What should you do when federal agents arrive at your door with questions about your personal health decisions?

Joe Biden announced this week he has commissioned “surge response teams” from the federal government to enter communities and neighborhoods with “low vaccination rates,” to the point of “knocking on doors” and pressuring people to get vaccinated.

His press secretary, Jen Psaki, said these federal agents are only coming to our doors because they “care” deeply about us and don’t want to see us die from the CCP virus.

“We have the information they need on how safe and accessible the vaccine is,” Psaki said in her daily press briefing Tuesday, July 6.

Is this why roughly half of America refuses to get this injection? Because it’s not accessible? Surely it has nothing to do with the dismal safety record, with record numbers of reported deaths and injuries. And the seemingly limitless pressure to get the shots, with multinational corporations leveraging all their power against us, threatening our jobs and livelihoods, surely this wouldn’t set off any red flags in people’s minds, would it?

Why, for instance, is the military considering mandating the vaccine as early as September when only about 20 U.S. service members have died from COVID?

Why are children being encouraged to get the shot when so few have fallen ill or died from COVID?

This is not the first virus to come along, nor is it the most deadly. But never has there been this level of pressure on people to accept a specific medical treatment, let alone one that lacks full FDA approval and was rushed to market at “warp speed.”

They think if they repeat the hypnotic mantra “safe and effective” enough times, people will believe it. But when it’s all said and done there is going to be at least 35 to 40 percent of America that simply doesn’t buy the talking points.

Why? Because they read the reports, ignored or downplayed by mainstream “news” outlets, about the thousands of deaths and injuries it is causing. The most recent tragedy was a healthy 13-year-old boy in Michigan, Jacob Clynick, who died in his sleep after getting the second Pfizer shot.

If you are among the millions who fear the vax more than the virus, which is your right, what is the best way to deal with a federal agent who arrives at your door trying to persuade you otherwise?

I am tempted to hold up a picture of Jacob Clynick in silent protest.

Jacob Clynick was a healthy 13-year-old before he got jabbed with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA treatment.

I sought the advice of several constitutional attorneys and here’s what they had to say.

John Whitehead is founder and president of the Charlottesville, Virginia-based Rutherford Institute and has been litigating civil rights cases against the government for more than 45 years. He said the first thing to remember is that these agents are coming to your home with one purpose in mind.

“They’re there for one reason, to collect information on you,” he said. “That can’t be good for you.”

They could get that information by questioning you directly, or by asking your neighbors to snitch on you.

“Data collection is out of control. Google, Amazon, Facebook are all collecting personal information on their users and they are working with the governments of the world in this,” Whitehead said. “So we have to be really careful here, because the government doesn’t have a good record on how they use the data they collect.”

Whitehead advises people to place “No Trespassing” signs at all entry points to their property.

“You simply ask them to leave,” said Whitehead. “You are under no obligation to answer any of their questions.

“At the point you ask them to leave your property they are trespassing. I am telling people to put up no trespassing signs because that makes it easier but even if you don’t have a sign, they are trespassing once you tell them to leave.”

NEWS UPDATE: On Thursday, July 8, one day after this article was published, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Bacerra said it isabsolutely the government’s business to know which Americans have been vaccinated and which have not.

‘A form of intimidation’

Many people, when confronted by a government agent, feel intimidated. The government knows this.

“It’s a form of intimidation,” Whitehead said. “Most people are fearful and so they will say ‘okay what do you need to know?’ I wouldn’t answer any questions you are uncomfortable in answering about your vaccine history or anything else. The more information you give them the more it can be used against you.”

He said it’s a waste of time trying to convince them of why you don’t want the vaccine, because they’re standing at your door to get you to take it.

“I advocate not saying anything to them. Just ask them [politely but firmly] to leave.

“I think the problem in America is people, most people, have no idea what their rights are,” he added. “Under the First Amendment you don’t have to speak to government officials, you have a right against unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment and the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment. Anyone can knock on your door unless you have a no trespassing sign, but if you look out the window and see government officials and you see them looking around, peering through windows, in my opinion you have a violation of the Fourth Amendment. They can ring the doorbell but once you put them on notice it’s time for them to leave, they can’t stay on your property.”

He advises people to immediately call the local police and report a trespasser on their property.

“It’s clear that if you own property and you have these people coming up and saying you have to answer these questions, that’s not true.

“That in itself is a propaganda effort, and they’re going to be asking pretty detailed questions. If these agents for example should see any guns in your house, this opens the door to other problems. The first thing I would say is I will call the police if you don’t leave my property immediately.”

Whitehead said it’s important to be as clear as possible. And you may wish to video your encounter with the government agent.

“Just say, ‘sir I’m calling the police at this point in time,’ but you have to make it clear you want them to leave and they’re violating the law. They’re trespassing. Your health is nobody’s business.”

Parallels to Nazi Germany

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel, sees parallels to 1930s Germany.

“This is a reminder of what happened in Nazi Germany when Hitler tried to target the Jews by using a census to get personal information,” Staver told me.

The Nazis used the German subsidiary of an American company, IBM, to data-mine citizens and identify their targets.

“Hitler actually hired IBM and IBM hired thousands of employees to execute a racial census to identify the Jews and once Hitler had that data, IBM created a system to cross-reference the data against employment records and also financial institutions’ records to help Hitler ultimately pulverize the Jews,” Staver said. “That’s when they used the mass transfer of Jews to ghettos and ultimately prison camps. So we’ve been down this road before where a government tries to coerce people by going door to door and gathering personal information on people.”

