Joe Biden just threatened 100 million Americans: Get the shot or starve

‘The time for waiting is over’

Joe Biden just declared war on 100 million Americans, threatening to cut them off from their livelihoods and starve out their families if they don’t submit to a medical treatment they believe is bad for them.

In one of the most shocking speeches ever delivered by an American president, Joe Biden threatened 100 million Americans if they don’t take a vaccine that has proven that it does not stop people from getting or spreading its targeted virus.

He made it clear that people have no more personal freedom or bodily integrity under the new rules in America.

“The time for waiting is over,” Biden said. “This is not about freedom, or personal choice.”

Biden said he will use the U.S. Department of Labor to go after companies with 100 or more employees if they don’t mandate the vaccine on their workers or require weekly testing. Violators face unspecified fines.

Biden also issued an open-ended threat to Republican governors, using harsh rhetoric previously unheard of from an American president and delivering it with a foreboding tone.

“I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way,” he said of the governors he accuses of being uncooperative with federal mask and vaccine mandates.

He also ordered all federal employees to get vaccinated within 75 days, after which they will be turned over to human resources for the beginning of termination proceedings. All federal contractors must also order their employees to get the shot, Biden said.

He ordered all 300,000 teachers who participate in the federal Head Start program to get vaccinated and called on governors to mandate the shots for all teachers.

“Vaccination requirements in schools are nothing new,” he said.

What he didn’t want to admit is that the “vaccine” being pushed is not like any other and is based on all-new technology called messenger RNA, which instructs the cells in your body to create the toxic spike protein that causes Covid. There have been a record number of reports of injuries and deaths through the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, more than for all other vaccines combined since the VAERS system was established in 1990.

Biden said he would use the military and engage the Defense Production Act to ramp up testing of adults and children.

He even ordered parents to “get your teenagers vaccinated,” even though teenagers face a statistically non-existent chance of ever dying from Covid.

Biden said he would double the fines for airline passengers caught not wearing a mask.

“You break the rules, be prepared to pay!” he said.

“We have the tools, now we just have to finish the job,” Biden said.

Former Trump aide Peter Navarro, appearing on the War Room show hosted by Steven Bannon, said “This is an authoritarian moment. A naked grab of power.”

The edicts, all done by executive order with no involvement of Congress, ignore the fact that more than a third of Americans have already had Covid and possess natural immunities. According to a recent study in Israel, natural immunities are 13 to 20 times stronger and long lasting than the artificial immunities offered by the Biden administration’s vaccine.

“He’s saying ‘no, you will take this medicine and you will like it,'” Navarro said. “He’s saying you must force your employees to take a medicine or be fired. He does not have the authority to do that, he is not a king.”

Author and longtime liberal activist Dr. Naomi Wolf, appearing on the same show, called for massive, peaceful civil disobedience to stop the tyrannical White House from following through with its threats. Wolf, a Democrat, said Biden has now committed multiple impeachable offenses.

Wolf said “this is a declaration of war on the American people” and that Biden is the front man for what she called a “bio-fascist coup.”

“He’s scapegoating unvaccinated people as the reason for the pandemic… It’s just right out of the playbook of Nazi Germany. It’s illegal in our system to engage the military to make this coercive, mass vaccination program happen.”

Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina put out a message on social media saying he would not accept the edicts.

“The American dream has turned into a nightmare under [Joe] Biden and the radical Democrats. They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad. Rest assured we will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian,” McMaster said.

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60 thoughts on “Joe Biden just threatened 100 million Americans: Get the shot or starve”

  1. The enemy is Biden fauci soros Obama gates and claus shawab warren buffet Ted turner 8 people declearing war and extermination on 100 million people I’ll show you how we do it Vietnam style we exterminate them first bring it you suck fish globalist

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  2. And that evil Biden dropped this covid mandate bombshell at this time is a HUGE distraction from the horrible Afghanistan debacle and the ongoing audits exposing election fraud. Watch for what else is going on behind the scenes for the covid mandates will tie up the courts and cause conflict in the red states and occupy media attention to the exclusion of nearly everything else. Something even bigger is going on under the radar. Watch out!


    1. If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth then you should know that every human being on the planet has been made in God’s image. Are you therefore saying that God’s image is evil?
      The only actual evil beings are satan and his minions, all human beings start off life exactly the same as all others and that is they are made in the image of God.
      What they DO with that is where ‘evil’ comes into play.
      If you’re not a Christian ignore what I have said, for you it will jut be gobbledygook.


