What happens when the technocrats hold all the cards?

The below article by Patrick Wood is a must read.

Like Patrick, I have for the last 18 months steered my coverage almost exclusively to the government-corporate-religious response to the pandemic. Why? Because, like Patrick, I immediately saw this as something more than a health crisis. It represents the triggering event that the world’s most powerful families are using to change the post-World War II global order — away from a U.S.-based, dollar-based, capitalist-based, Judeo-Christian-based system and toward a China-based, digital money-based, total surveillance technocracy.

This new beast system, or new world order, rejects and denigrates every core value that underpins the old order and will not relent until all resisters are either killed, sickened or otherwise subdued. Yes, they are that ruthless and that determined to bring in this new system. We have entered a very dangerous stage, where these elites believe they have arrived at a long-awaited point of “checkmate,” as Wood explains below.

By Patrick Wood

As editor of Technocracy News & Trends, I am not particularly satisfied in reporting story after story, day after day, on various aspects of the so-called Covid pandemic. Why fight the propaganda machine? Does it really matter? Aren’t other sites covering it anyway?

After replaying these questions every morning in light of Technocracy, I always come to the same conclusion:


This is Technocracy’s coup d’état. It specifically started on Jan. 30, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 was a pandemic, calling for emergency powers, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, vaccines, etc.

I flatly predicted this coup in 2015 in Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. There was no way at that time to understand the means of the coup, but it was clear to me that it was coming, that it had a timetable and intention:

“When studying the progression of Nazi Germany leading up to Hitler’s assumption of complete power, I have often theorized that there was very likely a specific point in time when he realized that he had all the political, military, organizational and economic power necessary to declare himself dictator. Hitler had declared his intentions in his 1925 book, Mein Kampf, which was mostly ignored at the time because it was written by a trouble-making rabble-rouser who was serving time in jail for what he claimed were political crimes. But, Hitler had a dream and a strategy to get there, and then he embarked on implementing that strategy. In 1933, after he clawed and connived his way into power, he pulled the plug and declared himself dictator; there was nothing anyone could do about it. To oppose him meant certain death or imprisonment. His work and strategy, like moving the pieces on a chessboard, had resulted in a doomsday checkmate. My point is that it didn’t happen by accident or a even by a series of random events where one day he just woke up and thought, “I think I will announce my dictatorship after lunch today.” Rather, Hitler was certainly gathering pieces of his empire all along, analyzing and plotting his victory with excruciating detail. As the necessary assets were lined up in a row under his control, Hitler knew exactly what it would take to get to the top, and he knew that he would know when he had arrived. Well, that day arrived, and history was changed forever.

“Based on this thinking, if today’s technocrats are meticulously working toward a scientific dictatorship and applying a specific strategy to get there, wouldn’t you think that they have a specific list of criteria that must be met before “game over” can be called? Wouldn’t you think that they are comparing such a list to the actual progress they are making in the world? Wouldn’t you think that they are monitoring their progress and will recognize when the list has been fulfilled? If you can see my point here, then there are only two questions left: When that day comes, will the Technocrats have the guts to shut the old world order down and simply declare the “system” as dictator? If so, how long will it take them to act?”

Well, of course they have the guts to shut down the old world order! They have done it, haven’t they?

They have declared the “system” as dictator. Isn’t this exactly what Big Tech and Big Pharma are telling us?

So, what about all the other initiatives that Technocracy has been known for?

  • Smart grid – controlling the use and distribution of energy
  • Internet of Everything – What can be connected will be connected
  • 5G – to connect the IoE
  • Surveillance – Everything is monitored and tracked
  • Smart Cities – Using IoE to socially engineer the entire city

Those are all advancing on other fronts, but the main column – medical tyranny – is the “shock and awe” phenomenon that is sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Globally. Nationally. Locally. In the workplace. In the hospitals and clinic. In the corporate world. In churches. In neighborhoods. In families.

As such then, the pandemic and all of its surrounds is the ONLY STORY that counts right now, and that’s why Technocracy News & Trends will continue to report on it.

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40 thoughts on “What happens when the technocrats hold all the cards?”

  1. they have been holding the cards since the start of the Industrial Revolution. This whole collapse of America and the Great new world order Reset have been in the works for 100
    years slowly imploding free will from within. Using wars to kill off Millions making survivors reliant on government subsidies. And using wars as an excuse for ethnic cleansing of many more millions all backed by technocrate money.


    1. Yes Mike, this predestined uprooting of Freemasonry’s great American super power (i.e. Harlot Neo-Babylon) and the rise of Socialism’s Marxist UN world order have been in the Beast’s demonic Reset works for hundreds of years. The Beast’s Marxist Social gospel is the strong humanistic delusion that God has sent to implode Democracy’s licentious free-will from within.


