Know your rights or get swept up into government’s ‘massive’ contact-tracing ‘show your papers’ scheme


Red-state Governors ‘all in’ with privacy-stealing contact-tracing scheme dreamed up by far-left technocrats

Is your governor ramping up plans to recruit, train and unleash an “army” of government workers to intrude upon citizens’ medical, professional and personal privacy?

I’m talking about the contact tracers that many states are in the process of deploying, along with Orwellian phone-tracking apps. Freedom to move about in society will depend on the results of a COVID-19 test that has a reputation for spitting out false positives — up to 80 percent false positives in people without symptoms.

Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative have been pushing the contact-tracing scheme with support from George Soros and Bill Gates. Clinton was caught on video lobbying Democrat governors, including Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California — see YouTube post from April 29.

But contact-tracing did not originate with Clinton, nor is this intrusive government program the sole domain of liberal blue states.

Governors Brian Kemp in Georgia, Henry McMaster in South Carolina, Mike Parson in Missouri, Mike DeWine in Ohio and Larry Hogan in Maryland are among the many GOP governors ramping up their own contact-tracing armies.

Maryland “has built a robust contact-tracing operation and massively expanded Maryland’s disease investigation capacity,” Hogan told CBS 13 in Baltimore. “This will be a partnership across all 24 jurisdictions, and an all-hands-on-deck effort to ensure health officials on the ground can trace and isolate the virus.”

In some states, failure to comply with the contact-tracers’ dictates on when you are allowed to leave your house, or even your failure to check in with them daily, can result in a misdemeanor crime on your record and fines of up to $1,000.

So, who, besides Clinton, is influencing the governors on this matter?

Chances are your governor is getting at least some of his advice from the National Governor’s Association, which is promoting the controversial plan to test as many Americans as possible and trace all of the personal contacts of those exposed to the virus.

Those testing positive will be ordered back into lockdown either at home or, in certain cases, ordering them out of their homes to be placed in “isolation centers.”

But the source of this blatantly unconstitutional program is not the Clintons, nor the Governor’s Association. It can be traced to a player that has been intimately involved in almost every aspect of COVID hysteria from the very beginning, even before the beginning of the COVID outbreak.

That source is the John Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

The National Governor’s Association has linked on its website to a white paper by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security calling for a “massively scaled up” national contact-tracing program.

This is the same Johns Hopkins University that hosted the Event 201 conference in New York on Oct. 18, 2019, where 15 participants from globalist entities such as the United Nations, WHO, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Chinese Centers for Disease Control, the CIA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum met to game-plan a response to a global coronavirus pandemic. How they knew there would be a global coronavirus pandemic a month before it appeared in Wuhan, China, is anybody’s guess, but they did.

Johns Hopkins’ 16-page document found on the National Governor’s Association website, published April 10 under the title “A National Plan to Enable Comprehensive COVID-19 Case Finding and Contact Tracing in the U.S,” is worth reading. The paper calls for hiring 100,000 contact-tracer investigators nationwide and ordering mass quarantines of people who may in some cases be perfectly healthy.

Tens of millions of test kits are arriving at hospitals and clinics across America as we speak. Anyone entering a doctor’s office or hospital emergency room in the coming weeks should expect to be asked to take the COVID-19 test.

If you are sick with flu-like symptoms, it makes sense to get tested.

But what if you are not experiencing any such symptoms? What if you are in the doc’s office to be seen for arthritis in your knee or insomnia?

If you submit to the COVID test you are opening yourself up to the potential of being “contact traced,” meaning all of your friends, family and acquaintances over the past two weeks will be contacted and also asked to submit to a test, setting off a chain reaction of testing, government questioning and possible quarantining.

Contributors to the above report include 14 Johns Hopkins scholars.

This underscores what we already knew: Politicians are not the ones driving the draconian policies being implemented to one degree or another in almost every state.

These policies are the brainchild of technocratic “experts” who are wedded to their computer models and data-collection schemes. For a virus that has been found to have a paltry 0.26 percent mortality rate, these experts advised the complete shuttering of national economies across the globe.

Strangely, they were listened to.

And now we have an economic catastrophe that some economists are comparing to the Great Depression. In the U.S. alone, 36 million jobs have been lost, at least a third of businesses have closed, many of them never to reopen.

Even more curious is the fact that these technocrats are not held to any standard of accountability when their models are wrong.

Take the case of Dr. Caitlin Rivers, one of the contributors to the Johns Hopkins report being touted by the National Governors’ Association.

Rivers, an expert in computational epidemiology, forecast the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. She and her colleagues used data from intensive-care unit and inpatient bed needs in two Chinese cities (Wuhan and Guangzhou) to predict what health-care needs would be if and when the outbreak spread to the United States.

