Did Biden’s DOJ just green-light employer-forced vaccine mandates?

The corporate media is making much ado about the U.S. Department of Justice issuing a legal opinion that employer mandates of the Covid shots are “legal.”

Are they hoping their readers and viewers are unable to tell the difference between a DOJ “opinion” and a Supreme Court opinion? It certainly looks that way.

In a July 6 memorandum opinion for the deputy counsel to the president, the DOJ magically “determined” there’s no federal law that prohibits “public or private entities from imposing vaccination requirements, even when the only vaccines available are those with [Emergency Use Authorization].”

Let’s be frank. This is a case of one arm of the Biden administration telling another arm of the Biden administration what it wanted to hear.

EUA status means the so-called “vaccines” haven’t been licensed for use but were allowed to be rushed to market due to a declared health emergency by former President Donald Trump. They are still “investigational,” according to the FDA, and everyone who’s received one is part of a massive human experiment.

Final say on whether an arm of the government or a corporate employer can legally mandate people to get the shots will rest with the courts, probably the U.S. Supreme Court.

But the DOJ could not resist the urge to weigh in on the budding controversy of whether employers should be allowed to jump out of their lane and interfere in their employees’ personal medical decisions — something that has never before happened in U.S. history.

This is nothing but a political opinion coming out of a totally politicized DOJ that provides cover for the Biden regime and its corporate cronies on Wall Street, and we all know Corporate America is desperate to get this experimental serum into the arm of every American 12 years old and up. They are evil and will do anything for profit if they think they can get away with it.

Pfizer, one of the three U.S. companies granted EUA permission for its Covid vaccines, announced Tuesday it has upped its already exponentially high earnings forecasted for 2021 by another 30 percent, meaning the vaccine has exceeded even its wildest dreams in terms of financial success. Moderna likewise expects record profits. What a wonder to have the government buy your product, launch a massive ad campaign at taxpayer expense to promote your product, and then your fellow travelers on Wall Street chime in to mandate that their customers and employees consume your product.

Never mind that the product doesn’t even work. USA Today quickly scrubbed a reference to an NBC News report Tuesday that cited an anonymous source inside the federal government saying vaccinated people are spreading the Delta variant to the non-vaccinated.

And CDC director Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday “we may be only a few mutations away,” from the virus totally evading the vaccinations. She then went on to say that “vaccine passports may be the path forward.” Hint, hint.

The propaganda campaign surrounding these shots has been unprecedented, not just in America but worldwide, in spite of the fact that Covid-19 has a survival rate of more than 99 percent for healthy individuals, even higher in school-age children.

See, also from LeoHohmann.com, Who’s calling the shots? Push is on to mask up and shoot up the school children: What parents need to know

The DOJ is simply putting us on notice that it will refuse to do its job of enforcing current U.S. law. It won’t be filing any lawsuits or criminal charges against employers or government agencies that violate both the U.S. Constitution and federal law by disrespecting the personal bodily autonomy of American citizens.

[For a more detailed legal analysis of this issue, see COVID-19 Vaccines and Emergency Use Authorization Challenges, National Law Review, July 26, 2021]

There is a good argument to make that telling someone they must inject an unknown substance based on an all-new technology, completely untested for the long-term impact on the human body, violates the Fourth Amendment.

If the state, let alone a private company, is prohibited from breaking into your home and sifting through your personal effects without a warrant, how is it OK to break your skin with a needle and put a bio-chemical agent into your bloodstream?

This DOJ opinion has absolutely no binding legal authority, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the day’s news headlines.

The motivation behind this opinion is as obvious as the toothy grin on Biden’s face: To send a message of intimidation to Americans and convince them that they might as well give up right now in their fight against vaccine mandates and totalitarian digital health passports.

The federal Emergency Use law that allows the FDA to authorize new drugs to be administered to the public before being licensed is crystal clear that persons receiving such drug treatments must have the “option to accept or refuse.”

Despite this clear “option to accept or refuse” language, and despite admitting the FDA has publicly affirmed this “option to accept or refuse,” the DOJ memo says it does not mean you have the option to refuse. 

The “option to accept or refuse,” the DOJ asserts, is met merely by telling people they have the “option to accept or refuse,” and, once told, people can be forced to take these shots.

