Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest

Army of militants gathers in Stone Mountain, Ga., July 4, 2020. Photo/Fred Matt Morris Facebook

The time to prepare is now

Many of you were shocked by the video footage I presented over the weekend, where an army of some 300 heavily armed Black Panther type commandos marched through Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta, harassing white people with threats and intimidation.

I received many emails from readers after that disturbing post, titled The Bolshevik army shows its face in Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain.

“What country is this?” some asked. “Am I living in some kind of dystopian nightmare? If so, please wake me up!”

Others asked some version of, “what’s their point?” …”What are they trying to prove with such a demonstration of hate?”

When that hate is aimed at a group of people based solely on their skin color, that’s the epitome of racism. But wait, these folks are trying to justify their bizarre behavior on a claim of being against racism.

Many Americans are confused by what they see.

Let me try to explain what I think is going on.

First off, the vast majority of the Republican leaders still don’t understand what we are dealing with here. The folks knocking down statues and accusing everyone of being part of a conspiracy of “systemic racism” are not simply malcontents hoping for police reform. These are Marxist revolutionaries and such people only understand one thing – brute force.

In the absence of force they will continue to get more violent as the summer wears on, leading up to the Nov. 3 presidential election.

When a battalion of militants marches through an American city armed with AR-15s and ammunition belts, you should understand that the time for talking is over.

So, if they don’t want police reform and they don’t want to negotiate, what do they want? What is their true motivation?

It’s the same motivation that is behind:

Watch the beating of the Catholics praying in St. Louis below, a case in which the violent ringleader was a Muslim activist named Umar Lee:

The question is, why such unhinged behavior by the left?

Clearly there are elements, if you follow the money, that are trying to provoke a race war in America.

These Marxists want a race war that they can pin on President Trump and his supporters.

How will they pull this off?

Almost all of the above examples received no national media attention. In the one incident that did, the McCloskeys, the media twisted the story around to make it appear that the victims were the perpetrators and the perpetrators were the victims.

Thankfully, the McCloskeys never fired their guns. But just think if they had panicked and fired into the crowd of protesters.

That’s exactly the outcome those organizing and funding the protests are hoping for. They aim to provoke a violent response to their own threatening, racist words and deeds. And they hope to do it between now and Election Day, Nov. 3.

In the absence of media attention on these violent and hateful acts by the left, it’s safe to assume that millions of average Americans have no idea that these events even occurred — the ambushes of cars, the violent trespassing on someone’s residential property, the marching through cities with military rifles while shouting violent, racially-charged slogans.

Once the inevitable backlash occurs, the media will jump into action with nonstop 24/7 coverage, twisting the story around to make it look like an act of self-defense was an offensive move by aggressive white supremacists hunting down black, brown and/or Muslim people.

You will see blanket coverage, hammering the narrative that a white-supremacist Trump supporter attacked an innocent group of “peaceful protesters.” The FBI will knock down doors of homes, collect evidence and make a grand show of hauling the white supremacists out in handcuffs.

The newscasters will beat their breasts, presenting daily warnings about how prevalent the white supremacist movement is in America, making it appear that the KKK is lurking in almost every city and town.

Who can we trust?

We must understand that there is no such thing as an honest media left in America. Whether it’s your local newspaper or the big platforms at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Washington Post and the New York Times, almost everyone employed by these outfits has been tainted by leftist bias.

It’s virtually impossible to cover the big events of the day as an impartial, professional journalist in the mainstream media. Even the editorial pages of most newspapers will no longer publish letters or columns that spell out the truth of what is happening in their communities.

Not only must we realize the media, no matter how local, is not our friend, we must also acknowledge that the police will not be there to help us in a time of trouble. You can hardly blame them. If they do their jobs, they will be second-guessed, bashed as racists, charged with crimes.

Our GOP elected leaders have also failed us — proving that when the chips are down they do not have the backbone to mount any significant resistance to the left’s violence, nor will they counter the left’s abusive rhetoric painting all conservatives as racist. They are more likely to virtue signal, kowtow to the left’s demands and take a knee, figuratively if not literally.

One of the most extreme examples of GOP cowardice is Michael Taylor, the mayor of Sterling Heights, the fourth largest city in Michigan. Taylor regularly blasts President Trump on social media and in radio interviews, uses disgusting language to demean the president’s supporters, and last month announced in a tweet that he has signed a pledge to support Barack Obama’s plan for police reform. Need we wonder whose side he is on?