      1. Humans can be evil in a relative sense not an absolute sense (as is Satan). Please be aware of the ontological difference. The human dimension of evil is what I have dealt with here quite plainly. And by that I did NOT say that God’s image is evil as you implied.

        Biden, while he still lives, can repent and be saved. But until he does he is currently an evil, dishonest very corrupt man doing evil works at the behest of even more evil people. Just like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were evil men acting as if they were minions of the devil. Call them what they are. Remember even Jesus didn’t mince words and said Judas was a devil ( John 6:70). Of course he meant that in a relative sense not an absolute one as Judas was merely a human doing the works of evil and not Satan himself.

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    1. What are they going to do go house to house? They can pound sand. They CAN’T force the jab. Lawsuits will be flying. Biden is a puppet faux president. Who’s giving this order in the USA? Not any freedom loving person. This ain’t going nowhere. They’re trying to provoke a riot I think so they can grab guns. Be careful everyone. It’s a threat. What are they going to do, lose half the workforce?

      This is what my governor said:

      “This plan isn’t about public health — this is about government control and taking away personal liberties,” he said. “Americans, not the federal government, are responsible for taking charge of their personal health. It is not the role of the federal government to mandate their choices. Nebraska will stand up to President Biden’s overreach, and we will be working with the Attorney General to explore all our options.”


    2. Please pause for breath for a moment and just consider what it is that God warns us will happen just prior to the Tribulation. Once you realise this you will then know He is in control, the devil is His devil and everything is falling into place for the finale of the world as we know it. If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth this should not disturb you one whit, it should encourage you to continue speaking the gospel to all whom you meet because it will not be long before they will be unable to respond to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If you are not a disciple then may I recommend you turn to Jesus right now, you don’t have much time.


  3. Is it not true that the devil always overplays his hand? I just pray this is enough to cause people to wake up, because what the man has done – to quote something from a film my beloved and I enjoy – is “stupid, stupid, stupid”! (This is from the film The Rainmaker based on a John Grisham novel starring Matt Damon and Claire Danes.)


  4. OOOH Leo this is so horribly many of us expected this and the attack by the ELITE and cohorts to bring about the Great Reset which is akin to Hitlers ”final solution” The elimination of the majority of mankind. Biden’s ”masters” know exactly what they are doing. They had a setback when Hilary failed to become ”levered in”

    They then put all efforts into taking the next election regardless of the means and Obamas Controllers are now in the final positions demanded of them by their satanic ‘Master’

    Some countries have already been taken over without a shot fired, where I live is one such place, and probably the last one to fall will be America.
    It has been almost unbelievable to see so many succumb already to the dictates of these diabolic leaders. Far too many people have accepted the lies without any protest.
    People like you and your readers are to be re-educated for ”you must be more supportive of your fellow man and not put their livelihood and their health at risk” by opposing the ”better good’

    Resist at every possible opportunity, but FIRST and most importantly place your trust in God. Like the brethren in California stand and be counted, Fasten our eyes on The King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s and allow Him to take the strain. It is His World and we are His people, He will not fail us or let us perish for He has guard over our Eternal Souls and is responsible for a Godly outcome. By now we should realise the the full outcome cannot be properly seen until the Millenium, HOWEVER we know that this is true for we have been told in advance over 2000 years ago that this will work out when He returns for us and returns with us at the end of the Great Tribulation. Maranatha.!!!


  5. Some more things people can do,

    1) cancel Netflix and be financial supportive of people like Leo.

    2) Quit spending your money with globalist to the extent you can.

    3) advocate for an end to allowing corporations to make donations to their favorite politicians and causes, for example, Zuckerberg’s contributions to the Democrat party.

    4) disassociate yourselves from platforms such as Facebook and twitter unless your only business with them is to advance communications supportive of Freedom, Liberty and Justice.

    5) be financially supportive of organizations who truly look out for your interest such as

    6) start gardens.

    7) find real life people who are of like mind.

    8) start a trade pacts with them such as you will grow a vegetable in exchange for a vegetable they grow.

    9) remove your money from the bank

    10) advance your skills toward independence from the globalist matrix, eg, learn mechanics, home brew, home made wine or some other useful skill that enables greater independence from the NWO.

    11) engage in barter whenever possible instead of using globalist fiat currency.

    11) establish networks of skilled individual to the extent possible such as those who may have medical skills, very important now that hospitals are places you may not want be or otherwise dependable or even available.

