Biden ups the ante: Tells military to get jabbed or face dishonorable discharge

Joe Biden just upped the ante. He’s now requesting that every U.S. service member who rejects his mandatory injection of an experimental gene therapy should face dishonorable discharge.

This amounts to a declaration of war on these soldiers because it’s difficult if not impossible to even get a civilian job with that stain on your record. And, yes, it would also erase their Second Amendment rights.

A dishonorable discharge would place these brave men and women on the same social strata with drug dealers and rapists. Biden had better be careful what he’s asking for on this one.

If 25 to 30 percent of the military gets dishonorably discharged, think of the devastating impact on, not only our national security and the economy, but the social fabric of this once-great nation.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot, the globalists who run Joe Biden don’t believe in nations or nationhood, which is why they’ve collapsed the border and mandated a death shot for all Americans while exempting the military-age migrant men from having to get the shot. Our new columnist, Christopher Wright, sounds off on this latest development in another brilliant piece below. – Leo Hohmann, editor in chief

By Christopher Wright

Today, it was reported the Biden administration strongly opposes a bill in the House that would require honorable discharges for departing military personnel who refuse to get the COVID injection.  Preventing honorable discharges is not the only way this administration seeks to punish people who won’t willingly lie down in front of Panzer tanks.

Project Veritas just released another video, this one showing an FDA employee calling for forced COVID injections and a registry for all uninjected Americans.  In the video, he talks about how authorities should use drones and shoot darts filled with toxic spike proteins at black people and others who refuse to get it.  “l don’t care about your bodily autonomy,” the employee says. 

But black people don’t have to worry just yet.  The employee wants to go for white people first, starting with video campaigns, so the feds can’t be accused of racism. 

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That’s not the half of it.  He also wants federal Stormtroopers to go around sticking needles in people’s arms who won’t comply. 

“I’m gonna go door-to-door and stab everyone,” the CDC insider says. 

Ah, but how to find them? 

“[T]here needs to be a registry of people who aren’t injected. – Although that’s sounding very Germany” by which he meant Nazi Germany.  So here we have a Biden administration employee who knows exactly where his ideas are coming from, including the use of state-sponsored propaganda to steamroll people and the singling out of a particular minority for a ‘final solution’.

The Biden administration is very far down the rabbit hole with this injection business, but the facts don’t support its forced mandates, wrong-headed beliefs, and phony narratives on the subject. 

States with some of the highest injection rates – Maine, New York, and Vermont – had the highest increase rates in COVID cases last week, according to Johns Hopkins data.  That’s not supposed to happen, but the same thing is happening in Israel and the U.K.  Public health authorities know there’s something wrong with the mass-injection picture, because they are moving the goalposts on what constitutes herd immunity.  They used to say 60 percent, but now Fauci talks about 85 percent.  These people are supposed to know what they’re doing. Apparently, they don’t and make things up when things don’t go their way.

Meanwhile, the CDC is playing games with the numbers.  They count people who get COVID after getting the injection as unvaxxed unless 14 days have passed since receiving the first injection. This allows them to overstate the number of unvaxxed people who show up at the hospital and claim the persistence of the pandemic is entirely the fault of the unjabbed.  It also allows them to hide the number of people who are dying from the shots. If they die before the 14-day mark, they are counted as unvaxxed.  That level of propaganda would make Goebbels proud. 

Joe Biden told OSHA to hide information on adverse reactions to shots.  In addition, based on numerous interviews, a media outlet concluded the medical community is colluding with the federal government to tell people with neurological adverse reactions to the shots — like headaches, tremors, and brain fog — they are just having anxiety or panic attacks.  Some patients who complain are even being put into psych wards.  Medical licensing boards and regulatory agencies are telling doctors not to talk about adverse reactions or they could lose their medical license.  That’s one way to enforce a phony narrative.

I’ve often said the rise of the authoritarian [globalist] left is the central challenge of our time, and we’re seeing it play out in this mass injection program.  How bad is it going to get, folks, and how much are you going to put up with before you tell the goose-stepping jack-booted thugs in the Biden administration to shove it.

Christopher Wright is a retired attorney, an activist and occasional contributor to He resides in Virginia and publishes regularly at The Daily Skirmish.’s investigative reports and insightful commentary are 100 percent reader supported. Please help us end the year on solid financial footing. Donations of any size are appreciated. You may send c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264.

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  1. To whom it may concern, I dont have much right to comment , but i can comment on my personal experience, in the Dangers of going ahead with such a strategy. 1. It will only enrage Patriots more, aswell as have a severely negative impact on average americans aswell as it allies. These are people that have fought for theit country and the constitution that America was founded on. In dismanteling the police force, punishing those that have sacrificed themselves in many ways weather it be with their time safety or neglting their families in what used to be an honourable profession, ask yourself what message are you sending?? You put yourself aswell as those you swore to protect at greater risk and can only result in tradgedy . Perhaps not now , but in the future . Do not make the mistake other countries have made. Please look at the bigger picture. At times it is better to be a kind and fair ruler , it strengthens bonds , loyalty and is not a weakness. This would leave you defenceles if ever therewas a real threat. Please when great men stop talking and communicating it hurts innocent lives. And is not good for the environment. Kindest regards Stella dalmeida


    1. Dear Stella, It sad to say that the so called leadership of the USA does not have any “great men”
      Those servicemen have indeed performed terrific service BUT those lurking in the darkness wish for total subjugation of the nation. They mistakenly believe that their “master” will reward them for this BUT he is leading them into hell and damnation and arrogantly believes that he shall not join them. Psalm 2, God laughes at them!


