might play out next week.

We end up with many races that are “too close to call” on election night. The vote-counting lasts for days.

Deep-state controlled political operatives, instead of urging calm, throw rhetorical fire onto the political powder keg of distrust they’ve spent the last several years cultivating, and then we’re off to the races. Violence ensues.

Biden’s November 2 speech followed up on the same themes presented in his dark September 1 “Battle for the Soul of America” speech. He said a vote for MAGA Republicans on November 8 represents the death knell for our beloved “democracy.”

“Democracy is on the ballot,” Biden said, a phrase that the CIA’s mockingbird media has dutifully repeated over and over, as if to drum it into the zombies’ heads.

Whenever you hear the entire corporate media repeating the exact same talking points, you know it’s a propaganda psy op in the making. They did it with Covid. They did it with the “vaccines.” Not a single corporate media outlet strayed from the script and that’s always a red flag.

To dissent from the corporate narrative on masks, vaccines, and war with Russia, makes you a “danger to democracy.”

No sane American president could speak in such dire terms. No sane president who makes his own decisions instead of receiving orders from an already entrenched shadow dictatorship could talk about “democracy” like Biden does.

Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, spoke to the mockingbird media after Biden’s speech this week and told us that we have received our “one final warning” from the supreme dictator. I kid you not. Watch the first minute-and-a-half of the below video:

So here’s the message: Vote for Democrats or risk it all; our very democracy is at stake!

They have no rational argument for why we should vote for them. Inflation is out of control, the border remains open, pornography remains in the schools, crime is rampant, fuel and food shortages are mounting, and our freedoms are evaporating. In order to distract from these issues, they must frame next week’s election in simple emotional terms – it’s us or those woman-hating, trans-hating, MAGA extremists!

And if too many of you vote for those extremists, we might need to take extreme measures to stop the transition away from our brand of pseudo democracy.

To their credit, even some Democrats see through the mirage, as communicated in an article by NBC News: “Biden takes heat from his own party over ‘Democracy’ speech.”

Remember, this is the same president who last year told us he was “losing patience” with those of us who refused to get a certain pharmaceutical product jabbed into our bodies.

There’s more than meets the eye here, folks.

Why have Biden’s handlers – the deep-state shadow government – resorted to thinly veiled threats against their political opponents?

Instead of asking for our vote it feels like they are ordering us to pull the lever for their candidates. That’s not how it’s supposed to work in America, unless the old America, the Constitutional Republic, is already gone? Replaced with some dictatorship’s own definition of “democracy?” I guess we will soon find out.

So, in summary, when I listen to Biden’s speech what I’m hearing is this: They are giving us “one final warning,” that if we turn out in droves to vote for their opposition they will have to do something drastic, perhaps remove the pretense of democracy, the delusion that democracy still exists. Unleash hell’s fury.

I hope I’m proven wrong next week, but I have felt for some time that we already live under a dictatorship, a soft dictatorship perhaps, but a dictatorship nonetheless.

The defining characteristic of a dictatorship is that it does not go quietly. It does not allow itself to be voted out of power. Those holding positions of dictatorial power don’t see their roles as servanthood, but rather of privilege and entitlement. They don’t serve the people, as they see it, they rule over them. Why? Because they can. They control the armies and the police forces, in this case the national police force, which is the FBI.

And if we try to resist, meaning we vote in such numbers that even their built-in systemic cheating is unable to compensate for it, then they will call out the military wing of the Democrat Party, which is Antifa, and the FBI will look the other way.

At least that’s the not-so-subtle warning we are getting. Again, I hope I’m wrong. But either way, we must not be intimidated into staying home. We must call their bluff and turn out massively on Tuesday, exercising people power at the polls.

Every dictatorship has a political wing and a military wing.

Hitler had his brownshirts.

Lenin had his Cheka and Stalin had his KGB.

East Germany had its Stasi.

Iran has its Revolutionary Guard.

It’s no different with the American dictators. They have the FBI, Antifa and other paramilitary units at the ready.

Biden and his chief of staff warned us this week that they have something in store for us if we don’t accept them as our permanent overlords.

Every dictatorship needs a boogieman so it can claim to be “protecting” the people from impending danger. For the regime in Washington, the boogieman outside the gates is Russia and the boogieman inside the gates is what they now call “extreme MAGA.” Both, they say, present a grave “danger to our democracy.”

It’s a lie of course but it’s all they have.