Their analysis concluded that if an outbreak similar to the scale of the outbreak in Wuhan occurred in an American city, ICU needs of COVID-19 patients alone would exceed hospital capacity [See Demand for Inpatient and ICU Beds for COVID-19 in the U.S.: Lessons from Chinese Cities, by Caitlin Rivers et al, Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication].

“Plans are urgently needed to mitigate the effect of COVID-19 outbreaks on the local healthcare system in U.S. cities,” the report concluded.

These plans cost billions and were never needed. Most of the field hospitals that were erected across the U.S. in response to Rivers’ report, and others like it, have been removed after weeks of sitting empty, never having treated a single patient.

Obviously, Rivers’ forecast was wrong. COVID-19 cases did spread widely in the U.S. and yet no city’s hospital system was overwhelmed and unable to treat the infected.

That Rivers even thought the U.S. and Chinese healthcare were comparable shows an unforgiveable ignorance of the superiority of U.S. healthcare over that of a communist nation.

So, after co-authoring a botched report on hospital capacity in early March, Rivers and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins moved on to recommend another draconian government reaction in April. Even though their initial dire predictions of overrun U.S. hospitals never materialized, they came out on April 10 with a new report recommending that millions of Americans get tested and contact-traced.

In the report’s introduction, the authors state that America cannot go back to “normal” until cities and states launch a “massively scaled up” testing and tracing regimen that sweeps millions of Americans into the state’s public-health net.

It reads:

“A national effort to scale up and expand local, state, and territorial case investigation and management is necessary before US communities can begin to return to ‘normal.’ If we can find nearly every case, and trace the contacts of each case, it will be possible, in time, to relax the bluntest approaches: the extreme social distancing measures, such as stay at home orders, and realize the commensurate social and economic benefits.”

The report continues with even more dire language:

“This document sets forth a call to action that specifies what is needed to enable the United States to massively scale up its ability to identify COVID-19 cases in every community and trace contacts of every case in support of national recovery from COVID-19. In this document, we aim to aid public health officials and decision-makers at all levels of government—local, state, territorial, tribal, and federal—in expanding the capabilities and capacities necessary to undertake the case-based interventions that will greatly reduce transmission of COVID-19 and enable the country to gradually lift social distancing measures and movement restrictions, even before a vaccine is widely available.”

Meanwhile, continues to get reports from Americans being strong-armed into giving out their personal information, wearing facemasks, gloves or taking other questionable actions under the guise that we are now in a “new normal.”

Others are being told that they must be tested for COVID before they can receive routine medical procedures and dental cleanings.

Remember, you don’t have to agree to any medical test and that includes the test for COVID-19. If you aren’t experiencing symptoms, refuse the test. If your doctor or dentist refuses to provide needed medical services based on your refusal of a COVID test, tell your doctor you will be seeking medical services elsewhere. He may not be so quick to lose your business.

Some businesses have reportedly told customers that facemasks are now “required by the CDC.” This is not true. The CDC has no such authority. Only Congress can pass laws, which must be signed by the president before they can take effect. The CDC only issues guidelines, not laws.

dermatology questions

A dermatologist in West Virginia told a customer that it was required by the government to get answers from every patient to certain questions, including whether they had received a flu shot over the past 12 months [see form above].

Some doctors are also asking if the patient has guns in the home. Such questions are not required by any government law.

Many places of business will unfortunately pass off responsibility for their data-mining questions on the government. The best rule of thumb is to ask for a citation of law before giving out any personal data that is not related to the issue for which you are being treated.

“When you talk about empowering government agents to screen the populace in order to control and prevent spread of a virus,” writes constitutional attorney John Whitehead in a May 12 article for the Rutherford Institute, “what you’re really talking about is creating a society in which ID cards, round ups, checkpoints and detention centers become routine weapons used by the government to control and suppress the populace, no matter the threat.”

This is also how you pave the way for a national identification system, according to Whitehead:

“Imagine it: a national classification system that not only categorizes you according to your health status but also allows the government to sort you in a hundred other ways: by gender, orientation, wealth, medical condition, religious beliefs, political viewpoint, legal status, etc.”

He believes contact tracing is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing, a “show me your papers” scheme disguised as a means of fighting a virus.

Until our governors and mayors stop relying on questionable science in their policy-making decisions, the best policy for American citizens is to ignore and resist their unconstitutional and unscientific rules and regulations.

The best advice is to question everything.

Americans must get educated on exactly what their rights are in terms of medical privacy. The alternative is to hand their rights over. Once you give them up, you don’t tend to get them back.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate the research and reporting of, please consider a donation of any size.

