Knowing your enemy: The ‘Red-Green Axis of evil’ shows its face in Washington

Freshmen Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, left, and Rashida Tlaib have proven they are more powerful than Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the new U.S. Congress.

Below is a speech I gave to a group of about 100 Georgia Republicans on March 9, 2019. I am available for speaking engagements to groups of 20 or more and do not charge a fee if within driving distance.

How many of you have been watching the news in recent weeks and wondering, “is this still America? What is going on?”

How many Americans must be wondering, where did this Ilhan Omar, covered in the Islamic headscarf, come from and how in the world did she end up in Congress? We’re told she’s from Minnesota but she seems obsessed with demonizing Israel and speaks sympathetically of ISIS fighters.

Who is this other new Congresswoman with the foul mouth, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who bragged to the world that she would take drastic action against President Trump. She told her young son she would “impeach the Mother F’er?”

Who does this Linda Sarsour, also adorned in the headscarf, think she is, referring to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as some sort of white supremacist. Pelosi is “a typical white feminist doing the work of powerful white men,” Sarsour posted on Facebook. Did Pelosi deserve such a harsh rebuke for simply considering disciplinary action against the brazen anti-Semite Ilhan Omar?

Screenshot_2019-02-15-23-28-21 (1)
One of Congresswoman Omar’s recent tweets.

Two years ago, I wrote a book. It’s called Stealth Invasion, Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.

I saw these people coming. Let me tell you how I knew that the fox was already inside the henhouse.

The Muslim Brotherhood published a revealing document back in 1991. It was seized by the FBI in 2004 and in 2008 it was presented as evidence in the biggest terror-financing trial ever conducted on U.S. soil. That document is called the EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM.

It says, and I quote:

“The process of SETTLEMENT is a ‘civilization jihad process’ with all the word means. The Brothers must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands, and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most powerful, most wealthy Muslim organization in the world. It operates in the U.S. through the Council on American-Islamic Relations, also known as CAIR, and a host of other front groups too numerous to mention. The leader of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, bowed down to CAIR this week when she failed to rebuke Omar and stand against anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bigotry.

Pelosi removed all doubt as to who is really in control on Capitol Hill. It’s not the old-line Democrats, the liberals. It is the new breed of Democrat, the so-called progressives, who now call the shots. We are seeing nothing less than the convergence of the Red/Green axis, right before our eyes.

Red, which is Marxist ideology, and Green, which is Islamic ideology, coming together for a complete and total transformation of America.

They decide what is acceptable political speech in Washington and the corporate media backs them up with non-stop propaganda. They will increasingly be coming after us, the people of conservative Judeo-Christian values, in the months and years ahead. Trust me, these folks do not play nice. They are coming for our jobs, our businesses, our guns, our cars. They’re even coming for our children with state-run daycare for infants and toddlers – those they cannot terminate, they will indoctrinate.

In submitting to the radicals like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Speaker Pelosi has confirmed what we all suspected. The new Democrat Party is the party of revolutionary socialism, open borders, anti-Semitic Jew hatred, voting rights for non-citizens, abortion on demand and now, yes, even infanticide – killing babies outside the womb.

So when a young freshman Congresswoman named Ilhan Omar came out with repeated anti-Semitic statements, calling Israel “evil” and stating that those of us who support Israel’s right to exist are somehow under the influence of “dual loyalties” and cannot be trusted, she was speaking directly from the culture she was brought up in.

Omar, you seek, is a Sharia-compliant Muslim from Somalia who was brought to the U.S. by a United Nations refugee program run through our own U.S. State Department for the last 35 years.

How many of you know that the United Nations selects 95 percent of our refugees?

That’s right. Is it any wonder that an increasing number of these refugees in recent years have come from societies and cultures antithetical to our own, which was molded by Judeo-Christian ethics based on hard work, the Golden Rule, and the rule of law?

These are the values that underpin our Constitution. Yet, the U.N. has an agenda for us that seeks to undermine our Constitution? How will they do it? They’ll do it by opening the borders, introducing anti-Western, anti-Christian ideologies like Islam and socialist economic programs like the green new deal, which is nothing more than the U.N.’s failed 20-year-old program for “sustainable development.”

Part of that agenda to remove borders and boundaries between nations is the refugee resettlements. The globalists understand that DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY and the best way to establish global socialism is to insert dependent Third Worlders into Western democracies who have no intention of assimilating. This creates a parallel society, a nation within a nation. I have documented all of this in their own words in my book.

