U.S. Founding Fathers and Early Presidents in Shock After Touring D.C

‘What are all these buildings? Who works in these buildings?’

What would the founding fathers of America have to say if they came back and were given a tour of Washington, D.C.

Conservative broadcaster Brannon Howse entertained that idea in a January 26 radio/TV broadcast.

He built his monologue on the March 4, 1837, farewell address of President Andrew Jackson. It contains numerous warnings about the dangers of a growing centralized federal government, some might call it the administrative state, which would at some point be hijacked by people with money and power. This would lead to the gradual accumulation of more power, centralized in the hands of a few, until it grew beyond the American people’s ability to control.

Among many other nuggets in this speech, Jackson said:

“It is well known that there have always been those amongst us who wish to enlarge the powers of the general (federal) government, an experience that would seem to indicate that there is a tendency on the part of this government to overstep the boundaries marked out for it by the Constitution.”

Ah, boundaries. That’s a word most of today’s politicians could stand to get acquainted with.

Legal, ethical, and constitutional boundaries were carefully inserted into our Constitution to hold the size and scope of government, especially the federal government, in check.

“Wouldn’t he be shocked if he came back today?” Howse asked his audience. “Wouldn’t so many of our presidents be shocked if they came back today and toured Washington, D.C. They wouldn’t even recognize it. What are all these buildings? Who works in these buildings?”

Uh, this is the EPA over here, sir.

The what?

The environmental protection agency.

What? What do they do? Where’s that in the Constitution? What’s this over here?

Well, that’s the IRS?

The what?

The Internal Revenue Service, sir.

You mean you have a permanent federal income tax? Like, not just during time of war but it’s always? And the people tolerate this? What’s this over here?

Oh, this is HUD, sir, the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

You gotta be kidding me. You got the government now involved in setting policy in the states for housing? And what is urban development, pray tell?

Oh, we provide housing for poor.

You’ve got to be kidding me. We are now opening up the Treasury and are giving out money to people? Are they able bodied? Can they to work? We subsidize their housing? Are you kidding me? How are you guys paying for all this?

Uh, we tax people, sir.

How are you doing this?

Uh, uh, it’s a progressive scale.

You’re kidding me. You tax people not during a time of war for a limited time, reason and purpose, but this is ongoing and you do it on a progressive scale? You’re telling me that you have a socialist system where you tax those who actually create the jobs? The people that are entrepreneurs? You tax them in order to give government housing to those who don’t want to work? How is it that you haven’t had a revolution in the country? The American people tolerate this? How is that?

Uh, this building over here might have something to do with it.

Pray tell what is that building?

Oh, that’s the Department of Education.

Huh? Where is that in the U.S. Constitution? You now have a federal government dictating to the states what they should teach their children? I thought that was the job of the parents. I thought the local community and often the church was used as the school room. And the parents chose to pay for the education of their children and the hiring of a teacher should they not want to do it themselves on a daily basis. I thought this was all done by the choice of the parents and the parents paid for it.

You’re telling me now that the federal government sets out curriculum and what shall be taught? Pray tell, what are they teaching?

Um, Marxism (based on the teachings of Karl Marx).

Who is Karl Marx?

Let’s see, he was a lazy loaf whose children committed suicide or starved to death because he was so lazy, and he wanted to profit from the benefits of others, including his buddy (Frederick) Engels, who’s dad actually was a capitalist and an entrepreneur, a free market guy, and they took his money and used it for their ideas, which included nationalizing things.

You mean like, as in D.C., like all these buildings I don’t recognize? Nationalizing one thing after another like housing and education and…?

Yeah, so that guy Karl Marx, we’re teaching him in schools.

Well, what is Marx known for other than the Communist Manifesto and the ten planks you’ve been explaining to me?

Well, he said things like “our object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”

What? You’re teaching in your schools of America a guy that openly said one of his goals in life was to dethrone God, and you think the republic can survive? What else are you teaching, through this federal Department of Education?