Mat Staver, attorney and chairman of Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel, said the DOJ’s logic is “akin to interpreting the Miranda Rights to mean once you have been told ‘You have the option to remain silent,’ then you can be forced to talk! This is absurd.”

But of course the mainstream media was all over the story, spinning it as if the DOJ had just issued the final, authoritative word on vaccine mandates.

More surprising was how some conservative news outlets walked right into the DOJ’s propaganda trap, coming out with their own deceptively headlined articles.

Both Fox News and the Epoch Times posted headlines saying the DOJ had “declared vaccine mandates legal.”

Anyone who passed political science 101 in freshman year of college knows the DOJ, as a federal agency of the executive branch, doesn’t have the authority to “DECLARE” anything legal or illegal. They are a law enforcement agency, specifically set up to enforce federal laws.

Who are they to tell us what’s legal or illegal? They don’t make federal laws [the job of the Congress] and they don’t interpret laws [the job of the courts]. They are neither a legislative body nor a court.

The DOJ, like anyone else, is entitled to have an opinion. But that’s all it is. An opinion. It is utterly meaningless other than to inform us which federal laws this agency intends to enforce and which laws it intends to not enforce.

The federal Emergency Use Authorization law passed by Congress more than two decades ago does require that drugs still in the FDA’s “investigational” stages may be allowed to be administered during an “emergency” but such drugs must remain optional at the patients’ discretion.

The DOJ knows this. They simply don’t want to enforce the law.

But even if there was no such federal law, the DOJ has no say over the numerous state laws that have banned vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. A few states, like Montana, have banned this type of medical tyranny from being implemented by both government and private industry while a larger number of mostly red states have banned only government agencies from requiring people to be vaccinated.

The DOJ has become a rogue federal agency that selectively enforces laws based on its political opinion.

But the question remains, why did both Fox News and the Epoch Times choose to deceive their readers by suggesting in their headlines that the DOJ had just “declared” the law of the land on vaccine mandates? Either they are completely bereft of understanding with regard to our Constitution and how it lays out the separation of powers via a system known as federalism, or they are involved in the mass propaganda campaign surrounding these shots. 

Shame on Fox. Shame on the Epoch Times. We expect more of you.

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34 thoughts on “Did Biden’s DOJ just green-light employer-forced vaccine mandates?”

  1. Good catch. Thank you! And many good comments. Wow, article finally made the circle clear. Ok so … when govt and Wall St media false stats and narratives, staged events like jon rahm and fear mongering failed -> US citizens and children illegally forced to take “free” gmo injection by public and private entities made unafraid by promise of no prosecution for violating rights -> govts and insurance pay unscrupulous Wall St $$$ per injection (and related Wall St like corps with contracts to deliver vaccines, techno vaxpasses, test kits, etc etc) -> Wall St makes $$$ (Pfizer $95 bn projected) -> then contributes back to dems and sold out repubs (and pols fearful of losing corp donors) (or advertisers) for 2022 and 2024 elections because UNDavosNWO wants to complete fake great reset global coup.
    No injections here, good Lord willing, and my prayers go to those suffering pressures.


  2. It is just a memo to gaslight the issue. The memo itself had about 3 or 4 federal codes against their implication. But if you think the “laws” will save you, then you have another thing coming. An approved magic potion will come soon because the Fall and Winter are coming, and they only have 1/2 of the country vaxxed. They need 70%. If you take away 70% of the population, then the “projected” number is the same as Daegel’s prediction.


  3. I have to remind myself how not-so-baffling all of what we’re witnessing really is when considering the state of Public Schools. As someone told me in the early 2000s, “Every parent should work in the P.S. classroom for a month.” Not even that new– some of my peers are clueless and lecture me from T.V. info b/c education was a socializing event leaving them unable to reason outside of immediate necessities. . . now school is a Jerry Springer & Socialist fiasco. Exasperating.

    Fox and E.T. is a conglomeration of “journalists”. We have to pick our battles and our sources.

    Thank you, Leo, for diligent investigation and holding the line of truth.


