Outrageous! Dems celebrate GOP train crash, lament it wasn’t worse


A group of GOP House members were on an Amtrak train headed to a retreat in West Virginia Wednesday when the train crashed into a dump truck, causing multiple injuries, and some Democrats are taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment that the lawmakers were not killed.

One person has died, reportedly the driver of the garbage truck.

The White House issued a statement that no members of Congress or congressional staff were seriously injured. House Speaker Paul Ryan was on the train but uninjured.

That didn’t stop some from voicing their disappointment in vicious tweets.

One of the more high-profile Democrats to weigh in was Jonathan Tasini, who is a CNN talking head and Bernie Sanders surrogate. Tasini, who has run unsuccessfully for both U.S. House and Senate seats in New York, tweeted the following shortly after the crash was reported Monday morning:

After being called out for his crass insensitivity, Tasini apologized while adding that he does not get paid for his appearances on CNN.

Robert Schlesinger, managing editor at US News Opinion and a Democrat, also made fun of the train crash when it was announced that Republicans had been injured. After finding out the trash-truck driver had been killed, he deleted his tweet.

Glenn Hurst, who describes himself as a “Proud liberal Democrat” and activist with Resist, a group that has organized protests against conservative speakers, announced on Twitter he was highly upset that Speaker Ryan had survived the crash.

That was so over-the-top that Hurst said it cost him 20 Twitter followers, but he didn’t back down from the statement.

This Hillary supporter was even more forthright in her tweet:

This from Chico Delainky.

Spencer Karter tweeted that the congressmen deserved the “karma” coming due to them.

Margarita Ford saw “irony” in the fact that GOP lawmakers collided with a trash truck.

This is just a small sampling. Many more bizarre Democrat tweets can be found by searching #TrashTruck and #WestVirginia on Twitter.

The lawmakers were on the way to their annual strategy retreat and the crash occurred in Crozet, Virginia, about 110 miles southwest of D.C. and 90 miles east of their destination in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia.

Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., who is also a pastor, described the situation on the ground.

Another conservative tweeted:

Some Republicans saw it as too coincidental that a dump truck would be sitting on a train track as a train full of GOP lawmakers passed by, especially in light of the attempted mass shooting at a GOP softball practice last summer by Democrat James Hodgkinson. Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was seriously injured in that attack.




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4 thoughts on “Outrageous! Dems celebrate GOP train crash, lament it wasn’t worse”

  1. My grandson is in ICU – he was in that truck. If he lives, will require intense rehab, but he’ll never be the same. His good friend is dead.

    These people are unspeakable.


  2. As radical liberals these “people” are not mentally and emotionally mature enough to recognize the grotesque hypocrisy of their vile comments. These are lost depraved souls. They should be pitied.


    1. I wonder if Twitter will have a problem with such vile hateful expression. Probably not, as it seems liberal filth is acceptable, while mainstream conservatives is not. That is why I have abandoned Twitter.


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