Georgia hospital weaponizes Biden’s vax mandate, holds couple against their will for days

A petition drive may have helped save the lives of two Georgia residents who were trapped in a hospital that refused to respect their daughter’s power of attorney and release them to another medical facility that would administer critical life-saving treatments.

Joseph and Beverly Rickels were both admitted to Piedmont Hospital in Cartersville, Georgia, on Sunday, Sept. 12, diagnosed with Covid-related pneumonia. The condition of both husband and wife has now deteriorated to the point where both are receiving oxygen. Joseph is in critical condition.

LifeSite News, a conservative media organization, asked people Thursday to sign a petition requesting the governor to step in and allow the daughter to get her parents out of Piedmont Hospital and into another facility that will give the treatments they need.

Shockingly, the attending physician said that she would not release the patients to their daughter’s care unless she (the daughter) proves she is vaccinated.

See our previous article explaining how hospitals nationwide are complying with top-down CDC guidelines focused on a vaccine-exclusive approach that is actually killing people.

Word came late Friday afternoon, Sept. 17, that the petition campaign was yielding results. Officials at Piedmont Hospital had finally conceded to let the couple see any doctor of their choice who could come to the hospital and give them the treatment they requested, but that decision came days late and only after extensive public pressure had been applied on the hospital, Steve Jalsevec, president and co-founder of LifeSite News, told

“Crucial time was lost in dealing with their obstinance and denying the use of critical medications that are known to work all around the world, and then they wouldn’t release the patients to their daughter who had power of attorney, simply because she was unvaccinated,” Jalsevec said.

The LifeSite email alert sent out Thursday asked readers to “urgently CONTACT Governor Brian Kemp to intervene in this case and demand that Piedmont Hospital respect the power of attorney of their daughter, and the desire of Joseph and Beverly Rickels to be moved to another location to receive the care of their choice.”

The couple’s daughter, Courtney Rimmer, has power of attorney, which should, by law, allow her to make decisions for her parents, both of whom indicated they agree to the move.

You can still call or email the Governor’s Office to let him know your displeasure on how this hospital is failing its patients. The number is (404) 656-1776.

The Rickels have the right to receive fully-approved, known safe alternative treatments such as Ivermectin, and this hospital did not respect their duly-appointed power of attorney, as well as medical privacy, until it was possibly too late.

If Piedmont is denying critical treatment to the Rickels, they are likely doing the same to other Covid patients. This must stop.

It might also be a good idea to contact Georgia State Attorney General Chris Carr to ask that his office investigate the medical tyranny that is overtaking Georgia’s hospitals. The Attorney General’s number is: (404) 458-3600.

If this can happen to the Rickels, it can happen to anyone.

Piedmont Healthcare is a private nonprofit operating 16 hospitals and hundreds of clinics throughout Georgia.

The hospital chain claims on its website factsheet to “provide safe, compassionate, convenient, and high-quality care across 16 hospitals, 50 Piedmont Urgent Care centers, 25 QuickCare locations, 610 Piedmont Clinic physician practice locations and more than 2,770 Piedmont Clinic members.”

If Piedmont is truly interested in “high-quality, compassionate care,” it would not have delayed the administering of critical treatments to the Rickels. It would not need to receive dozens of calls and/or emails to remind them how to make such basic good-faith decisions. And it certainly would not be asking for the vaccine status of a worried daughter before honoring her wishes as power of attorney for her parents.

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53 thoughts on “Georgia hospital weaponizes Biden’s vax mandate, holds couple against their will for days”

  1. This doctor is a criminal and she should be sued personally and professionally. I hope the daughter makes sure that this liberal criminal worthless “doctor” never practices medicine ever again.


    1. These have become everyday events now. To what extent they will be reported to us in the future is unknown. What seems to be implied is that the population is property with individual no longer retaining rights. On average each doctor probably has 500-1000 patients. Nearly all of them are recommending the poisonous serums to all their patients. So as individuals people can do the math and determine culpability. So far as I am aware doctors did not swear an oath to the cdc, the nih, their hospitals, Gill Gates or Dr. Fauci. However, appearances do seem to dictate that they have.