  2. This is partially untrue. First, employers almost never ask if a person has served, let alone the nature of their discharge. DD’s are not public record, either. I used to get background checks on prospective tenants and not once was ever informed of whether they were in the service or not, let alone anything about their discharges.


  3. The long road to the obliteration of the Constitution and the United States seems to have arrived. Doomed from the beginning with the notion that a black person had a 1/3 of a vote the devil stuck his foot in the door early on. Once it is ok to deny one group their God given rights it is only matter of time. This was followed by Washington marching on Pennsylvania with 30,000 troops put down the whiskey rebellion. A recreational, medicinal, energy source substance used also as a currency. The dumbing down of America began. This was followed by Washington allowing for the first central bank. While many abuses were repelled along came the 14th amendment. Followed by the treaty of 1871. Too long a list of court abuses. The 4th amendment possibly the most important which speaks to our right to be secure in our homes, papers and person has been watered down to nothing. As ridiculous a case as any is the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts. It is waved around like legitimate precedent was established which allows for the rape of our persons. Those of us in the know do know that these court cases have been used for medical eugenics based policies against both blacks and whites spanning the early 20th century on through to 1978 an arguably now. We are ripe for the picking or culling as the case may be, we allowed ourselves to be dumbed down, we allowed for the shelves to stripped bare of medicines, we allowed to be told what we can have and not have, we allowed to them to tell us what we can and cannot do Now even food items are disappearing from the shelves Now you have no medicines to withstand prolonged illness or upheaval Now you have no right on paper for medicines or even food. Look what happens when you give an inch kissing it off saying the people are not responsible enough to have such and such a liberty The 4th protects the 2nd and the 1st protects them all and the 2nd protects them all and so and so fourth. People you know what your God given rights are. There may be catch though. I heard a rumor today, freedom is not free,. Apologies as I transmit from my 40 dollar phone today and do not have several links to share or otherwise back my post.


  4. A mind-blowing post which causes me to be, again, grateful for where we live. However I am somewhat saddened that foul and filthy language is being increasingly permitted. I find it incredible that, considering the size of English vocabulary, people still feel the need to tout a dozen or so words which, thank God, have never been heard in my house. We have a beautiful vocabulary guys why not be inventive and use it instead of the old hoary filth you use?

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  5. Wow!! Really scary.

    Today the NY Governor said all health workers not vax’d by the 27th, next Monday are fired, they are replaceable. One big hospital in Buffalo is canceling all inpatient elective surgery’s because they expect to lose 400 employees. ER wait times are 12-17 hours & that’s before they lose 400 people.

    NY stare is also bribing people with tickets to the Buffalo Bills!! It’s all unbelievable.

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    1. The whole government is fuck up need to get rid of all the assholes start over with people of a normal mind


  6. There are discouraged soldiers on Gab. I say “Come home to your communities. We really need you now.”
    The “dishonorable discharge” will have the opposite effect in many places. We have no respect for Emperor Joe and hold his opinions in contempt. What he calls dishonorable is a badge of honor for real Americans. In red states there will be places willing to hire them. And more businesses are hiring too.

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  7. Our Military (at least I thought) are supposed to PROTECT THIS COUNTRY, US from Enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC from rat turds such AS THIS?? If they can’t stand up for themselves then how can they STAND for US??!!…… This IS TYRANY and this IS EVIL!….. This goes way past the “Right VS. Left paradigm ….. We STILL HAVE OUR GUNS!

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  8. Clearly the Biden administration (along with the rest of the world’s governments) is under increasing pressure to get *everyone* vaccinated. Their desperation is getting more and more apparent.

    The reason is simple. The unvaccinated presents a “control group”. As the vaccinated “test group” grows progressively sicker with accumulating deaths, the government and media will only be able to hide this for so long by blaming it on “variants” and whatever other future virus diseases they decide to fabricate. Despite their best propaganda efforts, people will see the control group clearly remaining healthier.

    They only have so much time before this blows up their entire operation. Forced vaccinations may become their only option.

    They must eliminate the control group.

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    1. This is why Fauci keeps harping about “pockets of the unvaxxed.”
      Before they come for us they will scare the rest away. Can’t have them see us living normally and not dropping dead without their shot.

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  9. “If 25 to 30 percent of the military gets dishonorably discharged, think of the devastating impact on, not only the economy, but the social fabric of this once-great nation.”

    Forgot the small issue of our defensive posture…weakened military emboldens enemies…does that ring any bells?

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