Sanitized Dictatorship: How COVID19 is transforming America and killing the Trump revolution

President Trump surrounded by advisers including Drs. Anthony Fauci, left, and Deborah Birx, right.

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'” – President Ronald Reagan

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel, aide to President Barack Obama

As we humans retreat deeper into state-imposed isolation, I wonder how many of us are aware that something big, something really big, of historic proportions, is taking shape.

The life-changing medicine has been administered in measured doses, tiny sips at first. There were warnings to wash your hands frequently and stop the spread of a novel coronavirus that originated in China. That’s easy. No problem!

Each new dose got more extreme: Churches and businesses forced to close. People divided into essential and non-essential. Americans locked down in their homes.

As long as we keep opening our mouths and swallowing the medicine on command, succumbing to peer pressure and a herd mentality, the doses will continue to be offered up, one more severe and distasteful than the other.

At what point do we decide it’s time to spit out this toxic brew?

It should be evident by now that if we continue to swallow the poison, we will be participants in a transformation of American society so complete, so radical, that even Barack Obama could not have delivered it to his globalist masters.

When the finished product is unveiled, people will look at it in astonishment.

How did this happen? How did we not see it coming? And it happened on Trump’s watch!

Drip, drip, drip… We stood back and listened to the sound of disappearing freedoms, refusing to even glance at the bigger picture.

Unemployment is predicted to reach 30 percent or more. Nothing is capable of destabilizing a nation faster than mass numbers of unemployed workers unable to feed their families.

Recently closed businesses in Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia are boarding up their buildings in preparation for civil unrest. It’s coming folks. Violence in the streets.

Rights once thought to be guaranteed by our Constitution have proved expendable to politicians under pressure from the mob to “do something.” The herd, spooked by fear-mongering provocateurs, waits with open mouths, clamoring for more government elixir.

It’s a small sacrifice to stay home. You can do it for a few days, a few weeks, a few….

After all, it’s for the common good, right? Anything less would mean 1 million to 2 million of your fellow Americans will die of the COVID19 coronavirus! These projections were reported with screaming headlines, only to be later admitted as wildly inaccurate.

Stunningly, the country was shut down based on these false models!

Suddenly, the “15 days to slow the spread” morphed into 30 days [actually 45 if you do the math], and “voluntary shelter in place” became a mandatory lock-down enforced by police.

President Trump started out talking sense. We could fight the virus, he said, and protect our economy at the same time.

“America is not built for a shut down,” he said.

But the technocrats who have his ear, Drs. Fauci and Birx, finally wore him down.

They broke him.

You could see it in his daily briefing on Monday. He seemed more somber and monotone than normal as he read from a script and less from his own instincts.

Trump talked about “protocols” being developed for future pandemics. Does this mean every time a new virus breaks out our government will shut down the entire economy and lock us in our homes?

On Tuesday he said the government might need to “look at” using cellphones to track the movement of Americans who are violating stay-at-home orders.

He hinted that the current shut-down of an entire nation’s economy could last into June and maybe longer. Elements of it may never go away, he warned.

What does that mean for the 2020 presidential election?

What does that mean for the ability of millions of Americans put bread on the table?

The politicians congratulate themselves at their daily briefings when all they are doing is lying to our faces about why we must hand them a blank check to suspend our Constitutional rights.

Sorry, but there is nothing in our Constitution that says the rights contained therein are conditional upon the latest viral outbreak. There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

Tens of thousands die in this country every year from the flu. Thousands more die from drug overdoses, including the much-publicized opioid epidemic. We don’t shut down our economy to fight those epidemics.

Why is coronavirus so special that it warrants such extreme and unprecedented measures?

Here’s what’s really going on

We know that what the government grabs during a crisis, it never gives back. It now claims the right to shut down the nation and lock us in our homes based on a virus that, when compared to other threats to our health and safety, seems relatively weak. I can think of many more dangerous threats than a virus that has killed 50,000 people [as of April 1] in the entire world and kills roughly 1 percent of those it infects [possibly less if we had more robust testing].

I know the president loves America and believes in putting America first, but it’s time to consider whether he has been deceived or unduly pressured by the globalists.

There’s only one nation — America — standing in the way of the globalist dream to create a one-world system under the auspices of the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Court and other international bodies.

