Documentary filmmaker launches ‘Brainwashed America II’ showing how to identify and disrupt globalists’ plan to bring down U.S.

Have you ever wondered why so many Americans went along with the invasive “security” measures embedded in the USA Patriot Act, or why they dutifully put on their masks and submitted to lockdowns, business and church closings, in the face of what amounted to a cold virus?

They submitted to constant testing. Then they all lined up for experimental injections that the government and media said would “protect” them from sickness and death. They believed and obeyed.

A new documentary written and produced by Brannon Howse, Brainwashed America Part 2, provides answers as to why so many bowed to the authorities.

“Covid was the largest single psychological operation ever carried out in modern history,” he explains in his opening monologue.

Before they can take over, revolutionaries typically use a series of crises to create fear and confusion in the targeted population, separating them from their culture’s foundational values.

Howse interviews several American POWs in the film, including George Coker, Red McDaniel and Barry Bridger, as well as a former FBI “asset” turned whistleblower.

Drs. Peter McCullough, Lee Merritt, Robert Malone, Vladimir Zelenko, Li-Meng Yan, attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and former Pfizer employee and current pharmaceutical industry analyst Karen Kingston are all mentioned in the film as being in agreement that Covid was one of the most useful psyops in modern history.

“It matters not whether a crisis really exists, but only that one is perceived,” Howse said.

Kingston cited a study that concluded a pathogen is one of the most successful tools to convince people to give up their rights. A famine or food crisis was rated the second most useful type of crisis.

Brainwashed America II is the second in a series of documentaries on how globalist radicals are using governments, corporate partners and the mass media to separate people from their values and get them to accept the snatching away of individual freedoms.

Howse has made these in-depth documentary studies available for free and they are a must-watch. You can view them at

You can also go to to make a donation to support the production of the series, as part 3 is scheduled to come out in the summer or fall of 2023.

Howse introduced Part 2 with a current event: Joe Biden’s September 1, 2022, “Soul of America” speech in which he stood at a podium illuminated by a foreboding blood-red light, flanked by two U.S. Marines, and denounced so-called “Maga Republicans.” He gaslighted half the country, saying they are dangerous extremists who are not normal Americans. He otherized them, much like the Nazis did to the Jews before rounding them up.

Biden’s speech was not delivered in a vacuum. It came on the heels of nearly two years of Homeland Security memorandums, terrorism alerts, and other statements from Biden’s national security apparatus, followed by the FBI raiding and arresting Trump supporters, and investigating mothers who attended school board meetings or questioned election results. Patriotic Americans have been labeled by the DHS as potential terrorists, worthy of being investigated by the FBI.

“There’s an old saying: They attack the ones they fear the most,” Howse said. And whom do they fear? Principled leaders, those who are strong in their faith and love of family and country.

Brainwashing Americans to believe conservatives are domestic terrorists, fascists and a clear and present danger to America is key to the psychological operation.

“What better way to conquer a nation than for the communists to convince the men of the nation to surrender in the name of political correctness,” Howse says in the documentary.

Howse meticulously laid out the plan to bring America to its knees by simply using propaganda and brainwashing tactics that have historically proven so successful. He cited a study on Korean War POWs that showed if you remove and isolate a group’s leaders, the resisters, the rest will cave to the pressure and do what they’re told, almost robotically.

He also quoted Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB special ops agent, who said in the late-1970s that “Marxism-Leninism is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of Americans.” Now it has been many more, who have lost touch with their history, their American identity, and we are now seeing the catastrophic results.

Howse interviewed former FBI deputy-assistant counter-terrorism director Terry Turchie, who told him the U.S. is “no longer operating under the rule of law.” He cited as proof the “summer of love” protests in 2020, when Antifa and BLM burned down entire sections of major American cities, and FBI director Christopher Wray responded by saying Antifa is “more of an idea” than an organization.

Then the FBI broke into Roger Stone’s home in a pre-dawn raid with guns drawn. Stone, a journalist and political adviser to President Trump, is an elderly man who owns no firearms and lives with his cancer-stricken wife.

Turchie said this was all done for the intimidation factor, as it was all broadcast live by CNN, sending a message to conservatives and patriotic Americans. Beware. This could happen to you next.

But how does a nation get to this point?

Marxists and globalists are terrified of one thing, he said. Conservative patriotic men rising up and throwing off the chains of their cultural Marxist oppressors.

“Suddenly now being a communist isn’t seen as a bad thing,” Turchie said. “We’ve been slowly brainwashed. Lost our way.”

Professional brainwashing is relentless. It continues without pause until chaos results and ultimately chaos is replaced by a dictatorship. That’s been the modus operandi of communist revolutionaries for over 100 years.

According to author/journalist Edward Hunter, the communists were able to break a man’s mind when they accomplished two things: No man has ever been brainwashed unless his brain is first put into a confusing fog and his faith is shaken.

“In the FBI today there are no coincidences,” Turchie said. “We have to call it what it is. We have to call it communism.”

The Covid operation was used to convince Americans to surrender long-held ideals and God-given rights, paving the way for an entirely new system of voting based on mail-in ballots. This enabled the coup that installed an illegitimate president.

