Undercover agent warns of post-election plans to ‘ignite’ violent revolution that will shock the nation

Is America sitting on a powder keg of discontent created by years of cultural Marxist infiltration and agitation?

One counter-terrorism expert and U.S. Air Force veteran thinks the answer is yes, and here’s why…

October 28, 2020 by Leo Hohmann

Dave Gaubatz has infiltrated mosques and Antifa-affiliated cells in recent months that he says left him with no other option but to warn the American people:

Get ready, because the level of violence you saw in American cities this summer will pale in comparison to what the left has in store for the weeks and months ahead.

Gaubatz is a former federal agent and Air Force veteran who now works as a private counter-terrorism professional. He co-authored the 2009 blockbuster Muslim Mafia with journalist Paul Sperry.

On his blog Tuesday, Oct. 27, Gaubatz posted a red-alert titled On 3 Nov 2020 Expect Riots by Left Wing Thugs Supported by Biden & Harris:

“On election night I guarantee ANTIFA and other left wing terrorists will start very violent riots in most American cities (big and small). Biden and Harris support this type violence. President Trump will win by a large majority, but it will not be recognized by Biden. Once Trump wins he should immediately imprison Biden, Harris, Pelosi, the Clintons, and Mr. and Mr. [sic] Obama for treason and sedition. Then he should immediately imprison ANTIFA, BLM, and their supporters.”

He concluded by saying “I give you a 100 percent guarantee” that on the night of Nov. 3, Americans “will see more violence than they have ever witnessed in their lifetime. Be prepared to protect your property and family.”

I wanted to find out more about why Gaubatz would make such a dreadful prediction, so I called him up in hopes of fleshing out his reasoning.

He did not disappoint.

I should note that this was not my first encounter with Mr. Gaubatz. The first time I met him, in February 2020, we talked for hours over dinner at a café in Troy, Michigan. I found him highly credible and professional.

Gaubatz is known for going undercover into U.S. mosques. These expeditions have uncovered literature supporting child marriage, honor violence and other anti-American activities, which he includes in a written report certified with a sworn affidavit before turning it over to authorities. Almost without fail, neither the police nor the mainstream media do any follow-up work of their own to find out if his reports contain evidence of criminal activity. You can read my article about his mosque ventures in the archives under the title Undercover Agent: Michigan mosques promoting child marriage, openly campaigning for Bernie Sanders.

Gaubatz is no third-rate investigator and the fact that his work is mostly ignored by law enforcement speaks volumes as to how America has devolved into its current state of revolutionary upheaval, where the worst elements in our society are venerated as sacred cows by the media and even officers of the law have been seen on video taking a knee in public spaces.

Gaubatz served 12 years as an active-duty agent in the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, followed by several years as a civilian agent, including a stint in Iraq. He is fluent in Arabic and has researched more than 400 mosques since 9/11. He is founder of the threat analysis website America’s Civil War Rising: The Red-Green Alert.

Below is a transcript of my interview with him on Oct. 28, 2020. My questions are in bold.

Why are you convinced the left will start its violent uprising on election night even though we are unlikely to see a winner declared until days or weeks later?

Yes, I think it’s going to really ignite on election night and of course accelerating as we follow through to the point where they do determine who won. Since the 1970s I’ve been analyzing security situations, and providing advice directly to government for 24 years, and all the indicators are there, that starting election night we are going to have so much violence. It will at some point going forward be comparable to the first Civil War. We’re already in the early stages of this second civil war but starting with election night it’s going to be so much greater than anything Americans have seen in their lifetimes.

Did I hear that right? Are you suggesting that Civil War 2.0 will be potentially worse than what America experienced from 1861 to 1865?

I definitely do see it as worse. Based on everything I’m looking at, if Biden were to come out the winner after some drawn-out process [of ballot counting] I think American patriots are going to say, you know what, enough is enough. I think the night of the election is going to ignite Civil War 2.0, which make no mistake will be started by the leftists and the anarchists, and we are going to lose hundreds of thousands of people.

That first Civil War led to more than 600,000 dead and many more wounded.

I’m not saying we will see that many dead within four years, like in the first Civil War, but I expect these casualties to be taken on both sides over what could be a decades-long war.

But you believe history will read that the spark that led to this war was the 2020 presidential election?

Yes. There is just too much distrust, too much rage, too much hatred on both sides, to imagine any other outcome [short of divine intervention].

Please share some of the signs that jump out at you.

Well, you and I are seeing it now, people are hating one another now strictly over politics. That kind of hatred, it’s never existed before in America.