Biden even tried to tie the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband to the boogieman, which is kind of funny given that Paul Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, is a homeless, gay, drug-using, nudist, illegal alien from Canada. Doesn’t exactly fit the bill of MAGA.

While warning about violence coming from the right, the Washington deep state, the shadow dictatorship, has already started its own wave of political violence against conservative Americans.

Take, for example, the case involving Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.

Speaking with reporters at ABC 7 News in Chicago, Bailey said he and his family had received disturbing voicemail threats, prompting him to cancel campaign events.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the threats prompted “schools affiliated with Bailey and his family in southern Illinois” to be “placed on soft lockdown.”

Bailey reported the calls to the police, who traced them to 21-year-old Scott Lennox.

According to the Cook County state attorney’s office, Lennox has been charged with one felony count each of threatening a public official and making harassing communications. 

Lennox allegedly threatened to torture and then assassinate Bailey, and later bragged to friends about making the death threats. 

Blaze Media reports that prosecutor Lorraine Scaduto said, “Lennox was with friends at a bar on Friday when a political ad aired on TV that infuriated him.” 

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, a Republican Senate candidate was grazed by a protester’s punch, thrown before Wednesday’s debate with incumbent Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan.

Donald Bolduc, a retired Army general, was assaulted at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics before his debate with Hassan.

The Epoch Times reported that Bolduc mentioned the incident near the end of the November 2 debate.

In yet another case of political violence stemming from the left, the family home of Republican congressional candidate Pat Harrigan in Hickory, North Carolina, was sprayed with gunfire.

The shooting happened last week, when Harrigan’s parents and children were in the house, WBTV News reported.

Harrigan wrote in a tweet: “A bullet & death threats aren’t enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission.”

Harrigan and others have speculated that the attack may have been inspired by a television ad paid for by Jeff Jackson, Harrigan’s Democrat opponent, that was filmed in front of Harrigan’s home.

Are you beginning to see the pattern here?

And that’s not all.

LifeSite News reports that since the overturning of Roe v. Wade last summer, violence against pro-lifers has been 22 times higher than violence against abortion advocates. Hundreds of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have been burned, bombed, defaced, vandalized, with no arrests made by the FBI.

Could these acts of left-wing political violence be a harbinger of things to come, a mere foreshadowing of worse violence on the horizon? I don’t know, but we must prepare for the possibility, because a house divided cannot stand. And no dictatorship allows itself to be voted out of power.

Do not fall into the trap that has been laid, where this shadow dictatorship made up of traitors and globalist predators goads us into the same violent behavior of which they are guilty. That’s what they want – both sides shooting at each other.

Keep your cool. Stay calm. Prepare to survive the chaos with enough food, water, and means of self-protection to ride out what portends to be a rough period for America. Our enemy is not Democrats or any flesh and blood but rather a world system inspired by Satan himself. And most importantly, pray to our Mighty God for spiritual strength, courage, wisdom and discernment, that we might come out on the other side of this chaos able to live in peace, free of persecution by these psychopathic powers of evil in high places. is 100 percent reader supported and 100 percent independent of the government and its corporate partners. That’s why we can offer news and analysis that counters the false narratives being pumped into homes daily by the mainstream corporate media. If you’d like to help Leo continue fearlessly reporting and writing, please consider a contribution of any size. Donations may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or electronically below using GiveSendGo.

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50 thoughts on “Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’”

  1. I would rather shove shards of broken glass under my fingernails then rub my hands in salt than vote for a Democrat.


  2. Fear not. Our God laughs at the futility of those who think themselves greater than He, the one and only, the Almighty.

    No better stated. As for Biden and his threat, I think I’ll opt for ‘or else”.


  3. I had a nightmare where a group of people wanted to watch a film with scenes of invocation and summoning for Bephamet.

    I warned that it was dangerous to even watch or listen for it would indeed bring Bephamet to life.

    They listened and did not run the film.

    The second group ignored my warnings. They decided to watch as they were curious to see what the other side were doing and saying. I woke as Bephamet was taking form from the swirling mist.

    I’ve been warning of the UK’s T4 Frailty scoring system that placed DNRS since April 2020. Even sent evidence to Amnesty and UK Column but they did nothing until 2021!

    There were only two MSM articles after high court decision to lift blanket DNRs in Autumn 2020 but ended up being only temporary. Euthanasia. Only now in 2022 are our killing fields within hospitals, nursing homes, and ER services briefly mentioned on MSM.