Americans were told by media and political operatives it was the most safe and secure election ever conducted while also being told that Covid was the most dangerous killer plague in history. Anyone who questioned the results of the election was labeled a potential terrorist.

Howse said his research found 12 systematic steps employed by the brainwashing pros.

First on the list is to remove or discredit leaders who are people of conviction and morality, principled leaders of courage. Without this, people surrender to the constant pressures and bullying meant to get them to conform.

Howse frequently referred to U.S. Army psychiatrist Maj. William E. Mayer’s little-known 1956 speech and made it a focal point of the documentary. Mayer studied the impact of North Korean prison camp propaganda on U.S. prisoners of war. His findings offered revealing glimpses of how the human psyche responds to terror, depravation, isolation, and repetitive messaging.

Several thousand men were released after having been held by the Chinese for nearly three years.

Mayer found that the average American soldier’s knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, its history and economic system was severely lacking, even back in the 1950s.

“Even a basic understanding would have allowed him to refute many of the myths propagated by the communists,” Mayer said. “Some were even convinced to lay down their arms and join the communists of the Chinese people’s volunteer army.”

Many American POWs in Korea succumbed to the communist strategy to get them to willingly give up their freedoms, and most did so without being subjected to torture.

The key was to get them to despise masculine leaders. And this is the same strategy used against the American population as a whole.

Since the 1950s, America has seen a drastic redefining of masculinity and men who act like men are seen as having a mental disorder. Traditional masculinity has been deemed harmful to society by the American Psychological Association. They call it toxic. Clearly, the APA has a sinister intent in their messaging.

Bottom line: The communists and globalists are afraid of real men, conservative patriotic men rising up to overthrow the globalist elites’ domination of U.S. and Western institutions. Their agenda is clear and they have been tragically successful in feminizing and demoralizing men in our culture.

The cultural Marxist professors at the Frankfurt School moved from Germany to New York City in 1929 and later set up shop at Columbia University, Berkeley and Princeton. They worked to foment a new method of revolutionary communism, with attacks on the culture as opposed to an economic status. They openly stated their goal was the destruction of strong men who could command respect.

“They call it white privilege, chauvinism, racist, greedy, and a threat to democracy, even if that means using legislation or hate-crimes laws to shut them down,” Howse said.

Historian Paul Johnson, in his seminal work, Modern Times, said the notion of regarding political dissent as a mental sickness became common in the Soviet Union. To hide their agenda, they psychologically project onto their enemies the abuses that they are guilty of committing.

The 1950 book, Authoritarian Personality, laid out the male traits that needed to be suppressed in order for a society to transition into socialism and communism. Anyone who opposes their cultural Marxism gets labeled a “fascist.” They used the word fascist to isolate and demonize people of traditional Judeo-Christian faith and patriotism. We see this tactic used over and over in today’s America. Even the president of the United States, in his September 1 speech, referred to his political opponents in the Republican Party as “semi-fascist.”

“It’s redefining what it means to be a healthy, normal and well-adjusted young man,” Howse said.

If they show these normal male traits, they get labeled as abnormal and sedated with prescription drugs and other “opiates” that keep them distracted from making any serious challenges to the power structure. China is happy to supply the Fentanyl.

What the Chinese found in North Korea was that they only needed to remove 5 percent of the men and isolate them from the other 95 percent in order for the brainwashing operation to be successful.

The Chinese publicly denounced these 5 percent as poisonous capitalists and “hopeless reactionaries.”

They were put into separate camps, where Mayer said they were less well fed, more heavily guarded and treated poorly, yet they had a higher survival rate.

It’s a classic divide and conquer strategy.

Howse then asks a provocative question:

“Could it be, that only 5 percent of America’s men today need to be marginalized and isolated from the rest,” in order to finalize America’s descent into communism?

George Thomas Coker, a former POW who spent six and a half years in Vietnam prisons, recounted his experiences to Howse. He was one of 11 leaders who were moved from the Hanoi Hilton to a separate prison camp called “Alcatraz.”

“They were the senior guys, very much in charge, the organized resistance,” he said. “I got included with them because I escaped and was recaptured.”

He said communication among fellow prisoners was the key to survival at Alcatraz. They tapped Morse code on the walls between cells.

Without communication, there is no organization, and without organization there is no resistance.

Without resistance, Howse said, there is no hope.

“Being isolated the way we were, in solitary confinement, being beaten down all the time, with constant indoctrination, so that guy tapping at me gave me encouragement,” Coker said. “So as much as they tried to make us feel alone, they never really succeeded.”

“The propaganda was in every interrogation, and also for an hour every morning and every evening over the loudspeakers, about how bad everything in America was and how righteous they were.”

Howse asked if Coker saw any parallels between the propaganda he endured and what’s directed at the American population today.

“Absolutely, it’s all the same game. We were subjected to the same things as those in Korea and even World War II. They try to tear down your mental attitude and your love and devotion and your patriotism to your own country and try to offer them as the alternative.”