That ambitious goal got off the ground with a thud after World War I, when the League of Nations failed to materialize amid the smoke and ashes of the most devastating war in history to that point. The world wasn’t ready for the medicine prescribed by international elites.

Then came a Second Great War, with even more millions of coffins coming home to Europe and America. The globalists stood at the ready with the United Nations.

The UN has struggled to gain credibility among vast subsections of American culture over the years but it has not let that put the brakes on its behind-the-scenes scheming. It doesn’t need our support, it only needs our money, and every U.S. administration since 1946 has been willing to fork over American taxpayer dollars to keep this evil, Luciferian organization afloat.

The UN and its ancillary bodies have created an environment in which a global government could emerge. But if the environment exists, we still need a triggering event, or series of triggering events, to advance the agenda to full implementation.

It makes no difference whether these triggering events happen organically or are orchestrated. Globalists will use every crisis, as former Obama aide Rahm Emanuel stated, to advance their political agenda. None go to waste.

After 9/11 American citizens were told we needed to be frisked at airports and put through metal detectors at public buildings. The government needed to be able to set up a secret FISA Court, where unelected judges could rubberstamp warrantless wiretapping of our phones, snooping into the books we checked out of the library, the websites we visit. It was all necessary to ensure our safety and security. We swallowed the bait whole.

The Middle East wars that ensued in the wake of 9/11 resulted in mass population shifts from the Muslim world westward into Europe and America. That led to a building boom of mosques, which serve as bases for anti-American hatred within our borders.

American traitors like Barack Obama blamed the mass migrations and increasing terrorism on global warming, which could not be proven so they flipped the script and started calling it “climate change.” Another invisible enemy. Nations lined up to give away more of their sovereignty.

The U.N. gave us 17 sustainable development goals under its 2030 Agenda to fight climate change and manage the mass movement of populations from the Third World into our cities. All of the goals involve greater control over humanity and the transfer of wealth out of America to fund the march toward globalism. The 17 goals will be implemented mostly by “smart cities.” How clever: What mayor or city council doesn’t want to be called smart?

Everything was moving along smoothly toward the final solution: The annihilation of nationhood.

Then, along comes Trump with an agenda that disrupted the general direction in which the world was heading – toward globalism and away from national sovereignty.

The globalists’ dream of exercising total control over all human activity was in danger of being set back years, if not slipping away entirely.

The one obstacle to realizing the dream, the United States, was now getting stronger, bringing long-lost jobs back home, instead of progressively weaker as it had under the previous three presidents.

If America were allowed to regain its economic strength, that would spell the end of the globalist drive toward world government. That one nation, with its Constitution and Bill of Rights undergirding a system of free enterprise and individual liberty, stood stubbornly in the way of globalists finishing the job they had worked so long and so hard to achieve.

They tried Russia-gate. They tried Ukraine-gate. They tried impeachment. It didn’t work.

They needed another crisis. Something big. This new crisis would dwarf the impact of 9/11 and the 2008 financial meltdown, combined. It would rival and possibly surpass the Great Depression in its ability to cause human misery and sheer economic devastation.

It would be a wrecking ball like nothing ever seen before.

Who would have thought the final crisis would be a simple virus that mimics the common flu?

Over the course of the last three weeks, we’ve seen the following stunning developments, most of them unprecedented in U.S. history:

  • Church services, funerals, weddings all forcibly closed by the government under threat of arrest to any pastor who dares to disobey. [Notice mosques seem to get a pass from the self-anointed tyrants running cities and states.]
  • Law-abiding citizens have been locked down in their homes, by executive orders emanating from governors’ mansions and city halls. These orders started under the guise of “voluntary” quarantine but are now morphing into mandatory house arrests carrying penalties of up to five years in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.
  • States are rapidly setting up apps and other systems that encourage citizen snitches to rat out their neighbors for violating stay-at-home orders. This is de facto martial law.
  • States such as Florida, Maryland, Connecticut and New Jersey sealing off their borders with other states.
  • States letting rapists and other hardened criminals out of prisons to save them from COVID19 while at the same time giving jail time for law-abiding Americans who violate stay-at-home orders.
  • Sporting-goods stores and other retailers that sell guns being declared “non-essential businesses” and forced to close.
  • The media acting in lock step with the government, refusing to ask the right questions or critically analyze the new rules, which get more restrictive with each passing day.
  • Congress and the president agreeing to adopt the most expensive bill in U.S. history, $2.2 trillion, that sets up a welfare state in which the masses get paid to stay at home and not work.
  • War has been declared on an invisible and impersonal coronavirus, just like war was declared 19 years ago on an invisible and impersonal act of “terrorism.” [This is always a bad sign because in war time civil liberties are expendable and if the enemy is invisible the war can go on indefinitely].
  • Elected leaders, including President Trump, have taken the bait, deferring their decision-making to technocrats using wildly off-base numbers of projected dead bodies based on computer-generated models.
  • Media talking heads continuously seek out the most gut-wrenching stories of the dying while ignoring the vast majority, 99 percent, who make a full recovery. At the same time, cries for a vaccine reach a fevered pitch [will it be mandatory once available.].

