Horror in Toronto: But shooter Faisal Hussain’s motive remains ‘a mystery’

reese fallon
Reese Fallon, 18, was killed in a mass shooting in Toronto, along with an unnamed 10 year-old girl,

Can a 29-year-old depressed man also be a jihadist?


A young woman and a little girl were killed Sunday night in a mass shooting carried out in a city where handgun laws are highly restrictive. Thirteen others were wounded, five critically, in a sad story that the media has again reduced to one of mental illness and guns.

Toronto police and the Ontario Special Investigations Unit waited nearly 20 hours after the shooting, which happened about 10 p.m. Sunday, before they released the perpetrator’s name — Faisal Hussain, age 29, “of Toronto.”

Hussain, dressed in black, can be seen on an Instagram video methodically walking up, pulling out his handgun and shooting into a restaurant where well-dressed Canadians were sipping drinks and eating desserts. He killed 18-year-old Reese Fallon, an aspiring nurse, and a 10-year-old girl, whose name has not yet been released.

Bodies reportedly laid strewn across several blocks.

By Monday late afternoon the provincial authorities finally provided the name of the deceased killer, but they still withheld other vital information, such as his immigration status. The Canadian media played along with its well-rehearsed game of don’t ask don’t tell.

Hussain’s motive, and much of his background, remains a mystery, they said. Did he come to Canada with his parents as a child refugee? Was he born in the country to migrant parents? If so, from what country did the family migrate?

All of these questions — legitimate questions for any curious journalist — took a backseat to the killer’s mental condition. By Tuesday morning the story dropped off the radar of pretty much all the major media, including Fox News.

Faisal Hussain “of Toronto.” The Canadian government refuses to label him a terrorist as a terroris, but does that make him any less of a terrorist?

Statements from the killer’s family indicate he had been treated for mental-health issues while authorities said he was “known to police.” If that sounds familiar, it should. Mental health is initially cited as the number-one cause of jihad attacks in the West, including those in Orlando, San Bernardino, the Crossroads Mall knife attack in Minnesota, the Ohio State University car and knife attack, and many others.

The police also have yet to say how Hussein died: Was he struck by a police bullet in the ensuing shootout, or was it a self-inflicted gunshot wound? If he was, in his mind, committing an act of jihad against infidel Canadians, he likely did not shoot himself — a jihadist never shoots himself.

The Hussain family released a statement expressing their condolences to the families “who are now suffering on account of our son’s horrific actions.”

“We are utterly devastated by the incomprehensible news that our son was responsible for the senseless violence and loss of life that took place on the Danforth,” they said, adding that Hussain had “severe mental health challenges” and was struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life.

Note to law enforcement: Just because Hussain was depressed does not rule out him being motivated by jihad. 

Friends & neighbors saw no evidence of mental illness

Hussain reportedly still lived with his parents in Toronto’s Thorncliffe area, well known for its high-rises and diversity. People born in Sri Lanka, Slovakia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Canada all live in the neighborhood.

Neighbors of Faisal Hussain spoke to reporter Ginella Massa of City News and said they were “shocked” by the rampage, calling Hussain “humble” and “quiet.” They told the Associate Press they had no knowledge of him suffering from acute depression or any other form of mental illness. To the contrary, his friends said he was “always cheerful.”

Note the following passage reported by the AP:

Ashley Robinson saw Faisal Hussain almost every day when she walked her dog on the winding sidewalk near her high-rise apartment building in Toronto.

“He always was smiling,” she said, adding they lived in the same building in Thorncliffe Park, a 21-story gray building that’s home to immigrants and Canadians alike.

The tall man from floor seven made a point to pet Robinson’s low-slung lab-heeler mix named Dax and would often remark that he was a good dog. “A lot of people here are afraid of my dog, but he wasn’t.”

Rising gun violence in a supposedly gun-free city

Toronto prides itself as being one of the safest big cities in the world. Getting a handgun, legally, is near impossible for the average law-abiding citizen.

Yet, the city’s pristine image of safety is faltering. Toronto has had 23 gun homicides so far this year, compared to 16 fatal shootings in the first half of 2017. Somehow, criminals and terrorists who want a gun, can find a gun.

Hussain is just the latest example of this. Some witnesses heard him fire upwards of 25 rounds.