Uh, we push policies of LGBTQI-plus.

You teach the alphabet? Your family is funding the teaching of the alphabet?

No, no, no, we’re teaching the LGBTQI-plus.

What’s that?

Oh, it’s the lesbian, bisexual, transgender, … (they go offline to explain further).

Returning online. You gotta be kidding me. You’re teaching that the children have to value, appreciate and celebrate homosexuality, what the Bible says is an abomination? And I don’t understand how you have the technology but you’re telling me you have technology to do surgery that changes the sex of little boys and little girls, and this is being promoted, and if you are a parent who opposes this, this FBI building over here sends out people to harass these parents?

Yeah, actually, they’ve kicked down their doors, handcuffed them?

Oh, I’m sure the American people started a revolution over that, right, right?

No. Oh no. They didn’t.

Howse then paused the running dialogue to put things in perspective.

“Could you imagine if many of our presidents came back and toured Washington D.C., and started to ask what is this building and that building and that building, and that building, and what do they house?” Howse said. “And they found out that it was all these alphabet agency buildings housing things that are in no way constitutional. They would be dumbfounded.

“How is it you have not had a civil war? How is it that this country has not split apart, pray tell. Why have some of the states not stood up and separated themselves from this tyranny?

“And many of them would come to understand that Andrew Jackson, among others, warned us that a powerful, monied group would have not only permeated the nation’s capital but the capitals of all 50 states. A powerful monied group. And that politicians will have been bought and paid for by this powerful monied group, this cartel of banksters. I think they would be absolutely stunned.

“I would think some of them turning, and seeing the white dotted hills of Arlington National Cemetery … I think they would have to say, ‘so these fields are at almost capacity with men who fought against the very philosophies and ideas that now have become accepted as virtuous within the very halls of Congress and that of the state legislatures? For what did these men die?

“Can you imagine spending one day with Andrew Jackson and explaining to him all that has gone on? One day with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, and so many others. They would not believe it. I think their greatest outrage would be, not just at the government, because they expected the government would grow outside its bounds, many of them feared the judiciary. I think many knew the potential danger of the central government, that’s why we had to have the Bill of Rights to handcuff the central government. I think they would be shocked by the legislative-judicial gymnastics that would have been accomplished to take those handcuffs, the 10 Bill of Rights and take them off the government and put them on the states, and the people actually tolerated it.

“I think they would be disgusted with the American people.

“I think they would have compassion for a segment of the American population who, every day, get up and work, and endeavor to provide for their families, and yet not be discouraged or give up under the weight of the burden of regulation and taxation, much less the burden of ridicule and mocking of those very same people because their life’s toil is based on their conservative Christian, patriotic worldview, and yet they are the enemy. They are the source of all suffering and oppression. The ones that get up every day, go to work, obey the laws, even obeying these unconstitutional, tyrannical laws, they get up every day, being people that desire to be peaceful. Working it out if they can, through the process of our system, that has now been hijacked so that their own will is not honored at the voting booth.

“They would be, I believe, appalled yet have great compassion for so many of us that have become the enemy of our own government, because we hold to a worldview that is so closely aligned with theirs.

“So, I think their ire would be split between anger and compassion toward many of the American people.

“I think then they would say what, pray tell, is going on in the churches of America?”

So, let’s continue our tour of Washington, D.C., with our founders and early presidents coming back from the grave to learn about the current status of the country they founded.

You guys just told me about this Department of Education that’s teaching this LGBTQ, what’s that again?

Oh, that’s the LGBTQI-plus.

OK, this perversion, you’re telling me this is coming out of your Department of Education that the people and the Christians are paying for, and you’re telling me that the pulpits of America have nothing to say about this?

No, they don’t, they don’t, no.