For more on this tragic history, see the 2012 book IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation, by Edwin Black.

When Hitler started consolidating his power in 1933, a primary goal was to exterminate Germany’s 600,000 Jews, but first they had to be identified.

Below is an excerpt from a review of Black’s book by the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

“A question that had eluded historians for decades was how did the Nazis obtain lists of Jews – not only in Germany but throughout Europe—whom they rapidly rounded up for deportation and ultimately for extermination? Black pursued this question until he found the answer: IBM and its German subsidiary which custom-designed, named after Herman Hollerith, who founded IBM in 1896 as a census tabulating company.

“But when IBM Germany formed its philosophical and technologic alliance with Nazi Germany, census and registration took on a new mission. IBM Germany invented the racial census—listing not just religious affiliation, but bloodline going back generations. This was the Nazi data lust. Not just to count the Jews—but to identify them.

“People and asset registration was only one of the many uses Nazi Germany found for high-speed data sorters. Food allocation was organized around databases, allowing Germany to starve the Jews. Slave labor was identified, tracked, and managed largely through [IBM] punch cards.”

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Interestingly, the IBM of today is also involved in the creation of digital health passports, partnering with vaccine-maker Moderna in New York’s Excelsior Pass, which is being required for anyone attending sporting events or other large-venue events in New York.

Microsoft is likewise partnering with the city of Los Angeles schools and Anthem Health to implement the Daily Pass QR Health Portal that will track every student in that district under the premise of “protecting” people from COVID.

“The voluntary ‘health passes’ now being rolled out are just the tip of the iceberg. Before long, they will become mandatory, at which point unvaccinated individuals will be effectively excluded from society,” writes Dr. Joseph Mercola in his article IBM Partners with Moderna for COVID Reset.

“Health passes are tied in with the far broader agenda known as the Great Reset, which involves a complete redesign of supply chains and capital organization structures,” Mercola warns.

Staver said the government’s motives in going to such lengths to pressure people to take an unproven vaccine should be called into question given its horrific safety record in the first six months of its roll out.

Nearly 7,000 deaths and more than 25,000 serious injuries have been reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System since the COVID vaccine was rolled out on Dec. 14, 2020. This is more reported deaths than for all other vaccines combined since the VAERS system was set up 30 years ago. Some experts, including one Harvard study, have estimated that the adverse events reported to VAERS only represent 1 to 10 percent of the actual number.

“President Gerald Ford tried to engage people, to coerce people, to take the swine flu vaccine created at warp speed and what happened was people started having bad reactions, and after 53 deaths they canceled the vaccine program,” Staver said. “He didn’t go door to door but he used government and the media to pressure people through propaganda, but we’re having more than 53 deaths every single day right now caused by this vaccine and they continue to push it.

“I can tell you these people are going to get an ear full if they go to the doors of people who haven’t gotten the shot and don’t want it,” Staver continued. “I think if they believe they can somehow persuade these Americans to take it who haven’t already done so they are in for a big surprise.”

How will Staver respond if one of Biden’s minions comes knocking on his door?

“I will tell them I don’t want them knocking on my door and, if they do, I am managing my own health decisions and it’s no business of the federal government.”

KrisAnne Hall is another constitutional attorney who is offering advice to those not in the mood to talk to Biden’s propaganda collaborators.

On her website, KrisAnneHall.com, she offers a free Trespass Warning Form that you can print and hand to any uninvited government agent who shows up on your property. She offers the following legal tips:

  • You do not have to answer ANY QUESTIONS or make ANY STATEMENTS to ANY GOVERNMENT AGENT or assignee. (5th Amendment of the US Constitution and corresponding section of your State Constitution)
  • Simply asking an agent to identify themselves does not waive your Rights.
  • You have the Right to be free from any government agent or assignee entering your property, your home, or your business without a properly obtained warrant. (4th and 5th Amendments of the US Constitution and corresponding sections of your State Constitution.)
  • Simply demanding a copy of that warrant does not waive your Rights.
  • You have the Right to tell any government agent or assignee to leave your property if they cannot produce a properly obtained warrant. (4th and 5th Amendments of the US Constitution and corresponding sections of your State Constitution.)
  • Simply demanding an agent or assignee of the government to leave your property does not waive your Rights.
  • If a government agent or assignee refuses to leave your property or returns to your property after being warned against entering or returning, that agent or assignee has committed the crime of Trespass and is subject to arrest. (State Law, 4th & 5th Amendments to the US Constitution and corresponding sections of State Constitution as confirmed by Supreme Court Opinions).
  • You have the Right to record through audio, video, or photographic recording of any government agent or assignee on your property, either with or without consent of that agent or assignee. (Multiple Federal Court Opinions recognize that the First Amendment plainly protects the filming of officers and public agents.)

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  1. A bit of satire injected into a very serious issue. Language alert for Julia. Definitely not the way to engage with the door knockers but shows what we will likely be dealing with. For those who enjoy satire also read the comments at the link.
    Biden recently announced that they’ll be going door to door in order to increase vaccination rates. Shockingly, the public doesn’t like it.
    Want to know what I think it will look like? Click here.

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    1. Unfortunately I am so wired (by God) that I am completely unable to discern or understand satire. I remember having to study Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift at college and finding it virtually incomprehensible. I take satire at face value, I am unable to do anything else. Maybe it is autism, maybe it is genetic, I have no idea. By the way I have just realised that ‘wired’ can mean something else so for those of you who have misunderstood me I am meaning the wiring in my brain, okay?


