Western Civilization is imploding: Now is the time for all good men to make their stand

Have you ever wondered why so few Christians seem willing to take a stand against the globalized tyranny that’s bearing down on our country, allowing it to take over their lives a little at a time?

We know that prayer and the Bible were banned from public schools in 1965, the right to murder one’s offspring was declared legal in 1973, and in 2015 the right of two people of the same sex to marry was likewise discovered to be hiding in the bowels of our Constitution.

In the 1990s, the cancel culture overtook college campuses, and quickly spread to the corporate world. Before long, there was a list of things you couldn’t say, people you couldn’t criticize, and now in 2021 there’s an ex-president you’re not allowed to support.

Violators of these cultural codes are publicly denounced in the media, simply for espousing views that for centuries had been considered mainstream.

Bye-bye First Amendment.

Now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case, affirmed by lower courts, which would allow police to enter your home and confiscate firearms without a search warrant. This could be done on the flimsiest of excuses, based on their role as “community caretaker.” Isn’t that special?

Bye-bye Second Amendment.

Now we have a president who owes his political existence to the most powerful communist regime in the world, the CCP, and he equates his political opponents to domestic terrorists.

Bye-bye Fourth, Fifth and 14th Amendments.

How did we come to this point in the world’s oldest constitutional republic, the home of the free and land of the brave?

It turns out slogans on our coinage and our venerable Constitution with its amazing Bill of Rights were not enough to protect us from totalitarianism.

As G.K. Chesterton said, learning history is the only thing that keeps us from becoming slaves to the spirit of the age. 

As I look out across the bow of today’s Western culture, I see a lot of slaves.

Their minds are infected with the twin viruses of collectivism and statism. Put another way, their religion is secular humanism and they worship the almighty state.

Many of them have been reduced to walking around in masks, for no other reason than a certain government-sanctioned scientist told them to do so. He didn’t even need to present any scientific proof that masks work. He said it and they obey.

Like women living under Islam, our American men are now afraid to show their faces in public.

Whenever I enter my local grocery store I see 98 percent compliance with mask rules, and it’s hard not to notice that the majority of the 2 percent of brave souls are women. I can’t help but think perhaps these are the few women who have studied Islamic culture and see the real reason for the face-coverings – to deny us our individuality and therefore our humanity. It’s a sign of submission to our new masters.

But how did the men of America become so docile? So weak? So controllable?

It’s not their pastor or priest who they listen to in making decisions as to what they will wear, what they will think and what they will publicly espouse. No, it is the secular state!

Because they lack a spiritual grounding, most men cannot even see what is happening to America, let alone feel confident to resist it.

In their defense, the transition to a totalitarian society has been so gradual that it’s difficult for them to see and grasp, especially if they have not studied the history of totalitarian movements in other countries like Germany, China and Russia.

John Strickland, author of two great books on the history of Western civilization and the blog Paradise and Utopia: Reflections on Christendom and Modern Culture, provides a roadmap for how we got from point A to point B.

Strickland traces the birth of modern secular-humanism to the Renaissance period of the late Middle Ages. But the roots of Christian cultural decline may be found 500 years earlier, in the “Great Schism” that occurred in 1054 between the Eastern and Western Churches of what was then known as Christendom [yes Christianity once dominated the globe]. A house divided cannot stand and the Great Schism was the beginning of many divisions that led to the Reformation, and after the Reformation the Protestant churches themselves split into thousands of different sects.

In his article, the Birth of Utopia, Strickland writes:

“I would now like to take my readers back beyond the twentieth century, beyond even the past five centuries, to the moment when, in my judgment, an event happened that symbolizes a shift away from traditional Christendom to the modern Christendom that would see a decline in Christianity and the rise of a secularized alternative to it. The event symbolized the decline of a civilization directed toward the kingdom of heaven. It symbolized the end of paradise and the birth of utopia.

That event, scarcely mentioned in textbooks, signaled a shift that highlighted one of the most significant causes for the rise of utopia and the decline of paradise — “the departure of the Christendom of the West from the Christendom of the East.”