Andrew Mantzios, a witness, described the shooter as having “this horrible expression on his face” as he fired, seemingly randomly. “And then a lady tried to run and she fell down,” he told Globe and Mail. “He turned around and shot her point blank, two or three times.” The witness said the suspect shot into businesses, including Caffe Demetre, a dessert shop, and a restaurant called Christine’s.

Mantzious told the news site that a woman was “executed,” and added that people were “falling all over the place – maybe seven, eight, nine of them.” Mantzious also said: “But the guy … had this look on his face, while I saw his profile, like he was screaming at something and shooting.”

But don’t worry. By mid-week the restaurants will be reopened and the blood cleaned off the streets. Customers will be back in the very same seats from which people were shot down like rubber ducks at a country fair. Twitter will be alight with hashtags #TorontoStrong. Reese Fallon will be all but forgotten and her government will not change a thing, other than to blame the carnage on guns and mental illness.


UPDATE — new information as of July 25, 2018: Two days after this article was written, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Toronto attack by Faisal Hussain, calling him a “soldier of the Islamic State,” but Canadian police say they still can’t find a motive and aren’t ready to call the attack an act of terrorism. Also of note, it has been revealed that the letter from Hussain’s family stating his problems with mental-health issues has been linked to a Muslim Brotherhood spin-doctor working for Canada’s version of CAIR.

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  1. Well, this situation is very suspicious. I think that this case need further examination and investigation. Thank you and wait for the next article.


  2. Thus far, every brutal incident – one nasty assault of one kind or another – which has occurred in Minnesota and around the U.S. & Canada, and elsewhere also, has been excused away in this fashion…. …”A history of mental instability – and known to the police”..

    Do you see a pattern here?

    My argument? Every last one of these people, as a “lone wolf”, or as a part of the ISIS collective, per example, are mentally deranged people. End of story!

    Please take notice of the fact, that all of them, including the so-called home-grown variety, as well as the “converts” to “radical “Islam”, are drawn to doing the barbaric bidding of this barbaric CULT.

    This might be considered to be a little clue, that what Islam actually IS, for the last 1,400 years and counting, is not a “religion of peace” at all..

    Rather, it would appear to be a brutal and barbaric political ideology – and “war machine” (Jihad) – masquerading as a “religion” for cover, and hiding behind OUR U.S. Constitution and OUR Bill of Rights in America, while meticulously engaging in the relentless attempt to subvert, to disrupt, to plunder, and to replace the American “culture”, with their own warped rendition of what a civilized homo-genius society should be.

    It is a choice to submit to, and to surrender to this barbaric global trash. I choose NO!


  3. This disgusting ‘show’ of outright deceit is performed over and over and over and over and over again by all the political-correct authorities who rather cover up the intrinsic evil of islam and its handbook of hate than to protect their indigineous citizens against this diabolical ideology of evil. In just a short period of time there was a muslim in Toronto killing people, a muslim in Lübeck, Germany, stabbing people in a bus, and a muslim in The Hague, Holland, stabbing three people in the street. In all these situations the authorities claimed the muslim ‘suffered from psychological problems’. Well, who are they fooling! Traitors belong behind bars!


  4. So let’s run down the trend line…

    1. Some guy kills a bunch of people.

    2. Police say they have no motive for the crime.

    3. Cops drag their feet identifying the killer.

    4. When they finally do, turns out he’s a Muslim.

    5. Family claims he had “mental issues.”

    6. Police admit they knew he had terrorist sympathies.

    7. Politicians lecture us to not blame Islam.

    8. Sheeple pile up candles and flowers at murder scene.

    9. Another boatload of Muslim “refugees” arrives at the dock.

    10. Rinse and repeat.


  5. This is fake news. … Everybody known guns are strictly banned in Toronto, therefore it couldn’t have happened. … The only alternative would have been to lock up Faisal Hussain when he was diagnosed to be crazy and violent, but that would have violated the PC “rights” of th humane leftists who are running things. Known crazy and potentially violent people have rights, too. … Fake News.


  6. When I heard he had a mental illness, I could not help but again to think, you have to have a mental illness to be a part of the islamic faith.  The sad thing is people every where are developing this same mental health issue.  Watching the news with reports deliberately omitting the blatant facts, the obvious ignored for political correctness, and policies to bring in more of the same.  It is madness.  We think we have to provide for all other and ignore our own people.  What is lost is the fact that we CAN be humane and caring for our fellow man without being suicidal, and without offering our fellow citizens as sacrifices to a foreign god.

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