    2. Just because some slob from the government squawks about it being “their business” doesn’t make it so. This is a tactic used by many dictators, tyrants, and other grasping for power, control, and wealth to intimidate and fear-monger the citizenry. This is so not their business as much as the size of my drawers isn’t.


      1. Notice no concern, ever, for public opinion or reelection in this administration. “Dictators and tyrants” indeed.

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      2. You have a real valid point there, transferworks, and I totally agree. Just because , cosome slob from the Biden government squawks about it “being their business” certainly doesn’t make it so .. This is simply a tactic used by lots of dictators, tyrants, and other grasping for power, control, and wealth to intimidate and fear-monger the citizenry. This certainly isn’t their business at all, period. Case cloed.


    3. Fire Bacerra immediately for derelict of duty toward the people (his constituents). Fire him for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to murder. accomplice to murder. Finally, fire him for being a traitor to both America and Americans.
      FIRE HIM.

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  2. So my stating facts is ‘judgment’ is it? “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!” 1 Corinthians 6: 2-3.
    By the way in similar vain Jesus said: “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment.” John 7:24 – so tell me where is it He tells us to stop judging? You are surely not going to bring up Matthew 7:1 which was obviously directed at the Pharsisees who were being completely hypocritical in their judgments?
    But, as I said., I was just stating facts, not passing judgment!


      1. John 7:24; 1 Corinthians 6:2 and 3. It would seem that you are a little remiss in your knowledge of scripture. The first scripture there was said by Jesus and the second by Paul! And, amazingly humans are ‘evil’ but those who have put their faith/trust in Jesus are righteous before God because they are covered in the blood of Jesus, therefore . . . . .


  3. A bit of scary history and even scarier in lite of what we are faced with today. From Vlad Tepes
    Concerning the military and mandatory ‘vaccines’
    A number of years ago, I was at a protest at Parliament hill where the military was the primary complainant. I did an interview with one ex-military member who was trying to raise awareness of how a MANDATORY Anthrax (if memory serves) “vaccine” caused the death of a lot of servicemen but also how many who did get the shot murdered their wives and other people close to them. This action was 100% in relation to the proximity of getting the injection.
    I will try and find that interview. But meanwhile, here is a CBS video on the issue: This video should seem spookily familiar to everyone alive today, even though its from 2007. https://youtu.be/zT-OnlYVpds
    Some more materials on this:
    2002; Canadian government drops charges against soldier who refused:
    Much more at https://vladtepesblog.com/2021/07/09/concerning-the-military-and-mandatory-vaccines/


    1. This is only the beginning. What comes next? Complete ostracization from society. Or, maybe you are fined. Declared a health risk and removed from family, or confined to the house. Who really knows, but I don’t ow that this will not stop.


      1. Well if everybody dies within 2 years we won’t have to worry about being second class citizens anymore, will we?
        Right now, we don’t know what the elitists are trying to pull. That’s how Marxists operate. They use suspense to terrify us.
        At least two of these scenarios are incompatible. We will be treated like lepers for X years. Or we will be the sole survivors in a Mad Max apocalyptic setting within 2 years.
        Both are bad. But only one–at the most–can come true.
        Sufficient unto each day are the troubles thereof.

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      2. This will end. All terrors end. Evil is self defeating by its nature.
        If we are in Revelation 13 now, things will get worse. But it may be over in a little more than two years. This nightmare started in March of 2020. 42 months means September of 2023. Or maybe 2027 since the globalists haven’t formally taken over yet.
        But it will end.


      3. The Tribulation cannot start until “The Restrainer” is removed and the Anchrist is revealed. Neither of these things have happened yet. And as somebody who survived an abortion attempt, the attentions of various paedophiles, physical, spiritual, verbal and mental abuse until I was able to leave home at the age of 17 this world is nowhere near ready for the Tribulation yet. After all it will not happen in a vacuum. (In other words I have experienced ‘evil’ and we are not ‘there’ yet.)


  4. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering the HIV AIDS virus has said the following:

    “There is no chance of long-term survival for anyone who received a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection. Everyone who is getting jabbed for the Chinese Virus will die.”

    Team Biden as well as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all act as if they know better than a top scientist who is also one of the world’s top virologists and a Nobel laureate.

    Read the story here:


    Alternate source:
    Do a search on duckduckgo (NOT GOOGLE) for:

    My personal belief is that the so called vaccine is a method of killing millions of people to reduce the population of the planet. This would back up Luc Montagnier’s claims. Bill Gate’s father was a famous eugenecist. Bill is heavily involved in the pharmaceutical industry. He recently stated that if vaccines could be made mandatory he could control the population of the world.

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  5. Before we reach the gas station villains have waiting for those of us not vaxxed, are there solutions We the People can do? Counting on our leaders is out. It seems that we know enough about what villains are doing. So we need our own plans to stop them. Any answers? I know Prayer and Trusting in Heavenly Father to Guide us to stop the global assaults top all lists.

