Free webinar on how to peacefully resist the coming medical martial law

SPECIAL REPORT: Live replay of webinar providing critical information on how to take back our freedom and religious liberty

I participated this week in a webinar with pastors Shahram Hadian and Ken Peters and constitutional expert Mark Herr. We’ve received dozens of messages asking for a link to this timely webinar. Viewers have said it’s our best and most powerful webinars to date. Please watch and share widely.

The title of the webinar is Freedom and religous liberty are under attack, Part 2. What Can We Do? But we also are facing a disturbing loss of medical privacy under the guise of “health” and “safety.”

Topics covered:

What are the disturbing and Orwellian ramifications of contact tracing, isolation centers and potential “forced vaccinations?”

We need a Sanctuary States for Liberty movement. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the most egregious attack on our Constitution and God-given rights in the history of America. What can we do?

The role of media propaganda.

Join host Shahram Hadian and special guests for this power-packed webinar.


  • Investigative Journalist and author Leo Hohmann
  • Pastor Ken Peters (Founder of The Church at Planned Parenthood)
  • Constitutional Expert Mark Herr (The Center for Self Governance)

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3 thoughts on “Free webinar on how to peacefully resist the coming medical martial law”

  1. What about It’s a facebook clone that was set up but nobody uses it. It is not connected to facebook.


  2. Shared, but FB takes it down. Please notify me of any other information. I’m in the new Marxist state of Kentucky with a Governor that has been bold enough to say in his daily 5 p.m. address on Thurs. May 7, 2020, “Together we move toward a New World Order.” Then, on Sat.May 9, 2020, He said that “he knew that some people will want to refuse the Vacçinations, but that there would be consequences if they do.” He is newly elected Democrat Gov.Andy Beshear.


    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing Karen. I knew this governor has been showing himself to be one of the most incompetent and callous during the pandemic but I did not know he was openly promoting the NWO.


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