Minnesota cops continue shameful record of covering up jihad attacks by Somali refugees

Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham told the court he stabbed to men at the Mall of America in the name of jihad and Allah. The media stays silent after originally misreporting the story as a failed robbery.


According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the Bloomington Police Department, it was nothing more than a case of an “interrupted theft” last November when Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham stabbed two brothers in the dressing room of a Macy’s store at the Mall of America.

“Police arrested a man they believe stabbed two other men who tried to stop him from stealing,” the Star Tribune reported.

The story got more bizarre from there.

Police, in cooperation with the Star-Tribune, concocted an entire false narrative to ensure that nobody got the idea that Somali refugees were knifing shoppers at the iconic mall in the name of Islam.

The Star-Tribune, spinning outright lies, went on to report:

“The incident started about 6:45 p.m. in a fitting room of the men’s department at Macy’s. Two men were trying on clothes and walked out of the fitting room to show others in their group. The suspect went into the fitting room and tried to steal some of the men’s belongings.

“The suspect was interrupted by the men; he pulled a knife and stabbed the victims.”

Now, two and a half months later, the truth comes out.  Adbiraham, 20, was not trying to steal anybody’s clothing. He was trying to carve up two white American men with a knife in the name of Allah and jihad.

We know this because when he finally had his day in court last Thursday, he told us exactly what his intentions were.

In a statement to the court, Abdiraham said he went to the Mall of America on Nov. 12 to answer the “call for jihad by the Chief of Believer, Abu-bakr Al-baghdadi, may Allah protect him, and by the Mujahiden of the Islamic State.”

His statement added: “I understand that the two men I stabbed know and have explained the reason for my attack, and I am here reaffirming that it was indeed an act of Jihad in the way of Allah.”

Unfortunately, it has become standard operating procedure for police in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area to try to delay, conflate and suppress the truth from getting out to the public. Whenever a Somali refugee is arrested, the authorities’ first reaction is to provide cover for him. First and foremost, his identity as a refugee must never released until months later when he shows up in court, long after anyone is paying attention. And secondly police and their willing truth-suppressors at the Star-Tribune do their best to cover up or obfuscate the attacker’s true motives. It’s mental illness, a failed robbery attempt, anything but a jihad attack.

We saw this same game of cover-up in other recent incidents:

  • 24-year-old Morgan Evenson was brutally attacked by a Somali and stabbed 14 times while walking home from work last month in Minneapolis. The police said it was a failed robbery, even though Evenson said her attacker never reached for her purse.
  • Last July when Justine Damond was gunned down by a Somali cop in Minneapolis as she came out pleading for help in her nightgown, we saw more of the same shenanigans. Nine months later the Minneapolis Police Department seems incapable of determining why Officer Mohamed Noor shot the unarmed white woman.
  • In June 2016 Minneapolis police again did their best duck and cover routine when residents of the Linden Hills community were terrorized by a gang of Somali youths for three straight days. More than a dozen of them raided the waterfront community and scared women off the beach by pretended to shoot them, ran their cars over residential lawns while screaming “jihad,” threatened to rape a young woman in her 30s and beat up one resident’s dog. The police were called repeatedly but never seemed to be able to make it to the neighborhood before the Somali mob disappeared. No arrests were made and the Star Tribune ignored the story, which I documented in my book Stealth Invasion by interviewing residents.
  • Minneapolis Police Department has tolerated an active Sharia cop who patrols Somali neighborhoods making sure Islamic dress codes and other Sharia rules are being followed.
  • In 2014 a mysterious New Year’s Day explosion occurred at a building containing several apartments and a grocery store in the heavily-Somali area of Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis. According to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, the city fire department requested that the federal ATF not investigate the explosion, which killed three people, and the investigation has never come to an official conclusion on the cause. All of the apartments were occupied by Somali residents.

Abdiraham also said in his statement to the court Thursday that Americans will not be safe as long as “your country is at war with Islam.”

Activist makes strange statement: Was it a slip of the tongue?

Omar Jamal, an activist an leader in the Minnesota Somali community, said he was aware of Abdiraham’s declaration of war against Americans and made a stunning admission to KSTP.

omar jamal
Omar Jamal, a longtime Somali leader in Minnesota, says the mall stabber is not alone in his hatred of America.

“This is a widespread sentiment with Somali youth,” Jamal said.

Jamal said the federal government’s effort to make it difficult for would-be jihadists to travel abroad and join a terrorist group has had unintended consequences locally.

“What is very concerning in this instance, is the fact that youth are exploring more ‘How can I do something here, what weapons are accessible,'” he said.

A spokesman for the FBI said the agency is aware of the statement, but could not comment.

The two victims are out of the country, but court documents say they plan to return in time for Abdiraham’s sentencing in February.