  4. A WARNING coming to a place near you soon. I live in Cyprus, a small island in the eastern Mediterranean just off the coasts of Turkey and Syria. Anybody who does not have a ‘SafePass’ (in other words proof they have been jabbed) or proof of testing in the previous 72 hours is no longer allowed into the vast majaority of establisments, including supermarkets, bakeries, greengrocers, petrol stations, post offices local and citywide. This means we can only buy petrol (gas) late at night when the place is unmanned and we can use our credit card, we can only shop online and the stores do not necessarily sell the products you want to buy, I have to make my own bread, we are not allowed to collect any mail or parcels which have come from abroad. We are now waiting to see if pharmacies, doctors, medical specialists, hospitals, dentists, hairdressers and barbers will follow suit. Obviously we have long since been banned from all places of entertainment, sport and worship, I feel as though I need a small bell to ring and a placard to hang around my neck saying ‘unclean’. This will not stop at just Cyprus, guys, please be aware.
    PS I will NOT be taking the ‘jab’!

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    1. I’ve been trying to warn people for well over a year now that this was where we were heading, that forced facemasking was merely a prelude to forced injecting. Most chose to ignore that warning. They donned their facemasks and obeyed the beast system. Many thought this could never happen in their particular neck of the woods. Now I implore everyone, this is what was foretold in Revelation 13 by John of Patmos. If this is not shaping up to be the mark of the beast, or a direct forerunner to it, then I don’t know what is. If it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck then is it not a duck? Again, it could be a set up for the mark and not the mark itself, but either way, it means we are either in the tribulation period or about to enter it. By submitting to the beast system it should tell you something about yourself. If you submitted to the pressure of the system, how will you be able to withstand the pressure of the beast (antichrist) who eventually takes control of this evil system?

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      1. I won’t be here, either because of my age or . . . you know what I could say don’t you Leo? XXX
        I can appreciate your frustration and I do thank you for your response.

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      2. Definitely a precursor to the Tribulation events– the red carpet was rolled out for THE Anti-Christ several years ago. We seem to be in a separation of the wheat from the tares (weeds) moment. With many so easily distracted and demanding the Gospel speak only of ‘benefits, entitlements and rights’, (tickling ears) it’s going to be devastating for the unprepared/ill-informed.

        In 2007, I came across an article regarding a journalist who called the Junior Senator from Illinois ‘Osama” rather than ‘Obama’. Whether a typo, I don’t know, but I have always believed the writer was sending a subliminal warning. Barry was livid so I wanted to find out who this self-aggrandizing individual was pitching such a fit. I had another blog in 2007 and warned from the bottom of my heart well before he threw his hat in the ring– to no avail. I was called everything except a child of God. We try, Leo.

        This a.m., I read an encouraging piece that reminded me how Noah warned for 120 years and no one listened, but he & his few were safe and dry in the Ark when it “came a flood”. It’s only our responsibility to extend the invitation. Thank you for excellent efforts, Leo.

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      3. Numerous Jesuits are playing a “BIG” role in this COVID Inquisition. The history of the Jesuits cannot be denied; they hold loyalty to Papal Hierarchy more so than the Bible as well as the civil realm. The Constitution takes a back seat – just look at all the lawlessness with the Socialistic Democrats, etc. Their agenda is still the Counter Reformation. You are right Leo, this could very well be a forerunner to the Image of the Beast where true Christians will be contrasted against false Christians; and all the other religions of the World; the analogy is like that of Cain and Abel. Christ and His Saints will be glorified. Will one’s faith be in Christ and His Word Alone; or will one’s faith be in the Church/State and its false hierarchical dominance of Canon Laws, etc. ? Biden is literally following and trying to implement the will of Pope Francis in our civil lives. Papal Laws and Agendas are trying to coerce and change our US civil laws and freedoms. The Spanish Inquisition is just one example of how the Papacy tries to “rule” through civil leaders. How far this goes,
        God only knows. Come Lord Jesus. (Rev 22:20).


      4. This is much bigger that the Vatican or the Jesuits. This is about setting up the one-world beast system spoken of in Revelation. Yes, the Vatican under Francis is promoting this evil system but I don’t see them as being at the very head of it.

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      5. Me neither, mind you all Christians should be able to work out who is the real driving force behind it all! Let’s not forget there is a being who absolutely hates everything about us because God loves us and he will do everything he can to destroy us. He fails, of course, but his pride does not permit him to see that. Also he is God’s devil and he does not see that either.

