VIDEO: Watch Dr. Judy Mikovits and panel discuss Joe Biden’s dictatorial claim of ownership of every American’s body

Every place we go in life, we encounter people carrying myriad viruses and germs. This has always been the case, since the dawn of mankind. It’s a fact of life.

They carry tuberculosis, AIDS, influenza, measles, chickenpox, meningitis, mumps, rubella and all manner of contagions that can be transmitted in all manner of ways.

Yet, we don’t see any calls for digital health passports, no apps on your phone, no social-distancing marks on the floors, no calls to show your papers or a recent negative test for any of these illnesses. Only one. Covid.

And never have we seen a president go on national television like Joe Biden did last week and order everyone to get an injection claiming to prevent any of these diseases under penalty of losing your job and livelihood.

“We are losing patience,” he sneered into the camera with the sinister look of a man possessed.

The power of propaganda: Or is it something more?

Propaganda has always been present in the big government-big media narrative but what we’ve seen recently crosses the line into something more serious.

This bears the hallmarks of a cleverly managed psy op. Mind control.

The goal of the mind-controllers is to create a mob mentality. They whip up mass hysteria, using the fear generated in this case by an invisible virus to manipulate and divide the public into two camps: The obedient and the disobedient. Then they incite the obedient to hate the disobedient.

That was the real purpose of Biden’s speech, to fuel hatred and violence against unvaxxed Americans.

People have been conditioned to believe there is only one disease they must fear to the point of getting up into everyone else’s personal medical business. One disease we must be tested for constantly and even inject ourselves and our children with an unproven, unknown mystery serum. We’re told repeatedly across all media platforms that it’s some kind of magic potion, that it’s the only thing capable of saving us and returning us to that elusive “normal.”

Even when the potion turns out to be a fraud, causing more people to get sick, the obedient ones await their next command from the same set of hypnotists: “Just take one more shot and it will offer the protection you are looking for. ‘Normal’ is just around the bend. Trust us. Trust the science.”

But normal never appears. Just more commands, more “requirements,” more mandates, more shots.

Forget that we already conned you into taking two shots that didn’t work. Don’t ask questions. Just shut up and take another dose of the magic potion, then another, and another, and…

The obedient ones remain locked in a vicious cycle of Stockholm Syndrome, displaying a love-hate relationship with their tormenters, ever ready to switch gears and salute on command to the next big lie. But I sense some may be growing weary of “trusting the science.” Their religious fervor for the needle is waning as fast as the fake protection it delivers.

It’s simply not normal for the establishment to be this determined, to the point of being obsessed, with a single medical treatment, especially one that has failed so abysmally in its stated purpose.

For more insights, please watch the panel discussion below that I was honored to participate in with renown scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits, former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston, attorney Thomas Renz and fellow journalist J.D. Rucker.

The question that should haunt every patriot, every God-fearing Christian in every country, is this: What if we never agreed to take part in this abnormal “new normal”?

I didn’t. My family didn’t. Many of my friends didn’t. We went right on living, normal as normal could be.

We refused their masks, their social distancing, their needles. Instead, we took responsibility for our own health, getting rest, eating right, taking supplements that boost the immune system.

If more people would resolve to return to their old normal and take responsibility for their own health, the real-life normal might come back into focus. The fictitious, virtual normal promoted by Bill Gates and his buddies at the satanic World Economic Forum would be extinguished.

There are indications that this “pandemic” is not as scary as we are told. Yes, it can kill, but the vast majority of deaths could have been prevented if not for negligent hospital care. [The video above explains how hospitals are killing people].

By the way, has anyone heard of a single billionaire that has died of Covid? One professional athlete still in the prime of life? One famous movie star under the age of 80? Hmm, how odd. Neither have I.

If this virus was as deadly as we’re told, wouldn’t it make sense that it would be killing people across all walks of life?

But the media-driven panic must continue on so that more people will roll up their sleeves for the magic potion. It’s safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and effective…

Don’t look at those VAERS reports of blood clots, strokes, heart inflammation, Bell’s Palsy, neurological disorders, skin conditions, blood disorders, miscarriages and the list goes on. It’s so safe and effective that it requires a lifetime of booster shots to keep you “protected.”

The FDA pulled an experimental swine flue vaccine in 1976 after 53 deaths. These Covid shots have been blamed for 14,000-plus reported deaths.

Why are they so desperate to get this mystery serum — the full contents of which has still not been disclosed — into the arms of every person on earth?