Some see these remarkable developments as caused by a media-created panic.

I worked in the media for 30 years and can say with all honesty, the media is not smart enough to create anything.

No, this bears the fingerprints of a technocrat operation.

One of the world’s leading technocrats, Dr. Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College of London, came out in January with staggering numbers of up to 2 million dead Americans as a result of COVID19.

Ferguson based his wildly inaccurate projections on a fake-science “model” he created for the sole purpose of advising gullible government policy-makers.

The politicians and then the media took these wild projections and reported them uncritically as fact. Not once, but day after day after day.

It was all coronavirus all the time, 24/7. If you repeat a lie often enough, no matter how big and grotesque, it becomes fact in the minds of the masses. Nazi propagandists knew this and Western media apparently have adopted the technique. Two weeks ago, the media ceased reporting any other news other than that related to coronavirus. The herd was set in motion and politicians started competing with each other to show who could most completely lock down their citizens and shut down their economies.

No, the media didn’t create this panic. It was merely a carrier for a virus-like contagion otherwise known as propaganda.

Once released, like the shock delivered by a booster shot, that virus started flowing through the veins and arteries of every state, city and county in America.

Any journalist who dared to question the fake models calling for massive death tolls got warned by their editors that this was not the desired direction of the news coverage.

Every politician who refused to implement the draconian rules of forced quarantining of healthy Americans and complete economic shut-down would be called out by the lapdog media as a cruel and insensitive monster only concerned about the economic interests of big corporations [as if we were in a zero-sum game where it’s impossible to fight the virus and not destroy the economy].

The panic had to be ratcheted up with each day’s news cycle.

A panicked people can be convinced to hand over freedoms. And panicked politicians can be convinced to violate their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution.

What can we do?

Start by educating yourself, your family and friends. It’s crucial that we know how to identify the enemy. For way too long we have believed we could do this by simplistically dividing up politicians into two categories, Democrats and Republicans. Problem is, the politicians are not in control anymore, not in the age of technocracy, where “experts” in white coats come out of their laboratories to usurp the power of elected leaders.

As coronavirus has shown us, politicians have been reduced to figureheads and strawmen. They’ve been replaced by technocrats in collusion with media actors serving as carriers of propaganda.

The Dr. Fergusons and Dr. Faucis of the world speak and the politicians listen. We speak and they turn a deaf ear. That’s technocracy in a nutshell.

If you don’t wish to invest the time to educate yourself, all I can tell you that might change your mind is this: China has become the world’s model of what a full-on technocracy looks like.

Get it?

We have been calling it communism and if you want to call it that, fine, but technocracy is a good bit different from traditional communism in the way it descends on a nation and how it increases its control over people.

Traditional communism is brought on by violent revolution, whereas a technocratic revolution happens incrementally over time in such a way that the great majority of people do not recognize it and many will actually cheer it on, begging for more, until it is too late.

The bigger picture

Human beings were created in the image of God and meant to be in relationship, not only with their Creator but with each other.

Don’t let a virus kill your instinct to help a neighbor, friend or family member in their time of need.

If we are not careful we are going to lose more than our country and our freedoms. We are going to lose our humanity, even our souls.

That’s the ultimate goal of technocracy: To exercise such tight control over our educational systems, our natural resources and our means of production that human choice is removed from the equation. Everything is ruled by data, and as we’ve seen, that data can and will be manipulated to fit an agenda.

Christians are being identified as public-enemy number one because they answer to a higher authority – just last week the New York Times published an op-ed that “blames evangelical Christians for paving the road to coronavirus hell.”