    13) have plenty of medical supplies.

    14) focus on self defense.

    15) do not take physical risk to the extent possible so that you do not have to go to a hospital.

    16) do not watch television and only rely on reliable alt media for your news unless it is weather related or some sort of other local emergency.

    17) buy more of your everyday products from alt media organizations such as or other outfits you like.

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    1. Ref Point 4: I am a missionary and this is a brilliant way for me to remain in touch with the friends I do have and to make new friends. I have made some absolutely super friends on this. Mind you I am very picky whom I will have as a friend and I am very picky what posts can be seen on my page. Everything to do with the internet is neither ‘evil’ nor ‘good’ per se it is what we do with it and how we use it which is.
      For example we threw out the television years ago and absolutely eschew any films at all apart from those produced by Ingenuity Films which are docudramas. We have stacks of DVDs from times past, we have innumerable Christian books and, because of our age, (late 70s) we are very careful as we would not be allowed in a hospital anyway where we live.
      That’s another thing, everybody is mentioning France and seem to fail to accept that all these restrictions were put in place in Cyprus, where I live, weeks before they were put in place in France and Australia. Cyprus is a small Greek island of about one million people in the eastern Mediterranean just off the coasts of Syria and Turkey.
      We have no need to barter as I do not believe we will be here for Revelation 13.
      Reference point 5 – there are none here in Cyprus. Point 6 – we rent and do not have a garden and, anyway, are way too old to be growing vegetables again, it would cause us too much pain due to arthritis.
      We have been looking for the last 9+ years for Christian like-minded people on this island who speak English but have not found one yet!
      Our monies are paid into the UK and have to be transferred to here and we are not allowed into banks, so we have to use ATMs and I expect we would not be allowed to withdraw all our money anyway. Here in Cyprus there is a very thriving ‘black economy’ (no, dear, nothing to do with race!), so cash has its place.
      Oh gosh point 10 brought back many happy memories, we would not even begin to find the facilities here to do that, even if we were allowed in the appropriate shop. Zivania is the thing here not making your own wine! Zivania is the local ‘gutrot’!
      Lastly as for focusing on self-defence that is an absolute hoot. Bless you all but those of you who are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ will be going home soon enough, in the meantime it is a lot more important to be preaching the gospel because we are incredibly close to the day when that will not be done by the ‘church’ any more but by the Two Witnesses, the 144,000 Jewish evangelists and the angel – all mentioned in the book of Revelation. Let’s focus on drawing as many as we can into the arms of Jesus Christ of Nazaareth He is the only safe port of call!
      Never forget for a disciple of Jesus death is so NOT the end of everything.
      I loved your suggestions and, yes, if you are not a believer perhaps you need to consider them, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord as we have done for over 45 years now.


    2. Not sure I can leave the link, but Leo has mentioned St. Paisios of Athos before. Check out this blogpost: “Inklesspen dot blogspot 2021/01/02/ a-saint-prophecies-globalism-and-the-antichrist/ You can copy and paste.
      St Paisios gives advice and encouragement for those who go through the ordeal.
      Let’s see. A globalist group ruling from the shadows–and calling for a One World Government–insists we need this jab “And cannot buy or sell without it.” Seems that, in and of itself, should scare more Christians away from getting it.

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      1. What, you are recommending that we go to a ‘saint’ for prophetic words, is the Bible not sufficient then? Well I go to the foot of my stairs!


  6. Great coverage Leo! That absolutely nobody has the authority to force or coerce people to receive any medical treatment is an understatement. Real doctors treat medical conditions to the best of their ability within the bounds of their patients consent. That is why it is called “practicing medicine.” Real doctors do not coerce patients to be injected with aborted baby fetal cell lines/material. Real doctors do not coerce their patients to receive experimental injections with secret ingredients and formulas. Real doctors believe in herd immunity. Real doctors believe vaccines need to be proven safe and effective before it is defined as a vaccine. Real doctors define a pandemic as a disease that is not only very contagious but also has a large mortality. Real doctors would only dare consider a vaccine safe and effective after it has passed long term rigorous studies that prove it is safe and effective. Real doctors do not refuse safe and effective medications to the ill. Real doctors understand and respect patient consent.

    Last night when I read that Joe would be releasing new directives today concerning the administration of the so called “vaccines” I had the feeling it would be bad news. Like Hitler, even in the face of certain defeat, I believe, the globalist technocrats will have a scorched Earth policy. They have put everything on the line and their spokespeople around the world appear to be pledging allegiance to the New World Order without the consent of the governed. As we know, Bill Gates has owns more farmland than anybody else in North America. Behind him the Chinese Communist Party own more farmland than anybody in North America. Both Gates and the CCP intend to leave their land fallow, ie, they will not be planting crops.

