No Jab, No Job? Multinational corps already scheming to force employees to take experimental vaccines predicted months ago [see here, here and here] that forced vaccines would become the norm and that these coercive measures would be initiated by private corporations, not the government.

For insight into what the new globalist administration in Washington has planned for America, all we need to do is look across the ocean and see what Europe’s globalists are already doing.

In a Feb. 18 article, Technocracy News reports on how companies are scheming to make COVID vaccines mandatory in Britain, as the government turns a blind eye.

In fact, this is already happening in America, as Bonnie Jacobson of Brooklyn, NY, discovered. She was fired from her waitressing job at the Red Hook Tavern because she refused to be vaccinated. She wants to have a child and was concerned about reports that the vaccine could have a negative impact on her ability to conceive, reports NBC New York.

Multiple doctors have warned that experimental COVID-19 vaccines present potential risks to pregnancies.

WATCH VIDEO — Hypocrite Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes ‘antivax’ stance in violation of his own platform’s policy.

No matter the country, all globalist elites share a trifecta of traits — they are sneaky, intrusive and abusive in their lust for power and control over the masses.

Governments want to make the vaccines mandatory, but to get around the laws, not to mention the bad optics of government-forced injections, big government will collude with big business to get the job done, letting business be seen as the “bad guy” that is making people choose between accepting an unproven vaccine and keeping their jobs.

“Big Pharma is orchestrating the largest criminal syndicate in the history of the world as it knowingly supplies experimental drugs without ‘informed consent’ of the patients,” notes Patrick Wood, an expert in global technocracy. “Informed consent is enshrined in law everywhere, including the Nuremberg Code. But with the COVID vaccines, nobody is given the proper information to consent.”

From Technocracy News and Trends

Companies in Britain have been tasking law firms to craft “no jab, no job” contracts that would bar prospective employees from being hired unless they have been vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus.

While the government has publicly claimed that it has no intentions of requiring domestic vaccine passports, ministers have admitted that private businesses may take up the mantle of imposing it on the British public.

Speaking to the Financial Times, law firms said they have already been contacted by companies, including care homes and multinational corporations, which are looking to draw up contracts that would require employees to be inoculated against the virus.

[Note there is no distinction made that these mRNA vaccines are still considered experimental and that they will not even offer lifelong protection from the virus, offering only 90 to 95 percent protection for up to a year, after which another injection will be required annually for the rest of your life! This doesn’t even meet the legal definition of a vaccine!]

One unnamed attorney told the British newspaper that such requirements could be risky as they might trigger discrimination claims from people who refuse to take the vaccine on religious grounds, pregnant women, or those who have health conditions, such as allergies, which prevent them from taking the jab.

The lawyer did note that in sectors in which employees are surrounded by at-risk people, such as in care homes, so-called “no jab, no job” contracts may ultimately be defensible.

Some of the law firms contacted claimed that businesses have also begun inquiring about how to require that those already employed receive the vaccine.

However, companies seeking to change the contracts of people already employed would need to gain the consent of the worker, a partner at the law firm Lewis Silkin, James Davies, cautioned.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said that there was no justification for businesses to require vaccines for employees, saying that mass testing would be a preferable option.

The chief executive of the human resource firm CIPD, Peter Cheese, said: “The UK government hasn’t made the vaccine compulsory, so neither can employers.”

Mr. Cheese added: “Nor should they be restricting people coming into work based on whether they have had the vaccine.”

On Tuesday, Britain’s vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said: “It’s up to businesses what they do, but we don’t yet have the evidence of the effect of vaccines on transmission.”

Zahawi had previously said that such a scheme would be wrong and discriminatory.

On Sunday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that the use of vaccine passports on a domestic level is being considered by the government in such places as supermarkets.

In January, the anti-Brexit founder of Pimlico Plumbers announced that he would be requiring his employees to be vaccinated, boldly pronouncing “no vaccine, no job”.

Charlie Mullins said that he will make it “standard” in employment contracts that “you’re required to have a vaccine,” saying: “We won’t be employing people in the future unless they’ve got a vaccine.”

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19 thoughts on “No Jab, No Job? Multinational corps already scheming to force employees to take experimental vaccines”

  1. This is still in play. For now, in the US, FDA did not “approve” the vaccines but rather granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) – US law is clear: neither public or private employers may mandate the vaccine (with only EUA status) for employees. US Navy Admiral speaking last week gets this: “We cannot mandate the vaccine now but when we can, we will” –

    I do not know when Approval will happen – I assume it will, but not in the next few months at least.