Will we continue to act like steers in a feed lot? After the cattle are herded into the boxcars, headed for the slaughterhouse, it’s too late to save them. The doors are shut and the train leaves the station. There’s no turning back. I pray we are not yet there but I’m losing hope. God help us. is committed to bringing you the story behind the story, which requires sifting through often-deceiving reports propagated by the mainstream media and getting to the truth. This cannot be done without your help. To support our research and writing projects, please share our articles on social media and consider a donation of any size.

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50 thoughts on “Sanitized Dictatorship: How COVID19 is transforming America and killing the Trump revolution”

  1. I find most of the comments essentially true for having been born in 1948, I have lived through most of this deception. One thing I am sure of… regardless of the seemingly successful efforts to destroy our Republic as God’s beacon on the hill, His Will is Omnipotent and will be accomplished. One’s religious freedoms can be taken away, yet as long as we fear not, trust in Him, and repent and follow Him, He will never forsake His Beloved… get thee behind me Satan ! When I was about twelve years old and brain-washed to think the United Nations was a good thing, I asked my Grandaddy why he had a bumper sticker admonishing the US to “GET US OUT OF THE UN”. He just chuckled, knowing I would not understand. Now I understand better the Satanical plan to establish an elitist one-world order for money and power through control. Keep the Faith… God’s Plan will prevail. plwfortruth


  2. A year old post.
    2020 was not just a year where tyranny crushed freedom.
    It was the year where fear crushed love.
    We have been tried as a nation and found wanting. Especially our church. Now we must pay.
    Selfish, paranoid cowards. I’d say this even if the virus were ten times as deadly. The propaganda rationalized this to make it sound like compassion. The Serpent who deceived our mother runs the media.
    Christians used to be known for caring for those dying of the plague. And allowed ourselves to be martyred. But we chose safety, comfort and public approval over love for God and our neighbor.
    They never could have done this if we had stood up for our neighbor losing his business. Or the elderly isolated and dying lonely in nursing homes. Or put up a fight to obey God and not forsake the Assembly by doing couch potato churchianity.
    “Caesar is lord. Please like my FaceBook post….”
    Mene mene tekel parsin.

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      1. I believe He will. This will not last long. Because of the wickedness of our enemies He will take them down faster than the Third Reich. But even after that we are finished as a world power. And a nation.
        This is really an act of love for His people. Judgment begins with the House of God. Our punishment comes first. It will be the mild one. As a father disciplines his children.


  3. Fear is the #1 cause (if not THE supporting element) of death. How many times does the Bible tell you, “FEAR NOT!” When Love is one’s only truth, all else (false hatred) ceases to exist.
    Meanwhile, if you’d like a book to read during the “quarantine” phase of this DemPanic, try… …


  4. RELAX….TRUST the plan. The patriots have all the cards. Support and pray for POTUS. GREAT evil will be revealed in the Democrat/Deepstate camp. Trump is dismantling and draining this Swamp, one painful step at a time. We didn’t get into this mess overnight….and it will require UNITY and faithful support to carry this through to the end….to the RESTORATION of true liberty and justice for all.


  5. The Constitution I studied in the early 50s is not the Constitution we have know. But it was during WWII that it really was under attack. You could not buy or sell without government controls, even your own personal property. Everything was rationed. Getting soap to clean yourself and clothes was not possible without a ration stamp. There was no gasoline for personal travel and if your rations ran out there was no gasoline for travel to work or other necessary places. IF you wanted to eat and did not live on a farm, then any small space in your yard became your farm. Want meat or eggs? Then raise chickens in your small back yard. The dead from that was were commemorated with small flags in the window bearing a star. Traumatic s.trees was called shell shock and devastated those who did manage to return..

    Before TV and conditioning we were confined all summer in our houses and yards during polio epidemics. Quarantine signs hung on front doors and no one could leave or enter a house where someone had measles or scarlet fever or any other contagious disease for which there was no cure and ineffective treatment.

    I could keep on boring you. But that is not my point.

    Yes, I believe that this new virus is man-made for the purpose of destroying our economy and disruption our elections as well as stopping the progress of cleaning the swamp. What climate change could not accomplish world-wide based pandemics will: one world government.

    Is God through with the United States? If we still are a part of His plan then He will be with us.

    I watched the old movie about Thomas Becket. There was a comment made by Richard Burton who place Becket shortly before Becket’s assassination: The Kingdom of God must be defended like any other kingdom.