Because the seminaries of America were captured. They were captured by that Marxist ideology we were telling you about. They were captured through the idea that this is what Jesus would do. That Jesus was a socialist, that Jesus was for redistribution. They have exchanged the biblical gospel for a social gospel, and they have transitioned from the spiritual to the material.

And people still go to these churches and give them their money?

Yes. It’s a three-legged stool of big government, big business and of spirituality that has brought down America.

The pulpits. What has happened, to America’s so-called pastors? How were they silenced?

They were shackled by the building I showed you, the one that houses the IRS, by declaring that if they actually lift up a voice in favor of a candidate who wants to proclaim (the truth about America’s founding).. and should that church actually work on behalf of such a representative they would lose their tax exempt status. And so they were shackled. They focused instead on merely the material social justice.

Now what if our tour guide invited this group of founding fathers and early presidents into his home and I said “gentlemen please have a seat, my wife is preparing some refreshments. I would like you to turn your attention to the screen on the wall we call a television, and it is through this box that the American people have, well, been brainwashed. Not only through education and through their churches, but the media. Not just newspapers but where you can view the newscaster coming over the screen that can tell you what you should think about events.

And we don’t have to rely only on certain terrestrial signals but now we are able, through fiber and channels, to watch any kind of programming you could desire, good or evil. May I show you some of the most popular programs in America today?

Their faces fill with blood and blush.

You mean this is actually what the American people are watching? The sexualization of children? Two men kissing each other? This is open to the public? Well, no wonder your culture is so immoral and debased.

Howse then explained that many of these men, if they could come back from the grave, would say they don’t understand the technology. I see it but I don’t understand it. The technology is overwhelming. The softness of your lives. The appliances. The conveniences. You are a blessed people. So I don’t understand the technology but I do understand the philosophies. I think many of them would say, those are the same philosophies, maybe your times have changed with your technology and your advancements, but the philosophies are no different than our day and we understand those philosophies and we warned you about those philosophies. Some of these institutions are the same that we warned you about. Some of the monied powered people are the same people we warned you about. They’ve just been able to use the technology of your day to further their cause, for conditioning and to brainwash the people to think they are free, when they are really enslaved.

So, Howse said, Andrew Jackson, in his March 4, 1837, farewell address, warned that this government could overstep the bounds that were marked out for it by the Constitution. And these founding fathers would look at this and say, none of this is in the Constitution. What this so-called agency is doing is not in the Constitution. They have overstepped their bounds. And now the central government is involved in things for which they were never created to be involved. Every attempt to exercise power outside these limits should be promptly and firmly opposed. For one evil example will lead to another, and to more mischievousness. And the general government will before long absorb all of the powers of the legislation and you will have but one consolidated government.

If it is accepted, what is allowed will be beyond the control of the American people and you will end up with one, gigantic, tyrannical central government.

Which is exactly what has happened. Andrew Jackson’s worst fears have been realized. We the people tolerated it. The churches and pastors tolerated it.

And the hard-working Americans who get up and go to work every day are being looted, sifted, and tested beyond anything the founders ever imagined.

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35 thoughts on “U.S. Founding Fathers and Early Presidents in Shock After Touring D.C”

  1. It was the unwillingness of the founders to write the Declaration into the Constitution that caused the totalitarianism of the slave states to become part of the country’s longterm destiny.

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  2. It was the unwillingness of the founders to write the Declaration into the Constitution that caused the totalitarianism of the slave states to become part of the country’s longterm destiny.


  3. Re: Anthony William – “Individually I find Americans to be warm and friendly but as a nation they are responsible for so much destruction and death in the middle east.”

    Anthony, ask any Israeli living in the heart of the middle east, who is “responsible” most of the destruction and death there, and they will truthfully point you to Iran, which sends arms all around the middle east, and has terror cells in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, and to the Palestinian Authority, which indoctrinates their people from the time they are children to hate and attack Israelis, as evidenced most recently by last week’s massacre outside a Jerusalem synagogue by a 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist and then a separate attack by a 13-year-old. Plus, the PA propaganda machine has made useful idiots out of many Westerners, including powerful politicians, who buy into their hateful anti-Zionist rant that they are the victims, and not the oppressors. It is true that there is American complicity on the part of some U.S. presidents who pressured Israel into giving up land for “peace” and now Israelis are paying a heavy price for that.


