Segregation returns to America as universities threaten, harass, intimidate unvaxxed students

Millions of students across the United States are waking up to the reality that getting a college education now requires them to submit to a new medical treatment that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers experimental.

Some are halfway or more into their degree programs, with tens of thousands of dollars in student-loan debt amassed, only to now find out they cannot finish their degrees unless they submit to an all-new “vaccine” using mRNA gene therapy that has already caused thousands of serious adverse reactions in young people.

Some classes can be taken online but not those requiring lab work or hands-on training, meaning if you don’t get the required injection, you don’t graduate.

Evidence of an emerging two-tiered society is difficult to overlook — a society in which young people face immeasurable pressure to inject something into their bodies that they fear is much more dangerous than the disease it claims, without much scientific data, to prevent. The COVID recovery rate in people aged 17 to 22 is known to be 99.9 percent but the long-term health impact of the shots will be anybody’s guess.

The average age of people dying of COVID in America is 77. For someone that age, the long term risks of an experimental vaccine may not be that big of a deal.

But what if you’re 18 or 20 years old and have another 60 or 70 years of life ahead of you?

Dr. Peter McCullough, the most highly cited U.S. medical doctor in COVID-19 treatments, said in a July 19 interview with Brannon Howse that the CDC has documented 2,000 cases of myocarditis, which involves inflammation of the heart, in vaccinated people under age 30.

McCullough, a cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist on the medical staff at Baylor University in Texas, said he has personally been very busy in recent weeks treating young people with vaccine-related injuries, most of them permanent injuries involving cases in which the COVID spike protein collected in the heart, the blood vessels, the brain, the ovaries and other organs.

Myocarditis, a condition involving inflammation of the heart, is just one of the problems he’s treating.

“They need heart-failure medication, three to six months of no physical activity. Can you imagine having 20 million college kids put under the menace of being given vaccination and then an array of unlucky kids who develop myocarditis and it’s going to screw up their college or high school education in the next few years?” McCullough told Howse. “It’s really extraordinary. And I ‘ve been on national TV multiple times, and listen, nobody under 30 ought to consider this vaccine under any circumstances. Myocarditis is one of the reasons.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD.

He’s also seeing cases of Bells Palsy, partial paralysis or blindness and ringing in the ears. Most of these conditions are not showing up until six to eight months after people were given the injections, he said.

A majority of the more than 400 U.S. college campuses mandating the shot are offering religious exemptions, but getting such an exemption is not always easy. In fact, some schools are making it incredibly difficult to opt out on the basis of one’s religious convictions.

The intransigence of some university administrators on this issue may be nowhere better exemplified than at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), a private university in Monroe, Louisiana, where three students have been denied religious exemptions and are now threatening to sue the school.

One of the many public-interest law firms being inundated with requests for legal help from students across the country is the Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel.

The law firm sent a demand letter dated July 20 to officials at VCOM on behalf of the three medical students who were denied religious exemptions. They also claim to have been threatened and harassed by school officials, all because they refuse to take a COVID injection that they believe violates their faith.

VCOM has campuses not only in Louisiana but also in Auburn, Alabama; Spartanburg, South Carolina; and Blacksburg, Virginia.

It bills itself as America’s “most affordable private medical school” and is focused on preparing students to be “globally minded, community-focused physicians” willing to practice in underserved rural locations, according to its website.

But when the three students applied for religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate, the school’s administrators balked. 

The students, identified only as R., S., and K. were notified that the administration was requiring them to receive a COVID-19 “vaccine” as a pre-condition of enrollment and participation in on-campus classes and activities, according to Liberty Counsel.

Students at the college are also required to wear masks until they provide proof of vaccination.

Louisiana law requires all colleges to grant an exemption from a vaccine upon receipt of a “basic written dissent” from the student.

The students exceeded the state’s legal requirement by completing the school’s forms, submitting their own personal letters, and statements from their ministers confirming that having the injection violates their sincerely held beliefs.

One student also opposes the shots because all three COVID-vaccine providers, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, used aborted fetal cell lines in the testing phase. J&J also uses aborted fetal cell lines in its deployment or distribution.