  2. Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the LORD and against his anointed, saying, “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.” – Psalm 2:1-3


  3. Reblogged this on Lissa's Humane Life — End-Times News & Information and commented:
    This new beast system, or new world order, rejects and denigrates every core value that underpins the old order and will not relent until all resisters are either killed, sickened or otherwise subdued. Yes, they are that ruthless and that determined to bring in this new system. We have entered a very dangerous stage, where these elites believe they have arrived at a long-awaited point of “checkmate,” as Wood explains below.


  4. I am not familiar with Patrick Wood so far as I know. However, for more than a decade I have spent the majority of my days reading articles and listening to shows and interviews. So I will look forward to learning more about Patrick. I have lived my life by the articles, shows and advice I have found and find myself the better for it. Leo, you and Patrick are absolutely correct in that medical tyranny is the most important issue of our time. Prior to the escalation things were drifting very bad for a long time, but as I have blogged before, cv19 is the means by which they seized power and it is the means by which they intend to intensify and hold power. So please keep up your fantastic work.

    Today I viewed an interview with Dr. Malone. He stated that 70% of the funding the FDA receives comes to them through government. He clarified that about 40% of those hospitalized have been people who are vaccinated. That there is no data to support that a booster shot would provide immunity. He also spoke about how doctors can be fired if they do not tow the cdc line. In my mind this is no excuse for them not to speak out, organize and maneuver themselves to a position where they can be supportive of humanity. Their behavior is more akin to a bunch of jr. Dr. Mengela wannabes who have lovingly embraced their roles as mass murderers in the most dangerous experiment ever foisted upon humankind on a mass scale. Shameful! An Australian leader for the cause of Freedom, Liberty and Justice spoke today of the hopes for Nuremberg Two. The outcome of WW II was the Nuremberg Code. It appears to me that not enough were satisfactorily punished for their crimes. Let us not make the same mistake twice. Doctors should be sufficed and take solace in that they did the right thing should they find the fortitude to do so. I watch as those who have are vindicated often for their stances. In the aftermath let us build a true medical bill of rights, do away with corporate monopolies and the fiat train they rode in on.

    Malone did provide some clarity on the recent FDA decision. However, it is still unclear to me what Comartinity (not sure of the spelling). Where did it come from? Where are the studies for it? How come we have not heard of it before? How can it be exactly the same as the cv19 so called vaccine and yet totally different all at the same time? Dr. Malone seemed to allude that the whole thing is a contrived confusion bomb dropped by the FDA to take the heat off the ineffectiveness of the cv19 injections. He also stated that the FDA is operating outside of law in so far as they are not operating by previous established parameters of giving approval. That perhaps the courts could reign them in.

    The UK, Australia the French and people all around the world are valiantly fighting for their very lives. Let us support them in every respect possible! https://www.brighteon.com/176a90da-36f1-4113-b272-c4091b0c8ce5


    1. tribulation now on utube is the best markof the beast analysis. And graphene oxide is circuit combine with the chip and 5G. BO is the AC. Watch it.


    1. Great article…I just want to touch on a way to possibly lessen the impact of what is currently being enforced upon nations by governments and health organisations and as I see it, is causing a lot of dividing opinions amongst everyday people. I’m from Australia however this is something that is affecting the globe. Lots of articles that are much appreciated towards education however we need something just as good as ‘their’ science to provide an alternative. I propose using ‘their’ science to provide that. I’ve written this statement which I would be happy to receive constructive criticism over. I intend to send it to every person in a position of power. It includes an alternative for people to prove their immunity status, naturally. A recent study provides for this using a diagnostic test that is superior to the way they currently test for vaccine efficacy. The study is listed within my email below and hopefully my words explain how this is highly possible whilst removing divisions of thinking. It may very well be a wonderful solution towards staying off a total dictatorship in my country as in others too by providing such an ‘alternative’. I call it ‘operation alternative’. I have no subject heading yet so any help or tweaks would be appreciated. :)) Here goes…

      “We the people need an alternative to having an unapproved vaccine. The concept of there being only ‘one way’ to deal with viruses is naive at best as everyone has heard of the ‘immune system’ and to deny that is to ignore decades of research and 10’s of 1000’s of peer reviewed scientific study on it.

      I propose that there IS another way! There actually IS another option or step for an individual to take before deciding if they require a vaccine. Another way of looking at it, is to not waste a vaccine on someone who is already immune.

      If there was a way of proving your current immunity status via a diagnostic test, that would be a way forward. Fortunately there IS such a test and the study I refer to in particular, showed evidence of a population of adults who had not had Covid-19 AND still showed that approx 50-60% of this population already had natural immunity to this disease. That’s an incredible number of people who would not need a vaccination.

      Considering the objective is to reach 70-80% herd immunity via a jab that is already proving to have a short-lived protection time, I would propose that this test be instated as a means to also meet this objective.

