It’s D-Day in the battle against globalized digital health passports that will mark you for life

The worst nightmare for patriots and freedom lovers throughout the world may be about to come true.

The push is on to sneak health passports into America and other Western democracies through back-door channels.

Big corporations and universities are testing the waters to find out how many Americans will accept this latest intrusion as an unavoidable part of life in the “new normal.”

They have baited the trap, promising this will be your ticket to reclaiming your former freedoms. All you have to do is submit to this little app on your phone that informs businesses whether you’ve been vaxxed or not. How many will walk into that trap, surrendering their health privacy and eventually all of their personally identifiable information, remains to be seen.

We have a very short window in which to stand and reject this attempt by big business, in collusion with big government, to impose the most invasive, intrusive and coercive measures ever seen on people of the free world since the conclusion of World War II and the Nuremburg trials.

In the U.S., businesses are imposing the digital passports with the silent blessing of the Biden administration and a majority of the governors from both political parties.

Whether as a digital app on your phone, a bracelet with a scannable QR code [see photo below], or an old-fashioned piece of paper, if these passports become normalized, we will devolve into a “show your papers” society.

The newly developed Immunaband bracelet allows authorities to identify those who have been vaccinated in real time.

I don’t think many Americans, Canadians, Aussies or Europeans want that to happen. But, whether out of ignorance or cowardice, many will concede to it by their silence. The majority will either rise up with a resounding “NO,” putting a stop to this unprecedented intrusion on personal privacy, or they will accept the passports as just the latest inevitability pressed upon them by a pandemic that never seems to go away no matter how many concessions we offer up in terms of our freedoms.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Thus, I’m urging all my readers, fellow bloggers, researchers, citizen journalists, liberty-loving elected leaders and everyone who cares about the continuation of a free Western civilization, to focus over the next several weeks on sounding the alarm about digital health passports.

Below is my recent video podcast where I discuss what is at stake.

While I have written articles and done countless radio and video interviews on this topic, what convinced me that we are now at ground zero in the battle to save America was an alert from Mat Staver, a constitutional attorney and founder of Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit that provides free legal help to Americans facing persecution based on their religious beliefs.

“Our office is being flooded with calls from people saying they are being forced to get a COVID shot to work or attend school,” Staver said in a release titled Doors Will Close If We Continue Down This Path. “We must not allow America to become a police state. The decision to get a COVID shot must be your free choice.”

That anyone in a so-called free society would be faced with such a choice — get the jab or lose your job — is beyond outrageous.

Even if the vax had gone through the normal five-to-ten year testing period and received full approval by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], which it has not, such invasive, coercive measures would be unprecedented in America.

Even in the fight against polio and other diseases more devastating than the current pandemic, there was never a mandate to get the vaccine to the extent that one could not perform everyday functions of life like going to work, boarding a plane or bus, entering a restaurant or store. This is where America is heading if we don’t stop this movement dead in its tracks.

Some states, such as New York and Oregon, are moving forward with making people prove they’ve been vaxxed in order to enter certain business venues. Only a handful of states with Republican governors have taken strong stances against the health passports, including Florida, Texas and South Dakota. Of these, Florida’s law is the strongest, banning the passports in any form from being required by any entity, public or private.

Health passports are illegal because they violate the informed consent requirement of the federal Emergency Use Authorization law, under which the injections were allowed to be brought to market.

See, Oregon becomes first state to require proof of vaccination to enter businesses and churches.

The passports also violate Title 2 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, said Jenin Younes, litigation attorney for New Civil Liberties Alliance, another nonprofit civil-rights organization offering free legal assistance to clients being forced to choose between their job or the jab.

“Before 2020 no one in America thought this could be possible,” Younes told Real America’s Voice News during a May 19 broadcast.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is just one example, reported by Fox Business, of an employer forcing employees to get an experimental injection against their will if they want to keep their job. Get it or be fired, the health system announced.

Only half of CDC workers have agreed to get the shot, yet they want you to get it.