“This student believes life begins at conception and the intentional destruction of a human life is sinful,” reported Liberty Counsel in a press release. “Her sincerely held religious beliefs prevents her from participating directly or indirectly in abortion or the destruction of human life.”

According to Liberty Counsel, the school not only denied the students’ exemption requests but created a “snitch” program targeting students who refuse to get vaccinated.

The students have received threatening emails and have been told they could be suspended or expelled if they continue their studies without taking the shot. Other harassments have included “singling them out in front of other students for embarrassing confrontations,” the letter to VCOM states.

“Liberty Counsel will not permit VCOM to continue its harassing conduct against our clients, nor to affix an embarrassing ‘Scarlet Letter’ to them by policy, words or deeds,” the letter concludes. “Prompt approval of the students’ exemption requests is necessary to prevent further action by Liberty Counsel.”

The school policy states:

“In order to create a safe workplace, and one where physicians who care for patients, university athletes, and others, to avoid transmitting COVID-19 the faculty who work on campus as well as the students must participate in vaccination. This prevents the spread of COVID-19 between the students in the classroom, the employees on campus, and the patients being cared for. VCOM expects a medical student to be informed on and stay abreast of evidence-based medicine rather than the media or political opinion regarding COVID-19. There is a predominance of evidence that vaccination is the only means to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and lead to an assurance for the health and welfare of patients.” 

However, the medical school seems to ignore the federal government’s VAERS data, which reports 10,991 deaths and more than 41,000 serious injuries from the COVID shots as of July 9.

“It is shocking that a medical school would violate federal and state law and medical evidence to threaten these students to succumb to an experimental drug,” said Mat Staver, chairman and founder of Liberty Counsel.

Meanwhile, the casualties continue to mount, says Dr. McCullough.

“Most of what I’ve mentioned are permanent. That is the great fear. The neurological ones are very worrisome, and so we’re seeing these now in practice six or nine months later,” he said. “The first thing the patients ask is, ‘Am I going to have this ringing in my ears forever or is this going to go away?’ Or, a patient reports ‘my face is paralyzed on one side, is it going to get partially better or am I going to be stuck with my face contorted?'”

McCullough said anyone considering these vaccines ought to be asking serious questions.

“And by golly, the CDC ought to come clean. And really start to describe what’s going on,” he said. “They hold all the clinical data, all the clinical vignettes. So when the CDC says there are 2,000 cases of myocarditis, I don’t think Americans should doubt that. What they should doubt is, why in the world is the CDC being silent on this? Why aren’t we having formal safety reports? Why aren’t we having risk mitigation? Why aren’t we doing something to make this safer? How can we just try to force every high school and college student right into this threat of heart injury, neurologic injury? It’s unconscionable.”

Staver said university administrators seem to ignore the fact that the COVID injections are not licensed by the FDA and are still in the investigation and experimental phase.

The COVID vaccine was only allowed on the market because President Trump declared a national health emergency, which allowed the products to be rushed to market under the federal Emergency Use Authorization law. This law explicitly states that such treatments must remain “optional” and based on “informed consent.”

“Even if they were licensed by the FDA, employers and schools must respect a person’s personal and religious decision to not inject a drug into their body,” Staver said. “No school may force or coerce anyone to take these injections, and certainly not when doing so violates sincerely held religious beliefs.” 

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry also sent a letter to VCOM officials on behalf of the three medical students, stating: “I am committed to defending the students’ right to make informed, individualized choices about whether to receive COVID-19 vaccines. I will pursue any legal means available to ensure that the rights of Louisiana residents attending VCOM are protected from both overt and covert coercion, harassment, and retaliation by VCOM for asserting their legal rights.” 

One of the first U.S. cases of students suing a university over the right not to be vaccinated did not go well for the students. This case involved a group of students at Indiana University, where a Trump-appointed federal U.S. District judge, Damon Leichty, denied an injunction sought by several students this week who objected to the university’s vaccine mandate. This case is sure to get appealed and the issue will likely be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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50 thoughts on “Segregation returns to America as universities threaten, harass, intimidate unvaxxed students”

  1. Isn’t that despicable!! To think there is no choice for your own health, your own body, your own freedom of choice. Where is this-Nazi Germany?