This separation and disunity in global Christianity played right into the hands of the devil, that most crafty of fallen angels who is the original master at “divide and conquer.”

With each new fracture, another chink in the armor of Christendom took its toll in terms of the Church’s influence over society as a whole.

This same spirit of division is what drives every revolutionary socialist movement. They divide people into groups and pit them against each other. If class warfare doesn’t work, then divide them by race or ethnicity or gender, always making sure to frame one side as the oppressor and the other as the oppressed. This is Marxist critical race theory and it’s being taught to your children and grandchildren in public schools today.

Right now the face of oppression is the white, straight, male Christian. It’s all a lie of course, but as the Nazis found out, if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough, people will believe it! The promoters of this lie have the entire mainstream media, the federal bureaucracy, Big Tech, and the world’s wealthiest private foundations on their side.

Helped by these divisions, radical secularism has gradually taken over the culture and filled the void that had been occupied for centuries by Christ’s church.

As Christendom abdicated those spaces – in education, in healthcare, in the media and the arts – Satan’s minions rushed in.

I see many men trapped in the fallout of this secularized, hellish culture that is modern America.

They work their jobs. They come home, watch sports or fiddle in some other diversion. They do whatever is necessary to keep their minds off of the depressing decline of everything that made America great. I get it. I did the same for years.

But there are consequences to spiritual lethargy.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that anything left unattended in the natural world will decay and eventually rot. The physical world is a mirror of the spiritual world.

Sometime around the onset of the industrial revolution, Western man stopped centering his life on Christ and His church and began to focus on career.

The majority of American men, especially those over 50, still identify as Christians.

Many even hold conservative, family values.

But they remain trapped in the mindset of today’s secular-humanistic society, and they continue to play by its rules.

This mindset includes the belief that what you do for a living and how successful you are financially is what defines your value to society.

It’s common to hear men talk proudly about the things they and others they know have accumulated. Homes, cars, boats, vacation homes, the size of their 401Ks.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things, and of course we all need to earn a living. But when material things become the overriding focus of one’s life then our lives become out of balance and empty.

When the majority of lives in a nation are out of balance and rudderless, that nation will suffer culture rot. A rotted, disoriented culture becomes the perfect breeding ground for the most advanced, most militant form of secularism — communism.

A culture based on materialistic communism cannot survive. Russia learned this. China is learning it. America will learn the same.

In 1931 Stalin filmed the demolition of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Russia’s largest Orthodox Christian church, for propaganda purposes and built the world’s largest public swimming pool in its place. He thought he could crush Christianity by intimidation, brute force and propaganda. Tens of thousands of priests, pastors and lay people were sent off to prison camps, many more were shot.

But guess what? Christianity is thriving in Russia today. The new Cathedral of Christ the Savior, an exact replica of the original, was rebuilt and consecrated in Moscow on Aug. 19, 2000. The swimming pool was filled in. Moreover, a majority of Russians in a recent poll said they believe strongly in what Lenin and Stalin called the opiate of the people.

In 1931 Stalin filmed the demolition of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Russia’s largest church, for propaganda purposes. On the site Stalin replaced the church with the world’s largest public swimming pool. After the fall of communism the Russians rebuilt an exact replica of Christ the Savior [see below] and filled in the pool.

We can go one of two ways in America. We can take the events of the last year as an eye-opening lesson, realize the error of our ways and return to God. Or, we can double down on nihilistic materialism and make whatever compromises are necessary to stay in the good graces of our secular-humanist commissars, who think they can rule over us and keep us in our place through naked intimidation.

Maybe that’s why God allowed political power in America to be usurped by a godless, power-hungry, illegitimate administration. Maybe we needed to be jolted back into taking our lives more seriously than just saving up for that next material toy and whittling away our free time watching overgrown men throw leather balls, bounce leather balls, run with and catch leather balls.

The rebuilt Cathedral of Christ the Savior was consecrated in August 2000 in Moscow.

While the materialistic lifestyle many Americans have been caught up in may have been comfortable in normal times, many now find themselves feeling anxious, tormented by personal conflict. They will be looking, perhaps for the first time in their lives, for that rudder that can grant them peace in the midst of chaos.