      1. Marxism/Socialism does not care for individuals – that is until you get to the top of the heap. It reminds me of the pig Napoleon in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell who changed a rule which was “all animals are equal” to “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” I believe it was said to Clover the horse. I remember having to read this book at school and even now just seeing a synopsis of one of the chapters brings tears to my eyes. Read it beloved because if you do not know Jesus Christ of Nazareth are your Saviour you will soon be experiencing the life delineated in Animal Farm and in George’s other book “1984”. Does anybody else remember “four legs good, two legs better”.


    2. Tragically I doubt there is a lawyer anywhere who would run with this, we live in a Brave New World now!


  2. It is being reported that Laura Loomer also has covid 19. From “She said on GETTR, social media platform targeted to American conservatives, that she is being treated with Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine and a dietary supplement. Hydroxychloroquine, which was often touted by former President Donald Trump, has proven ineffective in treating the coronavirus.”

    Notice how they claim hcq “ has proven ineffective in treating the coronavirus.” If you click the link you are taken to study that looks legitimate but if I recall correctly it is the study that was criticized for not using the full protocol recommended by Frontline Doctors. As the protocol calls for zinc notice that only mentions ”dietary supplement.” This appears to me to be an intentional obfuscation of the Frontline Doctors protocol that Loomer would most likely be trying to follow. The propaganda arm is so dishonest it would appear.

    Another article from the only mentions that Loomer has received a Regeron treatment.

    Dr. Zelenko has discussed that hcq and ivermectin are delivery methods for zinc which is the idea behind his protocol. He mentions other delivery methods for zinc include Quercetin and egcg which is derived from green tea. I am not a doctor and it has been awhile since I watched the video but I believe he discusses this in the following video, if not you can probably find it by looking it up his name.


  3. Mass psychosis going on in the world today. It’s hard to believe how deceived people have become. My husband received an invitation to a memorial for a classmate who had died and it said “only vaccinated allowed to attend”. How sad! I read a booklet by Alex Berenson called “Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns, part 4: Vaccines”. It was very enlightening, especially how these vaccines were rammed through with hardly any trials. What’s going on is actually crimes against humanity. I pray people wake up.


  4. Here’s yet another hospitalized case, this time of a lawyer who has been opposing covid mandates, whose care directives and power of attorney has been ignored by the hospital. He directed them not to put him on a ventilator and they did it anyway and ignored his request for ivermectin or HCQ. Hope he survives their abuse and sues for every penny they have.


  5. I think I also have to take issue in some part concerning as to whether doctors would actually lose their license if they prescribe ivermectin or hcq. Supposedly, approximately 500 Frontline Doctors or those affiliated with them are doing it and they evidently have licenses to practice. Maybe it is true they could lose their job at the hospital. It is also annoying that doctors have accumulated a lot of student debt is invoked. It may or may not be true but it in no way justifies the above stated illegal and inappropriate behaviors. It seems to me they should be grateful they are not chained to prison cell bed with enough length to reach the toilet while awaiting trial.


  6. My paragraph above represents only a tiny fraction of the crimes and trespasses against us as a citizenry. Eventually somebody somewhere is going to defend their life or that of a loved one. Hopefully it will not be me in that position and hopefully it will not be you. The only thing we do know for certain is that the powers by behind the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny will no doubt spin the scenario in the media should it arrive there. Absolutely nothing presented by the MSM is presented to us in a manner that does not support the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny. And really, is it responsible for anybody to suggest people should not defend their lives or those of their loved ones?


  7. I also agree that peace is wonderful. However, the people of Venezuela have been gathering to bang pots and pans for more than a decade. From my understanding, all the zoo animals have been eaten. They have been in the process of shutting down the country for more than a year and a half for a supposed virus that they have no isolate for and has a 99.98% survival rate. They have been murdering our loved ones in the hospitals and refusing life saving medications even when the patients are nearly dead. They have been acting outside of law and tradition that spans antiquity while murdering men, women and children with their serum. They have illegally approved their aborted baby fetus serum for the purpose of mandating it upon a public that does not want it.


  8. If there’re is anybody who doubts my words above all I can I please wake the f#ck up!

    Since yesterday I have seen two more videos by Dr. Ruby whereby I infer the approval was illegal and she details how it was done.