If less than 40 percent of Americans have been fully vaccinated after all of the pressure and incessant pro-vaccine messaging, what does that tell you?

At least 60 percent of the population feels it is not needed. Not for an illness that, if contracted, carries a 99.7 percent rate of recovery.

Yet, the establishment continues to bring all of its vast resources to bear in leveraging the carrot and the stick.

According to the Epoch Times [May 12-18, 2021 edition], more than 130 U.S. universities have already announced they will prevent more than 2.4 million students from returning to campuses this fall unless they get the injection.

All of these threats amount to calling our bluff. If we stand strong and simply refuse to comply, these threats will fall by the wayside. Corporations and colleges cannot continue to operate without our money and our labor.

Companies are bribing people with goodies, freebies, and cash if they will only accept the shot.

Why, if it is so good for us, do they need to bribe us, threaten us, bully us and scold us like little children?

Biden says the “rule is simple.” Get the shot, or continue to wear the mask.

News flash: This is America. We don’t get up in the morning and check in with you, Mr. Biden, or any other government official, to get our “rules” for the day. That’s just not the way life works in a constitutional republic.

But if we accept this new normal and submit to health passports, then we have in essence given up on America and its time-honored, bedrock principle that has made this country special, the idea that individual freedom trumps collectivism, which always leads to tyranny. If we concede to vaxports, we have taken that grand idea and thrown it in a pile of excrement. We have spit on the Constitution and said we no longer want it to serve as the highest law in the land.

We have conceded to globalist tyranny coming down from the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency funded by Bill Gates and dominated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Anyone who accepts the injection in return for their freedom, is buying into a devilish snare. The idea that you could be required to buy back your freedom in exchange for giving up your bodily autonomy represents a titanic shift from American-style constitutional democracy to Chinese communism. You are conceding that your freedom to work a job, go to a restaurant or freely move about the country is contingent upon you being “allowed” to do so by the government or some all-powerful corporation.

Biden threated unvaccinated Americans in a speech this week, saying they “will pay the price.”

In case anyone believes the pressure to get vaxxed will dissipate after they get their two shots, think again. The pressure will only intensify. We know this because the governments of the world are already planning for your third shot next winter, and from there it will continue, on and on, every year with annual “updates” to “protect” you against the latest new strain that your natural immune system could have handled on its own if you hadn’t believed the lie and gotten those first two shots, which destroyed your natural God-given immune system.

If corporations, schools and universities are allowed to get away with making people choose between jabs or jobs, jabs or their college degree, jabs or not being able to travel, then every other political issue suddenly becomes moot. These globalist elites will now believe they can control our bodies. Invade our bodily autonomy. Own us as their slaves.

The globalists will have successfully divided us into a two-tiered society of the obedient and the disobedient. They will have implemented a Chinese-style police state, with a burgeoning social-credit system applied to every citizen. Those who comply with the ever changing “rules” get rewarded with basic human freedoms while those who resist get isolated and punished.

So we are up against the wall and behind the eight ball. Some of us have been warning about the plan for digital health passports since last year because we knew the globalists have long wanted such a system, even before the pandemic hit.

The upshot, if they are allowed to proceed, will be an authoritarian police state, entering through the back door in the dark of night. We must pressure our governors and local city/county councils to ban these passports or we will descend into a “show your papers” society where some, the vaxxed, are allowed to resume being free citizens, and others, the unvaxxed, become social outcasts.

The evidence indicates that, like almost every other pandemic response from governments over the last 15 months, the passports have nothing to do with keeping people healthy. How do we know this? Because if that was the case, then companies, universities, governments, would allow people to show proof of immunity, that they’ve already had the virus and fully recovered from it. They have the antibodies. They are no danger to anyone. Why are they being required to get vaxxed?

The answer to that question is simple. Because Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, the WHO, the World Economic Forum and the rest of the global establishment wants them to be vaxxed.

