‘Social distancing’ is not the answer; it’s the problem



It’s time to make America human again

It should be clear by now to even the slowest of wits. Bill Gates and his corrupt buddies at the United Nations-World Health Organization medical-industrial complex engineered the Great Panic of 2020.

And if it’s left to them, things are not going to return to normal.


They have the monopolistic power of Google-YouTube-Facebook on their side, censoring dissidenting perspectives from brave physicians like Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi.

They have the mainstream media on their side.

They have almost every Democrat governor and mayor on their side.

They have the Vatican and the pope on their side. [See my previous article, Rasputin in the White House.]

They have a growing number of evangelical Protestant leaders on their side. All refusing to open their churches, apparently until forever.

They have the richest foundations on their side, those run by the Soroses, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Gateses, and countless others with names nowhere near as recognizable.

All of these forces are running with the same story and working to smash anyone who questions the official narrative.

We bowed to their wishes and “flattened the curve,” which was the stated reason for sheltering in place — to save hospitals from being overwhelmed. Mission accomplished. But, suddenly, that’s not enough.

We must robotically march to each new set of rules as delivered to us by the state-run media.

That’s because this has nothing to do with flattening any curve. It has nothing to do with anything related to your health and safety.

It has everything to do with consolidating the power that has been gained in the last few weeks over vast numbers of previously free people.

For a taste of how dissidents are being treated in the new Amerika, check out the video of Michigan State Police manhandling a female protester exercising her constitutional rights at the State Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, April 29.

Authoritarians like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan do not let go of authoritarian power unless they are confronted and forced to give it up.

The authoritarian governors and mayors who grabbed new powers in the name of “safety and security” in recent weeks will not relent until they finish the job set out before them – which is that of destroyers. They must be stopped or they will destroy what’s left of free America.

Event201-logoThe forces named above, including the Gates Foundation, the WHO, CDC, World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University, the CIA and various corporate media outlets met at the Event 201 Conference on Oct. 18, 2019. It was there that they armed themselves with a mass-marketing strategy to hijack the narrative on the COVID-19 flu virus as soon as it was released in late November by the Chinese communists.

This cabal intends to ride COVID as far as it will take them on the path toward a new world order under U.N. Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development [aka Green Economy, aka Green New Deal, aka Technocracy].

Some governors are simply drunk with power.

Others feel caught between a rock and a hard place, right where the power elites led by Gates and Soros want them — at their mercy — believing that if they don’t continue to enforce “social distancing” rules we will all die and they, the politicians, will be blamed.

The White House guidelines aimed at reopening America are rigged in a way that furthers this evil agenda. If Trump sticks with these guidelines, you can pretty much guarantee that come September or October a “second wave” of COVID infections will force a new round of lockdowns.

That will mean mail-in voting and voter fraud on a grand scale. Trump will lose the presidency — another globalist goal checked off.

But this is bigger than any single election.

Democratic socialists relish these lockdowns because they hate humanity. They believe the planet is over-populated with useless eaters pumping dangerous carbon dioxide into the air. They would love to thin the ranks. COVID helps. Not by infecting and killing, but by keeping us down, depressed, devalued and divided into camps of essential and non-essential. Perhaps they believe if they push us far enough we will start killing each other off. Wars do tend to break out in times of economic hardship.

Thus, the talking heads on the left will say anything to keep us locked down, repressed, depressed, divided and suspicious of one another.

In just one of the many outrageous Democrat claims, a Rutgers University professor, Brittney Cooper, posted on Twitter that “reopening the U.S. is about killing black people.”

Brittney Cooper
Professor Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University.

That’s right, only Trump-supporting racists would want people to go back to work and be able to put food on their family’s table. Only a racist would choose work over government dependence and house arrest.

Watch CNN for 30 minutes and you’ll realize their entire daily newscast is invested in keeping the lockdowns in place for as long as possible.

Any mention of opening up is met with “harmful,” or “too soon, too risky.”

That’s why California Gov. Gavin Newsome announced his outrage that people were returning to the beaches in his state. He promptly announced that police will shutter the beaches and arrest anyone who violates the order. We cannot have people exercising their right to behave as normal human beings!

Meanwhile, the hidden consequences of shutting down an entire nation will soon be all too apparent to even the most unwoke sheeple.

Tyson Foods is warning that millions of pounds of meat are being removed from U.S. supply lines and the food chain is breaking. Ranchers are having to euthanize their cattle and farmers are letting crops rot in their fields. Millions of gallons of milk are being poured out.

United Nations Food Program Chief David Beasley warned last week that the shutting down of the world economies will cause famines of “biblical proportions,” according to CBS News, with an additional 130 million people likely to starve to death.

