Facing hard truths: Are you unwittingly funding the leftist takeover of America?

Nancy Pelosi becomes the next Speaker of the House, Washington, USA - 03 Jan 2019
Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at opening session of the 116th Congress. Photo credit: SHAWN THEW/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

One week ago, I posted a speech I gave to a group of Georgia Republicans on “Knowing Your Enemy: The Red-Green Axis of Evil shows its Face in Washington.”

The response has been overwhelming. As a result, I am going to offer a special opportunity to learn more about the Marxist game-plan, which you can read about at the end of this article.

My speech to the Georgia Republicans addressed the growing alliance between the Islamic supremacists and the neo-Marxist thought leaders embedded in our media, our universities and our political-legal structures. This alliance is on the move both in America and across the globe. Its proponents include hugely recognizable names like Pope Francis and George Soros, a new breed of socialist politicians like Stacey Abrams of Georgia, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Andrew Gillum of Florida, and congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

These politicians typically read from scripts handed to them by their handlers and are very well spoken as long as they don’t get caught going “off script.” They are plugged into a lucrative money pipeline continuously refueled with cash by elites like San Francisco lawyer Steve Phillips, who married into the billionaire family of Susan Sandler; the Soros clan; billionaire hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer; just to name a few. Canada’s Justin Trudeau and the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn are also on this same team of global Marxists seeking to transform their once-free nations into something more authoritarian, where free expression is taken off the table for anyone who doesn’t agree with their globalist agenda that punishes America and Israel at every opportunity.

For more on how the money pipeline works, researcher Trevor Loudon has already done the heavy lifting for us in his excellent article published by the Epoch Times.

Many of you have contacted me, shocked, and asked what we can do to stop this race toward socialism, which we know will accelerate as soon as the Democrats win back the White House. And they will win, if we continue to ignore the biggest elephant in the room — our lack of funding and the utter dominance of the mainstream media by the left. When that day comes, it will be open season on anyone who dares to speak up on behalf of the Judeo-Christian values that undergird our Constitution. In short, our Constitution itself is in danger of being gutted.

What can we do about it?

So my answer to these inquirers who ask, “What can we do?” is this: Spread the word about writers/researchers like myself and Trevor Loudon, who dish out the real news and expose the fakes. But don’t stop there. We must follow the money!

If you follow the trail of greenbacks, you will find out that most of the money flow to the armies of left-wing worker-bees battling in the trenches for a socialist America starts in the places you would least expect—in conservative families, in the churches, in iconic American institutions that we believe, or want to believe, are still pure.

I know it sounds shocking, but let me repeat what I just said: Much of the money that is flowing into the coffers of evil organizations like Planned Parenthood, the anti-gun lobby and far-left community organizing groups, originates from the pocketbooks of regular, patriotic, God-fearing Americans.

The problem is that the left, while our parents and grandparents slept, quietly hijacked almost every cultural institution in our country. Once purely American groups like the Girl Scouts, the AARP, the Chamber of Commerce and some of the largest church denominations have all been flipped in recent years to the point where they are on board with the insane policies of open borders, abortion, special privileges for an ever-increasing cadre of sub-groups claiming to be victims, and socialism under the guise of “sustainable development” or as recently rebranded, the “green new deal.”

  • The AARP, with an annual budget of $1.5 billion, supports liberal causes too numerous to mention. It put its considerable clout behind Obamacare and the socialization of our medical system. Are you an older American looking for an alternative? I have good news: There are now at least half a dozen alternatives, some of which advocate for conservative causes!
  • Do you buy Girl Scout cookies? As adorable as those little girls outside Wal-Mart may be, you might want to reconsider. This is not the same iconic, all-American organization you grew up with. The Girl Scouts provide support to Planned Parenthood, which is quite likely the most evil organization on the planet, actually profiting off the sale of the dismembered body parts of aborted babies.
  • Are you paying the tuition bill for your child to attend a university just because you went to that university back when it actually believed in free speech and intellectual honesty? Now, there’s a good bet that same university’s version of free speech excludes the conservative point of view, so why support it?
  • What about Hollywood? Most of the directors, producers and actors loath us and our “old-fashioned” values. We enrich them. They turn around and use their riches to donate generously to Democrat political campaigns. Stop buying tickets to their movies!
  • If you believe there’s a better way to help Third World refugees than permanently resettling them into the United States, then don’t buy your yogurt from Chobani, which is a big supporter of the refugee resettlements, staffing roughly 30 percent of its U.S. plants with refugee labor.
  • Leftist universities gobble up billions every year from conservative American families, who send them their money and their kids, who get indoctrinated in leftist politics and anti-Israel Jew hatred. Let’s not kid ourselves: ALL public universities are leftist universities. I repeat: ALL OF THEM are leftist, and they’ve been fleecing God’s people on a daily basis for decades. Send your kid to a private Christian college and if they prefer a leftist public institution, let them foot the bill themselves!
  • For more, see this list of 38 well-known companies and nonprofits that donate directly to Planned Parenthood. Some of them are iconic names everyone is familiar with and would not suspect of being involved in such grotesque evil.