    1. Hello Anna

      You say:
      “Anthony, ask any Israeli living in the heart of the middle east, who is “responsible” most of the destruction and death there…”

      I say:
      I think we should let history answer that question

      America has been involved in the destruction of the middle east for a long time.
      They supported Iraq in the Iran – Iraq war in the 80s
      They then turned on Iraq in 2003 and waged war directly against Iraq using the fake excuse that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. That war on Iraq resulted in over half a million child fatalities between the war and sanctions imposed by America and it’s allies.
      When questioned about the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, Madeline Albright said “I think that is a very hard choice. But price, the price we think, is worth it.”

      Then there was the American campaign in Libya where America backed the rebel forces during the ‘Arab spring’ which started in 2011

      Then there is the current campaign being waged against Syria by American backed ‘rebel’ forces.
      In each case the American government has demonised the legitimate leaders of those countries so that they could justify American intervention and destruction of those countries.
      The American government and it’s allies have much blood on their hands.

      The Arab-Israeli conflict is complex and is a separate subject. I may comment on that in a separate post.

      There is a crusader mentality among many American Zionists who support the Israeli state without question. Trump has played on this misplaced Zionist zeal because he knows that many of his supporters are Zionists.

      I believe the earthly Zionist movement are actually preparing the way for the man of sin who I believe will be revealed in Jerusalem proclaiming himself to be God
      He will preside over a demonic spiritual age and many will be deceived by him.

      The true Zion is the heavenly Zion which is heaven and not on this earth.
      Hebrews 12
      “22 But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering, 23 and to the assembly of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven, and to God, the judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, “

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      1. So true, Anthony. And not just in the Middle East, but in many places around the world. We have a lot of blood on our hands and there will be a judgment for it all soon, I fear.


      2. TYPO.
        Sentence should read :
        The true Zion is the heavenly Zion which is in heaven and not on this earth.


  4. If you are Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Creek or Chickasaw and wonder why your family is living in exile in Oklahoma instead of your beautiful ancestral lands of Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama and Florida, you can thank Andrew Jackson for that. He refused to lift a finger to enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling that these tribes should NOT be robbed of their lands by the Southern state governments that coveted those lands.

    He was a supporter of states’ rights (so am I), but there are circumstances where the Feds should step in to protect individual Constitutional rights where the states are abusing their citizens. That’s what the Federal government can do under the Constitution and the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal for any citizen. These Indian tribes, especially the Cherokee, were civilized owners of farms and plantations, educated, and most had adopted white ways. So they weren’t ignorant nomads roaming over undefined lands. They argued their case before the Supreme Court under John Marshall. There was no excuse for Jackson to refuse to enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling to protect property rights of those tribes, except that he pandered to the southern states’ racist policies and greed.

    So a lot of people needlessly died enroute to Oklahoma—the Trail of Tears went right through where I currently live. While Jackson’s administration defeated the Bank of the United States (precusor of the Federal Reserve), and all classes of white males won the right to vote (the property ownership restriction was lifted), but individual property rights were trampled by the states without interference from Jackson’s administration This was not justice. Our Federal Government does have a limited role to play and so do the states—these are supposed to be in balance with each other and function as checks upon each other so that individual rights do not suffer.