  2. The spike protein in the ‘injection’ sticks to and embeds into the capillary walls. Part of the protruding spike slowing blood flow, leading to blood clots. These clots are too small to show up on a scan. This is IRREVERSIBLE and incurable. The signs are headache, nausea, breathlessness and dizziness. 62% will get this from the ‘injection’! Blood pressure in the lungs rises, and the heart will fail in 3 years! NOT PRETTY. ”YouTube. Dr. Charles Hoffe. COVID-19. Get the latest information from the DDC about COVID-19”. BTW Ivermectin prophylaxis in Argentina showed 100% prevention.. 2. ”TrialSiteNews. How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps”. Interview with the embarrassed, (we messed up etc), inventor of the MRNA vax/injection!! 3. And make sure all get supplemented with Vit.D3. ”Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) – YouTube”. By Prof Roger Seheult. MD” . Why not? Because the poorly informed and controlled Health Authorities dare not upset Big Pharma and the US FDA!


  3. American Jonestown. College kids being mandated to take the jab. Monstrous crime.


  4. Let me get this straight. People who ARE vaccinated and therefore, protected from the virus, are still trying to push around people who choose not to be vaccinated? Sounds extremely fishy.


      1. And the FAKE ‘right’ conservatards like Sean INSANITY, Trump and others pushing this POISON


      2. As what you have written could have been in double Dutch for all I understand of it I can only assume that, as ever, we are divided by a common language. May God bless you.


  5. Figures vary now from 5000 to 150,000 DEAD IN US BECAUSE OF THIS POISON THAT MAY BE SELF-SPREADING like the 1918 PLANDEMIC SPANISH FLU /SMALLPOX VACCINE. Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ at “WARP SPEED” Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT! BOTH parties in the US are two sides of the SAME COIN.


    1. Is there a possibility you could rewrite that without using the unnecessary capital letters and creating sentences which are a little more comprehensible as I have no idea what it is you are trying to say. I found the more I read, the harder it was to read because of the capital letters and the ungrammatical structure of the sentences. I am sure you wished to say something important to us but I am blowed if I can figure out what!


      1. ROFL Poor kid. Well if CAPS make you all triggered and ascared and you cant figure this out, not much hope for you Junior. Get out of mommy’s basement and grow that ROOM TEMP IQ you got there. Its real simple. Trump is the same treasonous SLIME that slurps the hind end of our ENEMY ISRAEL just like Biden and he brought US the poison vaccine. I’m sure others with real brains will get it.


      2. Wow, gee, thanks for that, as I am 78 years old (dob 23.04.43) I found it highly amusing. Obviously you Americans do not know how to cope with plain English speech do you? Oh dear! Anyway, thanks for the laugh although I am sure it was not your intention. As for “mommy’s basement” that’s hilarious, we don’t do basements in the UK, nor where I live these days either, I hasten to add it is at least seven thousand miles away from the US, in fact you can fly to Tel Aviv in 55 minutes from where I live!
        Also I love the implication I have no brains, gosh nobody told God and lo and behold He has given me some, in fact the IQ He has given me is 152, my daughter’s is 175 (she is a consultant surgeon) and my son’s is 182 (he is a lawyer and a cyber security expert) – not bad eh, for somebody allegedly, by you, brainless! Again, it is glorious to go to bed in a cheerful mood, thanks a bunch. Now may the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, only unique (monogenes – one-of-a-kind) Son of Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and Saviour of all who put their faith/trust in Him and in His life, death and resurrection bless you mightily, may you come to know what a stonkingly brilliant God He is.


  6. Yeah, right. “Segregation”…
    Wake up – this was done all over Europe and Roosevelt, (whose Jewish predecessors owned slave ships),
    Bankrupted this country and caused even more genocide in USSR,) saved the literal beating heart of what we’re being dragged into;
    Bolshevik Communism.


    1. Seeing as how my birth mother did not have a clue who my father was he could have been a serial killer for all we know. In other words, what do the ancestors of a former President of the US have to do with anything? If you knew your New Testament better you would know that, as far as God is concerned, we are not accountable for the sins of our antecedents, only for our own and, as far as that is concerned, Jesus has given us a way out! Another thing, your comment was racist, why should it be brought to our notice that Roosevelt had a Jewish background? In what way did that comment educate us, upbuild us, encourage us, especially if ‘we’ are Jewish?