These elitist scumbags included the requirement of “life-saving vaccinations for all” in Goal 3.8 of the U.N. Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals.  Goal 16.9 requires a global ID and birth registration for all. Vaccine passports accomplish both of those goals — a global ID system merged with your vaccination history, with a new digital currency also being added to the system later on after cash is eliminated. This is the all-inclusive beast system rising up out of the sea, and if we don’t rise up to counter it, we will find ourselves in the corridors of a new Dark Age, where we the people are no longer citizens, but subjects. That’s a polite way of saying we become the property of the globalist billionaire scumbags, easily trackable, easily singled out for punishment if we run afoul of their new “rules” for living.

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75 thoughts on “It’s D-Day in the battle against globalized digital health passports that will mark you for life”

    1. You have to do that, Leo cannot. You sound rather like those people on facebook who claim they cannot access the facility to ask you to be a friend, so could you do it instead? As regards FB this, of course is all a scam to get hold of your friends’ list. Which I am sure is not your motivation at all!


    1. At least in the US you have some pastors with backbones, whereas in the UK and in Cyprus I have yet to hear about any!


  1. I fear that most Americans (and most of the world) will buy into the “need” for vaccines and a vaccine passport.
    As a people, Americans (and the entirety of Western nations) are soft and LOVE their comfort.
    We LOVE the easy, convenient path, the path of least resistance, so in order to go to a concert, a ball game, in order to go on vacation, fly, travel, or shop in a mall or grocery store, most folks will decide that the easiest course of action is to just take the vaccine and shut up.

    The young have no experience, and will blindly follow elected officials into the Gates of Hell itself.
    The elderly are tired, just wanting a peaceful retirement, and thinking that this fight is only for the young.
    How wrong they are!
    Tyranny will effect every single one of us, the old and young, black and white, Asian, Latino, native American, etc.
    The fight is OURS, and none of will be exempt from this approaching nightmare if we don’t stand up now.

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      1. This somewhat elderly lady trusts you do not agree with everything Gerry says, hmm?


    1. “The elderly are tired, just wanting a peaceful retirement, and thinking that this fight is only for the young.” I am 78 and I most definitely am not tired, nor do I think this fight is just for the young, after all the majority of the young do not even know they are in a battle.


  2. I believe they are pushing it because they are waiting for the fall when wild viruses are exposed. Nobody knows what will happen, but they want to see it anyway.


  3. In Washington State, Governor Jay Inslee is considering segregating the ones vaccinated from those who are not. This includes having separate points of entry for both. It not only includes secular venues and events, but also churches and religious gatherings. I hope no one complies with this outrageous insanity.


  4. After millions of people took the covid jabs. OSHA decided to finally announce that employers who mandated that employees take the covid jabs “MAY” face financial liability charges since the covid jabs are not FDA approved. Also heard that employees who are mandated to take the covid jabs could be eligible for workmen’s comp since adverse reactions from the covid jabs could be considered a work related injury. This announcement from OSHA offers little consolation to me. And there’s no amount of money or other incentives that could restore human health if it was lost or worsened due to corporate or government mandated drugs and vaccines.

    The devil is in details almost everywhere in everything health related. I had to tell a gentlemen today who was bragging about his covid jab that I don’t take drugs for things that don’t affect me. Least of all experimental, non-FDA emergency use authorization crap that wasn’t created to resolve health issues to begin with. If you can’t trust the FDA approved witchcraft medicines already on the market. I see no valid reasons to trust any other so-called life saving or health improvement meds that come along.

    Sounds to me like Joe Biden was making a veiled threat when he mentioned that pertaining to the covid injections. The unvaccinated would pay a price. He didn’t mention the price that some of the covid vaccinated have already paid after being injected. Neither did Mr. Joe make mention of the job losses and business closures as a result of the existence of one respiratory virus that can be cured or prevented with meds, and antioxidants which were already in existence prior to the covid injections.
    And if tyrants can mandate that people take one drug or vaccine for one virus or disease. I see nothing that will stop them from mandating that people take drugs and vaccines for every virus or disease known or unknown to man.


