3 biggest lies about COVID-19 have all been exposed: But here’s why globalist powerbrokers can’t let it die

October 6, 2020

Since February, the U.S. media has been pounding Americans with non-stop reporting about COVID-19 coronavirus.

Eight months later, the data shows everything the media said about the virus was false. Yet, those posing as “journalists” continue to repeat the lies from February and March as if they are facts rooted in their quest to “follow the science.”

Every one of the BIG THREE lies seems designed to promote panic and an irrational response to the actual threat.

Anyone who even suggests that maybe the governments of the world have been overreacting to a virus that kills at about the same rate as the flu has been immediately shot down as stupid and not worth listening to.

Slowly but surely, however, everything we “conspiracy theorists” said back in March about COVID has since been borne out as not a conspiracy theory at all. It was 100 percent true.

So let’s look at the three biggest lies that are still being used to spread fear of COVID-19, keeping in mind that the media used these same lies to castigate President Trump when he was released from the hospital Oct. 5 and implored Americans in a tweet “Don’t let COVID-19 dominate your life.”

This virus is “not like the flu,” we are scolded. It’s much scarier than the flu because:

1. COVID carries a very high, 3.4 percent, death rate [compared to a flu death rate of 0.10 percent].

This has now been debunked by none other than the United Nations World Health Organization, which the leftist globalists believe is the gold standard for information about COVID. The WHO came out with updated mortality rates this week showing that only 0.13 percent of those infected will die. That’s 26 times lower than WHO’s previously purported death rate of 3.4 percent. We already know that in the U.S. the average age of those who succumb to the virus is 78 and they have an average of 2.6 comorbidities. This 0.13 percent death rate is almost exactly the death rate for the common flu.

2. COVID is spread by asymptomatic ‘super spreaders

This scares people to death every time they hear it, because it suggests that every human being you come in contact with can potentially infect you. This is absolute hogwash. Asymptomatic carriers have a very low viral load in their system, making it virtually impossible to pass the virus on to another person. Even in the rare cases that they might be able to pass it on, it is highly unlikely if they don’t have symptoms, meaning they are not coughing, sneezing or wheezing.

3. COVID is untreatable.

Now that truly is scary! This lie provided the pretext for Bill Gates and Big Pharma to rush to market an unsafe and unproven vaccine, which could end up being mandated by various state governments and corporations. But this “no treatment” lie has been exposed over and over by the facts, most recently seen in the way President Trump was so effectively treated with a cocktail of supplements and drugs. Trump was treated with Remdesivir and Regeneron, in combination with zinc, Vitamin D and melatonin. Another option available in some states is hydroxychloroquine.

These three lies were cleverly crafted to refute anyone who brings facts to the table to argue that the government has no business closing down churches, businesses or generally violating the civil liberties of any American.

The authorities say this coronavirus has killed 204,000 Americans but those numbers don’t reflect the fact that hospitals were directed by the CDC to be liberal in filling out death certificates. Some doctors were so liberal that they actually notched deaths from accidents, heart attacks and strokes as COVID related and therefore COVID caused. CDC estimates that only 6 percent of these 204,000 deaths have been caused by COVID alone.

While these are the three biggest lies, they are not the only lies the media has told and continues to tell. What about the risk to young people? A look at the data shows incontrovertible evidence that college-age students have virtually no risk of dying from COVID. The media knows this. That’s why they focus their hysteria on the number of “cases” on campuses, not the number of deaths.

According to a survey by the New York Times, published Sept. 25, at least 130,000 people on more than 1,600 campuses contracted COVID and 70 died, but “most” of those 70 deaths, the Times admits, were not students but rather college employees, who were likely much older. But even if we factor in those older employees, the rate of death on college campuses according to the Times’ own study is a paltry 0.054 percent. Stunning!

One would think that once these scurrilous lies were exposed, the media would be shouting from the housetops that the CDC, WHO, Drs. Fauci and Birx, Gates and the rest of the “experts” who they relied on for their information, and whose misinformation formed the basis for politicians to implement the economy-killing lockdowns, were completely wrong! Isn’t that what good, honest journalists do when they find out they’ve been played? Yes, they go back and correct the record.

But instead we see no corrections of their previous false reporting. No, they double down on the lies.

This is not news. This is the hallmark of a propaganda operation. Another name for it is information warfare.

If they corrected their false reports and began to prominently report the truth about COVID, this would put pressure on political leaders to end the destructive restrictions on human activity. Those leaders could then turn their focus to protecting the vulnerable, which are people over 65 with multiple serious pre-existing health issues.