I served under presidents Democrat and Republican, and I always believed that although there were differences they still loved this country. I no longer believe that. As a military veteran I don’t believe the Democrats love this country. And I would not advise anyone allowing their son or daughter into the military now under a Democrat president because they would be forfeiting their lives under a Biden administration.

My daughter is 22 and I would not recommend her going into the military because if Biden is elected they’re going to be fighting against American values all over the world.

What about law enforcement today? They seem to be the target of much of the left’s vitriol.

I am former law enforcement and I support our law enforcement officers.

But I truly believe that, if the Democrats win, the majority of the police departments and sheriff’s offices are going to fall right in line and carry out unconstitutional orders, whether it be gun confiscations, arrests, people being harassed for expressing their political views, whatever. The majority of police officers are going to be under the Stockholm Syndrome, where it’s easer to go along with the captain than it is to fight him.

I do believe we need to support them, our law enforcement, all the while keeping it stored in the back of our minds that it’s going to be those same individuals at 3 o’clock in the morning knocking down our doors.

How did we get to this point in America, the land of the free?

The socialists and Marxists have been gradually taking over our major institutions for years, including the federal bureaucracy, DOJ, the media, school systems, the churches. They’ve taken them over already, despite us electing a conservative Republican in President Trump in 2016. That’s why he’s had such a difficult time and why we are now at the precipice of civil war.

What about the Muslim element? Do you expect they will join in this revolution on the side of the Marxists or will they sit this one out?

No they’re not going to sit it out. We just went to some mosques in Tampa and we also infiltrated an Antifa event. When I’ve gone to the various mosques over the last year, whether it was in Michigan, in West Virginia or in Florida, I saw them working in concert with the Democrats to get an administration in the White House that is Democrat, socialist, Marxist, whatever you wish to call it. In Tampa this last weekend, we found they’re very much supporting Biden-Harris and the Marxist movement, the same in West Virginia and the same in Michigan, where they were working in February to get Bernie Sanders elected in the primaries.

So the Islamic groups are joining hand in hand with the Democratic Socialists. Just like with COVID, they’re trying to prove themselves to the most radical elements inside America and want to be seen as following along with the progressive Democrat agenda, so they’re actually shutting down their mosques tighter than any churches during COVID.

This should not surprise anyone. The American Islamic leaders have always said that once they see the takeover happening they will support that leadership. If Biden wins, you’re going to see the Muslims coming more out front and center along with Antifa, not because they like them but because they see they have strength right now.

What about the role of the Chinese Communist Party, which seems to be financing and fomenting much of this revolution, through groups like the Freedom Road Socialists and others?

The Chinese don’t necessarily support Islamic groups but they all have the common denominator that they hate America. They have that in common and that’s why we call it the Red-Green Axis.

The Islamic groups will fight alongside and support the Marxist groups, until Islamic leaders feel they are powerful enough to overthrow the Marxists. Until then they will work hand in hand with the Marxists and the Marxists will welcome them.

So they need each other to get this revolution done?

Yes. Islamic groups don’t have good organization. They are the worst organizers in the world. They have so much infighting that they just can’t organize themselves very well. The Marxists are expert organizers and stand side by side with one another no matter what, but the Islamic groups are not like that. We saw that [lack of disciplined organization] at CAIR’s National headquarters in Washington, D.C. There was no way they should have allowed us to infiltrate their office but they did. They had security guidelines but they didn’t follow them. Not one of my researchers ever had to produce any ID once they were on the inside of CAIR National. My son only had his original driver’s license but they never asked for it, never once followed through on their own security plans.

Every mosque should have a picture of me. I’ve been in over 400 mosques. But they just can’t get their act together.

Wow, that sounds to me a lot like the American conservative movement!

Conservatives are the same, yes, they really don’t back one another when they should be. Marxist communists are very good at this.

Yes, at least up until the point they achieve power. Then you see the purges.

But I do think we are in the early stages of Civil War 2.0 and election night is going to trigger it to the next stage of violence.

How do you see that playing out?

The executive branch under Biden would lead the way in silencing all opposition, rounding up dissidents, placing them in camps or prisons. None of these scenarios are far-fetched. The camps are still in place. I used to work with FEMA very closely as a federal agent so I know what kind of plans that they have. I was a federal agent and had to coordinate different plans, check their plans. For instance, if Scenario A happened or Scenario B happened, and you put together an analysis of each.

Have you seen any evidence of weapons caches at the mosques you’ve been to?

No. It would require deep undercover to see that. Those places are off limits, even to the average Muslim mosque member. In Iraq we found them [weapons caches] and they told us why they did it so it’s safe to assume they are doing the same thing here but I don’t have evidence of it.