If authorities determine the stabbing was an act of terrorism, there could be more legal consequences for Abdirahahm. Apparently they need more than the attacker’s own admission to come to this conclusion.

Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” Donate to this website and help support his investigative reporting on topics most journalists are afraid to touch.


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25 thoughts on “Minnesota cops continue shameful record of covering up jihad attacks by Somali refugees”

  1. “Omar Jamal, a longtime Somali leader in Minnesota, says the mall stabber is not alone in his hatred of America.”

    Send them back to Somalia. They don’t like my country, give them back to theirs.

    Good riddance.

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  2. According to behavior of the Minnesota authorities, I believe that they somehow “feel” that Professor Plum may be the culprit here… He is simply not doing his job properly.. Colonel Mustard and Scarlet may be involved as well.. Hmmmm..

    Neither Rod Serling nor Alfred Hitchcock could write this script. This is the Minnesota “Twilight Zone” to be certain..


    Whatever happened about that fake Bloomington MN mosque fire bomb incident from the summer of 2017..?

    How about our own Minnesota version of the film, the “Hateful Eight”.. “8 Somali Armed and Dangerous Somali Men”, sought by the Minneapolis FBI Office recently? Where did they get the guns and ammo? Hmmmm..

    How about that madcap 87 year old Somali man, squatting in St Cloud Minnesota, who, for the second time in the last 7 years, has been charged (AGAIN) with the serial rape of a 4 year old little girl – FOR SEVERAL YEARS – until she turned him in? The last time he was convicted for the same offense against a sane and decent society, some moron posing as a Minnesota Judge, sentenced him to 20 years PROBATION!

    …Roving rape gangs..female genital mutilation…stabbings…shootings…human trafficking…money laundering…welfare fraud…wide-spread jihadist activity…Mall of America rampages, sexual assault…and so much more.

    How about our Minnesota Legislator, Ilhan Omar, from the “Little Mogadishu” area of Minneapolis, who apparently, either married her brother (a little incest here?) in order to bring him in to the US illegally…OR…pretended that her brother was her husband in order to commit the same crime (can you say immigration fraud?)…OR…then, she married some other fella (her “cultural husband”), while still married to the first fella (polyandry) (polygamy)…and all living happily on the Minnesota taxpayer dole (Welfare Fraud)… Take your pick..

    Any Investigation? Don’t ask Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman to do it! Or, the Minnesota US Attorney’s Office to do it. OR, even the “Ethics Committee” in the Minnesota House of Representatives either..

    Let’s Ask Professor Plum!

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  3. Don’t Minnesotans own any GUNS?? Had their been a carload of Somali thugs terrorizing my neighborhood they would’ve met a hail of gunfire. What is wrong with people? More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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  4. If your white, your a RACIST! If you DEFEND yourself against a JIHADISTS attack, your a RACIST ISLAMAPHOBE, INFDEL!!!
    Since your an INFIDEL, you KNOW you should CONVERT or DIE!!!
    ISLAM, the “religion of peace”!

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  5. Looks like the police are making false reports. This will only get worse if the police and newspapers aren’t honest. Are the police corrupt? Are they receiving payoffs?


  6. If this is happening then I encourage people to protect themselves and don’t depend on the cops to come to your aid. How can we support our law enforcement when they’re the ones enabling terrorism? I say to he ll with them and shoot back. When the cops come after you for depending yourself against jihad; then, the cops themselves are the enemy for aiding and abating terrorist and part of the terrorist themselves. I don’t even know how they can sleep at night or even remain a cop for this wrong they do.

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  7. The hatred for America propagated by some on the Left has come back in spades. This is where such hatred ends, in violence. The civil restraints that operate in our society (though defectively) are not instinctive to those who are raised with the belief that ideologies are implemented by force rather than by perpetuation.

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  8. Minnesota LAW ENFORCEMENT does not appear to exist any longer relating to anything connected to this dangerous and massive issue… COWARDS! ALL! This is not the Minnesota I moved to 45 years ago.. Not even close.. Shame on all of you…

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    1. Look at the Young Muslim Collective Group. They’re training young Muslims to be good Marxist haters and how to NOT talk to the FBI (although I don’t know why, since the FBI is in their side) and other law enforcement.


    2. Bob C: Just like the police in the E.U. that look the other way when rapes and other crimes are committed. Someone higher up in chain of command is giving the orders, perhaps it’s the gov. of MN.?

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      1. I agree Leo..

        Our governor has not been an intact individual for many years. That is exactly where this begins.

        However, this fish is rotten from the head on back, and to it’s core now.

        The Minnesota body politic, Minnesota law enforcement, and many connected to Minnesota Courts, are steering this ship right onto the reef.

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  9. I can no longer tell the difference between the con artists (grifters) from within their community from some decent people, who appear to be afraid to tell the truth about those (many) in their midst, who are determined to commit such atrocities against innocent Americans. This will not end well..

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