But that would require an honest press – something that no longer exists in America. They will continue to repeat the same old lies, that COVID is a killer disease unlike any other faced by mankind; we must “not let our foot off the pedal” of containing it, people of all ages and conditions must stay masked up at all times, indoors or out, and we must stay separated and isolated from our loved ones.

The ‘Great Reset

Meanwhile, the real reason for locking people down, telling them they must stop traveling for non-essential trips, shuttering small businesses or bogging them down with irrational and arbitrary rules, goes unreported by the mainstream media. But it’s hiding in plain view for anyone with an ounce of curiosity.

The global power brokers at the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the British royal family, the International Monetary Fund and the Vatican have told us why COVID must be kept front and center in the human psyche for the foreseeable future: They’ve all identified it as the key to launching a Great Reset of the global economic and social order. See video below:

They want to do away with the post-World War II free-market capitalist system and replace it with a global technocratic surveillance state likely to include a new digital currency and digital ID system. This new system will be much more authoritarian than what Americans would choose to live under if we remained in normal times, so the technocrats had to create a “new normal” that grips people in fear. People are known to defer to their leaders in times of crisis and panic. They can be convinced to go along with almost anything in such times, when fear brings its twin cousins of chaos and confusion.

The new age pope

Pope Francis and the Vatican are also fully on board with the new socio-economic world order being prepared for us – just read his latest encyclical issued on Oct. 3 entitled Fratelli Tutti [translated as Brothers All]. In it, he blames capitalism for the world’s most pressing problems, derides the concept of private property, holds up collectivism as superior to the rights of the individual, and seems to call for open borders and a termination of national sovereignty.

The pope cites COVID-19 as the triggering event that will usher in a new age of man-based utopian groupthink.

“The Covid-19 pandemic momentarily revived the sense that we are a global community, all in the same boat, where one person’s problems are the problems of all. Once more we realize that no one is saved alone; we can only be saved together.”

COVID was simply a prop, a triggering mechanism, for what global elites refer to as the Great Reset, the New Economy, the Green Economy and Sustainable Development. Whatever they call it, those with discernment will recognize this as the end-times beast system, global in nature, which will seek to dominate every human life on the planet.

The re-election of Donald Trump can forestall the world’s march into this new Dark Age, where freedom of movement, assembly, speech and religion are all tightly monitored and controlled. Joe Biden will welcome it, as this was the path his former boss Barack Obama had set us on. Obama signed the UN 2030 Agenda in September 2015 and the UN’s New Urban Agenda for global cities, as well as the Strong Cities Network, which is the UN’s effort to globalize city and county police forces. He also signed on to the UN’s Paris Climate accords.

Global government will materialize. It’s only a matter of when. The Bible says the end times will be marked by the rise of an anti-Christ system that bullies and bludgeons its way to power over all humanity. The United Nations arrogantly affirms the biblical prophecies with its admonition that “no person will be left behind” by its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

As Christians, we must prepare both physically and spiritually for persecution that will only grow more intense in the weeks, months and years ahead. We must resist ungodly government edicts that seek to silence our voice, shut down our religious practice and deprive us of our humanity.

Leo Hohmann is an independent journalist not beholden to advertisers or corporate sponsors. He relies on donations from readers to continue reporting the truth based on a biblical worldview and his experience of 30-plus years covering geopolitics, education and religion.

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46 thoughts on “3 biggest lies about COVID-19 have all been exposed: But here’s why globalist powerbrokers can’t let it die”

  1. Destroying the economy was the agenda.
    But the worst thing they destroyed was our humanity. This whole coup was a war on human love.
    If we had not grown so cold as a people our enemies could not have pulled this off.
    Perfect love casts out fear. It refuses to view our neighbor as a walking disease.
    Praying for a rekindling of love.

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  2. All that was hidden is being revealed for everybody to acknowledge we have all been deceived, and it is time to bring mis-creations to correction rather than fear, ignore, deny them, which sustain more of the same. Decisive dental confirmation of the true identity of Michelle “Michael LaVaughn Robinson” Obama, aka Big Mike. http://stateofthenation.co/?p=31424


    1. With references to your word “mis-creations” could it be you mean “miscreants”?
      With regard to the latter part of your comment, I would not know what on earth you are talking about as I am neither American nor do I live in America.


      1. Excuse me, I was not aware I asked for your opinion or your advice. I am English and I did not realise that this was another American adjustment to my language. As a result I have learnt something new. Have you?


      2. Mis-creations are choices that cause harm. Simply ignore disclosure in the United Sates of America if you are unfamiliar.