      1. I have just emailed Leo to ask him to remove your comment, I do not think in all my 78 years on this earth I have ever read anything directed at me which is so incredibly offensive, rude, ignorant, callous and painful and I am in tears which, I presume, was what you were aiming for. You serve your master well.
        That which I posted was intended as a bit of light-hearted humour. Whatever you do please do NOT tell me you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth because that would be an utter lie. Right at this moment before I am able to get over how I am feeling and seek my Lord for the ability to forgive you I am so glad that my future destiny is the exact opposite of the one you will be experiencing based on your comment above. Perhaps, in time, I will be able to pray for you.
        PS Just because a woman becomes pregnant without the benefit of matrimony does not mean she is a whore, nor does it mean that the bastard child is beyond redemption.


  7. I listened to a Breakpoint Podcast that had a guest that assured us that there was no aborted fetal tissue in the Vax and there were no moral qualms. Be that as it may (and it sounds like the J & J may have it in it anyway), if it isn’t in the shot but it was used to create/test the shot; then they are still immorally bound to the abortion issue and we should have the right to know that.


  8. I would recommend also Excellent analysis of where we are in these last hours. She also has had J.D. Farag and Jack Hobbs and Mr. Leo
    Hohmann also on her one hour interviews Saturdays and Sundays.
    Blessing’s to all


    1. Ooops! I presume you were referring to Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California? 😉


  9. JD Farag from Hawaii (another Calvary pastor) also is excellent. To listen to his messages go to


    1. He is another favourite next to Jack Hibbs, then you could add Amair Tsarfati, Jan Markell, Terry James, Dr Andy Woods, Prophecy Watchers – all dispensationalists and all lovers of the Lord Jesus Chrisf of Nazareth.


  10. For clear teaching of scripture, there are few today . Jack Hibbs Calvary Chapel Chino Hills is one of them, coming from a person who lives in Québec


  11. And Kamala has the audacity to claim biblical principles are instructive to agree to take the vax from a “love thy neighbor” strategy. She always has a “you stupid suckers” smirk, even when she tries to look serious.
    Short of repentance, I am happy not to be in the position of many of these blind leading the blind into the ditch when they meet our Maker. This “crisis” has depopulation written all over it.
    For those in the USA spouting biblical principles as a mandate to obey government authority– that would be the Constitution, which has not been respected for decades–a little here, a little there.
    Pretty fascinatingly disgusting to watch.
    Thank you, Leo.


    1. I believe that a lot of Christians, or faithful church attendees, have been too brainwashed into believing that a good Christian should always obey those in authority over them because they were placed there by God. Whereas if they would only dig a little deeper into God’s Word they would find out what it is God requires of those who are in authority over us and if they are not working righteously then there is no mandate for us to obey them. We need to obey God first and foremost and too many in authority, including pastors, have been telling us to obey governments, etc which have been infiltrated by satan, whether overtly or covertly.

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      1. Julia, Two words stood out from the sermon at a church I visited this past Sunday (07/18/2021): “Ecumenical” and “compromise”. Some (many) are not Christ-followers and some ideologies are not worthy of discussion, much less compromise. Perhaps he was just not making his point clearly but it struck me as a sure path to confusion and it seems to be a case of ‘covertly’ b/c he is sincere yet failed go further than Acts 15 to teach how we approach/settle dissensions. We are inundated with “opinions”, when “the whole counsel of God” is necessary for clarity.
        Blessings to you and yours, Sister-in-Christ.


