Today I canceled PayPal and its intolerant, non-inclusive globalist execs; Your support is needed now more than ever

As many of you know, PayPal has gone off the rails.

You may also know that PayPal is the payment-processing firm I have used for donations to my work since setting up my website in 2017. There have been many months where if I did not get donations through that PayPal button, the bills would not have gotten paid.

But now the company has come out of the closet as not only part of the “woke” corporate liberal class, but also part of the global predator class.

After first backing off, PayPal has quietly reinstated a controversial $2,500 fine for users who they deem to be spreading “misinformation.”

According to their “acceptable use policy,” defining what’s truth and what’s disinformation is left to the “sole discretion” of PayPal.

You can read about the controversy in an article by Forbes, but I had to act.

I cannot let PayPal be my boss, anymore than I let the government or any of its corporate partners be my boss. If I did, I would be no different than the mainstream media, which submits to corporate demands because that’s where they get their funding.

Not me. So I canceled PayPal today.

As my readers know, they don’t see me begging for money. I simply put a donate button at the end of each article and let them decide if the Lord would move them to make an occasional contribution. Some do. Some don’t. But overall, they have never let me down. Over the last three weeks or so, however, since the PayPal controversy made the news, my online donations have completely dried up.

The good news is, I can announce that the PayPal donate button has been officially removed from my home page and from the last several articles I’ve posted, and within a week or two we will have finished removing every trace of their logo from my website.

But who do we replace them with? After much research, we decided to go with We will see how it pans out, but they do market themselves as a Christian company that does not discriminate or interfere with their customers’ postings.

The clincher for me, and what made this an easy decision, came after I researched the backgrounds of PayPal’s top executives. They are all globalists on board with the Great Reset.

The company’s head of Global Public Policy and Research, Usman Ahmed, is a recent graduate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders program.

Ahmed is one of 109 Young Global Leaders included in the World Economic Forum’s class of 2022.

As we have reported, the WEF is in the business of exploiting global crises — Covid, climate change, the war between Russia and Ukraine — in order to push its “Great Reset” agenda.

This agenda involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society, including the abolition of private property for all but the most wealthy elites.

To implement its radical agenda, the WEF has installed puppet politicians from its Young Global Leaders program in many of the top-level cabinets of governments throughout the Western World, including Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, the U.K., the Netherlands and most of the Western European nations.

Natalie Winters, writing for, reports that, “The WEF has pushed for the use of digital identity-tracking platforms and ‘social credit score’ systems – strikingly similar to PayPal’s new policy.”

She notes that PayPal is also an official corporate partner of the WEF, and several high-level employees from the company have routinely contributed articles to the WEF’s website and participated in its events.

Dan Schulman, PayPal’s president and chief executive officer, has authored articles for the WEF including “Technology is delivering better access to financial services. Here’s how” and “The thing that separates good companies from great ones: Trust.”

Slapping your customers with a $2,500 fine just because they post opinions you don’t like is not the best way to engender trust, and PayPal’s stock has been plummeting since it announced its new punishing policy.

Winters reports that PayPal’s head of Global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy is also a member of the WEF’s Global Future Council on Social Cohesion and Just Transition.

In addition to being a WEF Young Global Leader, PayPal’s Ahmed has authored articles for the WEF website, including “To address inequalities we need a new vision for trade.”

Ahmed writes that, “Businesses also have an important role to play in enabling inclusive trade. Many have stepped up to publicly support movements for minority rights and inclusion.” Then he proposes a “public-private partnership for economic inclusion.”

This man wouldn’t know what inclusion was if it ran up and smacked him in the face. Nobody boasting about being inclusive would deliberately chase off customers simply because they have a difference of opinion on matters of politics, religion and culture.

So bye, bye PayPal. I will move on from you, and my loyal readers will hopefully support me just as much through the new platform of as they used to through PayPal. is supported 100 percent by readers and does not accept any money from the government or its corporate partners. Hence, we can report the news as we see it, based on facts and informed opinion, rather than as the government and its corporate partners want us to see it. To help keep us online, please consider making a donation of any size c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below. Thanks!

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35 thoughts on “Today I canceled PayPal and its intolerant, non-inclusive globalist execs; Your support is needed now more than ever”

  1. Good for you !!!!! Y’know, liars often believe their own lies. Do they really believe that all those millions of American voters voted for Joe Biden ? Indeed, the 81,000,000 or so who know that they voted to re-elect Donald Trump, and who now see that their “cupboard is bare”, are going to put their investment money elsewhere. I never had PayPal. So, they have even lost a potential customer…..

    May God save America !!! Take care….

    Zelda in the Golan Heights

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  2. FYI, tried to donate via GiveSendGo (clicked the link; also did a search on GSG) but receive an error message “This campaign is unpublished.” Can you verify the GSG account is still active? Maybe issue is on my side, but tried with a couple different browsers at around 12:00am Pacific on 11/2/22. Thanks.