    Question: how do you do that.


  6. This makes total sense. I saw the flip in Pres. Trumps manner when Fauci started getting his ear & I wondered….. The question is, What do we do now? Realistically, how do we respond….short of making sure to share articles like these that are clearly articulated, what else should we be doing? Contacting our representatives, etc. ?


    1. What we can do is call & write (e-mail) to our (Federal) Congress reps & Senators, State level Reps, Local officials AND to President Trump
      Be polite but firm & logical use facts not feelings. Have what ever it is prewritten so you can just drop it in to the e-mail form. Write frequently, be RELENTLESS the Democrats are so we should be too. Let President Trump know you support him but are concerned that the longer this quarantine, quasi martial law lasts the more damage it does.
      All presidents but Jefferson have argued that their first job was to keep us safe. All presidents but Jefferson were wrong. If you read the Constitution, you will see that the President’s first job – as Jefferson understood well – is to keep us free.
      Andrew Napolitano


  7. OMG! Just tell me WHERE do we get educated on all this exactly? WHO are we to believe and not believe? Can anything really be done? This scares the hell out of me. It looks like POPULATION CONTROL, save Fed tax dollars by killing off the ones who COST the government the most with Social Security income and Medicare, SSI, Disability, food stamps, Medicade, federal assistance of all kinds.


    1. Read comments left here to get a feel for not just what is going on but what thinking people think about it.
      Also may I suggest a couple of Blogs from today that have info you might be interested in:
      HUGE! From CDC Website:
      How did you know, Fauci?
      Antiviral Drug Therapies, COVID-19, Malaria … and Offshore Drug Production
      You might also want to read the comments that go with the Blogs.
      Our Republic is being Destroyed, our Constitution is being ripped to pieces, our economy is being destroyed not by a human invading army but by enemies within.
      I remember the quote from an old book (also movie) “On the Beach” it seems so apropos to slightly paraphrase “This is the way our Republic ends. Not with a bang but a whimper. “


    2. Everyone, please post this on your Nextdoor website if you have one to alert every home in your community


  8. and not one comment on how selfish and arrogant Pelosi, Shumar and Shift are during this whole mess. personally i think the firing squad is too good for them

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  9. The dems are more than eager to move this situation to crisis magnitude. There is no cooperation at all without outlandish demands for their own political agendas all of which are totally designed to further the creation of a democratic induced shutdown of government totally under their control. Total Chaos is their only remaining card since all of their previous attempts to remove Trump have failed. In essence this is still the total rejection of the loss of the Presidential election. Everything the dems have put into play had their start long before people started voting in November of 2016. The Dems were putting together contingency plans for the 2016 election clear back into the middle of Obama’s 2nd Term only to see just about every plan they so obviously has already in the deck shot down. The dems are actually more responsible for this crisis. Obama was advised to implement a buildup of medical equipment to deal with a pandemic even more devastating than the Swine Flu epidemic that occurred during his administration even down to replacing the 100 million N-95 type masks that were used up. He ignored that advice and nor replenished the masks. The Dems are once again dragging their feet again with the intent to blockade and or slow down providing any productive assistance without making outlandish demands to fund their own self serving Political agendas. Including a substantial pay raise in Congress !!!

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  10. So, fear, hysteria and the blame game. Yes we do have an adversary, bigger and more devious than we can image! Actually we don’t have to imagine just look at the evil and atrocities perpetrated globally.
    In the end it doesn’t matter. Yes I am going there……there is a BIGGER picture and unless you believe in the bible and it’s truth you will remain in fear, hysteria and darkness.
    I have Peace in my Heart and KNOW whatever it looks like, I’m GOOD!!!


  11. No sane person blames Trump or thinks the Democrats are a better option for a great recovery. Every day this goes on makes people realize the Democrats are and always have been a party of destruction of this country.


    1. You obviously didn’t read the whole article. While I do believe Trump shares in the blame for eliminating whole sections of our Constitution, he is by no means the sole culprit or even the biggest one. If there is anything we have learned from this crisis it is that those politicians willing to set aside our Constitution in order to fix a problem cannot be identified by their party affiliation. Also, if you read the whole article, you will see that I am making a case against the Democrats and globalists in pointing out how they are using this crisis, weaponizing it against the object of their insane hatred, which is Trump!


