12 of Biden’s 13 amendments to strengthen World Health Organization withdrawn; seen as ‘temporary’ setback to global governance plans

We may have dodged a bullet. At least for now.

The United Nations World Health Organization has withdrawn 12 of the 13 amendments submitted by the Biden administration to the current International Health Regulations (IHRs) at the World Health Assembly annual meeting this week in Geneva, Switzerland.

But this may only amount to a temporary reprieve.

The Assembly continues through May 28, and the 12 amendments could be resubmitted, but as of right now they are dead in the water. Biden’s team in Geneva has failed to garner a consensus on these amendments, which would crush national sovereignty in favor of an all-powerful U.N. global health body.

Until this Assembly adjourns we cannot claim victory, and even if it does adjourn it’s only a temporary victory. They will come back with another round of amendments even if they need to call a special meeting, and there is already some conjecture that this could happen as early as September. 

Apparently, the backers of the 13 amendments, led by the U.S. Biden administration along with the E.U., could not get a consensus vote of delegates from the 194 member nations.

This news was confirmed by Reuters which reported that “the focus will be on a U.S.-led effort to expedite the application of future reforms from 24 months to 12 months… Negotiations on other proposed changes will take place later amid initial opposition from some members.”

Clearly, there were too many nations not willing to cede their sovereignty to the WHO and its Marxist Leninist director general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia.

Tedros, by the way, was on Tuesday granted a second five-year term as director general.

If passed, the amendments put forth by the Biden administration would empower the WHO to declare a “public health emergency of international concern,” or of regional concern, without the consent of the nation in which the supposed emergency exists.

Some African nations, Iran, Malaysia and Brazil objected to the amendments but for different reasons. The amendments represent one of two separate tracks simultaneously in the pipeline to give the WHO more authority over public health measures worldwide.

One amendment is still on the table, and the other 12 amendments could resurface any time during the WHO meetings. 

In a separate attempt at grabbing more power for the WHO, a so-called “Pandemic Treaty” is being drafted, the contents of which are still unknown. The African nations that objected to Biden’s amendments do not appear to oppose their substance. Rather, they want all the changes consolidated in a new “Pandemic Treaty” and not done in piecemeal fashion. 

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, however, has spoken out publicly saying he will not hand his country’s sovereignty over to the WHO and Tedros.

Bolsonaro blasted the Biden amendments and objected to the WHO gaining more authority.

But other than Bolsonaro, there was little international objection, at least publicly, to giving greater power to the WHO.

Some leaders are enamored with the WHO’s Director-General, Tedros, and others want the WHO to globally mandate universal health care.

The one amendment still up for consideration as of today was the change to Article 59 of the International Health Regulations, which have been in place in their current form since 2005: This amendment proposes to change the amount of time nations have to reject amendments from 18 to six months. The existing WHO regulations provide for an 18-month grace period during which a nation may withdraw its “yes” vote for any amendments.

On January 18, 2022, officials from the Biden administration quietly sent the WHO 13 amendments to the current International Health Regulations without an official statement or a single press conference or press release.

The proposed amendments, in combination with the existing ones, enables Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and any future Director-General to have unrestricted powers to define and then implement their interventions and to declare “health emergencies” at will.  

The contents of the proposed amendments were not made public until April 12, 2022 when they were posted to the WHO website. A few days later researcher James Roguski discovered them.

Roguski in a video announcing the news about 12 amendments being withdrawn, urged freedom-loving Americans to “really get involved” and “deliver a knockout punch” to this globalist power grab.

Liberty Counsel, a Florida-based public interest law firm that defends the religious liberties of Christians, noted that on May 6, the Biden administration finally posted the amendments for public comment, but the time to register expired after 24 hours and was open only to certain minorities.

On March 31, 2020, the U.S. contribution to the WHO was $115.8 million, followed by China at approximately one-half that amount, followed by Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Brazil.