So it’s obvious these lockdowns have nothing to do with health or safety. We are killing far more people by enacting these draconian rules than the coronavirus could ever accomplish.

It’s about locking in new streams of power. Controlling previously uncontrollable people. Creating a new serfdom.

To lock in the control measures that COVID has delivered to globalist elites, the American free-enterprise system must be destroyed.

Only then can you replace the global economic standard with something more manageable and controllable, a world order where people no longer choose for themselves how they will live, where they will live or work, how they will transport themselves from point A to point B. All of these decisions will be made for them.

The sooner that sane Americans, and the conservative politicians they elected in various counties and states, realize that the rejection of “social distancing” is the key to breaking this attempted coup, the better chance we have of defeating these monsters.

Social distancing must be disobeyed. It’s as simple as that!

Many states and counties run by Republicans are starting to open back up but they are doing so with a caveat. They have tons of new restrictions based on “social distancing,” a construct of the left that is all-too convenient for threatening and enacting future lockdowns.

The enemy’s narrative goes like this:

  • Stay home [far away from Trump rallies and church services].
  • Stay safe — code for staying controllable.
  • If you must go out, stay masked [a visible sign of submission to irrational government edicts].
  • In every situation, practice social distancing [keeps us isolated from friends and like-minded thinkers and dependent on social-media giants like Facebook and Twitter who can shut us down and silence us with the stroke of an algorythm].

If we get too out of line, they will order us back into lockdown.

This strategy has only one end, the total collapse of not only the economy but all of society. No more traditional weddings, funerals, birthday parties, business meetings. These must all be turned into virtual, not actual, gatherings.

This is perhaps the biggest threat to Western civilization in history. Maybe even bigger than the Islamic invasion of Europe.

At stake are our very ideas, tried and tested over thousands of years, of what’s considered normal interaction between human beings. It’s a threat so monumental that it’s hard to wrap our heads around it.

All of a sudden people have another reason, in an already divided America, to view their neighbor with a suspect eye.

You’re not wearing a mask? Why are you not following the rules? Rule-breakers are a danger to the common good.

As more and more data comes in, the scare-factor of this virus continues to fade. More than 99 percent of those who catch it will make a full recovery. Children seem to be totally immune to its effects.

But the propaganda machine just keeps rolling, one lie after another. The irrational fear must not be allowed to fade.

A fearful population can be easily led.

In Georgia, the interstate highways have now been outfitted with electronic signage that shouts the slogans of the state at motorists.

Signage on Interstate-85 in Georgia.

“Wash your hands.”

“Do your part: Social distance 6 feet.”

“Cover your face.”

You can’t turn on the TV or radio without being bombarded by the same messages. It’s a full-on assault against the human mind of which Adolf Hitler’s propagandists would be proud.

We must reject this mind-control before our civilized culture gets smothered and people get turned into programable machines.

We also know, by Dr. Fauci’s own admission, that the body count is being inflated.

The CDC’s guidelines for hospitals encourages doctors to ignore causality when signing off on death certificates. If the symptoms look like COVID, the doctors are instructed to mark it up as COVID. Of course the symptoms of a flu-related death are so similar to COVID that it would be impossible to know the difference without a test, but the CDC says no test is needed. Just “presume” that it’s COVID.

What am I saying?

I am saying that, barring a mass uprising, we must start thinking of how we will survive as dissidents in a post-COVID society. This is a place where everyone will be issued a digital ID showing their health history, complete with the latest Bill Gates-supported vaccine.

If you take the vaccine or some other digitized device, maybe an app on your cellphone, you have handed the government the potential to track and monitor you for life. No dissent from the prevailing government-certified views will be tolerated on social media or any other respectable platform.

That’s the Brave New World being advocated by Gates, Soros, Zuckerburg and Google. And Dr. Fauci is working for Gates, not us. He serves as one of five medical professionals on the Leadership Council of the Gates Foundations’ Global Vaccine Action Plan.

These vaccines will, at some point, be outfitted with nanochip technology, a truly scary scenario offering vast potential for abuse of privacy laws.

President Trump appears oblivious to where all this is headed. Let’s pray for his awakening.

Let’s pray for constitutional lawyers to wake up and remember that document called the Bill of Rights. Same with the sheriffs.

We also need more principled physicians who refuse to sell out to the corrupt medical establishment. A growing number have broken the silence and are telling the truth about COVID and how social distancing is actually the worst thing we can do if we want to defeat it. The key, as Dr. Dan Erickson in California tells us, is to get back to interacting as normal human beings so that we can develop herd immunity.

