‘We knew he had switched his religion’

Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26

We rarely hear about the many jihadist attacks that get foiled by the FBI, which has said it has more than 900 active ISIS investigations in all 50 states. In short, the Islamic State may be defeated on the Middle Eastern battlefield, but it lives ideologically within your city or state, waiting to strike.

Such was the case in San Francisco, where Friday the FBI announced it had disrupted the plans of an American convert to Islam. In the process, we get a rare glimpse into the dark underworld of the Islamic jihadist. It’s not always the Mideast migrant who carries the mantel of violent jihad passed down through the ages from Mohammed, Abu Bakr, Omar and the long line of warring caliphs looking to establish the Islamic State.

In this case it was a former U.S. Marine marksman, 26-year-old Everitt Aaron Jameson, who had everything to live for as a young man who had served his country with honor. But he goes through a tough time with a messy divorce and converts to Islam, then plots to blow up the busy Pier 39 in San Francisco. As is almost always the case, the jihadist’s family and friends express “shock” that he could be involved in such evil.

KTVU reports:

His aunt, Sarah Jameson of Merced, told KTVU in an exclusive interview that the entire family was “shocked.” 

“We knew he had switched his religion,” she said. “But we didn’t know how much it had affected him. We just had no idea. That’s not the Everett I know.”

When someone finds religion in America — whether it is Christianity, Mormonism, Buddhism or Islam — we in our Western mindset automatically think they will become more peaceful and tolerant, and the more seriously devout they become, the more peace and tolerance we would expect to see shine forth from the convert. But Islam is not like “other religions.” Not even close.

With Islam there’s always that fine line. One day he is “peaceful” and the next he is “radical.” Or so we are told. What happens in between we are almost never told, not in the mainstream media.

This ex-marine may have been depressed but he was not insane. What if he was just following the dictates of his holy book, the Quran, or perhaps he had a favorite imam who got inside his head, heaping guilt upon guilt. Perhaps we will learn in the days ahead how he got “radicalized,” unless it was at his local mosque, in which case that will be hushed up and swept under the rug. Nothing to see there fellow Americans. Move along. We prefer to have our Muslims to get radicalized over the Internet, where they have all matter of access to ISIS propaganda videos brought conveniently into all Islamic homes by YouTube, a property of Google.

Looking at Jameson’s Facebook page, it appears he had a anti-Israel, anti-Zionism bias. It is not uncommon that a Westerner who harbors anti-Semitic hatred finds his way to the most anti-Semitic religion, Islam.


All we know for sure right now is that Mr. Jameson honestly converted, or as his aunt said, “switched” to a new religion. If Islam were a religion of peace, why does it repeatedly inspire men to do things — cowardly, dastardly things — that they didn’t feel inspired to do before they converted?

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