Sadly, most of our pastors and fellow church members think they can remain spiritual and sit out the biggest culture war in U.S. history. They may sit next to us in the pews on Sunday — back when we were allowed to attend church and sit closer than six feet from someone — but they also cannot be trusted. When the pressure is on, they will side with those implementing the new socio-economic world order based on Marxist ideals, gender confusion and the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The military? If the nation does devolve into civil war, we cannot assume the military will be joining the side of good over evil. This is due to corruption at the top, as evidenced by the defection of several top active and retired generals in recent weeks. Generals McChrystal, Petraus, Maddus and McRaven have all let it be known they are no friends of the current president, meaning their allegiance is with the deep state and the globalists. At best, we might be looking at a military that is split, half siding with America and half siding with the globalists, the insurrectionists and the United Nations against the American people.

If you think that’s farfetched you haven’t been paying attention. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol last month announced it had intercepted 10,800 assault weapons parts in Florida that had been smuggled into the country from China. Some have speculated that these parts included modifications for AR15 rifles that would convert them from semi to fully automatic.

We also know that mosques in this country have been arming up for years. In one 2016 case, a Maryland imam was implicated in helping a Detroit Muslim, Sebastian Gregorson, purchase a cache of military-grade weapons. At the time, the FBI suspected the imam may be involved in a much wider gun-running operation spanning at least three states, but the bureau never arrested him or filed any charges.

So, where does that leave us?

Prepare for a new lifestyle

We must start putting more energy into creating our own networks of like-minded patriots with skills that will be needed to survive in the new abnormal society that is being created for us [without our permission].

The issue of forced facemasks should drive the point home. Today it’s “facemasks required” before entering a retail store or doctor’s office. Tomorrow it will be “proof of vaccination required.”

Cash is about to be phased out. Some stores are already posting notices that they cannot make change due to a shortage of coins and will only accept credit cards.

We can no longer afford to be of the mindset that this will all blow over and we will return to our normal lives.

  • It’s time to start preparing for a new life in which we have a network of patriots we can call on for defense, medical services, expertise in growing and maintaining a vegetable garden, help with homeschooling, auto and mechanical repairs, etc.
  • Start setting aside cash and stocking up on necessities.
  • Think about how you will get access to clean drinking water if your grocery store is off limits and your city shuts off the tap.
  • Start building a relationship with your sheriff. Get a feel for his or her position with regard to enforcement of unconstitutional laws and edicts.

The less we interface with government bureaucracies and big corporations in this new toxic atmosphere the better off we will be. And the less dependent we will be when the ultimate clampdown is triggered. Because that clampdown is coming, possibly as early as late 2020 or early 2021.

Let’s use the summer to start building our own secure patriot network. Be cognizant of how you can use your skills to help others around you in need. We must learn how to pool our resources and become a community.

I hope to publish more articles and host more YouTube webinars on this topic soon.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate these articles, please consider a donation of any size to support our continued work on the front lines of the culture wars.

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21 thoughts on “Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest”

  1. The problem with the brain dead, white clapping harp seals, they think they will be spared from the coming violence, they are simply too stupid to realize that these militant fascists
    hate them too.


    1. I think it might be helpful for us white clapping harp seals if we were given a little more information to go. For example this white clapping harp seal is completely safe as I do not live in any large western country. Also when the really bad stuff comes, I, along with thousands of others, will no longer be here as Jesus will have taken us to His Father’s house.


  2. Hello Leo, Below is why we can NOT do as you suggest. They, the funders of these anarchists, would come after us, law abiding citizens and take our weapons. They want to disarm US!. We must WAIT on the Lord Jesus Christ and follow the laws to the t, dot every i and cross every t.St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home From Would-Be Lefty Rioters Have Rifle Seized By Policehttps://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/07/11/st-louis-couple-who-defended-home-from-wouldbe-lefty-rioters-have-rifle-seized-by-police-n2572309God Bless youSharon and Don.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


    1. Hi Sharon, I was not suggesting we do ANYTHING illegal. All I was suggesting is that we organize ourselves in a way that when one of our brothers comes under violent attack, we are ready to go help defend him. This organization would ideally happen under the leadership of the local sheriff, many of whom are realizing they don’t have the manpower to quash a violent uprising in their counties so they need to deputize and train legally armed citizens. In normal times this would not be necessary, but due to the politics of the day, many cities are defunding and disrespecting their police and not letting them do their jobs. The alternative is to turn a blind eye while law-abiding Americans get attacked by a lawless mob of Marxists and Islamists. The McCloskeys in St. Louis did not do anything illegal. They protected their lives and property against a trespassing mob that threatened to kill them and their dog. But when you live in a lawless city like the McCloskeys do, yes, you take the risk of being selectively prosecuted by a prosecutor who refuses to prosecute most of the actual criminals in her city. This prosecutor has turned justice on its head, defending criminals and prosecuting lawful citizens. That’s the place at which we’ve arrived now in many parts of America. Yes, they are coming after us. They will come after anyone who stands up for the Constitution and for biblical principles. It doesn’t take anything like defending your life or property with a gun to draw these demons out. But does that mean we cower in our homes, petrified of confronting them? We must remain peaceful, but ready to defend when they come. And ready to always speak the truth in love. We either stand up now for truth and against this tyranny or we lose the republic. It really is that simple. America is at the breaking point. We cannot sit on our hands. We must be more vocal than ever, more active than ever. If not now, when?