Ilhan Omar conceded this when she said in a recent tweet that Judeo-Christian culture was “silly” and being a good American just meant “being yourself.” Is it any wonder she sent a letter to a federal judge in Minnesota pleading for leniency for returning ISIS fighters. They’re just being themselves, right?

And if you think otherwise, well, you’re just Islamophobic and need to shut up.

Some of these refugees, I believe, truly do want to assimilate. But their leaders, people like Omar and Sarsour, won’t let them. They are repeatedly told to remain insulated and apart from the rest of us, that Western and American values are inherently bad and corrupting.

Sharia supremacist Linda Sarsour has Nancy Pelosi eating out of the palm of her hand.

This is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood envisioned when it talked about establishing “SETTLEMENTS” inside America that would eventually become politically active voting blocs and work with far-left Democrats to transform our nation into a totalitarian system.

The people who say there is no God have joined forces with the people who say there is no god but Allah, and that, folks, is a powerful combination!

These are not your grandmother’s Democrats. They are way more aggressive in pushing their agenda and they are coming after us. You are no longer just required to tolerate same-sex marriage and transgender bathrooms, you must celebrate the new normal as defined by them. If you don’t, you are immoral and less than human. You may even be a white supremacist!

Ilhan Omar reflects exactly the worldview of her native Somalia only with a Western twist. She will give license for all the things she knows will destroy us from within – abortion, gun control, legalization of drugs and lots of free stuff for all the newly created victims.

And she did not end up in the U.S. Congress by accident or through some organic political movement. Her state, Minnesota, has been welcoming refugees since 1990. Since that time, the U.N. has delivered more than 75,000 Somalis to Minnesota, first to Minneapolis but now spreading into smaller cities and towns where they are employed in the meatpacking industry, as airport cab drivers and hotel maids.

The receiving communities are in various stages of transformation.

Some have reached the point where an American would not recognize it as part of America. The Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis is called “Little Mogadishu.” It has Sharia cops who make house calls to make sure the refugees are following the rules of Islamic dress codes and the strict regulation of interaction between the sexes. The former mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, met with Somali elders covered in a hijab, which is not a fashionable headscarf as some in the media would have you believe but a sign of religious submission to Allah and Islamic law.

Demography is destiny.

Universities and even some primary schools in Minnesota are now outfitted with Islamic prayer rooms and ritual footbaths. Islamic holidays are replacing Christian ones on school calendars. The same culture shift is taking place in parts of Michigan, New Jersey, and even in once-conservative states like Kansas, Iowa and Idaho, where the world’s largest yogurt plant is staffed with 30 percent refuge labor.

They make demands, we submit.

Omar, like her compatriots, recognize Sharia as the law of the land, not the U.S. Constitution. They have a particular hatred for Israel, the world’s only Jewish state and want to see it hit with economic sanctions, boycotts and divestment. They have very large families and they vote 99 percent Democrat.

Omar supports abortion on demand, knowing that her people will never abort their babies because that would be a violation of Sharia. But she is more than happy for us to abort ours.

On the battlefield, there’s a saying. To have any chance of victory, you must know your enemy.

It’s the same in the political arena. Failure to know our political enemies and what they truly stand for will be catastrophic for our republic.

No mistakes

It was not a “mistake,” as Pelosi would have us believe, that Omar called Israel evil.

It was not a “mistake” that she said Jews are “all about the Benjamins baby!”

It was not a mistake that she pulled out the old blood libel that Jews and those who support Israel are guilty of having “dual loyalties.” This is the same ploy the Nazis used to stir up hatred against Jews in Europe!

And this is what Sharia-adherent Islam believes today.

So instead of following her first instincts and passing a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and disciplining Omar, what did Pelosi do?

She kowtowed to Omar and her Muslim backers at CAIR, letting them write the resolution themselves! Of course the final version was not a condemnation of anti-Semitism but a generic condemnation of “hate speech” against all religions, well, almost all.

Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, are all mentioned in the resolution as victims of hate speech.

Christianity is nowhere to be found, even though Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. Every day, 11 Christians die for their faith, 255 each month, and almost all of them at the hands of Islamists and Communists – the same two groups we now see teaming up in the West. They single out that one faith group, Christianity, because the left knows that it is the one faith that provided the values that were written into our Constitution!

Respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to own firearms. Do you think any of these values are respected in Somalia, in Sudan, in Afghanistan, Burma, Iran or Iraq?

Well, it’s no accident that these are the nations from which President Obama and the presidents who preceded him were plucking the bulk of our refugees.

Demography is destiny.

The Rise of Stacey Abrams

Here in Georgia, we sat aghast as returns were coming in during the gubernatorial election. When the dust finally settled, we breathed a collective sigh of relief. Surely that was the end of Stacey Abrams. But I’m here to tell you, that our relief was premature and that was just the opening salvo of the new progressive movement in Georgia.