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      1. Thanks, Julia; but you know Heavenly Father gave us Earth (Psalm 115:16), and we want to keep it. And not just that, we want to keep Earth, everywhere on it, and us safe. Some brilliant mind must be getting Word from Father about doing something to help right now–before one “strike force” comes knocking on a door. Putting up trespass signs is good, but that model emergency health act that most citizens may not know of says anything goes . . . We have The Holy Spirit in us making us powerful beyond anything coming at us. So we’ve got an answer. Together, we all may pray to Father to show us what Father has got going on to save us right now. . . Already, I’m daily praying in the Name of Messiah; please join me. Thank you–and thanks to any one else who joins in prayer.

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    1. HE is not helping is HE? Whom do you think sent satan to torture and kill mankind and steal our souls? That’s right. The good will be killed with the evil ones. That’s why no one learns to be good, or else.


      1. “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matrthew 10:28 said by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As if bodily death is the end of everything!

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    1. I do not believe we are witnessing the Mark being implemented, however, we are most likely in the lead up to it as I believe this vaccine and the technology being rolled out simultaneously, are related. If this is God’s time, then it will happen.

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      1. I think world war is on the horizon first, followed by famine and death. Then most likely the Mark is tied in to buying and selling/worship of the Beast. Just my opinion.


  6. Wish there was an edit option. Also, perhaps many of these things occur simultaneously. It’s hard to say. Those who are wise will understand and I do believe we are in good company here.

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    1. Revelation was not written in linear sequences. Many of those prophecies were already fulfilled but may be double prophecies. And a lot of symbolism. I cannot find the charismatic, handsome charming man Tim LaHaye predicted in that badly written series. The Man of Lawlessness leads nations astray. There are other ways to do it. Like terrify them of an alleged plague so they forsake the Assembly and call upon Pharmakiah to save them.
      The sin of King Asa.


      1. If millions of people do die this fall and winter I wonder how the already hysterical will react. It’s hard for them to get more panicked than they already are simply because the media tells them to be.


      2. “Revelation was not written in linear sequence” – really? Oh pray tell where in the Bible did you find that golden nugget of information? I have been reading the word of God from cover to cover on a regular basis for the last 45+ years and I have never read that anywhere, wow!
        And truly do you think you are honouring God when you speak so badly about one of His servants, hmm?
        So perhaps you need to re-write the Book of Revelation which was written by John on the Isle of Patmos in about 95AD to suit your version of reality?
        I hate it, with a passion, when somebody takes the Word of God and twists it to suit their narrative. The Bible is perfectly capable of interpreting the Bible and we do not need your interpretation of it. Were you to know the Old Testament a lot better than you seemingly do, you would see so many links between it and the book of Revelation which prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that when John writes about “the things to come” it is linear from start to finish.
        And lastly, living in a nation where Greek is the main language Pharmakia does not have the letter ‘h’ after it whether in modern Greek or Koine Greek as the letter ‘h’ is known as ‘eta’ in Greek and signifies the sound which double ‘e’ makes.


      3. Julia that was very rude.
        I try to read the Bible as it was written.
        Not rewrite or. Or inject Scofield’s notes.
        Do you get your linear timeline from him or Tim LaHaye?
        “Writing my Bible”? Go ahead and call me a blasphemer and heretic. You basically have.
        You have your own interpretation of the Bible you always rant about. Imposing stuff from Scofield and Tim LaHaye.
        I’m okay with disagreements but am sick of your arrogance and rudeness.
        Even if you did know everything as you claim you do that doesn’t excuse your behavior.
        Please share a dated timeline and tell us exactly when to expect the “rapture” and all the other stuff from works of evangelical fiction and pop culture will occur. You’re the only one here who understands the Bible after all it seems. All the rest of us are evil heretics.


      4. I am sorry to tell you but I do not know who ‘Scofield’ is so I have not read his/her notes or quoted from them. That which i have written is out of my own heart and out of the Word of God and nowhere else. I was not being rude, as you consider, but I was standing up for the truth and you were seriously twisting it. I am not writing anything from Tim La Haye, it is years since I read anything of his and as I am sriously ancient I do not have such a memory to be able to quote anything he has written – my goodness me you do have a beef with the man, let it go, he is now with the Lord anyway from what I hear. Again, anything I write if I quote somebody then I will say so, that includes scripture. But it does seem to me that you and a ‘teachable spirit’ seem to be somewhat out of friendship at the moment. If you feel the need to attack me again, then, of course, you must feel free to do that if that is what you think God wants you to do but I will not be responding. My concern was that people were not misled by your ridiculous statement which cannot be proven anywhere in the Word of God that the Book of Revelation is not linear.


      5. PS You say Revelation is not written in a linear fashion, despite the fact that we are not told this in the Bible, but there is one thing we are told in the Bible and I am sure you will agree with it and that is the Antichrist cannot be revealed until the Restrainer is removed and, if you know, koine Greek at all you would know that the first time the Restrainer is referenced it is referred to as a neutral thing, however the second time He is referred to He is definitely a He. (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8)
        Millions of Bible scholars over the years have always believed the Restrainer to be the Holy Spirit, so if that is the case and we are now into the Revelation, because the Restrainer has been removed, nastly as this world is, do you not think it might be somewhat more evil than it is? Do you not see God holding the true evil back? Even Jesus tells us that the Tribulation is going to be so bad that the whole of makind would be destroyed were it not for the fact that it is only permitted to continue for seven years? Are you really so naive you cannot conceive of how evil the world will become once the Restrainer is removed?