    Everybody should be preparing to the best of their ability. It appears the globalist intend to starve the people by not allowing them to earn livelihoods and monopolizing the land and other resources. As mentioned above, everybody should be writing their elected representatives. Everybody reading articles such as Leo’s should be commenting to stand up and let their opposition be heard. They can try to come after 100 million Americans but I doubt it will be easy for them. Though as witnessed on January 6, 2021 though globalist may use violence upon anybody who disagrees with them we must support collective dissent where we can do so in good conscience. We see globalist policy in extreme in both France and Australia and other places around the world. Again, like it was with Hitler I doubt the psycho globalist will shift their stance as they fail, so everybody prepare for the worst but pray to God for the best.

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  7. This despicable usurper should NOT be obeyed by anyone. He has no authority to mandate this even if he were a legitimate president. And why do the vaccinated have to be protected from the unvaccinated (as he said)??? As if the unvaccinated were the enemy. What are the vaccinated so afraid of if the vaccine will save them??

    Puppet Biden is attacking not only our individual lives and liberties to force us to take this Nazi rat poison. He is trying to destroy the economy as small and medium sized businesses who are already having a hard time getting employees. How many of the medical profession will be forced to quit? How will our medical system function? I hope businesses big and small pushes back against this outrageous tyranny. We ALL must protest and disobey this worthless puppet and the globalist devils pulling his strings.

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  8. Something to lift all our spirits. via InstaPundit. Mark Tapscott writes:


    1. Thanks for sharing that. Some ask what we do now. What true American patriots always do when our backs are against the wall. We do what ever is necessary including fight if we have to. “I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees”. Semper Fi

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      1. Actually, although I have to admit I am not American nor do I live in America, I would rather die on my knees – PRAYING rather than be responsible for the death of anybody who does not yet have a relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I have found as I have walked with Jesus Christ for over 45 years He has never, ever, ever abandoned me or failed me in any way so I see no reason to now believe otherwise. Plus I have seen how efficacious prayer is.

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    1. We should all write, e-mail, call our city, state & fed reps including govnr daily stating our concerns. Firmly & politely stating that they are there to serve us, and their main duty is to KEEP AMERICA FREE.


  9. Biden sold his soul when he repeated publicly that he’d do anything to work for the new world order ‘elite.’ They placed him in that position laughingly (at the American people’s woefully uneducated and trustworthy ignorance of the tube-talker) and a government that is istorically known as gruesomely greedy.

    Now, they gave him what he wanted (oh, they timing of it all — Rockefeller’s Pandemic PDF). He’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, doing their bidding. The same power structure that assassinated John F. Kennedy, and Eisenhower, who warned.

    The Federal Reserve’s globalists — that secret shadowy government ruling from Belgium, and Switzerland (Swiss Bankers) obviously constructed the Georgia Guide-stones. They can’t say they didn’t warn us. We’re facing that now. If you’re following this horror show, as many of us are, its obvious we’re staring down the barrel of a major depopulation… a monolithic in size conspiracy, so well planned, who’s secret’s are buried, no mistakes published, in those secret meetings and secret rulings of secret societies (back of the one dollar bill). They know they have all of us against the wall of damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. They know who we are. Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, William Binney, Russell Rice, Juliane Assange and many others, warned those of us with the courage to get online, knowing we’re spied on and learn the truth than share it far and wide.

    My only question to the author and readers of this site is: What in the hell do we do now?


    1. I have a feeliing God has His own plans with regard to a ‘major depopulation’ – hallelujah!
      By the way not one disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ is ‘damned’ not one of us.
      What do we do now – what God has always called His adopted children to do, preach the gospel whether convenient or not and look up because we do not have much longer before Jesus takes His Bride home, and in the midst of all this: “Trust in the Lord with all our heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He WILL direct your paths”. Proverbs 3:5-6 My emphasis. I have walked with Jesus for 45+ years and He has never, never, never let me down.

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  10. Thank you Leo. Seems strange to be thanking you for information that scares me so terribly.
    Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China………… What can I say there is nothing to do but defend our way of life or march in lockstep off to the gulags.