We also bear the responsibility to ask where our church tithes and offerings are going. Typically, a percentage of all these donations get sent back to the denominational headquarters. It’s time to start asking questions about where some of that money ends up. You might be surprised.

  • The Catholic Church has been funding Saul Alinsky-aligned community organizations since the 1970s. For a brief history of the atheist Alinsky’s infiltration of the Catholic Church in America, I recommend the documentary A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.
  • Once good and noble Protestant organizations like World Relief are now more involved in left-wing politics than actual missionary activities.
  • What about Amazon, owned by leftist billionaire Jeff Bezos. Amazon has wiped out much of its competition, but often we can find other alternatives for the products we buy. Even if you have to spend a few dollars more to do business with the little guy, you’ll have the satisfaction of not contributing to Bezos’ many horrific business and philanthropic ventures, including the propaganda organ known as the Washington Post, which Bezos purchased a few years back and now uses to bash conservatives with fake news like the hit pieces it did on the Covington Catholic boys.
  • Then there’s Starbucks, that powerhouse of caffeinated beverages run by leftist CEO Howard Schultz, who is thinking of running for president. There are tons of coffeehouses. Find one that won’t put more money into left-wing causes and candidates.
  • Instead of using Google, which tracks your searches and helps China crack down on its Christian population, use DuckDuckgo.com, which doesn’t store your data, doesn’t sell it to advertisers, doesn’t work with communist dictatorships, and doesn’t discriminate against conservative websites in your searches! It is far superior to Google and doesn’t cost a thing!

The left has been voting with its dollars for years. They avoid conservative establishments like Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby while dragging their names through the mud. That’s because they are serious about their agenda and want to see it take over. Conservatives need to get in the game and also watch where their dollars are going.

The end game is to destabilize Western democracies by driving a wedge between different people groups that make up nations. Like the Nazis and the Bolsheviks before them, these radical globalists hate the idea of nationhood and the very humanity that makes up nations.

Upcoming opportunity to learn more

If you want to learn more about this trap being set for us and how not to fall for the deceptions, I invite you to tune in to a special series of free webinars in which I am honored to be a participant. From the comfort of your own home and broken up into four convenient time slots, you will learn about how this alliance is embedding itself into so many churches of almost all denominational backgrounds. We are calling it “The Enemy Within” and this enemy will increasingly be targeting and blaming you, the remnant faithful Christians and Jews, for all the world’s problems. So we’d better get prepared.

You can register here to attend all four webinars in March and April.

The problem, you see, is that one side in the culture wars is deadly serious and puts its money where its mouth is. The other side, our side, mostly talks a good game while handing money to the enemy. It’s time to put on your battle gear, the full armor of Christ as St. Paul said, and get in the game.


Leo Hohmann is an freelance writer and journalist, author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” He is working on a follow-up that will investigate the Interfaith movement, which is ushering false and antichrist ideas into Western churches. If you would like to support this project, please consider a donation of any size.


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28 thoughts on “Facing hard truths: Are you unwittingly funding the leftist takeover of America?”

  1. Thank you for the info ! We need more people to speak up ! I think if we can get like material out there, people will become informed and start doing accordingly.


  2. I just cancelled Fox from my Cox cable package. You get ten days to turn in box. I kept the internet connection and phone line and they doubled my speed for no extra charge, but I will need new TV provider.

    Cox cable has Fox so intertwined into their packages you can’t remove just Fox. You can pay for Fox and they will block them, but if Fox and Cox both don’t feel the pain in their bottom line why would they even care?

    Phuck Donna Brazil, Paul Ryan and the entire Murdock Family. I hope their tongues turn black. Good bye Fox. I will not submit. I will never surrender.


  3. Anyone who pays taxes is already funding the Leftist takeover of America. This other stuff, by comparison, is inconsequential!


    1. Actually, you missed the entire point of this article. Taxes fund our government, and yes, we all know how that works out for most of us. We don’t have a choice but to pay our taxes as it is a crime not to pay them. But I am pointing here to the lesser known money machine of private organizations, both for profit and non-profit. The saddest part is that this second type of fleecing takes place voluntarily. Unlike with taxes, we CHOOSE to hand money over to our enemies in the private sector and then have the audacity to try to deny we are helping them! It’s time to stop living in denial!


  4. 2nd Vote has an app that exposes these commies. And, while Progressive Insurance’ commie founder may not be there anymore, rest assured their allegiance doesn’t lie with America. George Soros was a big part of that “company.”

    Many phone service providers, including Verizon and AT&T, support Planned Parenthood and other murderous, leftist, racist, hate-America causes and agendas. There’s one in the northeast who proudly claims half their business is pro-socialist causes.


  5. While it is fair to say that one should not intentionally support groups that are so obviously Leftist, it seems unreasonable to expect people to not watch films, enjoy a cup of their favorite whipped drink, or buy items for cheaper online than you can find them onsite. I would agree that those who call themselves conservative need to be purposeful with their funds, but this is a difficult plan to implement. How would you incentivize people to give up on habits?


