Corporate media giant tries to get tiny Christian college banned from NCAA athletics: You won’t believe why

Ever wonder where people in the corporate-owned media establishment get their bizarre ideas and hateful attitudes toward everyone who refuses to accept their twisted definitions of benign-sounding words like “equality” and “inclusiveness?”

Take, for example, the way USA Today attacked Oral Roberts University, mocking and ridiculing the school in a hateful editorial meant to tarnish what was a brilliant moment for the Golden Eagles men’s basketball team in advancing to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament.

Oral Roberts, a tiny evangelical Christian school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, knocked off two titans of college basketball – Ohio State and Florida – to earn its spot in the Sweet 16.

But here comes USA Today with its brutal attempt to demonize the college for its “archaic” and “deeply bigoted” stance on LGBTQ ideology, which just happens to be the biblical Christian stance for 2,000 years.

In the article titled “Oral Roberts University isn’t the feel-good March Madness story we need,” USA Today trashes the university for requiring students to pledge they will not engage in homosexual activity and that they will not be united in marriage to a person of the same sex. The college also bans male students from wearing makeup and cross dressing.

This is just too much for USA Today to bear. So the newspaper published its attack piece, calling for the NCAA to ban Oral Roberts from all participation in NCAA sporting events.

This is the way the American cancel culture works and it will only increase if H.R. 5, the so-called Equality Act, gets passed by the U.S. Senate [it’s already passed the House]. Alex Newman writes an excellent article in The New American in which he rightly predicts passage of H.R. 5 would criminalize biblical Christianity, forcing religious institutions into compliance with radical LGBTQ ideology in the name of “equality.”

The cancel culture emanates from neo-Marxist ideology, applying Rules for Radicals, a book authored in 1971 by American Marxist activist Saul Alinsky. In it, Alinsky instructed his followers to viciously attack their conservative opponents in the culture wars.

Alinsky’s “rules” call on fellow radicals to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” He schooled them to cut off their enemy’s support network and “isolate the target” from sympathy.

This may sound cruel, he said, but it’s very effective. He dedicated his book to Lucifer so he didn’t spend much time worrying about his own cruel behavior. In Marxist ideology, the ends justify the means, so if moralizing on the righteousness of LGBTQ “equality” makes you look good and your opponent look bad in the public’s eye, that’s what you do, even if you could care less about the morals of anything. All you really care about is the will to power and being able to micro-manage the words, actions and thoughts of your subjects.

In the name of fighting “hate speech,” you use every hateful tactic in the book. In the name of tolerance and “inclusiveness,” you make it clear that no dissent from your own Marxist opinions will be tolerated.

You can see this strategy in the USA Today editorial targeting and isolating Oral Roberts University.

In its poorly constructed treatise, USA Today is unable to string together more than two sentences at a time without resorting to cheap-shot labeling tactics. Here are just a few of the labels that flow from the author’s cruel pen: “homophobia,” “deeply bigoted,” “transphobia,” “hateful,” “dangerous,” “moral regressiveness,” “toxic notions of fundamentalism” and “prejudiced teachings.”

In USA Today‘s mixed-up world, standing for traditional marriage, being prolife and pro-biology makes you guilty of “moral failings” while those who promote the LGBTQs and make them feel morally superior or somehow special are the saintly moral ones. Wow. Talk about twisted!

Oral Roberts is a private school entitled to make its own rules. Unlike the smug, elitist publishers at USA Today, it is not trying to force its rules on any other college or university. If you want to marry someone of the same sex or feel the urge to deny your God-given biology, by all means knock yourself out. You have a million colleges and universities to choose from. In fact, most will be so eager to indulge your aberrant behavior they will rush you to the front of their enrollment lines.

But let there be one school that caters to students who don’t want to study in that kind of environment and USA Today can’t wait to pick up its stone of judgment and hurl it rudely at what it sees as the guilty party.