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  3. So angry that these vipers are able to do these horrific things…..but, necessity is the mother of invention. Wow….I need to write that down…LOL.
    I set up a monthly donation…..Cheers!

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    1. Just type in Leo Hohmann name under the search symbol on GiveSendGo and it will bring you to his page


  4. How many of the people making decisions in corporations have roots in cultures antithetical to Western values of freedom? Forgive me for noticing the names of some of the most egregious attackers of freedom of speech, for both PayPal and Twitter.


  5. I know, it’s the typical mode of operation for them, inclusion for me, but not for thee. I dumped them long ago, I don’t use them for anything and that was since I found out about some of their liberal biased policies years ago.
    Yes, good move Leo!

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  6. Gooooood choice Leo. You probably don’t remember, but several weeks ago I wrote in direct email to your site that I would love to donate some money to you, but since it looked like the only way of doing it was through PayPal I decided not to do it.
    Now you are with GiveSendGo, that changes things and although that company showed their shakiness during the Canadian truckers convoy protests by hesitating or refusing to pay them money along with disgusting PayPal, I will try to give them a benefit of a doubt.
    I am so happy to be able to make some contribution to you in appreciation for your outstanding and honest journalism and discussions moderation.
    Thanks and all the best to you.
    Also thanks for giving the snail address.


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      1. I like the idea of old fashioned snail mail much better than any controllable internet options. I will try to send you some more money by check, the only thing is that I live in Germany and it may take some time for you to get it.
        Stay strong and may the force of our father be with you.



      1. Thanks rjnrjn, my bad. Now I remembered. At that time, it was them considered the good guys and the saviors after Sabbatian PayPal pulled the plug. My apologies to hopefully good GiveSend Go company. Let’s hope there is hope.
        The only thing standing between the so called Free World and China/North Korea style totalitarian dystopia on steroids forever is civil disobedience and rejection of all and any of the “comforts and best intentions” of the global cabal. The event horizon is just around the corner. Once we cross it there is no coming back.


  7. Unfortunately Leo, Stripe is the processor for GSG. You will be cut off rather quickly there too. Stripe will be looking into your writings and will deem you too risky. Hopefully, they are back logged or better yet, GOD makes you invisible to them and you don’t get cut off.

    I do encourage you to check out Gab for your processing needs. They have worked very hard to build a parallel economy.

    We are going to be switching to them very soon.

    I pray blessings from the Lord over your life.


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    1. Hi Joie, I am considering Gab but I could not even get on their site to fill out the application over the weekend. Apparently it was so busy the site was down. But even after you get on, it takes days to get approved through the bank that they use. I will check further into Gab, but for at least a temporary fix I am thankful for GiveSendGo. So far I have not heard of them canceling anybody.


    2. I have been thinking about using Gabpay for my online sales. When it comes to money you need to be very careful in selecting a company. I still have a YT account but don’t bother posting my videos there. Odysee and Brighteon are what I choose. I want to cancel Amazon. Or at least sell my books elsewhere. Lulu makes some excellent POD runs at reasonable rates. More selections too. E-books can be sold from a bunch of sites including your own platform.


    3. I was going to suggest Gab also. After trying for 2 weeks to cancel PayPal I was finally successful today but had to get help from one of their toadies.


    1. There’s a certain temperament drawn to American churches. The middle class type. High in conscientiousness, extraverted, very agreeable (especially women.) Very low in neuroticism and openness.
      I happen to love these people. But they aimed for gaining similar people as members. Conscious or not many “types” like me felt out of place. Sometimes even unwelcome.
      God made us different with different gifts for a reason. If more Christians high in openness and lower in agreeableness had been active this might have been pointed out to the others. Even neuroticism–or susceptibility to emotional pain–has a purpose. As does the neurotic individual.
      I suspect this is part of the reason so many Christians are naiver than they have any business being.
      This is sad, because some suffering could have been avoided if Christ’s Body wasn’t all trying to be one giant eyeball.


      1. I know and love many of the sort of people you describe, but I’ve seen that the gift of discernment is generally treated very dismissively in the church. Not many seem to have it (or those who do keep quiet because of former unpleasant experiences). Squashing that gift leads straight to the naïveté you mention.

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  8. Leo,

    Last week I stopped all of my managed payments using PayPal and have instead set up sending out a monthly check via my online credit union banking system. Yours is one of those that I set up. The check is being sent to the PO Box you list on your page. My next step is to close my PayPal account. I hope a Christian and conservative company comes into being to compete with them head-on.

    God Bless fellow Georgian! Keep up the good work by keeping us informed!


    Sent with Proton Mail secure email.

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    1. Thank you Gary! And yes, GiveSendGo is a Christian and conservative company. They are the ones who stepped in to help people support the Canadian truckers after everyone else canceled them.

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  9. Thanks for sharing this Leo! I’m leaving PayEnemy, ugh I mean Paypal too! Soon we may not have the internet but maybe that’s a good thing. I wonder how Jesus feels about the inter-net?
    God Bless You Leo! Shall the goons and spooks flee from us today with the Power if Christ!

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