They were taught from the time they were boys and girls that following the law, being tolerant of others and earning an honest living was all that was expected of them.

But now, suddenly, that’s not enough.

It’s no longer enough to tolerate evil, they must embrace it. We are told we must denounce things we know are not real, like systemic racism and ancestral guilt for crimes committed hundreds of years ago.

You might be the star employee but if you are caught harboring certain thought crimes, your presence on the payroll becomes a liability in today’s “woke” society.

But to acquiesce to your corporate boss requires compromising and even denying the truth established since time immemorial by your heavenly boss.  

To preserve our God-given freedoms of speech, to dare to speak about the most fundamental truths, such as God creating us as males and females in His image and that the value of all human life is sacred, marks you as an enemy of the woke society.

This is called persecution — something Christians in China, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East are intimately familiar with, either currently or as part of their recent history.

American Christians have no experience with persecution.

This is something our fathers never had to deal with. They didn’t have to deal with it on their jobs, in their communities, and certainly not in their families.

But we are learning. How many of us have “woke” children who condemn us outright and treat us as pariahs simply because we hold to our “old-fashioned” beliefs?

What we are learning as Western Christians is what those in the East have known for centuries. It takes courage to practice Christianity under totalitarianism.

As author Eric Metaxas says, “courage is faith in a crisis.”

Many Americans are confused right now as to how they should react in this crisis. They’re not accustomed to being called extremists and domestic terrorists. Some are still not yet aware that we are living under a form of soft communism. They think this is just a brief phase that will pass and in 2022 the Republicans will take over and things will return to normal.

Maybe that will happen. But more than likely it won’t. The leadership of the two major parties are working together, in unison, to make sure someone like Trump, who believes in protecting America’s borders and respecting the values of Christianity, is never again elected to the highest office in the land.

Have you ever noticed that even when the Republicans take Congress we always end up with a GOP leader like John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell? These men are globalists who pander to the same special interests that Democrat politicians pander to, those of Wall Street’s multinational corporations.

These corporations want nothing more than an endless flow of cheap foreign labor, endless wars and the ability to outsource manufacturing jobs to China. These same global corporations want to silence patriotic Americans, take away their guns and brand them as white nationalists if they don’t go along with the program.

To confront and resist these totalitarians makes you vastly less valuable in the eyes of the modern secular world but hugely more valuable to the Kingdom of God.

Most Americans were never taught by their parents, teachers or even their pastors that obedience to government ends at the point where godless politicians start making laws that turn right into wrong and wrong into right. It was always assumed that this is America, a nation governed by the rule of law, and that there was only so much evil that even the worst politician could accomplish. We have separation of powers, checks and balances and “equal justice under the law,” right?

All of those protections have been exposed as extremely fragile. They can simply be ignored or selectively applied when wicked leaders are supported by a dishonest press and an education system that churns out global citizens brainwashed in socialist groupthink.

History shows us how we got to this point and it will help guide us back to the path of freedom. We must resist. Sometimes that’s just a matter of standing up and saying, “No.” Only then will we break out of this dark place where we are more fearful of man than we are of God.

If we look to the God of the Bible and the Christians of past totalitarian societies for our roadmap, we will find that they went on the offensive, fearlessly declaring their faith and letting the chips fall where they may. At some point, truth prevailed over the lie. It always does.

Leo Hohmann is an independent journalist providing news and commentary for such a time as this. This site is 100 percent reader supported and contributions of any size are welcomed and appreciated. Checks can be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291 Newnan, GA 30264. Or by credit card via the donate button.

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22 thoughts on “Western Civilization is imploding: Now is the time for all good men to make their stand”

  1. THE COUNTRY OF AMERICA HAS BEEN LOST MANY YEARS AGO,there are NO MEN to strand up,WORMS,RABBITS,COWARDS,ARE NOT MEN,JEREMIAH 51:30,says it all,get ready for war,a war the claimed men of america will be on the wrong side,they’ll fight for SATAN,Not GOD or his people,VERY FEW MEN IN AMERICA WILL EVER SEE HEAVEN,maybe 5% or so,and only 10% of the women..the rest will be lost and destroyed in HELL,they wouldn’t have it any other way…


  2. Awesome article, Leo! First time reader of your expert words, but I’ll be back for more!
    Dealing with my wokester teen son now. He is so deceived. I’ll keep praying and trying to bring him into the light of Christ..