      2. As the Greeks would say: “epeisis” – it means ‘back at you’ in a nice way and I live in a Greek speaking country. I still have the very first Bible I ever had some 45 years ago when I first became a disciple of Jesus and I have written down one side of the frontispieace “Compromise is the Killer of Christianity” – and I have stuck with that, even, perhaps, sometimes to losing out. I have to admit you mentioned the two words I hate most within Christian circles, ‘compromise’ and ‘ecumenical’, neither of them has an ounce of godliness attached to them.
        With regard to sincerity, I am sure the devil is very ‘sincere’ in his desire to destroy mankind and he is working even harder to that end as he knows his time is short.
        I am very ancient now and I have absolutely no time for ‘pastors’ who have been destroyed by seminaries or who are just too full of themselves and require the ‘church’ to serve them. I come from England – from the north and we are known for being plain spoken and I do not suffer fools gladly. It beomes a bit too much when you hear preaching where you are the only two who have brought their bibles and you are getting to the scriptures mentioned even before the preacher is getting there, it tells you it is time to go, especially when 27+% of the Bible is censored and the whole counsel of God is not taught nor is the Word taught expositionally – it is too easy to pick themes – it is another matter entirely to go through a whole book verse by verse, I could not do it!
        See you there or in the air!


  12. I would not be surprised if this isn’t coming from Dr. “Falsey.” In the same manner he required (extorted) the medical industry to falsely report cv-19 deaths. He is probably threating to pull federal funding for colleges. Follow the money
    Just my humble opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adding to the above post:
      Or, the more likely approach of the Fed’s to bring the colleges & universities into line is to use consent decrees. Just as they, the Fed’s, are using to bring police departments, nationwide, to follow “federal management guidelines.” The Fed’s threaten to sue a city or police department if they don’t comply. The police department cannot afford to defend themselves against the Fed Gum-met. They forced to sign a 25 + page consent decree. Buried it those 25 + pages are the words: “Thou shall require jabs” and, remain silent, i.e., do not disclose!

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  13. I have managed to sneak some of this into a comment on The Times newspaper (UK) today, let’s see how long it lasts!

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  14. Numerous universities and establishments have high financial stakes to protect since they’re directly linked to the “vaxx project”, which is actually a sinister scheme to achieve globalism by “thinning the herd”. The search enterprise google for example owns youtube, a video platform which has censored multitudes of credible scientists and doctors warning of the dangers regarding the covid vax. The same google is in partnership with the US military which in turn is engaged in the creation of transhuman tests and possibilities including eugenics. Regarding the eugenics issue, what we have often seen by the biden regime regarding ‘white supremacy’ is a sly manipulation to annihilate non-whites including anyone who is anti-globalism, while using the cover of “racism”. After all, biden and his family along with the majority in that party and their globalist affiliates are largely whites and won’t destroy themselves.


  15. Leo – incredible. thank you.
    IF any person needed any more proof that this is demonically inspired to dominate, manipulate, control and MURDER mankind then the various brave doctors have proved this beyond ant reasonable doubt.

    Hear in Cyprus those who have not taken any of this poison are being prevented from entering large shops, however, the Wuhan virus seems to know when not to enter small shops with less than 20 customers as these shops have no such restriction!!! AND still folks REFUSE to see the STUPIDITY of that!!!!

    Lord Jesus please strengthen us to hold onto you even when we tremble in the face of such persecution, helps us to stand strong until the end, be that Rapture or … Come Lord Jesus Please Come.

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  16. If they’re gonna do the vax segregation then maybe we should reintroduce black and white segregation just to remind them of what that was like.
    For a crowd that prides themselves on being “ inclusive” they clearly don’t want to include people who don’t want an untested experimental and dangerous medication in their system and they certainly don’t want to include Christians or anyone who has conservative values. Even though those values are the very values that made America great they don’t want them. Noooooo they want to include communist values.
    Those values that have lead to the soulless destruction of so many failed states and millions of lives slaughtered and starved to death.
    THAT they want to include!
    But if you don’t want to put a poison in your system that lying politicians and media push then you must be segregated as some kind of modern day leper.
    But don’t worry too much those vax refusers. Time is on your side and you’ll only hafta put up with their deranged hate for a very short while.
    Within 3 years all those that took the vax will be dead & then you’ll be the only ones to be included in life as death includes all the idiots.

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  17. This is the beast system. And, it’s serious. Please don’t get the vax. Your eternal soul is in danger if you do.