Why are hospitals treating Covid patients with Remdesivir, known to cause kidney failure, while refusing to provide known safe treatments that actually heal?


When that question finally gets answered, and it will, the truth has a way of running roughshod over roadblocks to justice. Every doctor, every nurse and every pharmacist who injected this substance into people without asking what was in it, without demanding to see data on the adverse reactions, they will all be seen as complicit in the horrific crimes against nature now playing out. They all violated the international Nuremburg Code requiring informed consent.

Slave or free: The choice is yours

By definition, a slave is someone who is the property of another and must obey every command given by their owner. Last I checked, we were not the property of Joe Biden or his regime, not the CDC, not the WHO, nor any corporation. 

There is nothing this satanically inspired regime would love more than to provoke some patriot or group of patriots to violence.

Violence is not the way to break a demonic stronghold. Has an exorcist ever succeeded in expelling a demon by challenging it to a fist fight?

The way to break this enemy is to refuse to obey him. Give them no power over your body or your life and they will have none.

More than anything, this enemy covets your submission. Why? Because they know once you submit to that mask, to that first shot, they have you marked in their system and it will not be an easy trick to find your way out.

An enemy like this cannot be ceded any territory, not one inch. If you give them one thing, they will quickly see you as weak and demand another.

They want chaos, disorder and volatility. They want us to start shooting, they want a civil war, so they can call in their comrades from China to help mop up the patriots. Don’t give in to their provocations. We are up against demonic forces seething with hate and foaming at the mouth in anticipation of an opportunity to justify using military force against we the people. You can see the hatred in Biden’s eyes.

Don’t let them have their wish for a blood bath. We can deny them that satisfaction. And we can win this battle, simply by saying “no, we refuse your serum, we refuse your masks, and we refuse to go to work or fulfil any contract with any person or corporation who doesn’t respect our bodily integrity.”

The left loves to make enemy lists.

It’s time we start making some lists of our own.

Truckers and nurses and doctors and plumbers and trash collectors unite! We are strong together. We have the power to shut their system down.

We need to compile lists of wicked people and corporations that none of us will spend our money with, or punch a clock for, or deliver products or services to.

In short, you don’t own us Mr. Biden. You are not our master. Not you or any of your corporate buddies. And we will defy you to the bitter end.

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  1. I wonder how many who read Leo’s blogs and even Leo himself have read “The Unseen Hand – An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History” by A. Ralph Epperson published 1985. It is fascinating and you will be going “Aha” at some of the things you read because as “the Teacher, son of David, king of Jerusalem” said: “There is nothing new under the sun”!


  2. Ian and Julia Pomeroy, I am horrified to learn of what is happening in Cyprus. I have heard that places such as Gilbraltar have a 90% plus vax rate. Now I suppose I know as to their means for such a horrifying achievement. I make comments on many websites and I will be working to increase my global perspective. I will keep my eyes open and research to document and inform about the sorts of appalling atrocities such as you are experiencing in Cyprus. It is often said that when one door is closed the Lord opens another. Well wishes to you as I continue to have you both in my prayers. God Bless You

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    1. How beautiful you are, thank you so very much. Should you wish to email us, just speak to Leo and he will forward on your email. We covet all the prayers there are as we learn to live with the reality of: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 He directed our ‘paths’ to Cyprus from the UK some 9+ years ago, and here we will have to remain until we die or the Lord takes us home – we are in our late 70s. Because we would not be allowed into the airport let alone board a plane and there is no other way off this island – no other way physically anyway.
      I am sure many of us western Christians would assent to the above scripture but who would have thought that we would actually have to DO that by faith every day?


  3. Julia, hope you are having a good day as circumstances are not best of times and Ian is also well. You are correct that none of us should be dismissive about what is happening in Cyprus or other less covered areas in the world. The globalist have a definite pattern of abuse and murder. Has there been any overt expression on the part of the globalist to deny care to the unvaccinated?

