Dr. Fauci actually gets asked real questions from a real journalist, and his answers may surprise you

A Mexican comedian named Eugenio Derbez asked Dr. Anthony Fauci some simple, rather obvious questions during an interview last week about the vaccines that Fauci seemed unprepared to answer.

Fauci got more agitated as the interview progressed.

That may be because he is unaccustomed to being grilled by journalists, most of whom behave more like public-relations flaks shilling for their corporate boss than actual professional reporters. As a result of the U.S. media’s embarrassingly uncritical reporting on this new so-called “vaccine,” most Americans are woefully uninformed about the biologic substance they are agreeing to have injected into their bodies.

They are not aware, for example, that this vaccine has not been tested for long-term effectiveness or safety.

Nor are they aware that the vaccine will not necessarily stop them from getting COVID or from passing it on to another human being.

In the interview captured on video above, Dr. Fauci completely contradicts himself over a span of five minutes, first saying that the vaccine will “protect yourself, your family and your community” and then admitting that you actually aren’t fully protecting your vulnerable, elderly family members because “we aren’t sure yet” whether vaccinated persons can be asymptomatic spreaders.

You will recall that one of the most dire predictions made by Fauci and echoed continuously in the mainstream media last year, causing much fear and panic among Americans, was that asyptomatic “super spreaders” could infect people without knowing it. Now, we learn, thanks to this excellent interview, that getting the vaccine can cause the same type of asymptomatic spread.

You can’t have it both ways, Dr. Fauci. Asymptomatics can either spread the virus or they can’t. Which is it?

Fauci at several points during the interview appears annoyed and irritated that he is actually getting hit with real questions. His body language exudes “get me out of here, please, before I get exposed as the fraud that I am!”

One of the most basic questions Derbez asks is whether the new vaccines have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Rather than answer the question honestly and explain that the vaccines have only been given Emergency Use Authorization [EUA] and are therefore still waiting on official approval, he tries to pull a fast one on the interviewer.

“Which of the vaccines have been officially approved by the FDA?” Derbez asks.

“Three of them,” Fauci responds, listing Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson. “So there are three vaccines that have gotten emergency use authorization so far.”

Fauci, after first answering in the affirmative that all three vaccines have official approval, tries to sneak in the actual term, “emergency use authorization,” thinking Derbez won’t know the difference.

But Derbez has done his homework and realizes the doctor is trying to hoodwink him. The exchange is priceless as Fauci gets further into the interview and realizes he is actually, for the first time, being asked real questions designed to get straight to the truth about these vaccines. They are still in the experimental stages and were only given emergency authorization for public use. This should raise the question in everyone’s mind: If these vaccines still don’t have official approval of the FDA, then why are governments and corporations trying to coerce people into getting them, threatening in some cases to fire people from their jobs if they don’t accept the shot?

Why did Joe Biden repeatedly refer to the vaccines as “safe and effective” in his address to the nation last week when we know for a fact that they were never tested for long-term safety?

What is going on in the world right now with these vaccines should be raising the curiosity of the entire media. But instead they treat Fauci like he is a little god, asking only softball questions and shamefully refusing to drill down on what he is actually trying to sell us. When he refuses to give honest answers or gives imprecise answers, they always let him off the hook without asking the obvious follow-up question. In other words, they would flunk journalism 101 if they had to go back and take the course today.

Maybe they should take lessons from this Mexican comedian on how to be a real journalist. We all would be better off and better able to make informed decisions about an important health issue. Please share this article and video with all your friends. Please also know that you can find me on Telegram by searching “Leo Hohmann Author/Journalist.”

Leo Hohmann is an independent author and journalist whose work is 100 percent reader supported. That means he is not beholden to any advertiser or corporate sponsors like the mainstream media. He depends on you to keep his investigations going. Donations of any size are appreciated and can be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or by credit card below.

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42 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci actually gets asked real questions from a real journalist, and his answers may surprise you”

  1. In the interview Fauci said, “They [big pharma] are very sensitive about hurting people”
    What? Is he kidding??? How does Fauci sleep at night? Probably with the best sleep-aids big pharma makes, I bet!

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    1. Yes,big pharma is very sensitive about hurting people,ask the Indians,ethiopians and the Filipinos,they will tell you all about big pharma.


    1. dmpendragon6985
      I’m sure you’re writing without due consideration, but the name of the “doctor” you mentioned should not be issued in the light of day. He was a monster of such magnitude, such untold horror, doing such inhumane desecration to innocent, captive people, especially children, that his name deserves to be erased. To air his name, reduces his victims as well as humanity.


    2. Google, or Whatever, but research or investigate, what I was told a couple of years ago, when This man-made fraud & fiasco, first was started, ALL ABOUT FAUCI, AND HIS ALLEGED INVOLVEMENT, OR RESPONSIBILITY-IN, THE DEATHS OF APPARENTLY, ULTIMATELY, MILLIONS OVER TIME, OF GAY PEOPLE ‘WAY BACK, WITH HIS VACCINES !