      Natural acquired immunity by and large provides longer term protection due to the way it activates a memory mechanism in our immune system’s make up, therefore provides years to lifetime protection.

      From what I gather, and possibly due to the way our government and media are pushing this ‘one way’ approach, is a level of confidence amongst the population, that satisfies the herd immunity objective. And I would suggest that a diagnostic test also would provide that without causing the decisiveness amongst people that we are currently experiencing.

      The test used in this study uses the very same science to prove its efficacy in terms of detecting antibodies only it’s far more superior and therefore overcomes the issue of confidence. Current tests look for only one particle of the virus (s-protein) to determine vaccine immunity as this was the mechanism for the virus to enter a cell. Whereas the test used in the study not only does that, it also picks up multiple components. Not only that, the test is cheap, quick and sensitive.

      It is therefore irrefutable that this test confidently differentiates between vaccine and naturally acquired immunity and it should be allowed to become part of a ‘pro- science’ means to prove ones immunity status. Based on that, it should also permit such an individual to participate in events of daily living without being persecuted, judged or ‘cut off’ from society in terms of buying or selling, attending gatherings, events etc, as someone who ‘hasn’t done their bit’.

      My concern, along with many like me, is this ‘one way’ policy of requiring an unnecessary and wasteful use of current unapproved Covid-19 vaccines, which is also causing a huge and stressful division within populations on all levels…that needn’t be happening. There are also approximately 50,000 adverse reactions to these vaccines just in Australia alone to date, that are not being addressed. A more natural way forward is simply to provide another means of proving immune status and meet it head on using the same science, albeit of a superior kind.

      The study I refer to is titled “A majority of uninfected adults show pre-existing antibody reactivity against SARS-CoV-2” published in ‘JCI insight’, a credible peer reviewed scientific magazine.

      I urge you to investigate this as a means to put a handbrake on the citizens of this country feeling oppressed and dictated to when there IS another option or at least another step to take in a pro-science way of confidently meeting herd immunity objectives.”

      Let me know what you think :))


      1. Hi Jodie. I think what you propose makes sense on a scientific level. Unfortunately, for the people pushing this tyranny, it has nothing to do with science. They are clearly only interested in using this crisis to expand their control over humanity. They have launched their long-awaited “great reset” (aka new world order) and we should see it for what it is — a revolutionary power grab that is global in scope and ruthless in nature. They will tell any lie necessary to bring it about.


  5. Leo,

    I very strongly believe this article to be spot-on. The USA, and the entire world, is in deep trouble. And, the vast majority of the population do not have a clue what is happening to us nor do they know why.

    The vast majority simply watch the propaganda shown on CNN & the MSM and put their face masks back on. And, watch more propaganda. Basic & objective research is beyond their thinking or ambition levels.

    This is all about a New One World & Government, a small group of self-appointed elites, who want to control our lives and depopulate the world for their own personal & private enrichment. Not unlike Hitler & his Brown Shirts controlling the Jews in the 1930’s & 40’s.

    There is a book entitled: “The Technotronic Age” written by Brzezinski . That book predicts exactly what we are facing today. FYI: I cannot find a copy of that book.

    Nevertheless, CV-10 is not a health issue! It is all about control of us —– the great unwashed.

    I am not too sure if what is currently happening in Afghanistan isn’t a planned diversion for the media while very sinister things are being done elsewhere in the world to advance “Their” agenda.

    As stated above, we need a civil war to stop these Bastards. But who is going to organize and lead it? How can a leader organize & lead it without a solid communications system —– i.e., technology?

    Be prepared. We are in for a rough ride.

    My personal rational is this:
    #1. Only a very small group of Americans led and won the Revolutionary War
    #2. We survived the Civil War and came back a much stronger nation as a result.

    God willing we will survive and leave a better nation for future generations


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    1. ” Civil War ” it starts with “me”
      willing to give my life so that the Gosple of Salvation thru Jesus Christ
      our willing ness to take the risk and not trying to salvage self is key to reaching out to the sick, mentally and physically is the greatist voice we
      can have ….who ever will lose their life
      Matt 10:39


      1. It is more than a figure of speech it has the potential to deliver as much pain as the ‘N’ word would do to people who are black, the fact you cannot see that does not make it less so. It is also a swear word rather like another word people of ignorance like to bandy about these days which refers to sexual intercourse.