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    1. The unvaccinated who do not have a negative result test less than 72 hours old are not allowed into any medical establishment anywhere which could house over ten people including staff. However when my husband went to his regular quarterly appointment with his rheumatism physician whom he has been seeing for nine years regularly, (since we moved to this island) with his blood test, the man refused to see him even though his establishment has less than ten people. The man told my husband that by seeing him he could end up passing on the virus to his other patients. When my husband tried to give him his blood test results because he takes methotrexate which can damage the liver so needs to be regularly checked, the man turned his back on Ian and shut the door in Ian’s face. Next month he is due to see the urologist at the city’s main hospital in the outpatient department and we know he will not be allowed in there, despite the fact that he has Prostate Cancer which was in remission but again he needs to have tests done twice a year known as PCA tests to see whether the cancer is active again in order for Ian to receive an injection which is very effective at keeping the cancer at bay. However, it is guaranteed he will not be allowed into the hospital.
      The way things are going it will not be long before a test to see if you have the virus or not will no longer be accepted but you will have to be vaccinated or receive no medical help. We have repeat prescriptions for five more months. Hence why I said to somebody we are now living in the reality of “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”. Proverbs 3:5-6 Like many western Christians we sort of mentally assented to these verses but now we are going to have to live them out every day. However we have had a good day as we have been catching up on a one-day conference at Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California (our only church) called Behold He Comes which is a prophetic conference dealing with the fact we are at the very end of days, it was fabulous and whilst looking at what is going on in the world could be very depressing we were encouraged in that God warns us how things would be in His Word, and we are seeing the outcome of this, but we will not have to experience what is due to happen soon as we will be out of here. There are so many promises in God’s Word and He has never, ever let us down or lied to us.
      We are in our late 70s and, as you might have gathered, still have all our wits about us, just we are not that good physically!

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      1. Ian and Julia Pomeroy
        This malpractice at the highest level. These “healthcare” professionals need to be sued, arrested, incinerated – whatever it takes to get them away from patients.

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      2. I hope you don’t mind if I disagree with you somewhat, my daughter is a consultant surgeon in London (England) and she gave her heart to Jesus Christ of Nazareth when she was 5 because of the miracles He wrought in our lives. She has taken on board the lies but that does not mean she deserves to be incinerated – Jesus has already paid for her sins.


  4. It’s been about control since day 1. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear knew it. I’ve tried to warn the people in my life about the nefarious purpose of all of this, but they have perhaps been at the kool-aid for too long. I can only hope and pray they wake up before it’s too late.

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    1. I would not be at all surprised if many of us are thinking that way, I do know our seriously adult children have become convinced their elderly parents have developed Alzhdeimer’s! My daughter is a consultant surgeon and we have even offered her tons and tons of proof but she does not want to know.

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  5. Survival Dan I think summarizes the situation as follows: “ “ Hence, critical thinking, truth, honesty, logic, and reason, disappear from view to be replaced by mass ignorance and indifference. Because of this great paradigm shift in societal reality, we are left to either fend off at all costs this assault by the state or simply accept our slavery voluntarily.”

    The article below is the best article I have read regarding the doctors role in the cv sham:

    In light if it all I do believe in addition to violating Nuremberg Code, child abuse and violating the Geneva Convention the doctors also need to be charged with treason against the United States of America and its people.

    Testimony from nurse whistle blowers:

    Though I do not have it bookmarked Australia is now stating it will entirely refuse medical care and treatment to those who do not accept the “jab.” They “will lock unvaccinated people out of the medical system in addition to the lock down.”

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    1. My husband and I live in Cyprus and we have been denied medical care since 1st August despite being 77 and 78 years old. Needless to say we are not in the best of health, one of us having cancer. Thank God we are children of the Most High God Who will never deny us His care. As ever people spout on about France and Australia little realising that this has all been going on here a lot longer.

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      1. Ian and Julia Pomeroy, I am very sorry to learn things have been so difficult in Cyprus and that in addition you are struggling with health matters. I recall being horrified about 13 years ago during the Too Big To Fail ordeal that in Greece the globalist did a bail in from the bank accounts of the people living there and limited withdrawals…. They are ruthless and disgusting. There is no excuse for the cruelty they impose especially by refusing medical care. Hopefully things will get better for you. I will have you in my prayers, God Bless You

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      2. Thank you so much for your kind words, yes, we know people who lost a lot of money through that crash which reverberated for a number of years. Thank God we have never had that sort of money so were never affected. Being a dweller of the west I never, ever expected that Proverbs 3:5-6 would become an absolute literal action on our part and not just something to mentally asssent to whilst still having most of our needs (not spiritual) being met by society. Now we have to lean into God every day that He will keep us healthy – who would have thought?
        Again, thank you so much.