“Even if you got beat up bad, you’d spring back and get ready to meet them again. I was totally committed to maintaining my values.

“The military doesn’t train you for that,” he continued. “That goes back to the way you were brought up. My football coaches and my scouting and my family all taught me the same values, what was expected of you, which was to do your best.

“My football coach told me to get up and charge the line again. I kept thinking about that as I would go against the Vietnamese. I hung on to one small phrase from scouting, ‘On my honor I will do my best.’”

Coker said apathy is the number one enemy to crush the human spirit and make people submit to tyranny.

“We were much better prepared than the Korean War POWs. We were very concerned when we returned home at the apathy we saw. We absolutely knew who the enemy was, but back home they didn’t see it that way. Maybe they were just fighting for their country, etc.”

Seeing the lack of moral clarity in their fellow Americans in the early 1970s was disturbing, but it’s worse today.

“Now today if you say ‘communism,’ that’s not a bad word. Being a communist is just another political agenda. It’s not a bad thing,” Coker said. “It is to me. I know who the enemy is. It was clear to me that when communism becomes just another thing, then I think we’ve lost our way.

“What would I say to them? Please wake up. Do a little bit of studying. It’s all there. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out. They just seem not concerned.”

What better way to conquer a nation than to convince its men to surrender before the first shot?

That’s why those with traditional biblical values who love their country are identified as the biggest threat to America, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

These are the leaders capable of disrupting the propaganda, and stopping people from surrendering and becoming slaves to the communist propaganda narrative.

Like in the Vietnam and Korean prison camps, Mayer said most Americans are vulnerable to propaganda because they don’t believe in anything; they are committed to no foundational system of values.

“They bought the idea you can always make a deal, you can always compromise,” he said in his 1956 speech. “That you can always buy something for nothing, and they rejected the man who stood up and said I’m going to lead you, let’s get together.” is 100 percent reader supported. Donations of any size are appreciated and may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below. Thank you all for your support!

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  1. I have gone against the grain all my life. I was watching and praying as Jesus said to do in Matthew 24, so as not to be deceived. For a long list of reasons, when covid came along, I saw it for what it was and resisted every step of the way. I lived in S. CA in a large city at the time. I just kept doing as I always did, at times I had to sneak around a bit, going to secluded beaches that were not monitored. I managed to have my life go on uninterrupted. I felt like the only one. Have you ever seen those pictures where there is a crowd of people, the whole thing is in black and white, and there is just one person in the midst of it all, in a bright color like pink? Well, I was THAT person! I have lived a full 50 years, seen a lot, am also well read and well traveled and educated, not to mention the spiritual insight from the Holy Spirit and Biblical knowledge. I studied how the rise of the nazi party came about and that of communism and recognized it for what it was. I have been making the rounds on the internet blowing the trumpet of warning for all sorts of things for a long time now. I am one of those voices that they cannot suppress. And I must confess, it feels pretty darn good!
    : D


  2. WOW ! Things are really moving fast !!!! Dear Bro. Leo, Thank you for providing this summary. I already watched the video = all at once (almost 3 hours). However, some people I know just do NOT have that much time. They can read this text and get the jist of it. My personal comment : as a 75-year-old woman, now living in Israel with dual citizenship, born in America (to Jewish parents // All 4 grandparents were legal immigrants from Ukraine, Latvia), I relate to the testimonies of the former POW’s. Without faith in God [ I am now a born-again Christian, NOT ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ] it is easy to be deceived & lured into surrender (i.e., brainwashing). I “saw through” the “pandemic” and NEVER got tested, nor vaxxed. [ God does give us discernment….. BUT, that is another story. ] Whatever happens, I pray that God will continue to give me the courage to “face tomorrow” and do what is right = “because it is right”. What if I lose my life as a result ? DUHHH…. Nobody lives forever in this mortal body….. Thank you again for all that you do. Take care…..

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  3. thanks, Leo,  here’s another wonderful documentary with the BIG picture .  tremendous interviews within it.   best to you. 

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    Samm Witness. Writer. Voice.

    “For each particular seed has, in itself, hidden inside, it’s own distinctive powers.” Lucretius 50  B.C.


  4. Half the people in America hate our country. They rail against “nationalism” and burn their country’s flag in the streets. Biden voters. I believe they want the New World Order but don’t know how bad it will be FOR THEMSELVES.
    I avoid talking to those who want a totalitarian NWO for “muh safety.” The Democrat voters said the Lockdown only caused financial hardship because we need communism and they were fine with the brutal measures causing tens of millions–of other people–to die of starvation in the streets, Since we needed communism anyhow.
    There can be no unity with them. Anti American. Anti human. Anti nature. Anti law of God.
    These are models of the globalists’ “Third Adam.” The Old Man, warped and disguised as New. The Man of Lawlessness.
    The best we can hope for is Meerloos’s solution. Just break away from those lovers of lies to form our own everything and pray. Never trust them again either.
    Let Mr. Global have the others. Not like they’ll mind. The 2 years of semi isolation that bugged the rest of us were obviously great fun for them. Unlike us they want a big boot in the face forever.

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