  3. Excellent article once again, Leo. We know our beloved Clifton was definitely one who went on the offensive and tried to influence all those around him for the Truth. Please pray for the unsaved who will be attending his funeral next Saturday, Feb. 27 at 10:30.

    Keep looking up, Ruthann

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  4. Leo—I’m glad you mentioned the book “Age of Paradise” by Fr John Strickland. He now has the 2nd volume in the “Paradise and Utopia” series published as well. Its title is “The Age of Division” which covers from the Great Schism of 1054 to the Protestant Reformation. There will eventually be 4 volumes in his “Paradise and Utopia” series. These volumes enlarge upon his podcast series “Paradise and Utopia” found on Ancient Faith Radio website. These are excellent to listen to and really helps to understand how the West went so off the tracks and what needs to be done to get back on. Fr Strickland approaches the problem right back to its root and it shows we need to change our very mindset and understanding of the Christian imperative so that Christians once again can be the transformative force we once were. I find his books and podcast extremely valuable. Check out his podcasts and his latest book

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    1. I think what has bothered me is that the pastors and Messianic rabbis have gone along with the edicts rather than fighting back. Obviously they need their attendees to back them, but the attendees need their leadership. I am frustrated and annoyed that they didn’t do so, and so here we are.


  5. Hello Leo,We AGREE, 100% correct!It is time for massive civil disobedience by all God fearing United States citizens. Unite under our CONSTITUTIONAL rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!!Go to work, open your businesses, live yoir lives!!! Police officers DO NOT arrest law abiding citizens who don’t follow unlawful edicts or orders, it is not against the law to go to WORK!!!If they don’t arrest REAL law breakers and jail them, any police officer or judge that says hard working citizens should be arrested or fined should be systemically ignored!!!Banks DO NOT freeze law abiding citizens assests or funds, if George Soros can keep his accounts lawful citizens should not be threatened either. They ALWAYS  ask how did a few VERY bad people destroy a WONDERFUL citizenry, because the GOOD CITIZENRY did as THEY WERE TOLD!!!!!NOT THIS TIME!!!!!FREEDOM IS TO HARD FOUGHT TO BE STOLEN AWAY!!!!We must TRUST in GOD and live freely AND ABUNDANTLY!!!Open those oil fields, get back to WORK at the pipe lines AND deny the “people in power” usage of fossil fuels and freeze THEIR accounts!!!!God Bless you and the United States and OUR PRESIDENT,  TRUMP!!!!Donand Sharon Gricol Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  6. “Learning history is the only thing that keeps us from becoming slaves to the spirit of the age.” My father and his generation sacrificed years of their lives fighting tyranny. (Hitler). Many made the ultimate sacrifice. It seems we have not learned from history at all, because we have embraced the same spirit my Father and so many others fought against.


  7. Brilliant Leo and, at this moment, I am so glad I do not live in America. However what you say latterly caused me to think of the beginning of the church when Peter and John healed a man at the entrance to the Temple and they were arrested and commanded to never speak the name of Jesus again – see Acts 4 – it is their prayer which I thought of: “You spoke by the Holy Spirit . . . . . . Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with GREAT BOLDNESS.” Notice, no whingeing there but a desire to be even bolder. We can see this further in Acts 5 when Peter says: “We must obey God rather than man.”
    This is how we should now be, God will honour those who lay down everything to do His will as He does not desire any to perish. I am also mindful of another scripture where we are encouraged not to fear those who can just kill the body but to be in fear of God Who can kill the soul too. In other words death is not the end it is just the beginning of our best lives ever, which will last for ever. God has promised to never leave us, to never forsake us and He has promised that if we are required to speak out He will give us the words to say which my husband and I have both experienced when in very tricky situations. Beloved brethren now is the time to fulfil all those promises we gave the Lord but which life interrupted, let us stand up for truth because Jesus is THE TRUTH, He is also the only way and it is only through Him we have life and that abundantly.