    Another Stew Peters video with a hospital administrator recommends that the state medical boards be contacted. I do believe that is good advice and I would add to contact the state attorney generals. The only people I know of with a chance to stop what I mentioned above is the Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, America’s Frontline Doctors club. You people have money, educations, resources lawyers, influence and a working knowledge of all this medical BS. I know you are working hard but you I suggest you take action soon or it will be too late. It seems these medical boards should have been contacted outlining legal action long ago. That it is coming out that are the hospitals are to blame is a small fissure of success but it seems things could be moving faster. And there is no excuse for committing murder. That a person was ordered to does not get them off the hook.


    1. I agree with you. Everyone you can stay out of the HOSPITAL by NEBULIZING food grade H2O2 .Will stop symptoms before they progress. Search for PROPER protocol on duckduckgo.


    2. I do so love it when people seem to have the need to introduce into the dialogue words which are of a sexual nature – I am sure you were aware that 99.99% of us would have known which word you were referring to but I wonder how many are aware of the actual meaning of the word – it refers to sexual intercourse which makes some of the comments people say hilarious especially when the word is directed at inanimate objects. Do you think you could save that sort of language to a place where it will not stand out so much, please.


  9. A very similar case happened recently to a patient in a Chicago Catholic hospital. Listen to this podcast about this case and the difficulties and ultimately the failure of the patient’s friends, medical advocates and legal help to save her from being killed by insane covid hospital protocol. Apparently this trampling of patient rights over treatment us happening all over the country.


  10. Shame on you Piedmont Hospital!!!
    How dare you hold innocent & sick people against their wills!!
    You did Not honor their daughters Power of Attorney to get her folks the treatment they needed & desired because she was not vaccinated with the Covid Death Jab!!!
    It sounds like Piedmont Hospital has lost its Moral & Ethical Compass… Lord help us all… We have now become Nazi Germany!!!
    I will discourage anyone who would ever think of using your facility!!!!


  11. They should have “the right to try”, since the”right to try” law was passed during the Trump administration, the right to try a medicine since other medicines weren’t working for terminal diseases such as cancer.


  12. Bifurcation amongst the hospitals is what is so desperately needed. We need to establish safe zones where our dignity is respected. Something like a society existing within a society.

    The Doctor Inflicted Tyranny has become so grotesque that at all levels within it they only speak to us in terms of gibberish. Whether it be their upper level mouth pieces Joe Biden or the MSM or the even the local doctor at the local hospital. As they have the country operating at only a fraction of its potential capacity with ridiculous mandates because of the supposed “covid” immigrants unchecked for disease are invited and allowed to flood the border. As of this moment 10,500 Haitians have assembled under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas expecting admittance.

    Lew Rockwell recently posted an article “Are the unvaccinated a threat to others?” In it he replies to the nonsensical assertions the vaccinated have against unvaccinated. Several commenters grounded to reality made comments such as “ There is no path to herd immunity through using a “vaccinating agent” which does not confer immunity. Why is this even being discussed?”

    As I mention in a comment above, there is no mathematical way based on the established time frame that ANY vaccine could have passed long term trials and yet the establishment under the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny claims that there has been approval.

    For so long as we allow ourselves to be ruled over by an imbecilic psychotic nanny Doctor Inflicted Tyranny who gets away with speaking to us in nonsensical gibberish there is no alternative but for the country to collapse and the rule of law no longer exist. Our country simply devolved into rule by thugs who for the time being present as having some sort of tactical militaristic advantage.


    1. Oh my I certainly pray you have no need of the attentions of a medic any time soon. Are you not aware of who it is who is responsible for this ‘war’? Do you really believe it’s the doctors, that’s like gunning for all the privates in the army and by doing so believing you will win the war – ain’t going to happen. How about saving all that ire for the real perpetrators of what is going on, hmm? All I can say is thank God my daughter does not work in America because if enough people think like you there will be mayhem as people seek to kill all doctors whether they are guilty of anything or not.
      In what way is what you are saying any different from your President saying it is the 80 million Americans who have not been vaccinated who are responsible for people still becoming ill with the Wuhan virus. It seems to me you are both speaking out of the same spirit.