Then in July 2020, President Donald Trump notified Congress and the U.N. that the United States was formally withdrawing from the WHO. Bill Gates quickly increased his contribution from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to $250 million. Gates is the largest private financial contributor to the WHO and second overall behind the United States government.

The WHO was highly instrumental during COVID-19 in promoting the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party which has caused millions of deaths from COVID-19, not to mention the collateral damage from prolonged lockdowns, contact tracing apps and mask mandates and vax mandates.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver sated, “It is a positive sign that 12 of the 13 amendments have been withdrawn. However, one amendment remains, the other 12 can return, and we know the WHO will hold more meetings on these amendments and on a new ‘Pandemic Treaty’ that will vest considerable global power in this agency of the United Nations. America’s sovereignty is not for sale.”

An active prayer warrior from Washington state who has been following this story from the beginning since we posted the first article about it on April 25, was one of several that have come into my email box today expressing thankfulness for what was an answer to prayer.

“This buys us some time… For now… For now… Prayers were answered! The God of heaven heard and restrained the hand of wickedness! Let’s pray for the 13th amendment to the IHR that they did NOT remove, at least not yet, which enforces nations to decide agreement or not in 6 months instead of 18 months, which of course shortens the time for the information to be spread and people can respond!”

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24 thoughts on “12 of Biden’s 13 amendments to strengthen World Health Organization withdrawn; seen as ‘temporary’ setback to global governance plans”

  1. Thank you for being one of the few sites that tell the people(who care) what’s happening to us. God needs no time to figure His next move, they are marching to His tune, and nothing ever even starts until He gives the word! We can be certain of His love and care for us! Never FEAR if God is for us who can be against us?? Move by faith not by sight. He is honest and sure to guide us in His paths of righteousness! Jesus Christ is coming to reign, supreme. Nothing can stop His return, no matter how they try, they will be defeated!!👵😇


  2. too radical, too soon. biden admin pushing hard because the looming defeats in the mid terms. In 18 months when people start dropping dead from the vaccines countries will jump on board.


  3. Indeed, Leo, we are thankful for answered Prayers; and now we take time to thank everyone everywhere who Prayed and are Praying still. Of that last so-called amendment, we Pray it is removed too–with all of them gone forever not just long enough to give the wicked time to steathily sneak them back in–as they surely intend to. Thanks also, of course, to James Roguski who is on this treachery big time–and shares what he knows with the world’s peoples. Now, we ask again: Where are our 535 elected leaders? Do they not know of the powers the Constitution grants them to stop abuse of us? We can stop this wickedness of the president (2/3 of the Senate); other times, 2/3 of both Houses reign him in. Or the states can call for and hold a Convention and put forth a new constitutional amendment to specifically cover this wickedness. When 3/4 of the states ratify it, the new amendment becomes Law of the Land. Arcticle V of the 1787 Constitution spells this out. As Isaiah 58: 9 tells us, Then shalt thou call, and Father shall answer; thou shalt cry, and Father shall say, Here I Am. . . . Well, we have answers. Let’s use them. Thank you, Leo, for your work. I Pray Father Blesses you and keeps you safe.


  4. I’m so grateful my GOD is in control. All of HIS plans will be accomplished in HIS timing. It’s hard to see the demise of this once–great nation, but all the more exciting to see GOD’s Word being fulfilled in our lifetime, right before our eyes! Thank you LORD JESUS!

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  5. The Gateway Pundit is reporting on May 25, 2022, 6:16 pm: “Earlier today it was reported that the Biden Administration withdraw 12 of 13 amendments to a WHO treaty that will give US sovereignty over to the WHO and China. However, this is not exactly the case. The Gateway Pundit determined that the amendments coming from the Biden Administration that would hand over American sovereignty to the WHO were not held back and still in place. We also heard from a trusted source was smaller member nations argued against these amendments.”

    Only the sovereign Lord knows whether these amendments will pass at this point in time. If they do pass, it will be (in my opinion) the inaguration of the one-world government which must come to pass to fulfill the prophetic word. For certain, it is paving the way for the beast system for when Satan’s Antichrist takes center stage. I don’t know about you, but I get excited seeing the unfolding of God’s Word for the end times, and I thank Him and praise Him that I have lived and have been called to live in such a time as this. Rejoice, brethren. Our redemption draws near! Maranatha.