Abrams is a member of this progressive movement and her handlers, folks like Linda Sarsour, have big plans for her and for Georgia. Remember, when you hear “progressive,” that is code for “Marxist.”

Abrams has made no secret of her agenda and the fact that she embraces the Red/Green axis as the path forward for our state and our country. She happily received ringing endorsements from Sarsour, who came to Georgia to campaign for her.

Sarsour, who defends female genital mutilation and other hardcore anti-woman ideas, with Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian American, was produced by demographic changes in Michigan that saw vast numbers of Middle Easterners who came to work in the auto industry but were never encouraged to assimilate into that great melting pot called America.

In Georgia, it’s the poultry plants in Hall County and a few other low-skill industries that are driving demographic changes fueled by the corporate thirst for cheap labor. Make no mistake, it is, it can, and it will happen here, if we do not understand our battle.

I tell a true story in my book that happened right here in the Atlanta area. It was the day after Memorial Day, 2016. A young mother, Dami Arno, was sitting in her garage sipping coffee with her teenage daughter, just enjoying the warm spring breeze as their American flag flew proudly from a homemade flagpole made of PVC pipe and attached to their mailbox. Suddenly, a tall woman emerged from the woods, dressed in a burqa, only her eyes were showing. She grabbed that 4-foot flagpole off the Arnos’ mailbox and attacked the mother, swinging wildly for her face. A neighbor heard Mrs. Arno’s desperate cries and came to help subdue the female attacker until the police arrived. The Arnos’ 14-year-old son came out of the house with the family pistol, and thankfully did not pull the trigger, holding aim on his mother’s attacker until police arrived. The attacker, it turned out, was a Somali refugee, who was arrested, charged and let out on bond. She never showed up for her court hearing and to this day remains unaccounted for.

I’ve documented multiple stabbings, rapes and murders by refugees in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Idaho, and on the campus of Ohio State University. The FBI confirms that at least 45 Somalis living in Minnesota left our country to go fight for ISIS. Dozens of others have been charged with providing material support to overseas terrorists. Those are the guys Omar wants us to go easy on.

It should be no surprise that the FBI has identified Omar’s congressional district, the 5th congressional district of Minnesota, as the terror recruitment capital of America.

By incremental changes in each of our 50 states, our nation is being transformed, and it is being coordinated with great success by the globalist/Marxists in alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Together, this Red-Green Axis has their sites on President Donald Trump. Just days after he took office, Linda Sarsour, in an address to the Islamic Society of North America, called for U.S. Muslims to wage political jihad against Trump’s presidency.

As the saying goes: Nothing in politics happens by accident.

And everything we see going on in Washington today is being conducted with one goal in mind. To defeat President Trump and his anti-U.N., America-first agenda.

My book documents the agenda of this Red-Green Axis to replace our Constitutional Republic with something more amenable to global socialism, a system where your children and grandchildren won’t get to make the same choices that you were free to make.

  • Where will they work?
  • What form of transportation will they use to get to work?
  • What doctor will they choose?
  • What opinions will they be allowed to express on their college campuses or on social media?

All these choices will be made for them under the new social order being defined by the political elites who make up the Red-Green Axis.

The only difference between traditional Marxism and the neo-Marxism of Abrams, Omar and Sarsour is that instead of stoking divisions between workers and their employers, they use race, gender, sexual orientation and non-assimilating migrants to stir up animosity and create fissures in our society where they previously did not exist. In the eyes of these revolutionaries, legitimate racial wounds that have existed in our history must not be allowed to heal. They must be stoked and fueled with the gasoline of identity politics.

Heading toward a one-party state

Whenever a Democrat loses an election, whether it be Hillary or Stacey, that election must be declared illegitimate. The ultimate goal of all Marxists is, after all, a permanent one-party state.

President Trump wants your children and grandchildren to make their own choices, to live in freedom and prosper according to their God-given talents and abilities, not according to what some government bureaucrat says is best for them.

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, even Bernie Sanders. None of them matter anymore. The ones to watch are the new revolutionary socialists, the ones who call themselves progressive. All the others are just playing catch up, groveling for support from the socialists who now set the agenda for them.

That agenda is above all globalist, socialist, and extending government favoritism to one religion, Islam, above all others. This agenda is exposed completely in my book. Among all the reviews the book has received, one theme has been dominant: It connects dots. It helps us understand the values of those taking over the Democrat Party and who want to take over our country.