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  6. This is just an Excerpt there is much more at the link below.
    Exposed: CDC Rushed to Change Definition of ‘Vaccination’ After Israel Study Touts Natural Immunity over Vaccine
    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) quietly changed their definitions of “Vaccine” and “Vaccination” on September 1st, exchanging the word “immunity” for “protection,” now that it appears that breakthrough cases can no longer be explained away as an anomaly.
    The definition changes occurred days after a massive study was released demonstrating that those who had been vaccinated were “13 times more likely to be infected with the Delta variant (what has been called a “breakthrough” infection) than those with natural immunity,” as summarized at the American Conservative.
    Several savvy observers exposed the update on social media, and journalist Sharyl Attkisson wrote about the change on her excellent website. The change was also discussed at PJ Media.
    Attkisson featured a Tweet from Representative Thomas Massie, who noted that that the CDC definition of “vaccination” was updated twice since 2015.

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  7. Victor Davis Hanson Lecture on September 8, 2021 discusses history as related to our horrible situation today. Well worth the time to listen.

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  8. This is NOT a health problem. This is a CONTROL of the population issue!
    The propaganda keeps feeding the vast majority the danger of Covis-19.
    The mortality numbers are so “mucked” up that no one can make an objective analysis. These numbers are being fed to the MSM as being true —- they are NOT!
    This all about divide & conquer, divide & conquer, divide & conquer! Then lead America into the Great Reset (One World Gov’t).
    Just research Klaus Schwab and his book: COVID-19: The Great Reset.
    The USA is on a very, very slippery slope, We are headed towards the dust bin of history if this isn’t reversed —— and, very soon!

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  9. Leo, I had a chance to watch the video. You were great. Though I follow the cv story everyday I still learned a lot. Everybody on it was very impressive. I’m posting the link with brief description around.

    This high school athlete is hospitalized with myocarditis.

    And another:


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  10. Total truth! Thank you for posting this information. I have hard time understanding how people mindlessly follow evil…even though the Bible says they will.

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    1. Deceived.
      Sadly, some of our otherwise smart family members are among the deceived. This is what the enemy of our souls wants. This is going to be a time of great apostasy. Many of our churches are woke at worst and weak at best. Never has it been more important to be in the Word, folks. Soon family will be asking us questions and we’ll need to be at the ready.
      Thanks for being a harbinger, Leo. God bless.

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      1. Sealion: Agreed– I’ve been called weird, crazy and “sickening sweet” to my face– my mother used to say, “They’re just putting jewels in your crown!”.

        The ‘pastor’ of a church I visited not long ago injected “compromise” at least a dozen times in his presentation. The enemy likes to twist God’s Word into his subliminal messages. I told him & the congregation so as I left. I’ve never heard such tripe as passes for The Gospel now. “Go along to get along” is not our mission.


      2. If you are American, Dale, that is really something to be called ‘sickening sweet’ because, I thought, all Americans were soaked in saccharine from birth! (Joke, okay?)

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      3. LOL It was when I was trying to get across how dangerous certain TV shows are to young minds, of all things. Students getting a pass to leave school early in time to watch the Jerry Springer debacle, for instance, was a ‘culture shock’ moment for me! They’re all voting age now. . .


    2. Sealion, the acceptance of evil and succumbing to the delusion started when we agreed to the lockdown. Unhistorical and troubling. It wasn’t the lack of science so much as morality.
      Lockdowns and all the rest are immoral. Shutting down churches. Encouraging people to mock neighbors who feared bankruptcy and homelessness as “selfish” while they did nothing to help. Shunning those in need and calling it compassion.
      So much horrible stuff. Worse than any physical disease.


  11. HOw I wish there were others here in Cyprus with whom we could stand side by side in unity and pray against this work of the enemy.
    However, Leo, one thing everybody who is a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is, perforce, a slave because every human being is a slave to somebody or something. The one I am a slave off is the most wonderful, glorious, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic Master ever and I will serve Him throughout eternity with great, great pleasure. But there are days when we do tend to feel so lonely, even though we have each other. Our greatest joy has always been ‘gossiping the gospel’ with others but there are no ‘others’ here. How those, who are alone and who too have nobody close by to connect with are coping I have no idea.
    By the way to everybody who is reading this comment of mine, have you thought of supporting Leo recently? Just a thought!

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  12. “Every place we go in life, we encounter people carrying myriad viruses and germs. This has always been the case, since the dawn of mankind. It’s a fact of life.” – And we have Adam and Eve to thank for it!

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  13. Fantastic article Leo! “ Every doctor, every nurse and every pharmacist who injected this substance into people without asking what was in it, without demanding to see data on the adverse reactions, they will all be seen as complicit in the horrific crimes against nature now playing out. They all violated the international Nuremburg Code requiring informed consent.” I could not agree more.