Dr. Erickson says there is no science behind the social-distancing mantra being shouted at us non-stop from every government, media and corporate portal, like something out of George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

As for the White House guidelines on reopening America, they are a disaster waiting to happen. Trump needs to scrap them, now, and relieve Fauci of all his official duties.

Even if the lockdown edicts are lifted, many Americans remain too fearful to dine at restaurants, take their kids to daycares, and return to certain “non-essential jobs.” They’ve found they can make more money by sitting at home collecting a government check.

But even if people did conquer their fears and get out of the house for dinner or a movie, the White House guidelines will assure that many small restaurants, daycares, private schools, etc. will fail.

Under phases one and two of the guidelines, restaurants, schools, daycares and many other places of business will not be allowed to operate at anywhere near full capacity.

For example, a daycare will be allowed to reopen only if it observes strict social distancing of the children. That will require the children to be separated at least six feet apart at all times. Not only does this hurt the daycare’s bottom line, operating at less than half its normal capacity, but it will have a catastrophic effect on the social development of young children. If this goes on for a period of months or even years, look for a whole generation of socially stunted, anti-social adults who operate more like machines than human beings. Isn’t that what technocrats like Bill Gates would prefer?

Unless President Trump makes a shift away from his current policy, American society will collapse into a new dark age.

We can’t wait till July, August or September. And we certainly can’t withstand a series of events where whole cities or states go in and out of lockdown.

The economy will have collapsed.

The education system will have collapsed.

The food-supply chain will have collapsed.

And the healthcare system will have collapsed.

The entire nation will be brought to its knees.

President Trump must regain his footing as the leader of the anti-globalist, America-first movement, admit his mistakes and break with Fauci-Gates.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist, author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” He is working on a follow-up that will investigate the Interfaith movement, which is ushering false and antichrist ideas into Western churches. To support his research and writing projects, please consider a donation of any size.


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35 thoughts on “‘Social distancing’ is not the answer; it’s the problem”

  1. A solution is to try to “drop out.” Imitate the Savages in Brave New World.
    This is an old post. But my family mocked me when I suggested this might be permanent. Due to constant repetition of “New Normal.”
    Everyone is okay living this way. Or chooses to pretend if they obey so “cases” drop the doctators will let them live humanly again.
    Using the alt media to find a tribe to network with to avoid the Reset. It looks horrible, but no one is willing to do anything to avoid it. Guess they want these sadists to enslave them.

    Everything will collapse because even Christians prefer to trust and obey enemies of God and humanity. That got Eve into trouble.
    If they die or get locked up forever that’s because they chose to listen to the Snake instead of Christ. The Snake told them to forsake the Assembly, let their neighbor lose his livelihood, and leave their parents to die alone in homes. Calling it compassion.
    At some point the buck stops. If you put implicit trust and faith in these ungodly people you are to blame. Obey God; not man. Even if he wears a pretty white lab coat on TV. 😛


  2. The BIG Lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.


  3. From first post…yes, that was I.
    Gee, look what six months has done – WHO just flip-flopped on the lockdown thing. Who’da thunk.
    Yes, we resisted. Half of the country are scared sheep, will follow each other off a cliff. EVERYBODY has lied to us on this – the counts, the remedies, the precautions, the preparedness, the drugs, the protocols. ALL LIES.


  4. Australian Government is making it mandatory for anyone working in delivering to or visiting a Nursing Home or Aged Care Facility to be vaccinated with the latest Flu Vaccine…. other agencies will follow with this agenda I am sure… Being a Disability worker and an entertainer who volunteers in Aged facilities I am a contientious objector to vaccines… The Australian Constitution 10.47 states residents have the right to refuse medical treatment… Vaccines are an invasive medical treatment…

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  5. Boycott your state if you can. If they make you wear a mask, etc go to a neighboring state that does not! I live in Illinois and will not spend money their until restrictions are lifted.


  6. Amazing ,and I see this happening here in Australia as well. Fear tactics of the strength never seen before.
    Keep on believing for God to overthrow these enimies of the real people.

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  7. Social distancing as a policy is evidence of a failure of public health.but isn’t public health.The debate is about policy,not public health and whether or not it should be implemented and to what degree people’s freedom should be taken away.

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  8. Leo,
    Thank you for your concise overview of our present situation. May I copy and distribute this to friends and neighbors? I think we’ll have to dive under the media to get the message out like the “minute men” of old. I know there are lots of people still awake who, if they knew better, they would do better. That includes me. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this. Beth

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  9. I agree this needs to be shouted everywhere! What about sending this article to Tucje,Hannity, and Laura Ingraham at Fox? They have connections to President. Let’s unite and stand together. If we lose our freedom, we will be silenced from sharing the gospel.