    1. I had to laugh at your comment and I do hope you will not take offence but I have an over-active imagination and I have been imagining ‘lightening from heaven’ – you see ‘lightening’ is cooking fat such as lard, so I have been imagining pieces of cooking fat raining upon our heads! I do believe you are referring to that which is often followed by thunder – ‘lightning’? I do hope you can laugh with me I have often made similar mistakes?

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  11. There is NO asymptomatic transmission you have to have symptoms to spread a disease. This is a FALSE POSITIVE from the faulty tests. BUT it makes HEALTHY people sick carriers masked isolated and vaccinated. This is all built on lies.

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  12. This individual doesn’t have any idea what way is up! 1st we need shots to survive Covid-19 then we need more to get the shot, then we here we can unmask outside! What? Then the next day, NO you can just wear it indoors, then this then that! Now we hear that we are having breakthrough in those who got vaccinated are now getting covid, no mention of any of those who got Covid and lived and have antibodies from the virus and are protected better than those vaccinated and no mention of the antibodies are protecting us 3 times better than the vaccinations! Who are we to TRUST? The man that got 13 soldiers killed trying to leave Afganistan and had the bad guys in a locked on situation and STOPPED it!
    Confused and just wondering who is in charge!


  13. It’s getting close brother, very close. I’m seeing very angry, heated comments on some blogs I follow like the Burning Platform.


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    1. We were made for this time. The wise understand perfectly what is happening

      I say Bring it! All those who haven’t bowed the knee to Baal and the angelic host are ready. .

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  14. If someone doesn’t stop this crazy man and his “administration”, this will continue on. The president is not suppose to threaten, order, demand, use stolen power, etc. This is infuriating!


    1. Two quotes that make it clear that the current regime is NOT for the benefit of We The People.
      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed . . .”Declaration of Independence, United States of America, 1776
      All presidents but Jefferson have argued that their first job was to keep us safe. All presidents but Jefferson were wrong. If you read the Constitution, you will see that the President’s first job – as Jefferson understood well – is to keep us free.
      Andrew Napolitano


  15. Joe is nothing, just a mouthpiece. Those in charge don’t care if we despise him. He is there to do their bidding; he is a tool, and he will be discarded when he is no longer useful. It is a mistake to hate him or blame him, because his entire purpose is to deflect attention from those really in control.

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  16. I wonder if the globalists want to undermine our federal government.
    So many Americans view him as a senile puppet.
    He’s been compared to Josef Stalin, but the Soviets did not chant “Joe Stalin stinks!” at community events. Lots of people won’t obey. Let the senile fool rage impotently.
    Joe joe is not a king. He spits on the Constitution the American president gets power from. So he has no lawful authority or right!
    Let him come after all the states who won’t venerate him as emperor. He already weakened his PERSONAL military. Not America’s. It would be interesting seeing the feds try to wage guerilla on more than half the states of this country.
    Not sure what his handlers are trying to pull. I think it’s more complicated than it seems.
    This undermining of national governments is going on all around the world now. It may be intentional. And I think the globalists let their workers know they are on their own if things get too hot. Hence the fear of Pelosi since she knows Davos won’t save her. They paid her her thirty pieces and won’t break a sweat if she has a real Marie Antoinette moment.

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  17. Just last week an Army doctor revealed that there have been 80 deaths attributable to the vaccine which was more than all of the Covid deaths among Army personnel. 80 deaths may be attributed to the vaccine but what about other side-effects that while not lethal in the short-term may render one unable to perform their duties or unfit for duty? The long-term effects of the several Covid vaccines have yet to be determined and they may not be pretty. Be aware this vaccine was rushed into use in a few months when most vaccines undergo years of testing and clinical trials. Moreover, these vaccines are unique in that the pharmaceutical companies have absolute immunity from lawsuits should injury or death result. Not even the government will reimburse you for treatment should you fall victim to any of the so-called “rare” side-effects. Biden may have his mandate but there is no assurance you are covered if the jabs cause you harm.


    1. This from Vlad Tepes:
      One doctor estimates the time frames for adverse mRNA effects


  18. Thank You Leo! We really appreciate your diligent reporting and telling it like it is!
    Old Jo really thinks he’s hot stuff today, in a little while, he’s gonna be much hotter!


    1. But you know it’s a matter of time until smaller and still smaller businesses are swallowed up in similar mandates.


    2. Trump could have prevented all of this, but instead cut and ran like a coward. He did not defend our land from foreign and domestic enemies as he swore to, hand on bible. The buck stops there. Reagan he is not. Never a do over!!

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