    1. Sounds like a strong dose of CRT you just served up for the audience of LeoHohmann.com. This is the same argument the left uses in today’s classrooms to make our young people feel lackadaisical about their freedom and feel like there is nothing about their country that is worth fighting for and never was. We are and never have been a perfect nation. However, can you name me one nation in history that does have a perfect record on human rights? You would be hard pressed to find one if you really delve into the history of each and every nation. I typically agree 100 percent with your very insightful comments, Kayjae, but have to respectfully disagree on this one. Not because you are wrong in the fact you present, but because of the facts you leave out. I just don’t see the point of holding that history against this nation all these years later. If you insist on doing so, then what you are really saying is the United States of America is an illegitimate nation because it stole land from the Indian tribes. And, no, they are not “native Americans.” They actually stole it from earlier tribes. There is not a nation in existence today that did not have to fight for the land it ultimately conquered and claimed as their own. So this poor, poor Indian theology just doesn’t resonate with me. And the fact of the matter is, when speaking about the Cherokee in particular, yes they took on the religion and many of the ways of the white man, but they also frequently intermarried with the white man, so that muddies up the waters even more.


      1. I’m surprised at you, Leo. Facts I left out?? Did you read what I said? This issue is NOT something from the long ago past that we can forget because it was applied to a race of people and somehow mention of it now falls under CRT ideology. Rubbish. What happened then keeps happening today –against everyone now. I spoke of this case because it involved individual property rights and the Constitutional balance between Federal government and state governments—that’s not CRT ideology. That’s Constitutional issues. Those people were some of the first to get screwed by commercial interests and local governments, and the Federal executive branch failed to do its duty to uphold their rights (after the judiciary did uphold their rights under the Constitution). We have a Constitution that is the supreme law of the land—that defines our government and it’s a very legitimate one to be applied equally to everyone. I never said that the US government is illegitimate, nor suggested it. Because I mentioned this long ago case, you somehow read into it CRT arguments that are ever floating in the air and assumed I was applying that. But you were the one who brought up Andrew Jackson. And I was trying to show an important case in his administration where he fell down in his understanding of the law of the land and how a group suffered for it. That they were Indian/mixed race does not make the issue of property theft less egregious or less applicable today to all races. I do not see how “intermarrying” with other races somehow “muddies the water” in that it can be used to excuse the abrogation of anyone’s right to his property. By the way, the state of Georgia imprisoned Baptist and Methodist missionaries who campaigned against Indian removal from their property. It was a Christian issue back then.

        I mentioned this case about the Indian removal under Jackson because while Jackson criticized the growth of centralized government, he failed to uphold what the executive branch was supposed to do for individual rights when abused by a local government, even after the judiciary rule in favor of the abused. The issue was taken to the final court of appeal, who was he to ignore it?? Sounds like he exercised the “executive privilege” we see so much of these days, which had as much tyrannical effect then as now. Sounds like it even started there. So I don’t see Jackson as some kind of hero merely on the basis of his farewell speech about the dangers of centralized government. While he stated a truism, he left out some things about his job as executive as spelled out in the Constitution. The Executive Branch enforces the law. Why didn’t he?

        These same issues go on now, and these abuses against property rights have not just targeted specific races, but anyone in this country who is in the way of overwhelming commercial or governmental interests. It’s a specious argument to say that everyone in the world has conquered and stolen the lands from someone (who settled the Americas before the Indian?? Can we say definitively this tribe stole from that tribe?), so what’s the big deal. It’s a big deal when YOU get conquered by some commercial or government interest and they steal your property outright or give you less than market price for it. You’ve been railing about the elites wanting to steal our money and our rights through digital dollars and all kinds of sneaking manuevers. So I ask—who in our government is watching out for our rights and our property? Seems to me we have had a lot of passive “Jacksons” in our elected governments, sitting on the side, letting a grand theft go on. And it started back then.


      2. Sorry if I misunderstood part of your argument. Nobody is looking out for our rights today. Nobody at all. But I fail to see the parallels to the early 1800s as that was a time of war with one people group invading and conquering another. The losers in wars always get the short end of the stick, no doubt about that. I’m not saying it was right, but I guess I don’t see the remedy. Should we go back and compensate them for the land that was taken? Would that make amends?