      1. Stunning response.
        @ tsfc13: I see nowhere in the Word of God where God releases us from the job of being watchmen and speaking out. What happens to us in this life is not the issue it is how do we face Jesus if we now chicken out. I am 77 years of age and frail but, despite being terrified, I would NOT back down, my God is stronger than anything anybody or anything can throw at us. Look at the examples of the Apostles, particularly Paul and ask yourself, are you prepared to lose your life in order to find it or will you save your life and lose it? As they say: the choice is yours.


    2. Your craven response rather reminds me of the apocryphal story where a man’s house is flooded and he had to go onto the roof to avoid the flood and he prayed for God to save him. A boat came by and the people in the boat called up to the man to come to the farther end of the roof where they will be able to rescue him. He refused – God was going to save him. A helicopter came by as he was praying and they offered to lower a rope ladder for them to winch him up but he refused as God was going to save him. The inevitable happened and when he was at last face to face with God he whinged “Why didn’t you save me?” God asked him who he thought sent the boat and the helicopter. In other words – another saying: “Trust God and lock your car!” We have been called to stand for truth, not to lie back and wait for God. We expect Him to have our backs but He expects us to do our bit. May I never be found to be so timid – how could I face God if, at the crucial moment I did nothing when I consider what He did for me.


    3. Just a few key points about this Colour Revolution : Q- How can you defend your in a liberal city, where the cops are told to stand down, the DA refuses to arrest criminals and at the same time arrest patriots for defending themselves? A- YOU CAN’T… GTFO!
      Q- Why is it that Blue team ( Demon-crats) have so much support from the likes of George Soros , Deep State Shills, UN, Hollywood, and the MSM? A- Because the Commies have been infiltrating the west for 60+ years!
      Q- Has WW#3 begun? A- According to Kissinger “If you can’t hear the war drums by now, you must be deaf” I.E. Iran/Israel, Ukraine e/w, Lybia etc.
      Q- Where do I go, what do I do? A- If you don’t have a GTFO plan by now, and live in a Liberal City… YOUR SCREWED !@@!


  3. The clock is ticking. Looking forward to doing as you suggest, just need direction. Thank you! … “Let’s use the summer to start building our own secure patriot network. Be cognizant of how you can use your skills to help others around you in need. We must learn how to pool our resources and become a community.

    I hope to publish more articles and host more YouTube webinars on this topic soon.”


  4. Russia 1917 America 2020. Nothing new under the sun. The CPUSA views CCP management as a feature and not a bug since they are ideological comrades.
    I almost feel bad for people who think that the police and military are coming to save them.
    You are on your own and no one is coming to save you.
    Plan accordingly.


    1. Oh, really, nobody? Does Jesus Christ of Nazareth not exist in your neck of the woods then?


  5. We Christians have to remember that God is in control even though it doesn’t look like it. God sits in high placesand looks at these people and laughs at their derision. Read Psalms Chapter 2. These things we are witnessing are examples of the signs of the end times where Jesus says to look up for our redemption draweth nigh. Do you know Jesus? If not you should. Today is the day of salvation.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you for your post. I am seeing. the need to get out of the city….and I want to know how to stay in the loop with my fellow Patriots…..your right on about the majority of the churches following the governmental directives….sad to say. And they follow the media. I have a question, how will we stay connected with each other if the power grid goes down ? Because it’s coming. And if vaccinations are mandatory by way of proving by our app on our phone, we may be cut off from mainstream society in many places,making it hard to get by.


  7. And to think there was a time when I quite fancied living in America! Apart from saying that guys I truly am speechless and deeply saddened for you all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it would be dreadful were it to come to pass – however, it is now 11.29.2020 and we do NOT have an official President-elect but most of us know that our next President will be our current President Donald TrumpYou should be grateful too because your country has likely endured much of what we have been experiencing but without a leader interested in stopping the assault. Where are you? Australia, England? Keep the faith.


      1. I am English but was called by God, along with my husband, to live on a small Greek island in the eastern Mediterranean nearly nine years ago. God knew what He was doing as we are so not into sun, sea, sand and Zivania! From what I can see and what my friends tell me Boris Johnson has been an absolute twit and were we still in the UK, because we are very ‘militant’ about Jesus, we would, no doubt, be in prison by now! God knew what He was doing, here they don’t mind if you speak about Jesus because the established church has such a stranglehold on the population. Here people acknowledge that God exists in the UK they do not even acknowledge that, in fact hatred for Christians, who truly are born again, is growing!


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