  6. Agreed with Karen above , with Facebook ,Twitter all controlled ,they have made it very difficult to organize ,plus many have little extra money after the Plandemic and cannot afford to miss a week’s pay ….very diabolical

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  7. I am so grateful that I am reading this from a biblical worldview because then there is no worry nor any fear in me at all. This is an absolute inevitability which means those of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ of Nazareth need to share Him with as many as we can, while we can.
    My beloved and I are now viewed as ‘unclean’ and are not allowed to go into any establishment which can house more than ten people including staff, which includes all medical establishments which is a bit of a challenge as my husband has to have twice yearly check ups for prostate cancer and ulcerative colitis. He is even supposed to have a blood check before next visiting his rheumatism physician, if he is allowed but that too is impossible, even private clinics etc are closed to us. We live in Cyprus a small Greek island in the eastern Mediterranean close to the shores of Turkey and Syria. This means we have to have our groceries delivered and so we ascertain where in the world the delivery guy comes from because JD Farag has a simple tract known as the ABCs of Salvation and it is available in PDF form in many, many languages. The delivery driver does not have time to chat but we pray over the tract which we give him and pray he will read it and, if he comes our way again, he might want to fix up a time to visit us to talk. Now if we very, very senior citizens (aged 77 and 78 – who, by the way have had the Wuhan virus) can do that within all our limitations, what are you doing? Or are you happy to let the rest of the world go to hell as long as you’re okay?

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    1. Lord Jesus said when He returns to destroy the antichrist’s world order, it will be incorrigible as it was in the apostate days of Noah. Noah, were you happy building your ark for 120 years and letting the rest of Lucifer’s old world order go to hell under the flood, as long as you’re okay?


  8. The only hope is for huge numbers of Americans to walk off the job, walk out of schools and colleges. We need to impose an American rebellion by civil disobedience before they lock us down again and it is coming. We need to turn the tide on them before they do it to us again. And I mean EVERY employee and EVERY student need to walk out and walk out NOW. If you don’t then I hope you enjoy your slavery.

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    1. The only Humanistic hope is for huge numbers of America’s Socialistically-Secured patriots to walk off the job, walk out of schools, and reclusively shelter within their homes. We secular Humanists need to democratically impose an American rebellion by civil disobedience before the unrestrained Marxist Beast locks us down within Socialism’s Security System again and it is coming. We deluded Humanists need to turn the tide on Lucifer’s New World Order before he does it again to us. And I mean EVERY Socially Secured employee and EVERY Socially Secured student needs to walk out and walk out NOW. If you don’t repent of being digitally marked with the Beast’s Social Security Number then I hope you continue to enjoy your slavery within Marxism’s abominable Social Security System.


      1. That explains what you write, you are an atheist or, as you put it, a seculatr humanist. That for me is like trying to respond to somebody who is into pears and I am into oranges – it does not work.


    2. Yes. This is the only path I see. How fo we communicate tbis to the masses of people now subjected to tyranny in the US


  9. The main column of the Marxist Beast– medical tyranny – is the “shock and awe” strong delusion that is sucking the Truth’s life-giving oxygen out of Socialism’s abominable Security System. Many billions of deluded human souls, not unlike the Third Reich’s ghettoed Jews, are digitally marked with the Beast’s ID#/SS#. Globally. Nationally. Locally. In the workplace. In the hospitals and clinics. In the corporate world. In churches. In neighborhoods. In families.


  10. CHECK: The globalist elite, luciferians, kabalists, rothschild etc

    You must submit to the new world order, beast system, submit or you will be crushed.

    CHECKMATE: Jesus the Christ, Creator, The Great I Am

    The wicked plots against the just,
    And gnashes at him with his teeth.
    The Lord laughs at him,
    For He sees that his day is coming.

    The transgressors shall be destroyed together; The future of the wicked shall be cut off. But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in the time of trouble. And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, And save them, Because they trust in Him.

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      1. 9 digits for 9 billion
        is this the magic number of people in the world,our social security #’s
        is global reaching this count is the being of depopulating the world?
        it happen sooner ! e.m


      2. Yes I agree Leo. I think we are coming to our Red Sea moment. It’s not that we don’t believe God will work on our behalf…it’s that we don’t quite know all the pieces in how He will work. But we know with certainty He will.

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      3. The wise virgins in Christ’s unmarked Bride know that the foolish virgins among them will NOT repent of being digitally marked, dependent wards of Marxism’s Social Security System. Therefore, like Lot’s deluded wife, they will not be divinely led out of Sodom’s Socially Secured City of Destruction’ across the ‘Red Sea’ and into the wilderness to be miraculously nurtured by God.


      4. You have said you are a secular humanist but as Paul tells us: “But a natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:14 so what causes you to think you can discern the meaning of anything written in the Word of God.


      5. Leo, I have looked at the “paradise” the globalists have planned for their minions. According to the WEF. It’s meant to look like a good thing to get the common people to welcome the takeover. But no one on Twitter (not a conservative site) liked it.
        Like Satan, the NWO’s staunchest supporters don’t know the bad guys exist. Or view them as goofy eccentrics who have nothing to do with what’s happening. The loudest lockdown champions–if asked if they support Klaus Schwab’s ideals–will say, “Who’s he?”


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