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1You have reached the website of investigative reporter Leo Hohmann, author of the acclaimed book “Stealth Invasion.” He tracks global migration of Islam into the West and the impact of that migration in both the short and long terms. He also keeps an eye on the behind the scenes mischief being worked to advance the road to global governance through the U.N. and other international bodies.

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  1. Thank you for the many great articles. I’m glad to be able to continue following your writing here. Prayers for the transition.


  2. Glad you are here Leo! As a retired Director of Religious Education with the military Chaplaincy I know that the hands of our Chaplains are often tied by political correctness. In retirement I am involved in a “Citizen Warrior” type ministry. Your site is a great resource. Continue running toward the battle line! Every Blessing!


  3. Better get a new calendar up there on the left.
    BTW, I don’t do twitter or fakebook and I don’t do WND anymore. Glad I found you again.


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