    1. I thought, in the light of your response, that the Greek word for Medicine is Pharmakeio which can be interpreted as that which is made through witchcraft. In fact during the period when the Bible was being written a pharmakeio would have been a witch.


  5. THEY pull HUNDREDS of dead children out of swimming pools everyday all summer in america,and HUNDREDS of dead children out of Locked cars at the malls in america everyday..IN A COUNTRY with a lower IQ then their dog,every nightmare you can imagine will happen..AMERICA IS RIPE TO BE TAKEN OVER AND DESTROYED…I would advise you who are awake to get ready to fight your Hero’s they will be coming,And it won’t end well…


  6. Great article, Leo. Thank you. I was talking with an acquaintance that I ran into yesterday at the store. We got on the subject of wearing masks. He works for Verizon and has for 20 years, he said. He said that he’s the only employee where he works that is allowed to not wear a mask because he’s the only one who’s been “vaccinated.” 🙄

    Crazy times.



    > Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021 at 3:52 AM


  7. There are very few Daniels, Azariahs, Mishaels, and Hananiahs left. If there had been more than a handful of pastors and rabbis doing what they were called to do – loudly and publicly proclaim the reality of the living God to all who would come and listen – and if those who assembled would have stood with the pastors, would we now be in this tyrannical situation. The four Hebrew young men were willing to kneel to God and take the punishments meted out, and God saved them. God gave us these bodies and did not intend for us to mess with our
    rna or dna. Will we bow to the overlords or to God?


    1. But at least you have some, I have not heard one Christian make any waves in the UK and the State church where I live is totally silent too.


  8. “Democracy” doesn’t die in darkness, it turns out; it dies in broad daylight. What was that Reagan (I believe) said about totalitariansm coming in the form of liberalism, and that people will openly embrace it. The left has been clamoring for power under the guise of being oppressed — and they’ll ride that fascistic horse ad infinitum, since they have mastered the language of the oppressed and normal, reasonable, logical folk are and have been behind the curve and need to step up now more than ever. I always say, ask of folks the bottom-line questions:

    • Can you or a medical expert/professional tell me exactly what the potential harm to my body might be in a year or more thanks to this vaccine?

    • Can you describe precisely how this vaccine works, at the cellular/molecular level, particularly in the face of non-COVID infections? (I have seen folks claiming to be medical industry pros asking what types of cells in human body take up the “vaccine” the most — organ, muscle, fat, neural — and how they might react should the body come under attack by an aggressive virus that is not COVID but forces the body and multiple organs into overdrive fighting the attacker wtih the mRNA spike mechanism, perhaps driving massive organ failure).

    • What should happen to folks who, on grounds of justifiable medical concern, decide not to be vaccinated? I often drive by a church that has a sign saying, in essence, “Getting vaccinated is a moral obligation.” I have two words for those folks. But back to the question: What sort of fascistic behavior might I and others be subjected to? Being shut at home for good? Penned off in special sections at restaurants, arenas, etc.? Flying I couldn’t care less about; I was avoiding flying as much as possible pre-pandemic thanks to the baggage fees and the hordes of horrible folk now able to fly at will thanks to cheap fares. The airlines can all go down the tubes in the Green Wars; they richly deserve to fail.

    I really feel for parents these days and how hard they have to work to protect their offspring from the “It takes a village — and you’re not welcome” crowd.


    1. I would love to know your ‘two words’ but I expect they are not for family consumption! Wbilst agreeing with a lot of what you are sharing you need to realise that there are some of us who live thousands of miles away from their adult children and grandchildren because of the calling God has put on our lives. You see my beloved and I, who are in our late 70s, will never have the jab, which means we will never see our families again due to disabilities which means they cannot fly anyway and we will never see our friends again because they too will not be taking the ‘shot’. Thank God Jesus is coming to take us home soon! I also need to let you know my beloved and I could easily have fallen into your category of ‘horrible folk’ as we flew to various places arlund the world working with a ministry. In other words, I would truly appreciate it if you tempered your language just a little please because, at the moment, it is way too absolutist and you will have hurt some people with your comment.