  12. “educate yourselves. Educate yourselves.”


    Until you give us some actual physical things we can do, you’re just jabberjawing. Yeah, our rights are being taken. BECAUSE WE’RE TOO BUSY EDUCATING AND NOT BUSY ENOUGH ACTUALLY REBELLING.


    1. Dan, you may be educated but trust me, 99 percent of America is not. They have absolutely no clue about the facts and history regarding the noose that is tightening around their necks. Until more people are educated on who the enemy really is, it’s pretty useless to go die on a hill by ourselves.


  13. Definitely driven (election year)..the madness thickens day in and out. My gut feeling says so..and I trust it. Thanks Leo…a great read, and one that hits nails on their heads…one by one.


  14. No it’s only solidified who we will vote for. Hope all you democrats will make it through the next 4 1/2 years of Trump! He’s done nothing but a wonderful job as potus. Sorry America rejected your agenda in 2016. Nothing has changed since then. America wants nothing to do with what you want.


    1. So what is your point. Sounds like venting but there is no real noise. The media has tried everything it can to convict and condemn a wonderful president who has done nothing wrong and is doing every thing possible to find a cure for this virus, which by the way, he did not invent. You may want to take a look at Bill Gates and Barak Obama and follow that trail. The American people are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel the media has tried to cover up. The light is getting brighter and the democrats are becoming more afraid the truth is coming out and they will all be pumped out of the swamp. Again, what was your point?


      1. Take a look at Dr Fauci:
        More stink from the rats skittering around the country causing hysteria & crashing the economy & Violating our Constitutional Rights & Fauci is leading the pack.
        Add to that dr Anthony Fauci’s LOVE Letters to Hillary & his devotion to doing the will of the Clinton Foundation.
        Within the WikiLeaks HRC email files there are letters from Fauci to Hillary Clinton through her aid/lawyer Cheryl Mills: “rarely does a speech bring me to tears”?… “please tell her I love her more than ever”?… “please tell her that we all love her”… “Please tell her that we all love her and are very proud to know her.”
        And then
        Dr. Fauci, speaking before some group in Washington, DC in 2017. The video only shows a small portion of his speech, but what Dr. Fauci says sure makes one wonder about his motives concerning our country. Watch it here from the Gateway Pundit.


  15. Causes of worldwide deaths 1/1/2020 – 3/25/2020

    Seasonal flu, 110,000.
    Malaria, 230,000.
    Suicide, 250,000.
    Traffic fatalities, 310,000 deaths.

    HIV/AIDS, 390,000 deaths.
    Alcohol related deaths, 580,000

    Smoking-related deaths, 1,200,000.
    Cancer deaths, 1,900,000 deaths.

    Starvation,: 2,400,000 deaths.
    Abortion, 9,900,000.
    Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths.
    Make your own conclusions.

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    1. These numbers skew the argument. We are at nearly 70k deaths from Covid as of 4/5/2020. The best measurement is against the seasonal flu. Which btw has a vaccine.

      The people who believe the BS in the article are just as crazy as the people they are pointing the finger at?


      1. The fact that the numbers have risen by 20,000 worldwide over the last five days doesn’t skew anything. They will continue to rise, with many people dying with COVID19, NOT necessarily of COVID19 due to misclassification of the causes of death [a topic for another article]. I repeat, this is a dangerous virus but it does not justify canceling our Constitution and our economic wellbeing. More will die of those catastrophes than from the virus. And by the way, I agree with you that this virus mimmics the seasonal flu, and guess what? Myself and many others never get the vaccine for that virus either! Shocker of shockers, I’m still alive!

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    1. I think the Dems have gone all out to blow this virus out of proportion, since the impeachment of President Trump failed. After election day, (no matter who wins), this virus will vanish.

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  16. Well they did kill jack Kennedy in full view. …it really could be that obvious..its really important trump gives the republic a cple more somewhat sane forwarding to 7 or 8 friends.


    1. I support President Trump no matter what ! Being the daughter of a communist I see the same patterns that democrats are using, is terrible just to think that another democrat will be in power. No !! We need to stop them ASAP !!

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      1. I support president Trump also. The democrats are doing everything they can to make the President look bad. But I think the democrats are making their own agenda and it isn’t a good one. Nancy Pelosi eat your ice cream and take care of the world and forget your politics for the people’s sake. Think of us and not your party. Andrea


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