      6. I believe we must at least consider the possibility that the restrainer may have already been removed or is about to be removed. If the predictions about these vaccines we are getting from more than a few learned scientists come true, then we are looking at the possibility of a global holocaust on a scale never before seen in history. If coerced/forced vaccinations resulting in mass death does not fit the description of evil deception described in Revelation and Matthew 24 then I don’t know what would. Look at how everything evil is now called good and how all things traditionally considered good are now called evil, and not just in one or two countries but all over the world. There is a case for the restrainer having been removed. I am not saying He necessarily has been removed but nor am I ruling it out.

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      7. There, thank God, is the difference between you and I, dear Leo, I HAVE experienced real evil, because some of the paedophiles who messed with me were warlocks, hence why I can say the Restrainer is still here in the spirit of every born-again believer, for now. What you are writing about could well happen in America as it is definitely obvious God has lifted His hand but there is not even a hint of anything like that happening in Cyprus at the moment. With regard to the lifting of the Restrainer and the revelation of the man of lawlessness, you know where I am coming from with regard to that and I am still here!!! XX


      8. This evil twisting of God’s truth does not reside in America alone. Not by a long shot. The EU, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc., are all coming on board with the Chinese model for a NWO, which will be a globalized lock-down surveillance state that punishes dissident thinkers, pastors and traditional-thinking Christians who refuse to bow to this evil system. Yes, America is key to their takeover plans, but once America falls the whole world will change, and in some regions quite dramatically. We are already seeing the first fruits of this lack of American moral strength. Pastors are being arrested in Canada and Australia. New Zealand is talking about hunting down the unvaccinated and jabbing them. We now have political prisoners in America being held indefinitely without bail and in solitary confinement. The world is changing very fast and not in a good way. Bible scholars are not even in agreement on who the Restrainer is so please don’t make iron-clad assumptions that fit a certain eschatological theory. Also, I ask everyone on this platform to please refrain from name calling and theological bravado. We need to maintain a level of decorum that squares with our Christian worldview and just common courtesy. There is a way to disagree without being so disagreeable! I don’t like to see people go after each other on this blog. If you don’t agree with a comment, just state your opinion without attacking the person whose opinion you dislike. In other words, stop the personal attacks or I will have to delete your comment.

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      9. Dear Leo, As I look across the board at what is happening I can see a convergence of all of the diabolic events. I am reminded of John 10 v 10. This ”crisis” is continuing to rise at an alarming rate. Worse in some countries than others.
        I have been alarmed at the burning of churches currently taking place in Canada!!!!

        Catherine Fitts put an incredible summation to these things in an interview from December 2020. [I can send a link if you wish] She comes from the financial angle that there is a global move to destroy the dollar especially and in order to distract folks from realising what is going on the crisis was manufactured.

        I do believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is allowing us to see the warnings and is permitting His devil to try and do his damndest!! We are reaching the climax of the Church Age and then the Wrath of God will be released.

        I encourage us to look up, fear not, fasten our eyes upon Him. Jesus is in control let us grab some from the edge of the fiery furnace whilst we are still able. Jude 22. I am looking for the blessed HOPE! Titus 2 v13.


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      10. Thank you Leo.
        Speaking of other countries:
        From Vlad
        International team of assassins arrested over the assassination of Haitian President. The guy who was leader of a country that had no covid to speak of and didn’t want any of the vaccines. In fact, when they were sent cases of vaxx, the government rejected it. And for some reason was assassinated by an international crew. (https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/05/04/992544022/one-of-the-worlds-poorest-countries-has-one-of-the-worlds-lowest-covid-death-rat)
        As an aside, the president of Zambia also died recently. He also rejected the vaccines until they could be verified to be safe.(https://www.lusakatimes.com/2021/01/08/nevers-mumba-urges-president-lungu-to-reject-covid-19-vaccines-until-local-verifications-are-done/)
        The current president is narrative-compliant however. (https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/zambian-president-bans-campaign-rallies-stem-covid-19-spread-2021-05-26/)
        The president of Tanzania, who I did not know it, but has a Ph.D. in chemistry, also said the covid tests are fake. He died at 61. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/11/854115407/tanzanias-president-blames-fake-positive-tests-in-the-spike-in-coronavirus-cases
        Sorry about all the links but want everyone to be able to see the sources & back story.

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      11. Thank you so much for the links, some of what you have written is new to me, we will be following up on the links.


      12. Dear Ian, I feel alone. Humanly speaking I am.
        No one near me believes what I tell them. The flock has been scattered and no one has any courage or discernment.
        Every Christian I know offline thinks I am crazy. They believe television commercials. My own sister has shamed me for not getting the “vaccine.” Says she won’t visit Mom and Dad if I don’t. I told Mom that I would promise to stay away while she was here so they could visit.
        A bunch of articles telling how the Delta Variant is extremely deadly and only affects the “unvaccinated” badly. Yet if most of the victims are the jabbed it will still be our faults somehow according to the Lie. Because everyone has gone insane and chooses to believe the ungodly and evil rather than fellow Christians. Even Christians themselves.
        If there were a course of action to take I would be better able to meet whatever horrors lie ahead. I know something good lies beyond. But my mental eyes are blind.
        I’m brewing quinine and pine needle tea since it may help with the Covid vaccine side effects for those who will suffer. Some evenings I can’t quit crying.
        It’s like knowing you are terminally ill with a really painful disease. Even if you’re a Christian it’s scary. And you wish it could just end. But you don’t know what lies beyond. Just that all you know is vanishing.


      13. Dear Rachel,
        I want you to know that you are NOT alone. You have the most important thing, faith in Jesus Christ.