    1. Oh dear that sounds like the video ‘starring Dr Northrop – a lady doctor whose first name I have totally forgotten. Sorry to tell you this but she is off the wall and talks a great deal of New Age rubbish. In fact she refers to one alleged illness and, as I knew somebody who suffered from it who was definitely mentally not all there, I know for a fact that Morgellens Disease which she mentions is an illness of the mind and not a physical illness.
      I have just checked but you cannot access the video any more any way but looking at the logos of Health Impact News I would suggest it is the self-same video which needs avoiding like the plague. I spoke with Leo about this because I was concerned and he completely agrees. There is one thing for sure this is definitely absolutely nothing to do with American Frontline Doctors who are definitely kosher, one of whom is Dr Simone Gold.


  9. I do not know how it is going to pan out in Cyprus, at the moment the rule is that most places you go to you have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result within the last 3 days, HOWEVER, wherever it is you go the business/restaurant/entertainment centre, etc, etc, cannot ask for this, only the police and those employed by the Health Dept can, so I expect most Cypriots will chance it. People here are very laid back and not prone to snitching on others, including their neighbours. I know my neighbours do not observe the rules but I would not dream of telling anybody. Their family visits them even when it’s lockdown and I am in complete agreement with them, how on earth are the children going to understand. My beloved and I believe we had it during Christmas 2019 and just after, but it did not feel like ‘flu, and we were pretty bad, I had to take to my bed for four afternoons and that is not like me. It was only later when the symptoms were itemised that we realised that, yes, those were our symptoms. On top of which I have no fear of death and complete confidence that God has ‘got our backs’ so to speak. We were offered the jab several weeks ago now, if not months, but my husband just said “not at the moment thank you” and we have heard nothing else. the only medic we are involved with is the rheumatologist and last winter we were not ill at all. It will be interesting to see how things pan out but how they will pan out here I have no idea. There is a general election at the end of the month but, of course, being expats we cannot vote. I get the feeling that no matter what political party wins the governing of this tiny nation, Cypriots, in general will just carry on as they have always done. Appearing biddable on the surface but only when being watched. That is one blessing there are very few surveillance cameras here, we do not even have them on the motorway yet!


    1. Julia, see if you can get a Coid-19 antibody test. Natural immunity is far better than the jab immunity. If you have natural immunity then you really have a status that you can use to argue with. BTW I believe that the jab destroys natural immunity.


      1. I believe you on the covid jabs destroying natural immunity. I think that that is the main purpose for that concoction. Sickness and disease is big business for big pharma. Healthy people don’t generate the level of income for the pharmacy beast as diseased people will. Not sure if the human genetic code has been cracked yet. But there’s no doubt in my mind that satanic scientists have discovered how to destroy the human immune system. And that’s how they will keep people coming back for more and more drugs and vaccines. Having a healthy immune system is anathema to these people.


      2. Hmm, I will ponder on what you have said and talk it over with my husband but isn’t that when they shove a Q-tip all the way up your nose? And how do I know that the result will be truth? I live in Cyprus which is a lot more Middle Eastern than European and there is a great deal of lying and corruption at all levels. But I will pray about it with my beloved.


  10. WOW oh WOW. Alarming and brilliant. It is so incredibly comforting that we know who we belong to and and that this demonic plan holds no worries wrt our Salvation. YET we must stand a fight against this until Jesus Christ of Nazareth calls us home.

    As I watch the world stage and read His Word which is the lens we need to use to look at events around us. I am able stand firm anchored to the Lord our God believing fully that He is coming soon. Maranatha


  11. The jab does not prevent infection or transmission. This is based on a LIE! Do not give into lies and evil!


  12. Most of the places they will require Vax Crassports you probably don’t want to go anyway & boycotting businesses that require it will hurt them in the bottom line. Live without Fear!