    There has also been the historical compact that the doctors work for us as individual and that we hire them to advise and consult with regard to our medical care. This, along with their willingness to violate their Hippocratic Oaths, the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code does not bode well for them. People such as yourself and I try to shame them into doing the right thing but be it as it may they continue their flagrant violations.

    Everyday we do see more doctors coming out and doing the right thing and acknowledge the fact that we are witnessing child abuse and mass murder coming from the medical establishment. That their so called “protocols” and “vaccines” are medical perversion.

    In the meanwhile, everyday we also see good and innocent people being harmed and killed by their refusal to administer life saving medicines that have proven successful. Even when people are to the point that they only have less than a ten percent survival rate the doctors still refuse to comply to wishes of the families and patients.

    It is great to see that a majority of governors are speaking up. However, as I have mentioned before, we are most likely facing a Hitler type of scorched earth situation. While I agree with your feelings of non violence and that certainly they will lose they will likely kill tens of millions before their Order of evil is stopped. We need every able bodied person with a keyboard speaking up, shaming the doctors, and writing letters to their elected representatives.

    H.R 4953 is on the march. Beware as you watch the onslaught against Freedom and Liberty. Take action now.

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  14. Been pretty sick with Covid lately. In quarantine for over 2 weeks. On HQ and zinc and better now.
    I don’t consider myself a rebel or someone who fights social order for the fun of it. But this is unnatural and a lot of their commands are evil. Jesus touched lepers. The State demands we shun humanity (forever?) because anyone MAY have this glorified flu. And quit going to church.
    A lot of Christians need to repent of idolatry. Their real gods have shown themselves to be: the State, Scientism/Technology. and TV celebrity pop culture. They look to the three to save them from ever dying. Holding Christ Jesus’ promise of everlasting life and the Resurrection in contempt. Guilty of cowardice and unbelief.
    Jesus said not to fear those who can cause the death of the body, but rather God Who can send the body and soul into Hell. I wonder how many “Christians” will dare to be killed if the State requires a formal renunciation of Christ. I bet a lot of the Covid Cowards would have no problem bending the knee and saying, “Caesar is Lord! Please save us from ever dying Nero!”
    Shame on them all.
    Doug Wilson has been criticizing “Christian’s” abject cowardice and disloyalty during the past year and a half. He said, “When you say, ‘I follow the Science’ you really mean, ‘I follow the TV.'” A lot of it is also the obsession of alleged “Christians” with celebrity pop culture and slavishly following worldly fads.

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    1. Rachel , praying for you to get back your health , ive been pondering what you said of so many Christians with the idolatry issues , I think the whole American/Canadian /western world church is there . I can only think of the story in Luke 12 :19-21 let’s build bigger barns and relax , life is good. Look what Jesus’s response was .


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      1. The early Christians volunteered to care for lepers and people dying of honest-to-goodness plagues. When they weren’t hiding in sewers to avoid getting their heads chopped off, disemboweled by lions, or turned into human torches. Very unsafe behaviors on their parts.


  15. It’s rather simple. A legal contract is binding. When Americans agreed to use Federal Reserve monies, we gave ourselves over to them and their controllers. They literally own us and can do anything they like, including using the covid-19 plannedemic as an excuse for population reduction. Part of the key to recovery is kicking the addiction to Fed Reserve money. Until that happens, things will continue on down to the pits of hell. Hint on how this works: Biden will tell the states that they are beholden to obey emergency executive orders since they took grant monies under SF424 program, so he’ll say obey or else loose all federal monies and be in debt to them.


  16. Thank you Leo for this article. You always explain everything so well. Sadly the video doesn’t want to load for me. Just a sign up for Frank Speech.


    1. I also applaud them. I also believe that they will eventually be replaced by the influx of immigrants. Those who do not go along are replaceable. It has been systemic for decades and also justifies keeping wages down while economic statistics are manipulated to reflect a good economy.

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      1. Don’t forget their end game. They are trying to collapse all of it. Hospitals, Police, Government, Economy…. It’s one huge false flag that will lead to their New World Order. A One World Government where we own nothing. Now… We know this can’t be good for “us” because they had to get to it by means of TYRANNY and crimes against humanity.

        Here’s how they do it….

        Create massive problem, reduce population, place blame on ‘we, the people’ who eventually become ‘we, the owned’.