Some Democrats are beginning to see through this agenda and are walking away from their party. Maybe it’s time they get re-introduced to the Republican Party, where we will explain to them that we are the ones who respect life, we are the ones who respect your freedom to think as an individual, and still possess the courage to stand against the dictates of totalitarian group-think.

* * * *

Leo Hohmann is an freelance writer and journalist, author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” He is working on a new book that will investigate the Interfaith movement, which is ushering false and antichrist ideas into Western churches. If you would like to support this project, please consider a donation of any size.

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  1. I too live in Mn., you want to believe the best, but know 99.9% of ALL media coverage is a lie! More and more of us Don’t believe any of the useless garbage in the “news”! I just hope it’s not too late.


  2. I thank U for Ur article. It scared the h ell out of me! I hv been watching and listening to conservative news for several years now, and what I hv learned is staggering. I will send out Ur article to as many people as possible, including my pastor! Thank U again for informing American-loving citizens of this ugly truth. We need to know this stuff and fight it….together.


  3. It’s not simply Omar’s 7th century garb. It is her entire attitude and Anti-American BEHAVIOR for YEARS that we are talking about..

    Ilhan Omar is full of CRAP!.. …So is Nancy Pelosi, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, and others..

    I live, and suffer in Minnesota daily..

    This is the radical Islamist fool who actually supported “LIFE INSURANCE DEATH BENEFITS” FOR ISIS TERRORISTS, when she was a Minnesota State legislator.

    She also publicly called for “compassion” for CONVICTED TERRORISTS returning to Minnesota from the ISIS battlefield. You really should read the OMAR letter to St Paul, Minnesota “sentencing Judge” Davis, written shortly after she was elected to the Minnesota legislature, signed as “representative elect”.. It is priceless (attached). ..She is, and had always been arrogant and slippery political trash, and a modern day version of the Trojan Horse..

    Omar and Ellison were the first out of the gate, to make excuses and cover-up the MN DHS (various social services programs-Daycare billing fraud leading the charge) THEFT and SCANDAL of Hundreds of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars STOLEN ANNUALLY for the past 10 to 12 years – AND STILL GOING ON.. They immediately tried to conflate the “Hawala” money scam transfer services, with the largest “ORGANIZED CRIME” – International Money Laundering – AND SYSTEMATIC THEFT IN THE U.S., of Taxpayer Dollars emanating from one place – one State – EVER in U.S. history! AND IT IS STILL GOING ON..

    Omar was one of the first excuse making fools, attempting to gloss over the killing (MURDER) of 40 year-old, Australian born, Justine Damond, on July 15, 2017, by 2-year rookie MPD police officer Mohamed Noor, AFTER he failed his Academy entrance & psych exam 3 times, prior to the Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges (he having 3 complaints against him by women in only 2 years), and MPD police Cheif, Jenee Harteau, and gave that psycho clown a gun and a badge to kill.. ..and then tried to claim that HE was the victim, and SHE was the cause of her own death, as referenced in the press.

    Omar has been spewing this nonsense for a decade or longer, and not many in Minnesota had the smarts – the integrity – or the courage to call her out for it.. Now, IT is America’s problem to manage, or to solve, right along with the Linda Sarsour America hatred, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, and all the rest…. Take your pick..

    Additionally, listen very carefully to her blanket excuse for all this CRAP.

    How many countries in the Middle East, North and South Africa – or Venezuela – Cuba – and more, are guilty as sin of committing “HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS”, while this “grifter”, lays that outrageous and disgusting accusation at the foot of ISRAELIS exclusively? …and then demands a boycott (BDS) of Israel ONLY, the most peace seeking and stabilizing force of a nation in that region.. So, is it myopia, stupidity, or just plain inbred, and blatant generational Islamic hatred of Jews (and Christians by the way) (see: Grand Mufti and the unholy alliance with Adolph Hitler and The 3rd Reich)…OR ALL OF THE ABOVE..

    And Pelosi suggests that “Omar really did not understand” the import relating to the seriousness of her words??? How old is Omar according to Nancy, the babbling fool? …Age FIVE?

    OMAR IS A JEW HATING – CHRISTIAN HATING – ANTI-SEMITE, and ANTI-AMERICAN mole, and an open supporter of the brutal Iranian regime, and the brutal Maduro Venezuela (Human Rights Violator) dictatorship, Castro’s Cuba, and…take your pick around the globe.. She is on the wrong side of any just position America stands for.. And she sits as a member still, on the US House “Foreign Affairs Committee”??