  13. You already crossed that line long ago when you allowed them to vaccinate your children in order to attend school. Why are you now surprised that it’s being taken to the next level?


  14. Spot on as usual Leo! I’m sending you a donation in gratitude.

    Can you address in a future article about one thorny issue as it ties in directly to this vaccine passport insanity. It has to do with states in the USA that are ‘at-will’ states…or in other words ‘at-will’ employment. Which means an employer can terminate an employee for any cause [or for no cause at all]. With this backdrop an employer can let an employee go if he hasn’t had the jab even though they wouldn’t say this is the reason. Again, from my understanding they don’t have to have a reason at all.

    My son is in this exact predicament. He works for an unnamed big corporation who in the last month has checked with him at least a half a dozen times whether he’s been vaccinated or not. He’s politely told them it’s his private business. He is a very good employee and he’s concerned they’re going to terminate his employment being that we’re in an at-will state.
    You did mention in one of your previous articles that a man was putting his big corporate employer on notice and even said he would lawyer up if they tried this.
    Do you have any followup on this guy and any followup advice for people who find themselves in this precarious position?

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    1. I do see this in your article as one source, so we will keep rhis in our back pocket:

      “New Civil Liberties Alliance, another nonprofit civil-rights organization offering free legal assistance to clients being forced to choose between their job or the jab”


    2. Tell your son to “come out” as a trans, gay woman and prefer pronouns him/his/he. Make no changes, be a gay woman that goes by he and him, and rocks a beard while happily married with kids or whatever, they can’t say a word… Any action taken against him after that is OBVIOUSLY either because he’s a woman now or it’s in retaliation for his decision to become open about his lifestyle of being a gay woman who prefers male pronouns. Anyone who tries to even ask him about it is clearly an oppressive bigot persecuting him!


    3. U have one choice find another job. Second fight for your freedom. Stand up with God


      1. Mark, let’s not lose hope yet. You n my previous article on this issue, “Vaccine passports: How to fight back and win”, I reported how those who take legal action against these corporate bullies are scoring some early successes.


    4. America’s frontline doctors website has a few letters that your son can use if it intensifies. They are doctors and lawyers.


  15. 9 players in the MLB team, the NY Yankees, have tested positive for “the Jinn” – despite being fully “vaccinated”. Although the MSM is calling these “breakthrough cases”, they can’t hide the fact that ATHLETES have contracted “the Jinn”. Never mind the average person has had issues, including death and blood clots, these players are in the spotlight. Don’t know if any normal person is paying attention…but if they believe in this virus how can they possibly convince themselves ANYTHING will “protect” them from contracting it?

    If “it” wants to get you, “it” will.

    BTW, there’s a rumor going around that the reason Melinda is divorcing Bill is may be implicated in a pedophile ring, along with Epstein (RIP) and Ms. Maxwell. Sure wouldn’t suprise me (I always thought he was creepy as hell). It’ll sure be interesting to see how things progress with this storyline.


    1. They are satanists. Devout at that. Raping children are harming innocent life are what those demon sock puppets do to get out of bed. No. Its a scam. You can liquidate your assets without causing alarm via a divorce. Kinda simple. These evil scum are protecting their asses only. Btw. Bill is a biological female. And melinda is a dude. Sickos the whole lot of them


    2. It’s because the gene therapy is creating spike protein, it doesn’t protect or prevent transmission! And it will cause people who get Covid ( variants) to get worse cases of Covid so I’ve read.. none of it good.

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      1. Thank you for referring to it as “gene therapy” (or as I like to call it “Jinn therapy”) because that’s exactly what it is. ;>


    1. The trick is in getting a judge to rule that a business like a bar is a “covered entity” because their employees are now routinely “transmitting health information” to verify health-related “credentials” of prospective patrons. In reality, the judge’s family will be threatened and/or be offered a nice deal, after which the judge will claim HIPAA does not apply to [insert business requiring passports here] because they’re not a covered entity despite the contradictory plain-text of the law. Welcome to the USSA!