        Get reaction, normalize obedience, create divide and chaos, wear down an oppressed, population to exhaustion who eventually beg for gov. intervention.

        They step (back) in and come to our rescue. They receive worldwide acceptance from depleted and desperate remaining population.
        They become hero’s (narcissistic god like status) who, control, own everything and everyone.

        …..unless we stop it.

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      2. AGENDA = One World Religion
        Hegelian Dialectic = Thesis (Problem) = Anti-Thesis (Reaction) = Syn-Thesis (Solution)
        Problem: The world is corrupt and unjust, the average person is powerless
        Reaction: God must be cruel and unjust to allow this corruption
        Solution: Offer a new way to live in harmony and abandon old traditional belief structures that offer ‘peace’ through the use of blending science with all religious doctrines.
        This is what we are seeing happen right before our eyes. The globalists have manufactured a problem, encouraged the population to react and then they offer a solution to the problem they have created.

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      3. Ignorance and apathy are deadly to a nation, however, the propagandists/globalists, etc., etc., had this planned well in advance. Targeting our youth has been around from the beginning– they think the government is a mystical god rather than “We the People”. Those who see through the ruse are just “mean-spirited”.

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      4. Also machines. The transhuman Fourth Industrial Revolution prizes machines over man. AI over the human mind. These shots they aggressively push are somehow tied to cyborg implants. Not just culling the population.
        It’s about transforming surviving humans into the image of what the WEF deems acceptable. The transhumanists are behind the transexual push since they want all people to be sexless like robots. (If this sounds insane, it’s because it is.)
        God will not let them get away with it or succeed for very long. By assaulting the image of humanity they are mocking Him.

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      5. Hi, Rachel! Yes, the technocrats are busy– such a strange mindset. Have you watched Pastor Billy Crone’s videos on AI? ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is now ‘Augmented Intelligence’, wherein they’re collecting data from humans responses to input into machines/robots. Talk about ‘the dark web’ being woven!!


  17. Watching the world unravel is like a script from a bad movie–a VERY BAD movie. Getting to the glorious, final scene is going to be that much sweeter!!
    Leo wrote :’“We are losing patience,” he [Biden] sneered into the camera with the sinister look of a man possessed.’ Precisely.
    Ideally, we would all stand & and tell them how crazy-evil their plans are but I am not seeing that kind of courage.
    “Another one bites the dust”– a lady apologetically told me her sister’s girlfriend talked her into the vax. Others know my stance but are not spiritually equipped to understand/discern. Think for oneself? Pffft! Easier to let others do the heavy-lifting.
    “Conspiracy-theory” is a powerful weapon against the weak-minded, ill-informed character.
    I know how Lot must have felt.
    2Peter 2:7  And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: 8  (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;).
    Thank you, Leo, for using your talent and access to ‘ears that hear’ so generously. Nice to know others are here.

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    1. Dale Ann , you are right on , the only thing I don’t get is I know people that would normally discern/understand, but for this one it’s like they’ve drank the kool-aid early on. Here in Canada which is mostly sold out by Trudeau’s minions, although we see hope in that more and more are waking up , is it too late who knows . We are in the streets of Montreal every weekend.


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      1. So true, Frank M.
        My family exemplifies those who ‘should know better’ yet have fallen in line with the propaganda. I am confounded in that respect.

        I’m glad to know you are also sounding the alarm in your part of the world! Sincere prayers for your efforts.


    2. The silver lining in all of this (if you want to call it that) is that by making use of these dangerous vaccines, Biden’s policies are selecting (in the Darwinian sense) against all those who are weak or foolish enough to submit to them.

      It will also undermine the Left’s other attempts to split the country along racial and gender-based lines. An example is Naomi Wolf on Bannon’s Warroom calling on fellow Democrats to join with patriots on the Right to fight this evil regime. Also, since blacks are the most underrepresented group wrt vaccinations, I can’t imagine they’re too pleased about these policies. I’ll bet some of them are seeing Jim Crow written all over them – and I see these people shifting to MAGA in even greater numbers as a consequence.

      I suspect that Biden and his team are too challenged to think things through this far. Or perhaps they’re assuming we’re too weak to resist them and their institutional apparatus.


  18. These workers were smart. They forced the hospital to fire them so that the hospital can be sued. If more companies realize that the unvaxxed workers will sue them, then the companies are more likely to resist Biden’s stupid and illegal mandate. Resist the injection of the Nazi poisons now or there will be no end to their evil T4 Nazi medicine

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