    I’ve also warned those Christian’s in my church of the immorality of using fetal cells (live birth) and how humanised mice are created, They took the Vees anyway.

    I’ve been warning about the Great Reset digital panopticon they’re planning. Only a few have listened most go for the convenience of paying by mobiles.

    I feel like an Old Testament prophet warning of the impending doom but only a remnant listen.

    But maybe I should have been warning of the coming AntiChrist reality that’s soon upon us. Yet I’m finding those few that are aware do slowly return to G*d and reading their bibles. A remnant b

    And the films with invocation and summoning are now common on streaming services and MSM. They’ve normalised witchcraft, Lucifer, Satan, murders, pornography- evil in all it’s forms.

    It’s said the greatest delusion Satan ever created was getting people to believe he doesn’t exist. Today if you ask the public they’re more likely to believe Satan exists but G*d does not.

    I believe we’re living in Jeremiah’s Israel, in Fallen Babylon, and Sodom and Gomorrah. I don’t mean to sound defeatist, but this world is so corrupt and evil that perhaps it deserves to be wiped out

    I don’t want this world and all who live here to end, I have grandchildren I want to live in a good future. I don’t want the children corrupted in body and soul. I don’t want those mothers losing their babies or never having cherished children. I don’t want the duped injured or dying.

    All that’s left for me to do is pray for them. And weep. Like Jeremiah.

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    1. I told my dad that even if the mRNA shots worked, I couldn’t take one in good conscience now that I knew they used parts harvested from living babies. He sternly asked if I was sure of this. I responded that I got it from Lifesite News which seemed to be a reputable site that was recently censored because of its pro Life, pro marriage stance.

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  4. Biden’s a stand-up comic preaching about “democracy”. LMAO. The whole thing is so pathetic it would be funny, if it weren’t for the fact that so many zombified Americans are still swayed by this ridiculous propaganda. Especially the “liberals” and “progressives”, who live in a dream-world. Most of them have been jabbed with harmful, dangerous, often lethal genetic-reprogramming serums (“vaccines”) that instantly degrade the blood cells to one degree or another in all people who get the shot. The “vaccines” damage the immune systems, cause inflammation of heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, etc., and make the jabbed much more susceptible to all kinds of diseases including covid-19 and cancer. The mRNA shots of Moderna and Pfizer contain trillions of metallic nanopaticles which cross the blood-brain barrier. RINOs will not discuss this. Both halves of the Uniparty want the US-engineered war against Russia to continue without end. I read that the DemonRats only need to flip four states illegally to keep control of the Senate. Pray for Amerika.

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  5. Dan Bongino reported on one of his recent podcasts that someone unnamed had told him that Biden (or his handlers) have some dictatorial executive orders ready which will be signed if the election does not go as he wants. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? It sounds plausible to me.


  6. If anyone saw O’Biden’s speech the other night……..THE FIX IS IN AGAIN…….The Demonrats WIIL CHEAT. Democrats want you to believe that, even though hand counting ballots in one day has been done for centuries, now that we have electronic voting machines it can actually take several more days! Who are they kidding? It does not take days to count election results.


    Biden said, “In some cases, we won’t know the winner of the election for a few days…takes time to count all legitimate ballots.”

    This is illegal!!!!

    Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void & Preempted by Federal Law – Foster v Love (1997; 9-0 Decision)

    Federal Elections End at Midnight ON Election Day

    By Devvy Kidd|November 2nd, 2022


  7. Ah, the irony!!! A democracy is defined by many things, one of which being the right and freedom to vote as you choose! Not as they choose! Telling you to vote this way instead of that, and following that up with subtle threats is installing a one party system which by any other name is still the same; a tyranny! They are the ones destroying democracy by dismantling it piece by piece as they have been doing for years now. We are exercising democracy by casting our votes. Whether they like those votes or not is irrelevant. That’s the whole point, we have that freedom and it’s not dependent on their liking how we vote. We support democracy and oppose tyranny. They oppose democracy and support tyranny. Then they turn around and point the finger at us… for exercising democracy. Welcome to Orwell’s new reality.
    Democracy is Tyranny. Tyranny is Democracy.

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    1. We have a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Quit playing into their game by agreeing with them and calling it a democracy. Please remember we have a constitutional republic and not a democracy. They win when you live under their terms. And take some time to read the Constitution aqnd your bill of rights again. It’s something many more of us should do again. And while we’re at it let’s get the CCP out of our land.