      3. The Cherokees were NOT at war with the US at that time, nor had been for many years prior to the Removal. Neither were the other tribes of the 5 Civilized Tribes confederation. They were not conquered peoples, but an increasingly assimilated ones. But the state of Georgia at that time did not view them as having the same civil rights as whites, even though quite a few of their leaders (like Chief John Ross) were mostly white in ancestry. This was a case of grand theft—not preceded by any conflicts with the state government or the white neighbors. It was a case of greed by commercial interests being carried out by a local government against them.

        Because there had been no armed conflict with the Georgian government, that’s why the Cherokees fought for their case through the courts (not resort to arms), right to the Supreme Court where they won their case, but lost to ultimately Jackson’s refusal to enforce the decision.

        There’s a valuable course put out by “Great Courses” about the North American Indian which covers all the legal issues from the beginnings of American history to now. Very valuable to view this because what the issues were and how they were decided are the very same individual and group right issues that are affecting us all today. https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/native-peoples-of-north-america


      4. Individually I find Americans to be warm and friendly but as a nation they are responsible for so much destruction and death in the middle east.

        From a Christian stand point I don’t think that American Christians should be defined by nationalism. The far right have blurred Christianity by yoking it to American nationalism.

        I see the far right calling themselves Christians whilst preaching ‘aggressive’ racial hatred akin to the KKK who’s church going members committed ferocious atrocities against black people whose ancestors did not migrate to America by choice.
        It was the whites who enforced an apartheid system where black people were made to sit at the back of the bus and would have to give up their seat to a white person if there were no available seats in the white section of the bus.

        I see the present day polarisation of American society as a tool being used by the likes of Trump to the detriment of America as a whole.

        I agree with the point made by Russ earlier that “A Great Civilization Is Not Conquered from Without”

        The best way to destroy a nation is from within and this is happening to America. Communities are being pitted against each other and America as a society is being torn apart.

        I don’t think that Christians should feed into this dynamic where nationalism is being used as a tool of destruction. It may be difficult for American Christians to separate themselves from this dynamic but I think that this is what Christians need to do.
        Christians need to define themselves by their FAITH and not allow the Christian faith to be confused with racist nationalism.

        Just my opinion based on my concerns about how Americans are being divided against each other.

        Christians are Black and White and there is no difference in the eyes of Christ who died for both. We are equal citizens in God’s kingdom. There is no separate seating for ‘blacks’ at the back of God’s bus.


      5. Any “Christian” who harbors racial hatred is not a real Christian in the first place. But I don’t know where you are getting your information that America is somehow filled with white nationalists? That is simply not true, outside of the fantasies of the white liberals who work at CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc.

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      6. Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” America is not the next nation of Israel. The Church which is scattered around the world throughout various nation is under the New Covenant. Not any country.
        Some countries might be called “Christian” as to how influenced they are by the salt or leaven of true believers in their midst. This can no longer be said of America. And trying to “take back America” through political might was a huge mistake.
        How to have a Christian flavored culture? Make more Christians according to the Great Commission. (Matt. 28:19-20.) And disciple them that they may be spiritually fruitful and multiply while leading such salty lives their flavor permeates all around them.
        The American church has failed at both. 😦


      7. “But I don’t know where you are getting your information that America is somehow filled with white nationalists?”

        Hello Leo I never made such a claim. My concern is about the polarisation of the black and white communities where there are certain groups within the white community who see themselves as truer Americans than the black community. They dehumanise black people and see them as lesser human beings. ‘White supremacists are an example of this state of mind.

        This is a dangerous dynamic which is being fomented by sinister forces and is causing huge tensions in American society. So, I’m saying to your Christian readers that they should not allow their Christian faith to be confused with such racist nationalism.


      8. Anthony there will always be racial divides but the true Christians always push back against racial hatred and judge others “on the content of their character not the color of their skin,” as Dr. King stated. I have seen black hatred of whites on a scale at least equal to white hatred of blacks in this country but, as I said, those are not Christians regardless of what they call themselves.