      3. Sorry I am English and I have given up trying to keep up with what you Americans do to my language! 😉 I even don’t understand your last sentence which, I am sure, all Americans understand perfectly! 😉


  3. If the Marxists come to power, truth such as yours will be quickly silenced.
    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound”–this old adage defines the relationship between the media and truth today.

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  4. Great article, Leo. We have been duped – evidence that the Great Deception is already upon us. On one side, society is being duped and destroyed by a charade. On the other side, the church is being duped with a Woke BLM, Marxist-Socialist-Communist gospel that is NO Gospel because it denies the cross-work of Jesus Christ and His Faith-Grace-Promise Gospel. When these are conflated into one, we have a new God in America and around the world. Yes, this all has biblical overtones. The only eternal answer is new birth in Jesus Christ. Until His ontological reality lives in our soul we are not ready for the end. With Christ as King and Lord in revival, God’s Judgment-hand will be stayed. Thanks, Tim

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  5. First, Francis is not a true Pope. In the past a Pope needed to be part of the baptismal lineage of Peter. Francis can not show such connection to Peter.

    Second, what is being stated by the WEF is the era of the petro-dollar must end. When the petro-dollar is desolved the USA will be bankrupted and her people enslaved. What the WEF got wrong was the Americans’ resolve. Their plandemic has created 5 million new gun owners who will resist their tyranny.

    Third, the resources need to accomplish their technocracy will devastate the environment they say that they want to protect. The mining of lithium, gold, copper, and silica will pollute water ways. The processing of these minerals will contaminate the air with harmful elements like mercury.

    Finally, their agenda has little to do with their stated goals. It is al about self enrichment, power and control.

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  6. It’s the key to the global soviet NWO. They have too much invested in it and too much money to make to give up now.
    They view humanity as their ant farm or Play-Doh ball and go around all governments and constitutions.
    The plan is very old and book written a long time ago talks about how it will end.
    It is called the Bible.


  7. Hello Leo,Even if charges of sedition are proven AGAINST the former administration, Obama, Comey, Brennan, Clinton……our DOJ knows there is no fortitude to punish these people to the level the crime of sedition requires; THAT is why no charges WILL be filed. The crime of sedition, if actually leveled against ANY,  and ALL involved are guilty, MUST be met with the appropriate punishment OR we have NO rule of law.Maybe you can write an article on this, our country is lost if what happened to Trump is not adequately dealt with.GodBless you. Sharon and Don Gricol Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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    1. Great point Sharon. What you’re suggesting, correct me if I’m wrong, is they fear bringing charges because it would stoke the left and cause civil war. I agree that’s a risk, but it appears we may be heading for full-on civil war anyway! I believe we are already in a low-boil, intractable civil war. Lookfor it to be racheted up in November.

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    2. Their names are on an indictment, but the charges will not be sedition, it will be treason.
      They all have appointments with a military tribunal which has been set up at Gitmo.
      Depending on the specific crime the punishment is either execution, or life in prison.


  8. At best, only four years left of this world system. It has struck me for years that we’re practically the only ones not being persecuted. Now we will be. Jesus is the only answer while we’re still here until He comes back.

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      1. Wow, really, and quite when did Jesus tell you this? You do realise, I trust, that it is anathema to God when we start setting dates even when they are in years rather than actual dates?

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  9. Hello Leo,

    Another great Blog! I agree with nearly everything you stated. However your statement:

    “The re-election of Donald Trump can forestall the world’s ma
    rch into this new Dark Age, ”

    Made me ask myself: What’s the point – eventually the Dark Age will come no matter what you, myself, or your other followers of your blog do.

    Already, because of the “Covid-19 “buzzards” ( I use a much stronger term on my forum), my life has been reduced to a shell of what it once was.

    My “prayer” is this: That the “”Higher Power” brings an END to the human race. SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    DJ Canttall


  10. I feel compelled to say that faithful Catholics consider Francis to be a globalist and pray for his conversion. And replacement. God bless you.

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    1. Traditional Conservative Catholics would consider Francis to be an Anti-Pope; and yet if this current Pope and others end up ushering in the final reign and fulfillment of Anti-Christ; then the Protestant Reformers will be vindicated in their prophecies that Papal Rome is the seat of Anti-Christ – from the burning of Christians with Nero reigning from Rome, to the Pope’s dictates (Papal Bulls) during the Spanish Inquisition to the End of Time and the Second Advent of the Almighty, The Lord Jesus Christ. (Rev 1:7)


  11. Yep…more fake news. I was the skeptical lunatic from the get-go. Oh well. Lies, lies, and MORE lies, then double-down on the lies. Where do we go from here?


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