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      1. You are correct. It’s not the doctors who are the enemy. Most of them are no longer independent caregivers but are subservient employees of hospital conglomerates. (That came about due to federal government interference in healthcare and insurance companies.) Hospital policies are enforcing this nazified anti-patient medical “care”. Fascism (the alliance of totalitarian government with big business) is at work in medicine. Stay out of the hospitals and find an independent doctor.


      2. I do not know what people will do or how they will think and that is of their own choosing and I am not responsible for what anybody else does or thinks. Presidents, generals and kings do not to take to the field. Officers do. The structure of the fraud, malpractice, murder and mass murder is as follows: Billionaires at the top, politicians below them, doctors as the officers in the field carrying out the directives for murder that we are witnessing below them. The privates and sargents in the US as you call them have not been called upon yet. When they are, it will look like Australia and beyond and it will be the bloodiest experience ever to have occurred on American soil. It will make the Civil War look like it was a party at the park on a sunny day. When the privates are called upon to do their “duty” they will follow orders like well trained dogs.


    2. Many doctors have no guts to stand up to the tyranny of corporate hospitals these days. Many are on the take from the pharma cartels. There are still a few with some integrity left. Like it or not but that is reality. US doctors are trained to fix not to prevent issues. Preventive medicine is cheaper and produces better and healthier people. By the time something needs to be fixed it may be too late. On the other hand Pharmas want people dependent on their drugs, because after all a patient healed is a patient lost.


  13. Democrat Party of Criminals is waging WWIII to murder Americans. Prisons already segregate millions of Dems. Time for the rest of them. Dems do not belong in any free country.


  14. It is great to see some bifurcation amongst the hospitals in that one will actually treat covid illness.

    The first serums for covid 19 were released in December of 2020. Only nine months have passed since that time. Mathematically it is impossible that ANY cv 19 “vaccine” has passed long term trials. If somebody knows of a way that ANY so called “cv 19 vaccines” have passed long term trials please explain it to me.

    Meanwhile theses aborted baby fetus injections are being subjected and coerced upon the masses as though it is okay to do so under law. Here we have an egregious instance of the doctors tearing the country apart for their own power and profit.

    On another end of the medical tyranny through the doctors and their organization of the AMA laws have been made regulating pain medications. The laws and brainwashing is so extreme that many feel that the murder of a man was justified when it was found he had two pain pills in his possession. Thus it was okay for a cop to stand on this alleged violator’s neck until he was dead. Here we have another extreme instance of doctors tearing the country apart to enhance their personal profit and power.

    The nanny Doctor Inflicted Tyrrany is now such that people cannot even get life desperately needed life saving medications such ivermectin and nutrition.


    1. Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with your comment I have to bring you to task about one thing and that is your attitude to the doctors. How do you know whether they are in fear of losing their jobs and do not have any kind of relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth therefore do not have the belief God will care for them? I pity them greatly and I know myself only too well that I could easily have done likewise, as it is I am not a doctor but my daughter is a consultant surgeon and I am aware of the pressure she is under. As a result I seek not to judge anything until I know the full story. BUT they are not the instigators of all this, they are just UI’s – useful idiots, alas.

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      1. Seriously, can you blame the increasingly hostile attitudes towards doctors? So I will bring YOU to task. They didn’t just get out of bed. They are also not dumb. They have a ton of education, as you know. They are not just “useful idiots,” as you say. Doctors fall into the same categories as everyone else who goes along with the covid mandates: They either agree and believe in what they are doing (and many do), or they feel compelled, as they don’t want to rock the boat, be threatened, lose their licenses, their jobs, prestige, whatever. (forehead, right hand stuff, if you get the reference)

        The first group of physicians are “useful,” as you say, but they are not idiots. They have a sinister worldview and they’ll sacrifice their own mothers if that’s what the beast wants. They believe they are moral and those like me are immoral.

        The other group is full of cowards. They will go along to get along. They are also not ignorant, or stupid, or idiots. They would be analogous to the church at Laodicea, lukewarm, not cold nor hot. They profess a form of compassion, love, and duty towards patients, but it’s a dog and pony show, a leafy tree without fruit, professing a form of godliness but denying the power, to paraphrase a lot. These will have to answer to God Himself for their high crimes of information suppression, lack of informed consent, and failure to advocate for patients’ rights.