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  1. The election showed that there were millions who voted for Trump. I think they love God and love this country. We are like an apple that is being eaten from the inside by worms. I don’t think the whole country is bad by far. I’m just wondering if there is enough time to uncover all of the fraud and pronounce Trump the victor before Nancy Pelosi gets into the White House.


  2. I believe it lines up with biblicsl prophesying. I agree the begi ing of the end. Only ifGods people will humble themselves and pray seek His face and turn from their wicked ways will He hear from heaven and come and heal our land. I thought perhaps world war 3 was on the horizen and another Hitler and zgermany haulicost type thing could be brewing. Perhaps civil war 2 is more correct then world war 3 . War is war no matter what name it goes by. God is indeed merciful and forgiving but also He is righteous ruler and judge. He will not tolerste sin for ever .Now is the time to tiurn to Hom humble our selves and pray and turn from our wicked wsys as americans. The natural consequenced of tbe United states of americs are upon us.
    Pray Americs as if though our lives depend upon it because indeed our lives do hinge upon it. Prsy Smerics pray pray now dont procrastinate Jesus is coming and so is sudden destruction. God havie mercy on us all. Jesus help us now and future tense amen.


  3. War is Coming to this Country because it has left the Lord Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. There is no way back unless the Nation REPENTS TOTALLY which is UNLIKELY. It does not matter which side you are on. Both sides will die. I have Forseen This through Revelation from the Lord. Even I am going to die in such a situation. Our Hearts need to Change. We must Return to the Lord. This is just the Beginning of the End!


  4. Seems to me this idea has been floated a few times and has not run well. When the federal government fails and State government is unable to keep civil control it falls to local rule. Each local will need leaders who can master a following of persons who all wish for the same thing. If we get divided locally it will be complete anarchy.
    If I wanted anarchy the first thing I would do is crash the grid. In winter it would create complete chaos as water and food supplies dwindle. Then the fight for survival begins. There will be no winners. Trump should have the guard ready to activate on a moments notice. No matter what the left does.


  5. Trust God in all this – He knows the plans He has for you and He will finish what He has started in you. It doesn’t matter whether you live or die as long as you are serving Him.


  6. I believe he is correct….but If he is undercover why does he allow a picture of himself on this site?


  7. Isn’t WAR obsolete in the great glorious golden globalist utopia where all comrades are equal and exactly the same?
    I thought our external “allies” loved us so dearly for electing the historic Hussein Hopenchange?
    This is the plan whether Gropey Joe gets in or not so be prepared.


  8. I’m from the UK. The Muslims have gained huge power in my country in the black market, government, law and business. There fertility rate is twice that of the average white British female.
    The south of england is completely gone and they’ve took over the prison systems. If you go into prison and end up on certain wings and don’t convert to Islam they will butcher you. Its happened many times. They also control illegal money sending because they seem to have businesses which are cash rich. You Americans need to stop his cancer before it takes over your country. Its happened here. The more powerful they get the more it accelerates and the less you are able to speak out.



  9. the type of weapon is not the issue, it is the willingness to use it, and to use it on the offense when necessary, not just when surrounded. The Political Right is not organized, has no channels of COMM needed to initiate any planned defense of their homes or neighborhoods, nor do we have friendly media who would portray home defense as a good thing, and that public trashing changes the politics of who gets arrested or who is seen as the ‘freedom fighter’.
    All of this is because of a moral vacuum because our nation has abandoned the Biblical faith in Christ and have become lukewarm.
    2Chr 7:13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
    2Chr 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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  10. And meanwhile…. sheeple are about to get in the holiday spirit! Don’t even have a clue of what is going on behind the scenes of our country! ” the government will save and protect us” they think!
    Whoa….. what a shock , and what a sobering day it will be for them when this hell ramps up! God Help Us !


    1. Sheeple!
      Holiday (Saturnalia, Roman feast of offerings to their son god, Dec. 17-25 X’ma$$, Jan. 1 new year ((Jeremiah 10))!


      1. Finally someone who sees “Christmas” for what it really is. So many Christians are deceived over Christmas.


  11. If you only have “a” handgun, you’re as good as dead! It’ll take a lot more than a handgun to survive the shitstorm that’s about to hit!


    1. A handgun? Not good enough. That will only deter someone who is within it’s range.
      You’ll need a stand-off platform…i.e. a good rifle with scope.
      Then a good shotgun for anything that gets by.
      Then your handgun can be utilized. And lots of ammo for each.


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