        I know you feel alone, but that is when you need to draw even closer to Jesus because He is the only hope we have.

        Dont let this article make you nervous. Lots of the comments here are going WAY overboard by claiming
        that they are coming to force the jab on us. First, at this moment all they will do is come and knock on your door to ask you questions. They WILL NOT have the vaccine with them. You do NOT have to answer your door. I won’t be answering my door because it is NO ONES BUSINESS. Secondly, I firmly believe that God will protect those who love Him. Do you really think that God will allow Nazi style killing of His children? I don’t. God loves us so much, even as messy as we are. I mess up lots of times, but when I do, I know that I have somone who will forgive me. That’s what the gospel is. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be perfect because they are liars. The Bible says that no one is good, not one. This is why we need Jesus every single day!

        As for your family, I can definitely relate. I lost every member of my family due to my faith. At first I cried all the time and was just about to walk away from my faith in Jesus until when reading my Bible and talking to God a question came to my mind. Do I love my family more than God? My answer was No. I keep praying for my family, but the pain of loosing them is not as strong as before. Does it still affect me, yes it does, especially during the holidays. I then think about Jesus and my love for Him. Rachel, Jesus is so wonderful!! He is my best friend a confidant and is better than any family member can be. One day I will be with Jesus face to face and I long for that day to arrive. Until then, I just live the best way I know how. This world is only getting darker so don’t let it get to you. Keep your faith in Him and read your Bible.

        I wish I were there because I would give you a BIG hug. Never think you are alone because you are not. I am out here and there are more people like us who are feeling the same way!! God Bless you!! See you in Glory, look for me at Jesus’ feet!!😊

        Liked by 1 person

      14. What a beautiful post, and I am with you all the way except to remind you that, actually, we have no guarantee that God will prevent Nazi style killing of his children. You see to Him our mortal death is not that big a deal, He is focusing on our spiritual well-being and on our going to live with Him. However the scripture to consider for that is Matthew 10:19 – He will give us the words to say and He will give us all we need to endure if we are killed. I do not know if you recall the Christians in orange jump suits who were slaughtered by ISIS – you could hear them singing praises to God as each one wasa beheaded. Now that seems impossible to us, but I truly believe that if we were ever in that situation God would give us everything we need to endure just as He did with those Christians.

        Liked by 1 person

      15. Dear Julia,
        Thank you for your kind words. It would be fun getting to meet you and the others, but I will be the first to admit that I am just a lowly servant of Jesus and speak as such. You won’t get memorized Bible verses from me because I am not gifted, like you are. 😉

        As far as my Nazi style killing comment. I was speaking of today and what our government is going to be doing with this door to door thing. I remember reading a comment about how armed police will be coming to force the vaccine on us. I whole heartedly disagree with that. We are still American citizens and as of today have our freedoms. However, I do know that things will be changing, it’s just a matter of when things will be changing. No matter who is in charge in Washington, I know that things will go from bad to worse.

        I can only life my life moment by moment and not think about armed police coming to my door forcing the vaccine or taking me to jail because I refuse just yet. Yes, I know it will probably happen, but I’ll pray about it when that day comes. Yes, I remember those men in orange jumpsuits. I also have read about the 3 Hebrew children in the furnance. I too believe that when the time comes that God will give me the strength to get through it and also give me the words to say.

        I wanted to reach out to Rachel to give her encouragement. I am very careful of what I say because people, even Christians, might like to argue about things I believe in. The most important thing we all can agree on is our faith in Jesus Christ and how WONDERFUL He is. He will make things right in the future and how I LONG for that day!! God Bless Julia!!😊


      16. Can I just disabuse you of one thing in your beautiful comment. I do not, per se, memorise scripture, I truly believe I just put it in my memory banks and the Holy Spirit brings it to the front when needed. I have never, deliberately, memorised the scripture. I trust this gives you hope because you too can just read the Word of God from cover to cover on a regular basis and the Holy Spirit will be able to do the same thing with you. It’s not rocket science so please be encouraged. XXX


      17. Dear Julia,
        Thanks for the tip regarding memorizarmtion of verses. It doesn’t matter how many times I have read my Bible and highlight the verses I like, I can only recall some of it. When sharing the gospel with someone the words just come as they do, which surprises me sometimes because they are perfect to what I was trying to say all along!!😊

        I want to encourage you and everyone, who may happen to read this, to read Psalm 91. I think you will be Blessed by it, as I was. It is so fitting for what is going on today with this virus. God is AWESOME and His word is true and will cut through all the lies that we tell ourselves. There is no better book to read than God’s word. I LOVE it and I LOVE Him!!

        Julia, we may never meet in this lifetime, but I bet we will see one another in Glory. I’ll look forward to meeting you then my friend!!😊 God Bless!!


      18. You have beaten me to it, obviously you must have listened to Pastor JD Farag sometime either yesterday or today? I have jotted down several notes I was going to share!
        With regard to your last sentence, the Greeks would say ‘epeisis’ – which loosely translated means I hope the same for you too. Yes, it will be good! XX


      19. When referring to people coming knocking at your door, did you like his joke about having a sign on your door saying: “The last person who knocked is still missing!”?Pastor JD Farag and Pastor Jack Hibbs are the two pastors I truly love the most, they are so different but their love of the Lord shines through them.
        I am also going to be sending some postcards now that they are sending them outside of the US.