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  6. Sure sounds like God laughing declaring He alone is Sovereign! Only when He allows them to advance their agenda will they. Their 2030 goal doesn’t affect the Lord’s timing. What an encouragement from the Lord to strengthen us in prayer and to continue in the fight of faith.

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  7. Thank you SO much for the current update, Leo Hohmann! So glad I found your very good website! Thank you for your great service to humanity.


  8. This is good news! We CANNOT give our freedom and independence and power as a nation to the WHO. Biden has turned his back on the American people and should be removed from office, for treason. He’s proven time and time again, his failures to insure the National security of the United States and its sovereign ability to uphold the Constitution. He is an embarrassment to our great nation.


  9. Praise be to God! We must continue to pray without ceasing. As I told one of my cousins yesterday. Prayer is our best weapon and defense against evil. It can be alarming and frustrating hearing about wicked plans in the making to be enforced upon people. However, the scripture tells us in James’ epistle to submit yourselves therefore unto God; resist the devil and he will flee from you.

    No one is obligated to submit to tyranny or evil. It’s nothing short of blackmail to attempt to enforce wickedness and tyranny on people who have no desire for it.

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  10. I fear we will never be free of these globalist monsters. Even if we could get the Dems. out (which I doubt due to crooked elections) I think there are many “installed” phony Republicans that are ready to carry on the agenda. I don’t even trust Trump anymore. Anyone trying to pass off Dr. Oz as a conservative must be delusional. I’d like to see DeSantis run for President. He’s the only one that still has old fashioned common sense and has the backbone to stand up to the rankest liberalism. I can’t imagine how we survive whoever is really running the Whitehouse for another two and a half years. If they can do this much damage in such a short time it makes me sick to think of what is yet up their sleeves. Biden must be impeached. He is treasonous. He has no interest in Americans. He only wishes to please foreign interests.

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    1. DeSantis is running for Governor of Florida this election cycle, maybe we’ll give him up to the Nation in 2028. Right now Floridians need Governor DeSantis and we’re not willing to negotiate! 🤣🌴 Trump in ’24 baby! The Establishment Republicans have tarnished the party. It’s the MAGA party! God did answer our prayers! Klaus $chwab is pure evil along with the rest of them! This is God & the Devil throwing down & we know who wins. Thinking of our fallen veterans & the 19 children of Texas & thier families. God bless them all, and to all veterans THANK YOU!🙏🇺🇸 #FreedomIsntFree God bless you all & God bless America! Hold the line patriots WE ARE THE MAJORITY! 🙏🇺🇸❤🤍💙


    1. At least more of my Christian friends are awake and can prepare for a takeover if/when it happens. May the Lord have mercy upon the little people, whom the giants have determined to crush.

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  11. Thanks Leo! Feel like exhaling a great big “Wooooosh’ Sigh of Relief! However as you said, “For Now”… “giving us a little time’…. but at the same time giving them time to “Rethink their next moves. (And you can bet they aint givin up yet!…… I still smile at the thought right now old Satan Klaus anal Schwab is going like–“Dah, mit! Wez Ulmozt hadd dat in de bag! Doze wurthLess Uzeless EEaters are gettin in Ourr Waay of Ouur GLOW BULL REE SAT!”…”Wez Hav to HAV A PLAN B!”

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  12. I agree. Prayers are being heard and answered. But now is not the time to go back to sleep. The enemy still walks about as a roaring lion, and when he circles back, he will only be more vicious the next go round.

    God is giving plenty of time and opportunities for all of us to make our decision as to who we will serve. Judgment is already falling on this world, but “He is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness, but is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

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    1. The interesting fact is that even though they ran the referendums, they didn’t get the vote they wanted. After that, they ended up deleting the possibility of having referendums.


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