Associated Press caught peddling blatant fake news at ‘far right’ protest rally in Portland

Following is a breakdown of AP reporter Andrew Selsky’s article ‘Portland chief orders review of use of force by police at protest; Patriot Prayer, ANTIFA faceoff; Counter-protesters say they were targeted’ which appeared in the Seattle Times on Aug. 6, 2018, page B6.

In an extremely biased article, Associated Press journalist Andrew Selsky begins by failing to note the Portland Police Department’s claim that its officers were attacked by Antifa mobs. He only notes the police order for Antifa to disperse without saying why.

In classic fake-news style, Selsky cites the second half of the police announcement, but censors the first half. [This same chicanery was used by ABC News, NBC Nightly News and almost every other mainstream outlet that reported on this story over the weekend.]

Then, pretending to be neutral, Selsky repeatedly quotes at length the CAIR-Portland and Portland Democratic Socialists of America’s denunciation of “white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazi gangs” without noting that CAIR and DSA were leaders of the Antifa side.

Selsky fails to inform his readers that among the others on the Antifa side were Rose City Antifa, ILPS [a Philippine Communist Party front group], the Guillotine Pod [which was used to behead a manikin of President Trump at OccupyICEPDX followed by an enactment of public acts of sexual necrophilia with the head, in front of children], the green-masked Rojavist security force, International Socialist Organization, Portland Assembly, etc.

The article then turns to denouncing the “extremist” side, repeatedly calling Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys extremists while never referring to Antifa as extremist. [This is classic “label lynching,” also used repeated by ABC, NBC, etc.]

Read the rest of the story via Portland A4: Fake News From Associated Press —

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