        I do not feel the least bit sorry for them because of the “pressure” they must be feeling. Aren’t we ALL under a lot of pressure these days? They do not get a pass. The medical industry is the last secular entity, the last industry to fall in a society. If it is highjacked, if it is reduced to a political arm of the state, there will be no sector, no industry left to defend the individual. All the others have already given themselves to Moloch. When the medical industry falls, tyranny is certain. If we cannot trust in our medical system, there is no other sanctuary on earth to hide.


      2. Such a lovely Christlike response. Never forget Jesus used His choicest words for religious hypocrites. My consultant surgeon daughter is an adopted child of God (John 1:11-13) and is most definitely NOT a hypocrite.


  15. Wow, they will not even move the patients with the family power of attorney request!

    About a year ago my Mom was given a vaccine/serum at Mercy Hospital while she was in a incapacitated state. I am her durable power of attorney and they knew that and did not consult me.

    I have not been able to find a lawyer as they say there is no provable damages. Not enough $$$$ involved. This is tantamount to saying rape is okay so long as financial or provable damage is not incurred.

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    1. Jim, it is so sad to read how your mum has been treated. So often we are almost powerless to fight the evilness, BUT GOD!

      It is His battle and we need to follow His orders.


  16. This “doctor” should be beat about the head with a bat. I would not hesitate to do just that if this was my family. This country is full of sheep. Keep up the good work Leo! B.


      1. You have a lot of good things to say sometimes, but just as often, you come across as hyper-critical, tactless, condescending, and full of yourself. I COMPLETELY agree with montebeaton above. I would do worse to that doctor. If you think montebeaton is not being like Christ, wait until you read the rest of this.

        My mother-in-law died last summer as a result of covid lockdowns; the doctors (and eventually hospice) tried every way they could to kill her. They just wanted to let her die. It took constant vigilance on my part to make sure she received even basic care. They even didn’t want to give her nutrition support, i.e., FOOD! It would be far more problematic fighting for her this year, so in one way, I’m almost glad she is not alive to see this day.

        You can all appeal to “being nice” all you want, or what you *think* Jesus would do, but a war is coming, and this is a hill I’ll die on. I am an RN and a follower of Christ. I would have no problem putting a bullet between the eyes of such a doctor if he refused to let me pull my relatives out of the hospital (simply because I am “unvaxxed”) and I would sleep quite well at night. ANYONE who tries to force my family to do evil or prevent me from seeing them (or exercising my POA or guardianship over them) will have hell to pay, and I’ll get reinforcements from my community.

        I am not merely drawing a line in the sand. I am digging a friggin ditch. Cross that ditch, they’ll take a dirt nap.

        I know it sounds like I am advocating violence, but I am not. I really, REALLY want the medical profession, the profession I’ve worked in my whole adult life, to do right by their patients and to listen to the POAs, to be the kind of nurse I tried to be. One of the most abominable things in all this is that doctors (DOCTORS!) are directly complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients over the last year and a half, probably millions if you take the entire planet into account. Articles like this one make my blood boil and I stay angry most of the time because of what corporate medicine is doing.

        Leo may not even allow this post, I don’t know. It’s his right, whatever he does with it. But in any regard, my sentiments are like those of many, many others, and a day of reckoning is coming for those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, and that includes the truth about early treatment and the harms from the covid gene therapy cocktail drugs.

        You all better hope there is real, physical push-back, and soon, or all of us are going to end up like Australia, NZ, and numerous European countries who are living under nightmare, authoritarian dictatorships.

        I am convinced of two things: (1) Jesus Christ is coming back soon, very likely within my lifetime. (2) I will not live to see it, because I will be dead, for I will fight with everything I have, because I do not want the Lord to call me a “coward” in that day.


