Masons and Communists in the Church?

One of the themes I’m exploring in my forthcoming book on The Interfaith Deception, is that the interfaith scams being used by Islamists to weaken Christian churches could not have been so successful if not for the previous work by communists and Masons who infiltrated the Church in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In pursuing this theme, my attention was drawn to a video interview [above] with a Catholic priest and author who purports that the Vatican has been operating for decades under the influence of anti-Christian Freemasons.

If this is true, it might explain the radical changes that have taken place in the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council that concluded in 1965. Starting with Pope Paul VI and increasingly under Popes John Paul II and Francis, Catholic churches have been among the most accepting of the interfaith claims by clever Islamic apologists.

Since the Vatican II Council’s release in 1965 of the Nostra Aetate document, the Roman Church has discouraged evangelizing the Muslim world and done precious little to stand up for persecuted Christians, many of them Catholic, in the Middle East and North Africa.

Instead, Catholic dogma presented in Nostra Aetate teaches that Muslims are to be “understood” and their religion “respected.”

Catholicism, rightly or wrongly, is seen by Islamic leaders as the tip of the spear in the Christian world. If they can dupe the Catholics the rest of the House of Christendom would fall in due time for the same stealthy tricks.

But maybe the Vatican wasn’t duped. Perhaps there have been a cadre of cardinals acting as a willing accomplice with Islam to the destruction of the Western Church.

According to Father Paul Kramer, author of The Mystery of Iniquity, Freemasonry has been a toxic influence on the Vatican since at least the early 19th century.

I have always known that Protestant Christianity, especially the Baptists, have been mixed up with Free Masonry. But I was unaware of the Catholic infiltration, as official Catholic dogma has always said that one cannot be a practicing Catholic and a Mason at the same time.

So I was shocked by Kramer’s comments in a 2013 YouTube interview. He lays out the insidious influence of Freemasonry that has been eating away at the Catholic Church for more than 150 years.

Despite the repeated claims by Masons that they are not part of a religion, Kramer says that’s simply not true. Masonry is a cult based on the ancient mystery religions of the pre-Christian, pagan East. They believe in “God” but do not necessarily believe that Christianity is the only path to God.

As Father Kramer explains: “What is generally known to the public are Shriners.” They have either completed the sixth degree of the York Rite or 33rd degree of Scottish Rite but he says there are higher degrees for the elites.

“Even though they may clown around in public [at parades and such] their religion is not clownery,” he says. “As St. Paul tells us the gods of the pagans are devils, and the gods of the Freemasons are devils.”


In The Mystery of Iniquity, Kramer includes quotations from prominent Masons who claim that they march under the standards of Satan.

“So they willingly do the work of the devil, but not all of them. Only 10 percent of Freemasons really know what Freemasonry is all about,” he said, citing a grand master quoted by Father Adler in The Anti-Christian Revolution of Freemasonry.

“That other 10 percent, though, they know exactly what they’re about, gaining positions of power in the church in order to subvert and destroy the church, gaining positions of power in the governments of the nation-states in order to subvert them, destroy the sovereign state, and create a one-world republic, a one-world government and a one-world Masonic religion that diverts the worship and devotion away from God and enthrones Satan.”


“Masons cultivate relationships with young prelates and young priests when they’re hired to work in the Vatican, even before they’re hired to work in the Vatican,” Kramer said. “When they see a young man is destined for high places in the church, they begin already to cultivate relationships with these men. They introduce them to people who are the movers and shakers, they take them to diplomatic cocktail parties and gatherings, they give them money, so that they can have an ample bank account, and they promote their career among others in the church hierarchy with whom they have influence. And in this manner they are able to promote the careers of these men.”

At a certain point the recruit will be invited to join Free Masonry.

“This is where they can rise to the top, they can move to very high positions, or else at that point the man declines and he doesn’t want to become a Mason,” Kramer said. “Then no more money, no more connections with powerful people. You’re going to be simply reverting back to what you were when you first met these people and your career is not going to move forward, without an act of God.”


“These are secret societies. They don’t advertise their agenda that much,” Kramer said. “The devil likes to be secretive and so do his followers.”

Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita
Cover of 1999 book on the Alta Vendita which contains important excerpts of the “Permanent Instruction” issued in 1859.

As early as 1859, a group believed to be Masonically connected published a document called the Alta Vendita, which purportedly was a blueprint for the Subversion of the Catholic Church. Members of the Alta Vendita club reported to their leader that their propagandizing of Catholic clergy was fantastically successful in planting the Masonic ideas into the minds of young priests and students studying to be priests.

“And their agenda was, ‘let them think that they’re marching under the standards of the keys of Peter whereas in fact they’re marching under our standards,'” Kramer said.

This is just one of the themes being developed in my forthcoming book about The Interfaith Deception that Islam is using to deceive the Church into accepting the lie that Christianity, Judaism and Islam all worship the “same god.” Once this lie is accepted, the Islamic deceivers have our churches right where they want them, ready to willingly submit to Allah and his false religion.

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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention before, you should look at Alberto Rivera’s stuff who talks about all that (he was an ex-Jesuit priest who became a believer). His stuff would be a great help to your project.

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  2. I am a full blown, card carrying member of the Masons. A full blown Shriner. A Scottish Right and York Right. And last be certainly not least, a Templar. I suggest you recheck you information concerning Masons. Either that or you do not know a damn thing about Freemasons! You should be careful of what and how you speak of anyone or organization that you are totally ignorant of!


    1. Dear Mr. Porch, I am not claiming to be an expert on Masonry. I do know many fine men who are in this organization. But I also have studied it off and on for three decades and one recurring theme is that everyone in the Masons is not privy to all of its goals. And even those minority of men who are familiar with the finer points would I am sure be trained in exactly how to deflect and defend against any all criticism of the brotherhood. So please respect my freedom of speech and I will respect yours. This article is based on the ideas of one man, although I’ve been pointed to research from others that would affirm his general viewpoint. So while I do respect your opinion that Father Kramer’s views are erroneous, I would hope that we can at least agree on the fact that membership in Free Masonry has always been controversial in church circles. So let’s debate this like good folks who disagree, not badger or call names or threaten. And, yes, I do consider that last sentence in your comment to be a threat. I have taken a screenshot of it in case my body should turn up in a ditch or at the bottom of a lake! God bless you sir and please know that this is not personal for me. Like I said, there are many Masons whom I love and respect, but I don’t believe they are fully knowledgeable of all what this organization really stands for. Nor am I fully aware of what they stand for. But there have been many clues left throughout history.

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    2. David Barton states that from 1730 to about 1813 American Masonry required orthodox Christian doctrinal teaching. Yet began it’s moving away from Christianity and embracing a form of spiritualism, universalism, and mysticism. By the time they get to Albert Pike they have embraced openly anti- Christian beliefs which are still present.


  3. Christianity and Islam can not co-exist. They are two completely different religions, worshipping two completely different gods, among other things. Simply impossible for them to co-exist.
    I recently did a post talking about how God and Allah are not the same god and it demonstrates the impossibility of Christianity and Islam coming together. Here’s the link:

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  4. Don’t forget Alinsky and his connection to the Catholic Church elites. See A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING the history of Alinsky and his influence on the church and how the church helped him spread his venom, which has plaid no little part in opening the church up to “a dialogue” with islam. Thus feeding the followers of Church the false narrative that Christianity and islam can co-exist.

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