    1. I agree and not often with a Catholic but I agree with this bishop too.

      Evidence: Satanic temple suing texas over abortion being their religious right.
      “a ceremonial affirmation of self-worth and bodily autonomy that integrates the abortive process”

      July 21 2021: “Archbishop Viganò: Vaccines made with fetal tissue are a ‘human sacrifice of innocent victims offered to Satan’
      Viganò sees that “abortion is proposed by the Satanists as a true and proper religious rite,” arguing that in this Satanic world view, through an abortion-tainted vaccine, one becomes a member of the Satanic anti-church. He writes that Satan claims, “through the pharmaceutical companies that use fetal tissue from abortions to manufacture a so-called vaccine that is presented in the delirium of Covid-19 as a sacrament of salvation by which one is incorporated into the ‘mystical body’ of Satan, the globalist anti-church.”
      “Mors Tua Vita Mea (Your death is my life) is the title of the Italian book on the abortion-tainted coronavirus vaccines ””The ancient pagan rituals – omnes dii gentium demonia, says the Psalm – live again today in the sacrificial offering that unfortunate mothers believe can be claimed as a right.”
      “But who are the mothers who, denying their very nature, agree to kill their own child? The majority of them are women in their first pregnancy, unaware of the horror they are about to commit and the remorse that will accompany them forever. Here are the first-born to be consecrated to Satan: the children of unfortunate mothers and spoiled girls, who discover what it means to be mothers precisely in not wanting to be so, instead perverting their femininity by reducing it to a bargaining chip or an instrument of ephemeral enjoyment, in the name of rights which they claim for themselves but which they permit themselves to deny to the creatures they carry in their womb. The non serviam repeats itself inexorably every time the obedience of the fiat is refused and the will of the Almighty is rebelled against.
      In abortion, Satan achieves the greatest injury to God: he offends Him as Creator, making the mother the murderer of her own child; he offends Him as Lord, usurping the right of life and death over innocent creatures and claiming the right to violate the Fifth Commandment with impunity; he offends Him as Redeemer, nullifying the fruits of Christ’s Passion for creatures killed without the grace of Baptism; he offends Him as Father, while also vilifying the Sacred Maternity of the Most Holy Virgin.”


      1. I trust you are aware that, as far as the Bible is concerned, Mary is the mother of Jesus and the wife of Joseph the Carpenter. She was a holy woman but she was still a human being with the tendency to sin as we all have and she died just as we will die and praying to her is a complete waste of time as the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our mediator with God and He does an excellent job. He also gives us the only way to heaven as He is the only Way to heaven. I know some people will not like what I have written but it is completely from the Word of God and not from man, any man.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Archbishop Vigano is so spot on (as always). Thanks for your comment on this situation. We must remember that these vaccines are from or have used aborted fetal material and that is too often forgotten, even by Christians. I cannot see that God would bless this remedy for covid, seeing the heinously produced ingredient in them. We are being forced to be complicit in a crime, and the forces of evil are using fear to make us conform to the diabolical. Resist!


  18. If so many people have died from Covid and will not be collecting their social security how can funds be short.  No I don’t expect an answer.  Just asking ‘for a friend’s’


    1. Robert Fleming on Medical Police State: British government to require covid vaccines everywhere, and for any job

      Explains that doctors can no longer code for side effects/injuries against the experimebtal drug


  19. I hear they are going to mandate boosters every month or two as well. Lots of people say, “I felt fine after my shot.” Or “I was sick for a few days, but now I feel fine.”
    However almost 1 out of 3,000 dying and 1 out of 500 becoming disabled with no clear medical benefits? Try doing that 6 times a year. It’s a game of Russian roulette. Plus there will be the cumulative effects as the junk builds up in their bodies.
    This entire planet has turned into Jonestown. Drink your kool aid laced with cyanide and if it doesn’t immediately kill you, scream at the person near you to drink theirs. Since not drinking the kool aid is selfish. You drank it for them after all.


    1. July 16 2021: start to 3:15 in. Video: dc kids force vaccinated “DC Sued: Kids Vaccinated Without Parental Consent; Rally to End CCP Persecution of Falun Dafa | NTD”
      Dc force vaccinating 11 and over children they can manipulate into “consent.” Told to go around the parents to get the insurance money for the kids, and the insurance isn’t supposed to send anything to the parents to let them know what happened. They will forge immunization records and keep them secret if the child is religions

      Nov 26 2020:
      “We won’t force vaccine; but here’s what we will do”
      From the article “Government won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine.”

      Additional info for those seeking Truth:


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