MasterCard introduces app for banks that will track your spending habits and measure your carbon footprint

App trains users to make ‘environmentally informed’ spending decisions to ‘save the planet’ from humanity

In the eyes of the World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Bank, IMF, Bill Gates, George Soros and other globalists who see the pandemic as an “opportunity” to drive the world into a new economic and social system, which they call the Great Reset, humanity is the enemy of the planet.

To “save the planet,” the number of humans driving, heating homes, eating and breathing must be dramatically reduced. Those remaining must be retrained to live according to the standards and measurements set by the globalist technocrats. Below, Patrick Wood of Technocracy News highlights one example of this trend from Mastercard.

By Patrick Wood

There will come a time when your bank will discriminate against you for exceeding your allotted carbon footprint.

Mastercard’s new footprint calculator app states:

“A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by our actions. Greenhouse gasses, like carbon dioxide, are harmful to the planet.

Mastercard doesn’t bother to mention that if there was no CO2 in the atmosphere that all living plants on the earth would die. Given that you exhale CO2 some 20,000 times per day, Mastercard is suggesting that you are the biggest threat to the future of humanity.

They can help you with that. Their app explains:

Many things go into your carbon footprint, including where you live, your daily habits and your purchases. 

Just put all those things into the app and you can find out just how bad you are. The Mastercard website states:

Learn how your carbon footprint is calculated and get tips on how to reduce your footprint when you spend. Designed in collaboration with industry leaders, these insights can help you make practical and simple modifications leading to more mindful spending.

Mindful spending? This means buying the things they want you to buy and giving up your old habits. Consider it a redistribution of purchasing habits.

But, what if you still fail to measure up? What if your carbon footprint is still over-quota? Well, you can do penitence by donating to the “Priceless Planet Coalition” to help restore forests around the world.

Praise the Card! We have all been delivered.

Visit Mastercard’s Carbon Footprint Calculator page

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13 thoughts on “MasterCard introduces app for banks that will track your spending habits and measure your carbon footprint”

  1. Leo, What will “they” do for or with those who do not have “5-G-type” or SMART phones? I still have a dumb phone; they couldn’t pay me enough to take one of the new ones.. Just curious if you have any thoughts. Tim


    1. As a member also of that, seemingly, deminishing tribe it would be good to hear Leo’s thoughts on this! Especially as I truly do not want an all singing all dancing phone.


      1. They will do the same as with all technology, the systems will be upgraded and no longer support your devices. At that point you either are forced to upgrade or not have a mobile. It is getting harder to stay on the fringes and find workarounds. Great work Leo in keeping us informed.


      2. That’s a possibility but there are a few things which, hopefully, militate against it:
        1. I will be 78 years old on Friday – so not long for this world anyway
        2. Jesus will take me home via the Rapture
        3. I will stay on the fringes and live without a mobile! I live on an island of about one million people and most of the communicating I do is via the internet
        4. I have a mighty big Daddy Who will care for His Son’s bride! My confidence in His ability grows as the days grow darker, He truly is an awesome and great God.


  2. I have a better way of dealing with that, my mobile is incapable of taking apps! And here in Cyprus cash is still the king!


  3. Silicon is synthetic. Humans–and all organic life are carbon based.
    Not sure how conscious it is, but it seems to be a war on everything natural.
    This can only get worse.


    1. Satan – and his followers – having been waging a war on life since the beginning. This is just a continuation.


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