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      1. Finally someone besides myself understands this. As usual, the Democrats are wrong and lying because we CAN’T lose a “democracy” we don’t have. But we definitely can and are losing our Constitutional Republic because of their globalist, ungodly Communist agenda. It’s been said that a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government he and the Founding Fathers had given to us. To which he replied that they’d given us a Constitutional Republic, if we could hang on to it. I fear we are close to losing it, especially if the Democrats are allowed to lie, cheat, steal, and commit voter fraud again and maintain power in the House and Senate. I read old newspapers from the 1930s and 1940s and they were lying, cheating, stealing, and committing voter fraud back then too. Evidently, Democrats can’t win any other way.

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  8. As Catherine Austin Fitts has said, we should focus more on building our own parallel structures than winning elections. Especially federal ones.
    They’re meant to be a distraction I suspect. But enough desperate hot heads can be used to start a civil war. The Malthusians would love that.

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    1. Yes, that is my greatest concern Rachel. People are easily manipulated today so we must pray that they don’t let these global predators get inside their heads.


      1. Amen Leo , and when the church begins to pray with the spiritual authority that was given to her at Pentecost that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow …

        This is demonic activity at the highest level and there is only one way to fight it as stated in Ephesians 6 . The enemy is already been crushed by the blood of Jesus and is under our feet . We just need to proclaim it.

        Keep up the great work ,


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  9. The district of criminals have plenty to worry about if honest elections are held. I’m sure they can count on the dead voter rolls and software switching votes if needed.

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  10. Folks this has been a well oil Machine for Centuries. Nothing new under the sun. Turn to Jesus while we still can. We are experiencing what other Countries have know for decades. It’s only going to get worse and trusting in Christ is our only Hope and option.

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  11. Our democracy IS threatened. It’s been that way ever since the fake prez was installed. Before that everything was fine and dandy!


  12. My only jailtime in 79 years was for protesting an abortion mill in Orlando. Overturning Roe V Wade saved not a single baby’s life but instead engendered the crazies to attack pro-lifers and the states & corps to finance & encourage more murders. The only red in the touted red wave next week will be the red of communism. Normalcy bias will reign supreme until naivety wanes and a remnant finally comprehends that there was never a human solution to a spiritual problem. We will all be ridden hard and put up wet very soon but your recommendation to prepare and protect for what’s coming is good advice.

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  13. You are nuth’n but a uckfing KLOWN. I’m still shocked you and the others committing treason on US have not been hanged by the nearest tree.


    1. Know why you believe such irrational nonsense? You love lies. You prefer lies to the truth because you have successfully lied to yourself that this will put you on the “right side of history.”
      It won’t.
      You hate the truth and have rejected reality itself. That’s why you are insane.
      And it seems you are functionally illiterate too.
      Good day, Troll.

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      1. Bitem is not the legal “president” as the Nerogro sodomite was. Thus, he commits treason. If you love the truth you would realize this.


    2. Treason against what?? Against some demented fool in the WH who talks like a Hitler? As I recall, we defeated Hitler and his goons in 1945 (remember WWII?)—then opposing Hitler that was considered heroic and righteous. So the same applies today if we oppose similar goons.

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      1. Treason against these United States. So much constitutional illiterates in America. Don’t ever realize Bitem is NOT the legal “president”.


    3. Ratty–Your original comment was very unclear to whom it was addressed, who you were calling a Klown. It read as if you were calling Leo the Klown, not Byden.

      BTW, Everyone here is fully aware Byden and his gangsters committed treason by stealing the election, among other things.

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  14. We are in another undeclared war, we have been in constant war for a century. All wars are Bankers wars…and we all know which Satanic cabal owns the Banks. First they’ll steal our finances, then food and water and shelter followed by another attempted pandemic…we fight against a hidden evil and with God on our side we will win. If you want to know who rules you on this planet…just find who you aren’t allowed to criticize…ask Kanye West.


    1. William, there are a number of human beings behind this. I’ve listened to them reasoning why this is necessary and justified. They subscribe to archaic philosophies that were disproven long ago. Like Thomas Malthus’s zero sum scarcity of goods and resources. And the notion that restricting carbon dioxide in the air, nitrogen in the soil, and sun rays will lead to more greenery.
      They are going to a great deal of time, trouble and expense to set up a system that will not noticeably improve their own standard of living. They are terrified of being found out by too many. Yet they persist in this madness. Why?
      The real persons behind this are not men nor women of any nation or race, but the devil and his angels.
      Ephesians 6:12. Demonic activity (and occult practices) are off the charts now. The devil wants to kill a lot of people very quickly as soon as possible. Exorcists have been receiving this message from demons. Maybe they know something good is coming to this sorry little world of ours pretty soon.