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    1. Great point RegretLeft. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. However, we are already hearing of employers firing employees who refuse the vaccine. There was a waitress at a tavern in NYC who made the news in that regard about a week ago. She would have a great lawsuit, in my opinion, if she decided to sue her employer.


      1. I don’t think any drug or medical experiment can kill the soul. Didn’t Jesus say that was humanly impossible? Though the masks and encouraged shunning/self absorption seem to have changed many people. No DNA alteration needed.


  2. Folks, this is the Globalists way of bringing in the NWO and the anti-Christ world leader, Satan, who’s anxious to take his place in the new temple and proclaim HE IS GOD. We don’t know what’s in that vaccine since Hates and Fakei have their hands in it from the beginning. It could be Gates’ way of population control by sterilizing women. They will never reveal the truth behind the vaccinations or what the long term effects will be. Let’s just pray they don’t make it mandatory. It’s not the tribulations 666 but it’s a prelude to it by conditioning the masses for it. Think about how theve controlled us by masks and social distancing. We’d best be right with God, Jesus is coming soon to take us out before the horrific judgement of the 7 year tribulation begins. Now is the time for Salvation. Ask Christ, (God in the Spirit) into your life today and trust that He has his timing for all things. It will happen exactly how He planned. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL ! Maranatha


    1. Who are Hates and Fakei? I am not American and I do not live in America and, despite following this business for many years now, those are two names I do not recognise.


  3. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I value my freedom even more. It was 21 years ago and not a day has gone by where I am not thankful to be free from tyrannical control over my every move. So it is no surprise to me that I feel threatened about anyone FORCING or MANDATING something so obnoxiously dangerous on me or my family, friends, and neighbors just so we can have a job or go to the grocery store!

    I work in small hospital (in administration). I have watched several co-workers get the Covid vaccine and then after their second injection, I have watched them become very ill and be off work for several days. I fear the Covid vaccine will become mandatory this fall if not before. I am actively preparing to walk away from my job should that occur.

    If I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus, there would be no hope and no comfort.

    Keep up the awesome work Mr. Hohmann. We need to hear the hard truths.


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  4. There are times when I am absolutely overjoyed about being a pensioner as I will not be looking for work, other than that which the Lord gives me, any time soon! However, it does not bode well for others.
    Somebody pointed out to me the other day though that even if the ‘mRNA’ does alter ones DNA it is not going to affect the fact that, as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it is our spirit which is saved – our bodies (in which resides the DNA) are being replaced! And if, God forbid, the vaccine kills you well you are going to a better place, that’s for sure!
    This is not the first time the UK has been ahead of the US, after all we Brits have the very dubious privilege of making abortion legal long before it was made legal in the US. Thank God I live, now, in a very small country and doubt they will ever get around to forcing us to do anything or, if they do, we will not be here having been raptured! Hallelujah!


      1. “The Beast”? We are nowhere near Revelation 6 let alone Revelation 13 what are you talking about?


      2. That beast is going to get bigger, too.
        Its hard to witness this as so many stand by. Some of my family members got the vaxx.
        They just refuse to listen.


  5. First of all – there are no ‘shots’ being deployed to the general population that actually qualify as vaccines – they do not meet the criteria or definition. Secondly, this is still the United States of America, ‘one nation under God’… and as such, anyone who wants or demands that any person be subjected to the ‘Covid Jab’ either conditionally or otherwise… can just go and self-administer to himself “The CCP Anal Swab”!


    1. Why would anyone think the mandatory ‘jab’ for all things won’t fly? Look at all the fools wearing masks. They own the lie and are begging for the vaccine. Never for one second think masses people can think for themselves anymore. I had by doubts before all this but definitely not anymore.

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      1. Sadly your comment is true, I too wondered but looking around when I go shopping I think my beloved and I are the only ones not wearing masks outside and the only ones wearing (under sufferenace) face masks in shops, and we live in a very laid back country. I wonder when it was that schools ceased teaching children critical thinking? Thank God in the bad old days (the 1940s and 1950s) they did teach us to think for ourselves, not only that but we were taught to come to our own conclusions too!


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