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      9. Leo, I have seen some very vitriolic rants against Jews and Blacks on Gab. People who call themselves “Christian” but brag about their ethnic pedigree and fair skin as making them Christians somehow regardless of how they live or their relationship with any Church. A curious mishmash of social Darwinism, patriotism, and some outer formality of Christianity. They boast about their genetic superiority as Whites and complain about the War on Whitey (ignoring how all ethnic groups are having a rough time around the world now) while now and then denouncing “The Jews” because they rejected Christ. From their boastful, impious comments I wonder if they ever accepted Him. Though–according to their mindset–simply being descended from Christians and White makes them Christians. (Kind of like the ethnic pride found in Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked as children of the devil instead of children of Abraham.)

        These are indeed a minority, but I believe they are growing in number. A lot of people are angry now. I’m sure the elitists must be happy to see the hate fomenting on both sides. Gab seems to attract this kind. I’m sure at least some are leftist trolls too.


      10. leohohmann January 30, 2023 at 11:19 pm

        Hello Leo I agree that there is black hatred of whites. But the blacks are not expressing that hatred under the banner of Christian nationalism. They are angry over their treatment at the hands of the white man who brought them from Africa and enslaved them and kept them oppressed.


      11. Anthony, you are just plain wrong on this one. We have a movement in America called black nationalism that is much more active than any white nationalists, who are mostly losers who hang out in their parents’ basements. Black nationalist leaders have included Elijah Muhammad and later he was succeeded by Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. I have personally been threatened by one of Farrakhan’s men and am all too well familiar with them and their tactics. Back when I was promoting my book I received a very personal threat from one of their members because Farrakhan mentioned me from the pulpit of a church in south Florida. Then you have the Black Hebrew Israelites who operate in this same black nationalist space here in America. These folks even have their own Black National Anthem. Their movement is every bit as advanced as the white nationalists if not more. They’re certainly more organized and dangerous. And yes, they call themselves Christian and some call themselves Muslim, but above all they are black nationalists.

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      12. Anthony, a few years ago a large contingent of Black Hebrew Israelites made a show of force by parading through Stone Mountain, Georgia, armed with shotguns, AK-47s and other weapons. The police were totally intimidated and did nothing to stop them out of fear of being called “racist.” They have since made similar marches through other cities without much media coverage at all.


  5. We didn’t run out all the Redcoats…..

    As with what Moses saw, the Israelites had built another Idol when freedom was theirs…… So too we have lost sight of the ideals of of fore fathers! Our Country is all but lost…..

    Strength now and endurance will come by the Rock on which we stand!!

    Praise Jesus continually and hold firm……

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  6. Euroope is another example of centralised control.
    Member states forego certain individual rights in exchange for economic security.
    Ireland is suffering from a massive influx of foreign refugees because of the immigration policies of the European Union (E.U.)

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  7. Re: “Pray tell what is that building? Oh, that’s the Department of Education.”

    Several quotes from John Dewey (1859-1952), the founding father of America’s progressive public education system, whose humanist/collectivist/socialist worldview is illustrated in the mindset of leaders in all spheres of influence and power in this country:

    “There is no God and no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law, or permanent moral absolutes.”

    “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

    “Independent self-reliant people would be a counterproductive anachronism in the collective society of the future where people will be defined by their associations.”

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      1. Thank you, Leo, for your fearless and tireless reporting, your meticulous research and thorough analysis. And your wordsmith skills are a joy for other writers!

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  8. There are different kinds of evil. Maybe 1% of our culture is aggressively evil, but most of our wealth seems to have concentrated in the most corrupt professions. Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc. The majority of the 1% control those. At least 50% follows slavishly after the 1% because of the riches, fame and power they hope will rub off on them.
    If more of us had not gone after their products, bought their messages, courted the favor of them or their causes, we would not be where we are today.

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