In George Orwell’s classic book, 1984, the main character Winston learns after suffering many hours of torture at the hands of the one-party state known as Big Brother, that it’s not enough to obey Big Brother. He must love Big Brother and all of Big Brother’s beliefs and policies. This is the attitude of USA Today and other media elites. It’s not enough for Oral Roberts to mind its own business and keep its “archaic” student policies, it must wholeheartedly embrace the left’s agenda or be erased from existence in the “modern” society as defined by them.

Here is an outtake from the newspaper’s editorial:

“Oral Roberts, with its decrees banning homosexual conduct, stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and specifically banning male students from wearing makeup, earned a ticket to the Big Dance even though the university’s foundations expressly go against the very things the NCAA say they value. The fact is, any and all anti-LGBTQ+ language in any school’s polices should ban them from NCAA competition.”

Notice they even had to add the + at the end of LGBTQ. Was this done to cover themselves should a new gender identity be invented between the time they wrote the editorial and the time it went to press?

I can’t help but wonder if USA Today would be so bent out of shape and offended by Oral Roberts’ stance on marriage if it were Muslim instead of Christian. Something tells me we wouldn’t hear a peep out of these hypocrites.

USA Today is owned by the Gannet Corp., the nation’s largest chain of local newspapers. Since Gannet wants to cancel Oral Roberts from participating in the NCAA competition, simply because they disagree with the school’s views on marriage and other cultural issues, I recommend we cancel any subscriptions to local newspapers owned by this corporate bully.

To find out who owns your local newspaper, simply type the name of the paper along with “ownership” into your favorite search engine [I use DuckDuckgo]. A newspaper’s ownership is also typically listed in the masthead along with the names of the publisher and top editors. If you really want to make a point, write a letter to the publisher of your local paper and tell him or her why you are canceling your subscription.

As for Oral Roberts, congratulations Golden Eagles on a job well done. You are a type of David going against an army of Goliaths!

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  1. I have thought that for years & years. What other reason for letting in invaders of military age and so many of them with cartel background & weapon training or at least familiarity.


  2. Hello Leo, Another superb article. Thank you.On another topic, a point I am sure you are aware of….yesterday Biden stated the “children” were of the majority “16-18” yr old unaccompanied males from these poorer Central American countries, one has to wonder if these thousands of young males aren’t being recruited to be the army needed to disarm law abiding citizens. They will be houses at military bases, how convienent for training purposes. Just a thought!!!!Take care and God bless you.  Don and Sharon Gricol 

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  3. LGBTQ+ means anyone who has a marginally different specific fetish they will champion and use to destroy people of sanity and integrity. They can’t come out and say them until the letter people are in positions of power, since by then they will be bored and ready to move on to something new. That’s how they will expand to children, animals, and anything else normal people consider horrific and unhealthy.

    Because there is no end to the insanity of the left. They will never be satisfied. They aren’t satisfied with the way the body is designed to propagate the species, and they never will be. It’s simple. They are insane. If you are not satisfied with what gender you are, you will never be satisfied by anything that satisfies the average normal person. When their current desires are met, they will ‘discover’ new gripes, injustices, and more ‘changes’ will be forced upon those of us who still retain a sense of what normal is.

    That’s why they are targeting whites, aged, and heterosexuals. Normal is a offense to the insane.

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    1. Isn’t it ironic that the name the Puritans had for those who did not believe in God or in His Bible was they were “insane”!


  4. Loved it, loved it, especially – “Notice they even had to add the + at the end of LGBTQ. Was this done to cover themselves should a new gender identity be invented between the time they wrote the editorial and the time it went to press?” – now that really gave me cause to chuckle. Although, all in all, this is not a chuckling matter. Thank you Leo. I must away to the bank now!

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  5. I wonder if private islamic schools & orgs will be held to the same standard or will islamic out right hatred of the alphabet pretend genders be ignored by the media & govt. Not putting this very well because it is difficult to be diplomatic about this topic.

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