      1. A former attorney general in our state (Ohio) has already gone on record saying that HIPPA laws do not apply in this situation. The businesses, etc. are not asking a person to disclose their health information via a third party. So, to him, it is not against the law to ask if one has taken the gene inoculation.


      2. He’s right about HIPPA, that’s why I didn’t mention it in the article. But where we can fight back and win is on the civil rights angle and also the federal EUA law, which requires informed consent for any medical treatment offered under emergency use. Obviously if you are mandating a treatment under penalty of job loss you are not allowing for consent at all let alone informed consent!


    2. Yeah… if you believe in that, you probably also believe in the tooth fairy and other such fables….


      1. I wonder if you would be good enough to help me understand why it was you needed to be so rude? Personally I have no idea what the person you are excoriating means as I am not American nor do I live in America but I had always been of the impression that it is Christians who post comments on this forum and it is becoming increasingly obvious that some of the alleged Christians would not know Jesus Christ if He tapped them on the shoulder, I trust this does not describe you and, if it does, why do you consider it is okay to speak like that to somebody you neither know, nor, it would seem, would you ever meet them?


    3. HIPAA means patients’ personal information and health data is always protected, whether at rest or in transit. HIPAA means patients can obtain copies of their health data on request, and that they will be notified if their protected health information is accessed or obtained by unauthorized individuals.


    4. That’s actually only within healthcare systems .. I agree it should cover us outside of institutions but it is a civil rights and liberties violation!


  16. FuQ that. We live in America. Any ne who accepts this is a public educated IDIOT. I won’t be politically correct about this bull shit. Screw their ‘new’ normal.
    In Texas we will not put up with that crap. Sounds like a yankee idea. “)


    1. They went along with all the rest of it, masks and lockdowns. Texas ain’t what it used to be and Abbott is a shill who can’t be trusted.

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    2. God knows all about this!! Yes, most of us got the shot! But we weren’t forced to get it!! As for the vaccine passport, hopefully Americans will not buy into it!!
      Remember Christians time is running short, we need to stay focused on the LORD!! He is in control!! not satan!! or the rich, or the leaders in our country !
      in the end, God wins!!!! Amen 🙏🏽


    3. Roger that. My only concern is seeing all the weaklings in San Antonio wearing masks, a lot more wearing their diapers than not, even though Abbott banned them!!!! Parts of Texas are still “Texas” but most of the urban centers are Yanks. To be honest, this is just a continuation of the Looting Machine that started in 1865. There will be a fight here this decade and it won’t be pretty.


    4. Agree I’m in NYS some small businesses require that or continue to mask up
      I’m not putting up with it
      One is my yoga studio. I will never go back and I’m boycotting
      Show me your papers please.
      It’s so ridiculous segregation and division
      I’ve sent numerous emails
      She’s a cancer survivor ( owner) and Covid nearly broke her , but , I said it’s not about you anymore , it’s about America and our freedoms!!


      1. I am so encouraged you are going back to your yoga studio that is one of the most deceptive pieces of demonic teaching going. This is not my opinion this is as a result of a lot of research because I was becoming most concerned at how ‘Christians’ were embracing it considering its origins. You cannot mess with things which are negatively spiritual and think you will not be affected. If you are a Christian, how about speaking with God about it and asking Him if there is anything He would like you to do. I should imagine He will, first of all have you repent of going to it in the first place (I am sure the teacher is nice but do not forget the enemy of our souls is an angel of light). He will do that by convicting you, not condemning you then when you are forgiven ask the Holy Spirit, Who dwells within every born-again Christian, if there is anything else you should do. After you have done this you should begin to be aware of a lightness which you have not experienced for quite sometime! Obviously if you think I am writing a load of rubbish, before you knee jerk your response how about doing a bit of research first then respond, okay. I truly am saying this with deep concern for your spiritual well-being, especially if you are a member of the household of our triune God. In all of it please forgive me if I have offended you?


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