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  1. Do we have any hope at all?
    Is President Trump on our side? I am aware of the globalist plan and the UN’s NWO, but I thought he was fighting for us on that front.


  2. The governors of every state belong to private membership associations on two different levels

    The private membership associations
    Which link to global governors private membership associations

    Your governors were also front and center in design and implemantaion of Common Core
    The children are being indoctrinated to accept complete slavery with no hope for any future as they have planned economies set up for the future that include nothing but computer and retail jobs – no future inventions or growth allowed unless approved through the syndicate

    How To Secretly Sell A Nation While Its People Work, Play, And Sleep


    Mayors too
    Mayors in a Global COVENANT OF MAYORS

    And Attorney Generals
    National Attorney Generals Association



  3. Please look into these questions I believe are important as well; I don’t know where to look for answers- Thank you

    1) WHO or WHAT are behind this push regarding Johns Hopkins & the National Governor’s Association? Are they being bought out, paid?? WHY are so many of the Governors implementing this? Seems they are all ignoring the currant statistics that show & prove this virus has been a crappy joke on all of us!

    2) Would like to find or see a website or video that explains how all of these spying tactics, etc they are using operate and ways we can get around them- otherwise, I will be spending some time incarcerated because I refuse to comply!


    1. Please read my previous two articles which I think answer most of your questions. I will say this, Johns Hopkins has been a magnet for CIA assets for a long time. And the National Governor’s Association is 100 percent on board with the globalist agenda of the U.N.


  4. Leo:

    Start looking into these so called “Public Health Officials.”
    I’m sure you will find a lot of foreigners (like the former Medical Examiner of Wayne County, MI who is a Moslem) and queers like Rachel Levine of Pennsylvania.

    These people have an agenda to promote and they hate us.


  5. I am very disappointed with Republican Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas for signing $295 million 27 month deal with MTX in Frisco, TX to hire 4000 contact tracers by the end of the month (May 2020). I have written to him and my other representatives but no reply from anyone. Attended protest in Frisco but we were not allowed on property. Only one State Representative showed up. It is unbelievable that we have to be tracked and traced when latest report is death toll is .003 percent. These “isolation camps” sound like concentration camps. We know Bill Gates wants to reduce global population by 15%. Will people ever return from the “isolation camps?” Speaking of that, I seem to remember several years ago, seeing reports that Obama’s administration was setting up something similar to internment camps at government facilities but media ignored it and I don’t know what ever happened to that story. Does anyone else remember that?


  6. Questions to ask anyone who may challenge you if you don’t wear a mask & or gloves.
    Please feel free to add to my list. Feel free also to correct any grammar or unclear questions. My questions are not intended to give any of the petty tyrants any ideas.

    1) If indeed the masks &/or gloves were trapping the virus supposedly in the air, then why are there no Red Hazardous waste bins all over for mask &/or glove proper hazardous waste disposal?

    2) Also logic should tell anyone (with half a brain) that if virus were in the air it would not just land selectively on the mask &/or gloves. Therefore clothes & exposed skin & hair would be contaminated (wear a burka). Doesn’t that mean that if one does not disrobe before entering their house & hose off with hot water & disinfectant then burn clothing, they are brining virus into the home?

    3) Purchase items on your outing? Shouldn’t they be disinfected before taking in your home & your vehicle completely disinfected?

    4) Also if one might become infected during a trip to WM or anyplace else then why are we not told to self quarantine for 14 days after each time we venture out?

    5) If #4 is true then you must not come in contact with your house mates for 14 days?

    Just a few questions that should be ask of anyone advocating for the silly mask & glove routine.
    “Keeping an actually sick person at home is quarantine. Keeping a healthy person at home is tyranny!”


  7. Patients also need to examine the HIPAA forms in their doctor’s offices and cross out any permissions given to unknown third party data collectors.


  8. Leave your cell phone at home. Treat it like a landline. Remember those? LOL. Tell your friends and family when you are going out so they don’t worry when you don’t reply In nanoseconds.


  9. With the economy cratering and the states’ tax revenues tanking, where does a state government get the funding to hire all these contact tracer personnel? That will be very expensive and most state governments were already operating nearly in the red with their pre-pandemic budgets.

    We have a future of big tax increases at either (or both) the state and/or Federal level (if the Federal government is offering to reimburse state governments for contact tracing). And oh, btw, these expenditures and government job positions never go away, no matter what happens with virus.


  10. Govonor half whit got caught and had to cancel contracts for ultra left wing groups secretly hired to do d rat Tracing. She awarded the contracts to activist groups without going through the proper channels and got caught. Small victory for freedom but at least we got a little push back on the Maoist d rats


  11. No Apple didn’t sneak a contract tracing app onto the new iOS update. First Apple and Google created an API. This allows others to create a contact tracing app. We knew it was coming and the code is public so anyone can review how it works. Which they have. Also all the info created is both randomized and encrypted so it’s impossible to determine any personal info. It also only resides on the phone and the user has to send the data if requested to a third parry for analysis. And all the apps have to be downloaded and you have to choose to use them. It is completely opt in.