      20. Dear Julia,
        I have listened to Jack Hibbs as well, but Pastor J.D. is my favorite because I can relate to his personal struggles and he is so humble. I would not have found him were it not for Jan Markell. I have subscribed to her newsletter for years and listen to her radio program, via Facebook, every week.

        Did I think Pastor J.D.’s joke was funny? Yes it was. I always get a good chuckle when listening to him teach. I agreed with him as well when he showed that sign that one of his friends sent him, saying that the vaccine people where trespassing etc. I don’t know if I could use the opportunity to spread the gospel either because I get tongue tied when I get upset.

        Sounds as though we have a lot in common when it comes to who we listen too. I wish there was a way that we can connect without being so public because I could use your wisdom on a subject that has nothing to do with the vaccine. If you know of a way, please reach out. God Bless!!😊


      21. Okay your request is very easy to answer. Email Leo, tell him what you have written and what I have responded and he will forward your email to me. In the meantime I will let him know what you are going to do. Okay? XX


      22. PS If that doesn’t work and I can only remember a portion of a scripture – I Google for the rest! Simple really! XXX 😉 (My husband reminded me of that when I was telling him what you had said and my response.)


      23. Love it, a very interesting piece of writing, my beloved is busy at the moment so I have forwarded it to him so he does not miss it and, therefore, not read it. It will be interesting finding out what he thinks! By the way we are ‘one’ so when somebody addresses either of us, we both read it because we are so at one in all matters and especially matters spiritual. You could not do any better than reach out to Ian he is a trained Christian counsellor.


      24. Thank you Patty.
        My family is Christian. But they don’t see anything weird about what has been going on. They say the lockdown is exactly what worked to fix the Spanish Flu (much deadlier) and the vaccine is exactly the same kind that wiped out polio.


      25. Hi Rachel,
        It is a personal choice regarding the vaccine. Your family has the right to feel the way they feel just like you have your right not to get vaccinated. I’ve done lots of research on this vaccine and I don’t feel comfortable with the ingredients. Unfortunately, the government has made it worse. I no longer trust ANYONE from Washington because I think they are a bunch of liars.

        I think it is wrong if your family is giving you grief over the choice you have made. Here is what I tell people who try to bully me into getting the jab. I say, if I get sick and die from Covid, I’ll get to go home to be with Jesus so what’s so bad about that. I smile and they give me a funny look but don’t say anything else.

        Do you think Covid will be the worse plague the people will have to deal with in the future? Heck, Covid is only the beginning. Covid will mutate and this current vaccine will not work against it. During the Tribulation unspeakable horrors will happen to make Covid look like the sniffles in comparison. Remember God loves us so very much and will protect us. Keep the faith. God Bless Rachel!!😊

        Liked by 1 person

      26. Wow! I would so love to meet you, that is a tremendous comment and you have revealed exactly my attitude – after all the sooner death comes, the sooner we can be with Jesus and I cannot see anything to fault that attitude! Amen?


      1. Rachel Nichols:
        The person in question dealing with self-righteous pride and religious piety like they have the patent right on their subject. Leo’s comments are excellent.


      2. Thank you so much for your very kind words and, as the Greeks would say – “Epeisis”! Look it up. In the meantime may your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth grow in grace, knowledge and love as you revel in the fact that His death brought forgiveness for your many sins and opened up the possibility of a relationship with the Creator of the Universe and His resurrection has given you eternal life. This is what He is doing and has done for me and I can bless nobody any better than praying the same happens to everybody that puts their faith/trust in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth only unique (monogenes – one-of-a-kind) Son of God, Creator of the Universe and Saviour of all who put their faith in Him and nobody else.


      3. Hmm!, only God can judge the human heart. I know I struggle with self righteous pride myself. My own words were rather rude.
        I have no problem deferring to Julia’s superior Greek. I only took a week long course in a tiny Bible college class I audited decades ago. We learned the Koine alphabet and a few common words I have forgotten since.


  7. Mike Adams the “Health Ranger” is telling his podcast listeners they will be sending armed Swat teams door to door with guns and syringes. I can foresee someone succumbing to his hysterical fear bate (it gets views) and killing some poor nerd with a clipboard.
    I referred them to this blog instead.
    Much better ideas.
    If a Swat team comes I doubt they’ll bother with syringes. Just kiss your family and say your prayers if that happens. Your rifle won’t protect you from an armed team.


  8. Reply to Rachel’s comment excerpt; (“I feel alone. Humanly speaking I am.
    No one near me believes what I tell them.
    Every Christian I know offline thinks I am crazy. They believe television commercials. My own sister has shamed me for not getting the “vaccine..”)

    Rachel, it saddens me that you feel despair for the situation you are in. Try to be strong and know in your heart and mind that you are doing what is right by resisting putting an experimental concoction into your body. We all have been lied to about what is in it. The story from the various world govts shifts daily.
    You can not help others unless you help yourself first. I know that you are going to stay strong and by resisting the evil that is out there trying to intimidate & coerce us. Because you have and will continue to resist this evil you will be able to assist your family in their time of need. Please be at peace with your decision.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thanks.
    Don’t worry. I know the perks gained by the “vaccine” will be short lived. The WEF wants to end commercial flights by 2022. Restaurants and cafes will close as the dollar shrinks. Theaters and stadiums should be abolished according to Fauci. The people running this show want to end hospitality and tourism as nonessential industries.
    The lazy thinkers and willfully blind can’t go to Egypt this year. But they are sure swimming in De Nile.
    In theory we could save some industries if we resisted. But “doing as you are told” will not.
    There is no medicine that can cure tyrants drunk on power.
    My temptation is to shake my fist at Humanity. Cursing them for a pack of lazy, cowardly fools–deluded into thinking these traits are unselfishness and even heroism by the liars scratching their ears. Then curl up in bed with my face to the wall. And not get up again.
    The zombified mass–I won’t insult warm-blooded, affectionate mammals by calling those faceless frights “sheep”–has shown itself unfit for anything but slavery and torture under Klaus Schwab and the other sadists.
    The things deserve whatever horrors await them. Not that they will care. They have shown themselves impervious to emotional pain by their bizarre embrace of the lockdown. Why pity the masochists? They love every minute of this.


