Can Trump’s new secretary of state win freedom for American pastor wasting away in a Turkish prison?

Military officers being rounded up and arrested in Erdogan’s post-coup sweep (Photo: video screenshot); inset: Paster Andrew Brunson (Photo: family)

In a grave turn of events, a Turkish prosecutor has demanded what amounts to a life sentence for American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who sits in a Turkish jail cell at the mercy of a so-called “ally” of his home country.

Brunson, a Presbyterian pastor from North Carolina, devoted 23 years of his life ministering to the Christian community in Turkey until he was arrested 17 months ago. He was swept up in mass arrests of “dissidents” following Turkey’s failed coup attempt in 2016. He was accused of membership in an armed terrorist organization and military espionage, bizarre charges by any standards given his background as a minister of peace, love and forgiveness.

On October 7, 2016, Brunson arrived home to find a written summons requiring him to report with his passport to a local police station. Believing he was due for a renewal of his visa, Brunson reported immediately to the Izmir police, only to be arrested and later told he was considered a “national security risk.”

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White South Africans on brink of annihilation, but will Trump come to their rescue?

Julius Malema, heads up the Economic Freedom Fighters party in South Africa and has made incendiary comments guaranteed to stoke the already out-of-control violence against white landowners in the country.


The plight of white South Africans is so dire that even a few left-wing publications like Newsweek are starting to take notice, but so far Western leaders remain silent and seemingly oblivious to the storm clouds gathering over this nation of 57 million people.

If ever there was a crisis tailor made for President Donald J. Trump, this is it.

Trump relishes the role of the anti-establishment dealmaker and nothing is more anti-establishment then helping white South Africans.

South Africa’s white farmers have their collective heads on the block following a recent vote by the South African parliament to expropriate their land without compensation. The main proponent for the plan, Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters party, has publicly referred to the nation’s white farmers as “criminals” who must be driven off the land.

Make no mistake, this is shorthand for extermination.

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How was a Somali-refugee rapist allowed to walk free in Utah?

Editor’s note: In our recent series on the horrendous record of violent crime, fraud and terrorism brought on unsuspecting communities by Somali refugees, we somehow missed this tragic story from Utah, which underscores how the United Nations refugee resettlements are impacting not only Minnesota but even states where their numbers are relatively few.


It’s six years since Somali refugee Mohammed Ali Mohammed, then age 14, sexually assaulted two women at knifepoint on consecutive nights in Salt Lake City.

Mohammed, now 21, attacked one woman who was standing outside of her home on Aug. 14, 2011.

Mohamed Ali Mohamed Utah rapist
Mohammed Ali Mohammed

The teen came up behind the woman, who was outside her house with a dog, and held a four-inch switchblade to her throat. He threatened to kill her if she made a sound, according to police reports, then he raped her behind the home.

On the following night, the teenager from Somalia broke into another woman’s home and beat her before demanding she go to an ATM and withdraw $400 for him.

He would later tell investigators he wanted the money so he didn’t have to wear stained clothes on the first day of ninth grade.

Fast-forward to Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. After serving six years in juvenile detention center, Mohammed sat in court and admitted to doing “very, very horrible things” as a teenager.

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Has Trump administration betrayed Iran’s persecuted Christian minorities?

Iranian-woman (1)
Protests in Iran engulfed more than 80 cities earlier this year, far surpassing the scope of the last protest movement in 2009.


The rejection of asylum for about 100 Iranian Christian refugees by the Trump administration is raising eyebrows among advocates for the persecuted Church in Islamic nations.

One advocacy group, Barnabas Aid, has gone so far as to call the rejected asylum applications “an insult to America’s Christian and humanitarian heritage and a betrayal by the Trump administration.”

The Christian refugees, many of whom can recount horrific stories of persecution they have experienced at the hands of Iranian mullahs, now have less than a week to leave Austria, where they have been stranded for more than a year, unwanted by the Europeans and other formerly Christian countries.

They had expected to be given entry to the US under the so-called Lautenberg program, named after former New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, but now face potential deportation back to Iran.

The decision by the Trump administration to reject the applicants “is a betrayal of Iranian Christian refugees,” the UK-based Barnabas Aid stated in an alert posted on its website.

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Somali refugee chokes woman ‘nearly unconscious’ while high on khat

A 30-year-old East African migrant is accused of strangling a woman to the point of “nearly unconscious” at a motel in Stearns County, Minnesota, while high on the Somali drug of choice — khat.

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed edited
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, 30, emigrated from Somalia, a fact covered up by the Minnesota media after he was charged with trying to strangle a woman at a motel.

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, described by the local newspaper as “a St. Cloud man,” was charged Tuesday with felony domestic assault, fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance and interfering with a 911 call. 

According to the criminal complaint filed in Stearns County District Court, officers were dispatched to Asteria Inn & Suites in Waite Park on Saturday for a domestic assault in progress. Officers said they were allowed inside the room and noticed a woman “was crying and motioned to her neck.” 

She told police Ahmed had “strangled her which interfered with her breathing and that (he) punched her three times in the breast,” the complaint states. The victim had bruises and a scratch on her chest. 

[This happened one day after another Somali refugee, Asad Abu Mohamed, 32, was caught trying to rape a female student in the women’s restroom at Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minneapolis.]

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Somali migrant attacks, tries to rape student after hiding in women’s restroom

MOHAMED, ASAD 1_1520289525528.jpg_5033910_ver1.0_640_360
Asad Abu Mohamed, an East African migrant, was charged with sexual assault in a carefully planned attack targeting the women’s restroom of a local college Friday in Bloomington, Minnesota.


A Somali migrant hid in the women’s bathroom at a community college in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then crawled into an adjacent stall and attacked a female student.

He was in the process of trying to rape her Friday when security heard the woman’s screams and responded.

Asad Abu Mohamed, 32, is charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct, making terroristic threats and fourth-degree assault of a school security officer.

As recently as December 13 another woman, 26-year-old Morgan Evenson, was assaulted on the streets of Minneapolis and stabbed 14 times by a man she described as a Somali. That man was never caught and the local media and police falsely reported the crime as a failed robbery, despite the fact Evenson said her attacker never reached for her purse as he stabbed her and dragged her through the snow until a Good Samaritan heard her screams and came to her rescue.

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Merkel blows whistle on ‘no-go zones’ in Germany…exposing ‘massive cover up by mainstream media’

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.


Finally, the ugly truth about Europe’s “no-go zones” is out in the open, and it has come from an unlikely source — German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ever since U.S. terrorism expert Steven Emerson spoke in a Fox News interview about so-called “no go zones” in the U.K. — that was nearly three years ago — the establishment elites across the Western world have been denying that these zones exist in any European cities.  These are areas where Sharia law dominates and police are afraid to enter.

Emerson did misspeak, saying the city of Birmingham, England, was a no-go zone, an error that he immediately took responsibility for and corrected. He meant to say a certain portion of the city was a no-go zone.

But what happened next was a cynical game of deception.

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