    And, Pelosi and company suggest that poor little traumatized Omar, having been raised in war torn barbaric Somalia, having escaped to Kenya, and eventually seeking “asylum” in the U.S., needs our “understanding”, and compassion for her “cultural background”??? Really???

    Just after poor poor little Ilhan won the election in 2016, she traveled – with one of her 2 husbands – back to Mogadishu, Somalia, and to endorse the latest Somali strong-man dictator there, securing her brother-in-law a cushy position 15 minutes later in the world’s WORST FAILED NATION STATE ON THE PLANET, as measured by professional international organizations and standards..

    Oh yea…she is so afraid, as a so-called “refugee” of that country, based upon her sad STORY, that she went back TO SOMALIA in 2016 for a political vacation..

    By the way, since she apparently used “campaign finance money” to pay for her 2017 divorce OF HER BROTHER (Immigration Fraud) (Perjury) in Hennepin County, Minnesota (while married to the other fella as well) (Polygamy & Bigamy), when she was a Minnesota State Legislator, after she scammed the Minnesota Legislators as well, by failing to file her required annual financial report in a timely manner, UNTIL AFTER LEGISLATIVE SESSION HAD ENDED, and she was beyond their jurisdictional reach…WHERE DID SHE GET THE TRAVEL MONEY, in order to fly back to that terrible place??..

    You really should read Omar’s one-page 2016 response to the duel marital controversy (attached). It’s a Pip! It is unintelligible, but it is priceless nonetheless.

    As an aside, please check out OMAR’s long term family political connections (many decades) in Somalia. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM THERE..

    Get passed that stupid grin of her’s, and look at her for exactly what she is. …A slippery (serpent) “fox in – OUR U.S. Congressional – hen-house”.. She didn’t look so “cute” in her 2012 mug shot when she was arrested and charged in Minneapolis for “CRIMINAL TRESPASS” I can assure you. (attached)

    …AND THERE IS MORE.. from Minnesota, “the Land of 10,000 cover-ups”…where hard news goes to die..

    Pelosi is full of CRAP, right along with far too many in Congress relating to this entire matter, including the political trash master, Omar.. Hypocrites!!!

    I can prove ALL of the above..

    Based upon this ridiculous and warped standard, please restore Congressman Steve King to his committee assignments.. Just kidding of course..

    Is this racist – Islamophobic – xenophobic – bigoted – or some other “ism” or “ist”? Not at all.. Just the truth for a change from Minnesota.. It is ALL about attitude, actions, and BEHAVIOR..

    As Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others might say, this IS about RADICAL Muslim supremacy and domination by force, or “civilization Jihad”.. In this case, “political Jihad. Omar knows exactly what she is doing.. She has been doing this, and laying the ground work for this, for YEARS..

    It is in her barbaric dictatorship upbringing, indoctrination, and association(s) since birth – DNA…


    Welcome to OUR Minnesota Nightmare America..




  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Why are Americans so gullible? First, we elected Obama and now we have four Muslims in Congress – plus the followers of Farrakhan who is a Muslim.

    Didn’t the American people see what Obama did to us for eight years with his dictatorship?



    1. The best thing we can do at this stage is educate, educate, educate. Send this article to your friends and family members. If you have any local government officials who have not yet have been corrupted, then by all means send it to them. Send it to your pastor if you have one. I believe that if we are going to turn the tide it will happen from the bottom up in our communities, not the top down. But most good, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth Americans have no idea just how close we are to a totalitarian takeover. I believe we have five to 10 years left to get our message out. And please pray for our country. Thanks for your interest Ron. You may also benefit from my book, which goes into more detail and connects more dots.


    2. Hi Ron, I agree educate, and I think each one of us can make a difference if we can stop the cash flow. Stop spending with businesses owned by, hire or contribute to islam or non citizens. Stop contributions to charities that help refugees and non citizens. Stop supporting Hollywood. We each can make a difference. At the very least it’s worth a try!


      1. I am doing all those things as well as posting as much as I can on FB and so for I have not been blocked. I bring God into every post I can. I also forward emails I get ax to what is happening around the country.


  5. What a passionate speech.
    It was very interesting to read because it rings true to me. Whenever I try and have a conversation with a Democrat, whom I believe to be salvageable, they focus on the “small” things. They are compassionate people, wanting everyone to be happy. Very rarely they see the big picture, though. You see the end goal. The agenda. They don’t. I’m labeled a conspiracy theorist. Or am said to be reading too much into things, etc. I have to say that it’s scary to see all this happen and not be able to do as much.

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      1. Really? Support Amazon after reading this???? We need to avoid giving money to our detractors or we will cease to exist.
        Our vendors want to rule us and you want to give them money?


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