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    2. I know who you’re referring to, you’re absolutely wrong and so is Mr. West. It’s the devil who is at the very heart of all the evil that’s going on. We are living in the Last Days before the return of Jesus Christ. All that’s going on is to bring the anti-Christ to power and God’s plan for the end of this evil world to pass. You’d better wake up, repent of your sins, ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior, read the bible, do what it says, and serve Jesus only from here on out. Otherwise, you, like most of this ungodly, evil world, are going to be in for an unending miserable existence for eternity spent in hell.

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      1. Do not presume woman, I speak of the Khazarians, the false Jews of history and the cabal they have cultivated for centuries:

        “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you” (Revelation 3:9).

        Profess to be holier than thou, pride proceeds the fall…repent.
        The same goes for Ms. Rachael Nichols who seems to also have the superior attitude. Peace.


      2. Summer:
        November 5, 2022 at 3:27 pm

        The Founding Fathers of America’s government were ‘enlightened’ Freemasons who gave its citizens the Constitutional Democratic Republic if the democratic voice of America’s multi-faith people could spiritually harmonize and hang on to it.


  15. in case I don’t get to post this on WordPress,

    Excellent, thought-provoking article, as usual! Thank you, and may God bless you and us all!

    Sent with Proton Mail secure email.


  16. The way I see it is that it doesn’t matter who gets elected as they are all being manipulated – with the exception of .01%. You want to end up like JFK? RFK?
    MLK? No? Then do as you are told. It’s all a big movie. Like “Clash of the Titans” the “gods” — Schwab, Gates, Rothschilds, Rockefellers et al are sitting on their thrones making decisions that will kill the most people. And no one – NO ONE – is immune. (You think he wants his “beautiful” blonde hair blown off or his beautiful blonde daughter stolen – and trafficked? Did he not take $1m from Pfizer and put two of their hand-picks into important decision making positions? (Scott Gottlieb – Head of FDA and Alex Azar to Health and Human Services, for those unaware.) Does $1m not make him beholden and vulnerable? (And bought and paid for?) If anyone believes he is immune, they are as misguided as the “normies.”) The words are coming out of Biden’s mouth, but it could just as easily be Trump. The whole point is to keep us divided. Democrats vs. Republicans. Black vs. White. Christian vs. Non-Christian. Rich vs. poor. And now vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. It is feeding our baser human nature and ignoring our higher spiritual nature And it has been going on since forever. It is now coming to a head. We at the bottom are going to have to, en masse, make the difference. United we are unstoppable. People need to wake up. Better sooner than later. Thank you, Leo for your role in keeping us informed – and chipping away at the formidable wall in front of us.

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  17. Sadly America perishes for lack of knowledge.
    The American People do not understand how the Banking and Financial System here works.
    You would never allow another person to receive your paycheck, then you have to go to that person to borrow your own money for living expenses for the month and pay interest back to that person, only to continue that process indefinitely.
    Yet, that’s what you do with America.

    Why are you borrowing your own money from a Cartel of Criminal Bankers aka The NOT Federal Reserve Central Bank.


  18. You are so right Leo, beautifully stated and analyzed. It what that really want: to incite chaos and violence against each other so they can introduce military law and quell any dissenting. I pray with you that majority of American on both sides of this manufactured division keep calm and considerate. We are not each other’s enemies in this dark times. As soon as many understand that, the game is over for the few real demons. The only hope.

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  19. Thank You Leo! Old creepy Bill Gates even said just recently he predicted a Civil War right after the election. He and his group of demon-thugs and satan’s-buttPimples over him are more than likely up to something! … Maybe will start off as another $oros/gates bought group of Antiffa- J6-type of ‘Instigators, provokers… all wearing Red Caps.
    What’s so sad is we have so many people actually buy and agree to Every “sputtering, stuttering word coming out of pretend president puppet Biden’s mouth. (The ones who’ve taken the Jabs are more than likely to keep obeying old Grampa CornPop.) No investigating or research necessary , just do as your told, Trust the narrative and Biden & CNN and back to lookin up recipes & daily jokes online!

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