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    1. Amen Julia! You are spot on and thank you for saying these things. You are right, now is the time for boldness and the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say. Blessings to you and your husband as you continue to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

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      1. Thank you Will how kind and considerate of you. Thank you Leo, you seem to have captured the truth of the decline really well.

        My beloved and I were well into all of the opposition to Jesus Christ in the 1960’s. When we married in 1968 without a thought of God and our marriage turned into a disaster. We had two lovely children who we began to mess up and suddenly our Lord Jesus Christ moved in upon Julia and then me, a vulgar sex ridden lost man.

        It was remarkable for the Lord had placed in both of us a degree of stubborness and dislike of simply doing ”as we were told”. We were both ”arrested” by the Holy Spirit and devoured the scriptures, we gradually realised that there could be only ‘One Way – God’s Way” Much of this took a long time to learn. However we were fierce defenders of our children and when the murkey sex education came upon is we rebelled.

        We were apalled because so few attendees at ”church” had not read their bibles and had no idea what God says. The decline had begun well before we met Jesus Christ and continued unabated as Christians everywhere compromised. As with the USA, men were absent in so many ways and so few have had a male who models the way of Jesus Christ. Families declined and the world around us became amoral.

        This, in the UK, set the scene where today the UK like so many other nations is shuttered down and afraid to raise any objection to the advance of the evil one.

        We are past the moment of any possible national revival and the evil one has set the stage so remarkably ready for his arrival with the antichrist and a one world globalisation, of economy, government and a one world religion.

        We have the Holy Bible to inform us that this must happen YET we also know that Jesus calls us to Himself before that happens. Let us stand and work tirelessly to proclaim the Gospel message and ask Him to allow us to others to Him before that happens. Jude 22 and Titus 2 v 13. Maranatha!!!!!


  8. I am still wondering why it is there must be many born-again, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christians who read the UK broadsheet ‘The Times’ who never support me when I post about Jesus with regard to whatever the article is about. There are times when I find it incredibly disheartening even though I know this is what God wants me to do these days – I am ancient, live in a country now where I have difficulty with the language (Greek) and am somewhat infirm! I am hoping that somehow somebody would be touched by what I write and will turn to the Lord but if that happens I never find out about it. In fact it is a real rarity when a Christian does respond. Sorry to whinge I am a bit down today, there are days and I am sure Leo must know them when you feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall. But, hey, somebody asked what Jesus was all about today (I have a sneaky feeling their question was not genuine because of previous things they have piosted) so I was given the wonderful opportunity to preach the gospel. Please God the Holy Spirit will be able to use it to reach somebody! PS I suppose I had better now read what Leo has written – his first words set me off straight away, sorry, Leo! XX

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  9. An excessively brilliant, insightful essay, as usual from you, Leo (and I’m breathlessly waiting for your next Sharia Crime Stoppers/United West appearance!). But I’m moved to comment here because of that superlative, stunningly iconic chart “Understanding the Left”! May I ask, where did you get it, and can you link me to it? I want it for a wall-chart!

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    1. Great article Leo, 20 years ago you told me there was no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. At the time I did not believe it, of course you were right. Trump called them “the swamp”

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      1. Remember when Jorge Wmd Bush was exposed by an anonymous member of the White House administration, after being warned that something he had expressed his desire to do would be in violation of the U.S. Constitution – to which W replied ‘the Constitution is just a G-damned piece of paper’?

        The writer of this article is 100 percent right. This cancerous attitude of arrogance and totalitarianism infects both the Democrats and the establishment RINO and neocon infested GOP.

        Oh, and for anyone who still clings to some kind of blind devotion to Trump – remember when he said to heck with the 4th Amendment:

        ” The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        And, said he likes the idea of ‘seizing the guns first, due process later’ – which is the basis for the anti-Second amendment left’s agenda to use and MISUSE these ‘red flag’ laws to disarm those pesky, and much hated, law-abiding White males for some manufactured flimsy excuse



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