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  10. Can this article be gotten out to the President, Vice President, leaders, Pastors??????


      1. Good article. Email it to the White House. They have to check everything. Send it to your Governor etc. You at least did something. The Gates of Hell will not prevail!

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  11. Very good article.
    And what is interesting is I believe most people know this INSTINCTIVELY, but are basically brainwashed out that knowledge, being told for years that someone, somewhere always knows better: the expert, the authority, the teacher, the boss, the political party, the minister, the professional, even the guy next door.
    Remember that famous story on the horrible study years ago on the effects of human interaction on babies? They divided them into two groups and met their physical needs in both. One group was also given physical interaction and other group was not (that just breaks my heart to even think about), and what the results were? Half the babies in the non-touched, non-communicated with group DIED.
    I wrote a comment a month ago that while I will be extremely careful and thoughtful not to expose anyone to anything, I am not going to wear a mask, not going to stop shaking hands, not going to stop hugging people (a prerequisite for Southerners!).
    Those requests/requirements are inhuman and inhumane. You are so right. Where in the history of the world, did they try to bamboozle the people of the earth into accepting such a concept?
    My sister’s best friend’s husband was extremely quickly and stunningly incapacitated. They found a virulent, non-operable, aggressive brain tumor. Prognosis: 2 years max, but within a month, that was dropped to 6 months max. Every day he is losing ground mentally and physically and in Florida, his wife of many years (they have no children) is NOT ALLOWED TO BE WITH HIM IN THE HOSPITAL OR EVEN VISIT HIM! He is dying, and he is dying alone. Tomorrow, he may not even recognize her. What might happen, he may contract a virus she doesn’t even have, from her?
    Most people’s instinct would say: Let them be together…keep her away from others if necessary, but for Heaven’s sake, stop the insanity! But I think, this is NOT insanity, this is EVIL!
    This is what is bothering me the most about the President in this crisis, I think he has GREAT instincts but has allowed them to be overridden by “experts”.
    Yes, these people are experts, but AT WHAT? That is the question, and your article answers this query quite well.
    Biblically, from a literal position, I don’t think the USA as a country is going to get out of this; sooner or later it will
    come. Meanwhile, we occupy – doing as we are able to serve God and to serve our country.

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    1. Hard to believe how stupid and evil people can be. To keep a dying person from the comfort of someone they love, because they might DIE? Insanity! My mother is under “house arrest” in an assisted living home. She has terminal cancer and has refused treatment. Yet family can’t visit – because she might DIE? For sure she will die. Alone. Without family that loves her to hold her hand. Insanity. Evil insanity.

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      1. Deze duivelszonen moeten zwaar gestraft worden, zeer zwaar. Alle oplichters en moordenaars, moeten berecht worden, niemand uitgezonderd.


  12. Each of us is that someone. We all have to reject this exercise in control. It’s nothing more than Agenda 21 coming to your community.

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    1. I was going to say the same thing in answer to this commenter but you beat me to it Lynn. The days of sitting back and waiting for someone else to do something have long passed. We must ALL be that person and reject this tyranny and refuse to submit to these monsters. You want to know what you can do to stop them? Refuse to wear a mask. Refuse to repeat their inane, fraudulent talking points about social distancing and “stay home stay safe.” We are Americans. If we are healthy we refuse to be locked down under house arrest. We are not afraid of a virus. Viruses have been around for thousands of years…and this one carries a 99.5 percent survival rate! Refuse, refuse,refuse!

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      1. What exactly are you suggesting?
        Nothing? That’s what I thought. Everybody has a smartass answer but no balls.


    1. As for me, I’m going to live without fear. I’m going to go out with my face uncovered. I’m going to smile at strangers and walk in the sunshine. Yes, I’ll wash my hands. Yes, I’ll respect people who are fearful. But I will not be controlled by fear of the 0.001% chance of dying (in my area) of COVID. I know my days are numbered. They were the moment I was conceived. Until I die, I will live. Without fear. Join me.


      1. JP count on me to be another thorn in the sides of civil servant (or contract scientist)Fauci and cohorts at WHO, Gates Foundation and other liberal globalist conspirators. My life is mine alone and will be lived as such. Politicians trying to sell me down the river best reconsider their.oath of office, they will be held responsible by me and other citizens.Trump, come back to America First, you have been led astray!

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    2. My doctor said don’t wear a mask if you are not sick. I am not sick but I do keep the distance (and I am 71 yo). The media and Democratic leftist has the population all freaked out. Prepare for war.


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