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      6. By the time it is time for the Mark of the Beast, (Revelation 13:16.17) there will not be other ‘religions’ there will just be the One World Religion and those who are Christians will be executed for not taking the Mark. Who would have thought that we would ever see such a precursor to the Mark as this and it is worldwide, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this!

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    2. Thank you for echoing the warning Julia. Yes, this same systemic pressure to conform to the wisdom of the world is happening all over right now. No one will be able to hide from this evil, at least not for long.

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    3. No jab for me, either, Julia. Pretty shocking to read your words and consider how drastically the world changed so quickly (but not really)!! Birth pangs– more intense and more frequent, indeed!! Maranatha!! Thank you for trying to help us “see”.


      1. You’re very welcome, I enjoy what you write too on this blog, the writer of which I admire tremendously even if he and I disagree on one or two ‘biblical’ things!

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  5. My argument has always been “If I’m healthy then I can participate in society no questions asked. If I’m sick the I’ll stay home until I recover”.

    I’m seeing this ridiculous trend of “community health” advertising that makes absolutely no sense if taken to its logical conclusion . It’s just another step in the US governments complete takeover of our healthcare system.

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      1. by Saul Alinsky who learnt his politics from Antonio Gramsci – now there’s somebody to look up. I believe Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is night time reading the the Clintons et al? I doubt Joe reads it though, a little bit too cerebral for him I suspect!

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  6. Since when did we ever vaccinate with an old strain? Ok, let’s not bother tracking the new strains of flu for this year, let’s just use 2019s

    . . .and my brain is melting but I can still work out simple logic


  7. Yes; and Biden is the biggest colassal fuck up in the history of American Presidents. Miss you Leo/ dave



  8. I’m wondering whether people under vaccine mandates could assemble copies of the appropriate section of the Nuremberg Code, U.S. law or regulations governing EUA, and any other relevant FDA regulations to present to the entity demanding injection. (There is a statement somewhere that experimental treatments cannot be called either safe or effective.) This information on a single page, with precise citations, might have an effect. Many people are extremely ignorant and believe what they’re told. They believe that EUA is FDA approval. They believe the vaccines are safe and effective. They believe they’re doing the righteous thing. It would be worth trying to show them how these edicts violate both existing law and bodily autonomy.

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  9. This is great info and perspective. I have 2 questions of utmost concern.

    1.). I need info and ammunition to support my case to not be forced to take this vaccine by my employer who is a private firm and/or a family owned business, similar to the 4th Amendment reference you made. I reside in FL and our Corp office is out of Wisconsin.

    2.). I’m reading so many businesses who suggest that if you don’t vaccinate, you have to agree to be tested frequently. Question, who pays for these tests? If the employee is being forced to pay, are there any legal grounds to stand on to suggest it be the employers responsibility to pay for these tests?

    Thank you


    1. Go to peggy hall thehealthyamerican.org she has many remedys for this….. you absolutelly do not have to take a test…… which is fraud! also lew rockwell has many writers that talk about this!


  10. The Obama administration was notorious for not enforcing the law. The Biden administration? Deja vu all over again.


    1. I was waiting for this moment. My employer, an international airport in SC, has mandated weekly testing for all employees who aren’t vaxxed. Those who test positive must use their sick leave which is finite. Those who are positive, but have received a vax, can take time off free of charge with full pay. This is not related to TSA. They say they are doing this so everyone feels safe, and so they do not have to force a vax policy. I’m sure that’s coming though.

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      1. Steve, if I was in your shoes, I would not allow them to test me because that’s a violation of my bodily autonomy. That’s just me. I would have to find another job, even if it was lower pay. No job is worth giving authority over my body to someone other than myself and then allowing them to try to gaslight me and make me the bad guy if I refuse. No. I refuse to go there. That’s a slippery slope to totalitarianism.

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    2. The one thing about all this that still bothers me is that your article says nothing about whether it is legal for them to mandate a vaccine that is approved and is no longer EUA. What would stop them from just coercing the FDA to approve it and then suddenly it’s legal to mandate it? Isn’t it a violation of the Nuremberg Codes to force any medical treatment whether it’s approved or not?


      1. It would still be against our Constitution, against almost all international norms for human rights, and against our God-given natural rights. But once it’s no longer considered “experimental” then I don’t believe the Nuremberg codes still apply. It’s my understanding that the Nuremberg codes only apply to experimental medical treatments.


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