    Much said here may well be correct. But the part about Apple doing something nefarious is not. Apple goes to great lengths to protect privacy. We know this because law enforcement has thousands of phones they can’t access. iPhones that are not reset after you discard them are unusable to anyone and have to be trashed. To those of us whose job it is to understand and follow this stuff it the mis-statement of facts that diminishes what is being said here. I agree many things are happening that we should be wary of. But please learn and research so you don’t put stuff out there that is clearly misleading if not flat out wrong.


  12. Hello Leo,Another outstanding and informative article. We send these on to friends, all are very appreciative of your “getting the truth out!” GREAT work, thank you.Don & Sharon Gricol Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  13. Gov Abbott of Texas just hired MTX out of Albany, NY to Contact Trace Texans – hiring 4000 employees to do it & I believe that the State of NY has Contact Tracing in place. My husband sent me a link that stated that Apple/Google had sneaked the tech onto iPhones in their latest download too – might have been on NBC, if I recall correctly.
    6M Australians downloaded the App.


    1. I’ve noticed friends who have iPhones in the USA are saying they are receiving emails when they come back from an “outing” (shopping or whatever) as to how their experience was, which is weird, to say the least. . .


  14. Thanks Leo.

    I read it will be cell phone (in the pocket and “off”) passing cell phone (in the pocket and “off”) which at an arbitrary distance which will establish “contact”. The Hopkins gang has been posting for online contract tracer training on Next Door. I countered “Does the job come with a spiffy uniform? My post lasted a day. Not bad.

    Good to name names; but if you posted mailing addresses citizens could safely express their disagreement with these pogroms.


  15. Leo, No coincidence, but I had just read The Rutherford Institute’s excellent article before reading yours. In between articles I received a phone call from a buddy who had information that validated my deepest intuition. I would like to share it with you when you have a few minutes to chat. God bless. John


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  16. Add Semi Repub Govnr Parsons of Missouri to the list of governors going in for massive contact tracing & testing. He has paid lip service to opening up the state but out of the other side of his mouth told the local petty bureaucratic TYRANTS they can enforce what ever edicts they wish.
    I have called his office and been very polite but as soon as there is an expression negative to the way Wuhan is being dealt with state wide or locally the staff become incredibly rude. It is difficult to contact him via his website quasi e-mail as it blocks mention of The Constitution & Bill of Rights violations with regard to Wuhan.
    I can not bring myself to vote for the Dem running against him in Nov so will have to hold my nose and vote for Parsons.


      1. “Gov. Parson: ‘Poor decisions were made’ by partiers at Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day Weekend”
        Video at link
        City and health leaders in St. Louis and Kansas City have asked those from their cities to voluntarily self-isolate for 14 days if they were at the Lake, not following any social distancing guidelines.
        The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is asking that for any person in the state who may have participated in similar events at the Lake of the Ozarks.
        As far as any action being taken against the businesses shown in videos and photos, Parson said it’ll be up to the local health departments.
        “There’s an action they take through the courts if they want to get something done,” Parson said.
        Little Tyrants at work;
        The Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau declined to comment, but did hold an emergency meeting, closed both to the public and media, Tuesday morning.


      2. Well this afternoon our RINO Gov Parson announces that we will remain in phase 1 of the lockdown until June 15, 2020. Not because there are more cases of Wuhan or more deaths than expected. Excerpt
        “We are extending phase one not because Missouri has taken a step back, but because we want to make sure we are fully prepared for Phase II,” Parson said.
        Parson said one of the biggest reasons he’s extending phase one to June 15 is to give large cities more time to control the coronavirus spread.
        I personally think it is punishment because the “party” at lake of the Ozark made National news showing he had lost control.
        I am sick to death of this violation of Constitutional Rights.


    1. Replying to leohohmann: There is a candidate running against Parsons in the Missouri primary. She is a veteran, pro constitution, pro bill of rights. She is trying to get him to debate her, but I doubt if he has enough nerve to do so. Check her out. Her name is Saundra McDowell.


      1. Here is the question that should be asked to any individual running for any public office.

        “IF you are elected Governor.
        Will you Veto any bill that would INCREASE the size, cost, reach and power of government?”

        (If said politician is running for a legislative position)

        “Will you ask a question about each bill being proposed?

        That question is,” If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, reach and power of government? ”
        Then if any of those conditions are met will you VOTE NO on that bill because we have too much government now. ”

        Let me know her response.


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