    1. Well said!
      If I may offer some insight, concerning the “The Occult Predatory Powers That Be”, their boundaries are described in THE BOOK!

      Zechariah 5
      3) Then said he unto me, This is the CURSE that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off as on that side according to it.
      7) And, behold, there was lifted up a TALENT OF LEAD: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. (fiat/digital money for the queen of heaven)
      11) And he said unto me, To build it an house in the LAND OF SHINAR: and it shall be ESTABLISHED, and set there upon HER OWN BASE.
      Genesis 11:6
      And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now NOTHING WILL BE RESTRAINED from them, which they have imagined to do.
      Best they can do is make brick, & pharmacy:
      No Stone
      No Gold
      No Silver
      No Crude Oil
      Their “imaginations” are on the horizon, ShangriLa!

      Land of Shinar is another grasp of Mystery Babylon!

      Their NEW UTOPIA is another Atlantis, “mystery or myth”!

      Thieves & Liars


      1. As their hold over the fine arts has increased it has ruined everything. A reverse Midas touch. Then the humanities. Now the sciences.
        Weird how a lot of attractive and talented thespians have gone downhill so suddenly. They started out talented and beautiful–good things given them by God. Now they have imploded, one by one, like a star that implodes and turns into a black hole. Like the “god” of this world many worship.


  10. I have heard a BIG Christian Cross hung on your door keeps them away, as if vampyres, seeing as how the vax Goons already sold out their mortal souLs to the deviL by taking the poison needle, actually by altering their human DNA they open themselves up for demonic possession very easily, past history Rudy ”rudolph’ Steiner said once they change your God given DNA, it removes the God-SouL and turns one into a Zombie, same prophecy from Nostradamus by the way

    =======Todd & Cora
    ohio st Univ


    1. Please do not post such frightening things unless you have concrete proof to back them up. Nobody who has put their faith/trust in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and in His life, death and resurrection, who has been given the va[[ine will lose their salvation, no matter what happens to their DNA. We have been promised by God in His Word that once we have committed ourselves to Jesus nothing, that is absolutely nothing, neither in heaven or in hell or on the earth can EVER separate us from God EVER! Romans 8:35-39
      Please do not post such stuff, there are many who read these posts who could, possibly, be new Christians who do not yet know all God’s promises and His commitment to them – you have just terrified them. And for what? self-aggrandisment? Surely not.


  11. Anyone with any thoughts on why 95%+ of the politicians are going along with this agenda from hell?

    Have they been promised a placebo in the shoulder? (Politicians are a breed of their own. I truly believe most politicians are the most unprincipled, cowardly, and self-serving among society. I’m not being slanderous – I truly believe this.)

    Have they been promised a seat at the table after the dust settles?

    Do they believe in depopulation?

    Are they simply afraid to buck the elite at the top?

    Are they protecting their paychecks and pensions?

    Others claim they have been bought.

    A combination?

    How far down the ladder does the corruption go? Is the local government dog catcher on the take? I doubt it. After all the deaths and injury from the “vaccines” Governor Baker of Massachusetts is still pushing the “vaccine.”

    Any thoughts? (Why is no one asking this question?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why don’t you ask them, none of us, I believe, are politicians so we cannot answer your question? I have known politicians in the past and they have been honourable men and I do believe there are still honourable politicins, they are usually the ones who are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


  12. Now that is funny. I can only assume you are not a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for if you were you would know the book of Revelation (which in many ways mirrors the Old Testament) and the conclusions it comes to, and they are most definitely not your conclusions. Nor mine if it comes to that, but God’s!


  13. Back to the issue at hand Feds going door to door intimidating people.
    “‘Ignore no soliciting signs. Use your script’: COVID door-knockers get marching orders”
    It’s not taking long for President Biden’s plan to dispatch federal representatives to your front door to ask you about your COVID vaccine to become reality.
    One county in Illinois already has posted instructions for those interrogators on how to act when they confront you, including for them to ignore “No soliciting” signs.
    No mention, however, of whether they’re supposed to ignore “No trespassing” directives.
    “We went from 15 days to slow the spread, to Biden’s gestapo knocking door-to-door to see your papers,” wrote Jenna Ellis. “Who did Nazi that one coming?”
    The instructions are from Lake County, Illinois, and were publicized by Zerohedge. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/ignore-no-soliciting-signs-use-your-script-vaccine-door-knocking-documents-revealed
    The article at WND https://www.wnd.com/2021/07/ignore-no-soliciting-signs-use-script-covid-door-knockers-get-marching-orders/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=wnd-breaking&utm_campaign=breaking&utm_content=breaking&ats_es=126da6dad02c7a31ab05eedfdbc53223


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