    1. It just depends how serious you are and whether you really do believe we are in a war for our survival as a free country. If you do, these sacrifices are small potatoes, especially when there are so many alternatives out there for places like Starbucks. We worry about whether it will remain convenient to entertain ourselves while Christians in other countries worry about whether they will be able to survive another day. We will one day be in the same situation, trust me. And we will wish then that we hadn’t supported our enemies and made it so easy for them to take over.


      1. My comment was not on how conservative Christians act, but rather how you would incentivize those who are simply conservative or even libertarian. I have no problem giving up Starbucks (and in fact don’t even drink coffee). The problem is convincing someone who is more socially liberal to do the same because their favorite coffee house supports Planned Parenthood or gay rights.


    2. How about you pay me your daily Starbucks money for the next three years, and I’ll come and set up a top of the line hand made Italian Cappuccino machine in your home or office? For another $200 I’ll show you some pointers on coffee art. Plus travel expenses.


      1. As stated above, I am not only not a liberal, but I also don’t drink coffee, so before you get offended and start to rail against me for advocating the evils of a coffee house that supports morally wrong institutions, how about you look at the context of what I stated? My purpose was in pointing out that it could be hard to incentivize those who are not conservative but not Christian. I personally am very careful about how I spend money, but that is because I am a born again believer. The same cannot be said about the hipster libertarian who simply does not want the government poking their nose into their funds.


    3. Is it unreasonable that you don’t hire the pedophile down the block to babysit your children, even though he is cheaper than the trusted sitter and lives closer? I mean, come on — it’s so much EASIER to hire him. Let the kid fend for themselves.

      I don’t find any of the suggestions unreasonable or particularly difficult. What is ridiculous and demented reasoning is your whiny gambit and that’s why this country is in such a mess.


      1. What do pedophiles have to do with my comment? You are attacking a straw man. My argument was that it could be hard to incentivize those conservatives who are not Christians or those who are more fiscally conservative but are socially liberal, such as libertarians. Many people find no problem forking over their cash for pleasurable pastimes such as a coffee, a movie, etc. as stated in my original comment and this is really the crowd that one needs to target, not the conservative Christian who is already intentional with their money. Before you start accusing me of a “whiny gambit” and contributing to the degeneration of society, how about you actually read what I wrote and understand the context?


    4. Anyone that puts their pocketbook or their desire to be entertanined before their children’s future – and that is what this amounts to; if you knowling buy products from people who are actively working for your demise, then you stand on the side of the enemy. There is no riding the fence, there are no bleacher seats. Your in it whether you like it or not. Now, pick a side.


      1. I am not NOT picking a side. In fact, I am a born again Christian and conservative voter who is very intentional with my money. My point (as I have stated again and again in reply to this outraged comments) is that it could be hard to incentivize those conservatives who are not Christian or those libertarians who are more fiscally conservative, but are socially liberal. How will we implement these practices if those voters don’t care where their money goes to? I’m not saying these aren’t good ideas; merely that this post only works if you are trying to invigorate people who believe in a moral standard and being purposeful with their money. How does one argue this idea to someone who doesn’t care where their money goes or even possibly is conservative but supports socially liberal ideas like Planned Parenthood and gay rights?


      2. Libertarians are NOT conservatives and my post was not directed toward them. I was speaking in this post directly to Christian conservatives who see things slipping away. In fact we will lose this country faster than most of us can imagine if things don’t change. The only way to affect change is by electing true conservatives, starting at the state and local levels, and by ending the transfer of wealth from our side to theirs. You make a valid point about implementation and I don’t have all the answers on that. I do know that someone has to at least get a conversation started as to how we pull out money out of these cesspools of progressivism [more accurately termed Marxism]. Nobody else is talking about this so I figured why not me? Why not start here? Why not now?

        Liked by 1 person

    5. Ex, I understand your point about seeking incentives to wean non-conservative non-Christians away from our enemies.
      The Left has managed that trick quite well, and I would love for some genius to figure a way to adapt their tactics to
      our struggle. I am not that genius, and until such a one pops up with a solution, Mt. Hohmann’s point is that WE ought
      each of us to watch out that OUR nickels and dimes don’t go to the enemy.

      Liked by 1 person

    6. Peace be with you ExLibrisVeritas. I also understand your plight as i too deal with non/minimal committed christians that “don’t see an issue” with left wing radical ideas. Oh they may not like it but, its “my money”, what little i have.

      My approach has been to ask monetary based questions to prod them to think about their choices. For example, does abortion really support our economy? Not when we are removing future workers, purchasers, soldiers, etc from the economy. Not a “christian” perspective but one that they may understand whether they believe in God or not. Purchasing products that will ultimately poison this country (left wing, toxic chemicals, earth unfriendly, perverted, war, etc) only takes away from this country and world not adds to it.

      If they are already liberal then all we can do is plant the seeds, growth is the Fathers work. For conservatives and/or christians, same approach. Plant seeds with reason and stay away from emotion, which by the way the receiver may fall into quickly, as it is not fruitful and usually ends divisively. Plant seeds, water if you have a chance and let God provide the growth. Your “job” is only go tell people tge truth, not convince them it is truth. And pray for anyone you get the “assignment” to talk to, that does more than even logic can. Enjoy today, make it a good memory for all your tomorrows.

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