      2. Ron, calm down brother. You’re right, I don’t usually allow posts like this but since you are a frontline medical professional I am letting you vent your righteous anger. I do truly believe, however, that we must channel our anger into other more productive, organized ways. One rogue person going violent will not achieve anything. Peaceful noncompliance really is effective in dealing with this tyrannical system. We simply do not obey ungodly laws, and certainly not some unilateral edict by one man such as Biden has done with his mandates. Whether we are a trucker, a nurse, a doctor, a plumber or a trash collector, we disobey their edicts and call their bluff, make them fire us. If they want to implode the system, which is what would happen if you take out 25-30 percent or more of the above mentioned labor force, then they, the elites will be suffering along with everyone else.

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      3. Thank you, Leo, however you let the man vent his anger at my expense and I am way too old to have to be subject to such a diatribe, as it is, I only read the first few words. But I am disappointed with you, the ‘diatribe’ brought tears to my eyes – and I do wonder whose desire that fulfilled? I don’t know if you have noticed but if I am genuinely in the wrong I always apologise, something I have never experienced from those who have been rude to me.


      4. The first comment I approved from Ron did not even mention Julia, unless I read it too fast and missed it. After I approve someone’s first comment the others automatically show up without my approval and I don’t have time to read them all and delete the inappropriate ones. But this is now getting out of hand so no more comments by Ron and Julia that are directed at each other will be allowed. I hate when I see two Christians turn on each other. It makes no sense and gives our enemies ground because they see how we are divided and actually don’t love each other as Christ commanded us. I’ve always said, please keep your comments based on the article. You can criticize me all you want, just please don’t go after each other! Stick to the topic at hand and stop the personal attacks!


      5. I have not seen anywhere written in the Word of God where I am not permitted to defend myself when I am unjustifably attacked and even more so when members of the profession to which my daughter belongs, and she belongs because, as a family, we prayed together and separately when she was young that God would show us what He wanted her to do with her life when she was of age, are attacked also. I see absolutely no benefit in various bodies of people being attacked but when it is me and mine I will continue the way I have. Nor will I apologise for it unless the Holy Spirit convicts me to do so. There is way too much nastiness and anger being expressed here these days and the wrong people are being attacked, it is as if nobody has remembered there is a massive spiritual war going on and the ‘enemy’ is not each other or those over there it is the devil but, thank God, he is God’s devil. It would seem that a long of this nastiness is being driven by pride and if that is my sin then I ask all right now to please forgive me.


      6. Here you go then, I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed – you will just have to tell me where it is you are learning to mind read so I can avoid the place and, if I were you, I would definitely go back and demand my money as the ‘course’ has failed abysmally. As it is I do not care to read any more of your comment, okay?


  17. Holding people against their will or that of their legal power of attorney is called kidnapping. The second time they refused I would have called the police, the Georgia State Patrol and State AG.


    1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I do wonder whether, if you were in exactly the same situation, desperately worried about your parents’ health, if you would have done anything different. Let me put it another way, I doubt there would be that many clear thinking at that moment.


  18. I pray that neither my husband nor I has an accident or event that would send us to the hospital. Until all this craziness goes away (if it does), the risk is too great. I don’t want a swab shoved way up my nose, nor a PCR test that, at 40 cycles, could give a false positive. Nor do I want an ultimatum: you must have the jab or we cannot treat you.

    These are dangerous times.

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    1. I haven’t seen anyone address blood transfusions. I am unvaccinated and If I should need blood I would refuse unless I knew for a certainty that the blood offered is is from an unvaccinated source.


  19. We were watching Brannon Howse with Leo Hohmann, Dr Judy Mikovits, and two other people one a journalist and the other a lawyer and then this comes along. Whatever you do, do NOT GO TO HOSPITAL YOU ARE LIKELY TO DIE there, this is not my opinon but what came out of that which we watched which can be found on Frank Lindell’s site.
    We are now rethinking some of the things which are not happening with us and one of the major things I now believe is, I thank God my husband cannot go to the local hospital for his outpatients appointment because who knows what he will ‘pick up’ there! As it is our consultant surgeon daughter has told us that Ian’s PSA test is fine, nothing to worry about. His blood test was okay too. Therefore like Joseph said to his brothers – “you meant it for harm (which is what is now happening to so many and watching your President I can truly believe it) but God has used it for good!
    We have started our walking around the block again now that the temperature has diminished into the high 80s and I do believe God is already at work within our bodies because I have had no exercise for months and yet the walk was fine! Hallelujah God is so very, very good.


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