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  2. It appears that this “Honest Comic got Dr. Fauci on the Hot Seat, as he continues to give “many different answers to this CHINA VIRUS, that he, Bill Gates, ‘WHO’ have ALL protected when in fact, it appears imo, to be Deliberate. Fauci likes the “publicity and appears to be a Liberal, Media Darling, which certainly makes HIM feel Very Important.” He is held up as the Dr. Hero and Expert, although his “answers from day one, are “All over the map” and he has benefitted by standing by the CCP, and his connections with Bill Gates of “Depopulation Fame
    who is NOT a doctor. They may have a joint business venture and the $$$ is the MOST Important thing, as Fauci was also awarded One Million…from some adoring agency.


  3. Leo, in the light of the above blog I thought you might like to be informed of the headlines of the UK broadsheet, The Times, today, they relate to the Oxford-AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’:
    1. The Oxford vaccine shows why we and the world need Britain to be global.
    2. Regulators defend Oxfdord jab over fears of blood clots.
    3. we needn’t worry, blood clots are a fact of life.
    4. Ireland right to suspend jab.
    You see the newspaper has a separate section for northern Ireland, hence the last headline.


  4. Leo, with regard to the following:
    “Nor are they aware that the vaccine will not necessarily stop them from getting COVID or from passing it on to another human being.”

    The same is true of seasonal flu shots and the flu. That’s a not a deterrent to flu vaccination recommendations.

    Regarding flu, thousands of healthy young unvaccinated adults die from flu every year in the US (before COVID-19 mitigation measures were in place). Flu vaccination markedly saves lives and reduces the severity of flu in those who contract it.


    1. Sorry Dr. Kaufman, there are just too many lies being passed around. The answer to protecting ourselves is to boost our immunity. I’ve never believed the answer lies in injections from Big Pharma. I’ve never had a flu shot in my life and never had the flu once as an adult. I had it once as a kid and recovered just fine. I am not saying nobody has ever benefited from a flu shot, but I think too many physicians practice medicine these days with a one size fits all approach. They punch in a few data points and the computer spits out the predictable answer — prescribe this drug or that drug, and always make sure to push the flu shot. Now they will be pushing the new shot and calling it, wrongly in my opinion, a vaccine. Where does it end? Annual flu shots, annual COVID shots. I think we are destroying the human immune system and making a bad situation with this virus even worse. Did you see the interview with the scientist Dr. Geert Vander Bossche? He has issued a huge warning about this vaccine.

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      1. Thank you Leo, I am not thoroughly convinced by Dr Kaufman’s assertion either. My daughter is a consultant surgeon and she has never encouraged her father or me to be vaccinated against the ‘flu. Because of all the lies which are doing the rounds I have come to the point where i prefer not to see any medics at all, apart from my Rheumatology guy once every three months.


  5. The questions aren’t as bright or original as Leo thinks. For example, it’s been anticipated that, for a variety of obvious reasons (nothing to do with the vaccinations themselves) that the protected might still inadvertently be able to spread the virus–altho much less likely. The vaccines have undergone exhaustive testing in other countries–Canada has introduced them much more slowly waiting for its own scientific consensus. In fact, none of the questions the comedian asked have been unaddressed. Fauci is likely just frustrated by the ignorance. Leo seems to be a bit out of his depth here. Best option is to ban types like myself until the pandemic’s over.

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    1. Lol! I thought I banned you a long time ago Nabi because you don’t like anything I write, whether it’s about vaccines or any other issue. You have allowed your mind to be hopelessly trapped in the matrix, and time is running out for you to detach yourself from the world system and start to think critically. If you just go along with the propaganda spoken into your mind by the “authorities” you will wake up one day and realize you’ve been deceived.

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      1. I was so tempted to respond but you, Leo, have done it so much better and, of course, you are more cognisant with the history. XX


    2. Oh Nabi, Nabi, Nabi, perhaps it’s YOU that are a bit out of his depth?
      As an RN, I’ve witnessed way too many severe (and sometimes deadly) reactions to common vaccinations.
      The people who have had these severe reactions are almost always told by their physicians that their illness/reaction has NOTHING to do with the vaccine, but that their illness, paralysis, fever, etc… just happens to be a coincidence!
      Pharmaceutical companies are not responsible when severe or deadly reactions occur due to their vaccines, no, the US Government assumes “responsibility” for the adverse effects.
      And good luck winning in the “vaccine courts.” It takes years to hear a case, and rarely are the injured parties compensated.


  6. Interesting article at Vlad Tepes Blog.
    A couple of odd things about Tanzania, the lack of Covid or measures, and the missing leader
    Tanzanian didn’t lockdown, no PCR and not media blitz of the horrors of Wuhan. Vlad: Here is an interesting graph. No idea if its all true, this was sent to us by a friend but I have not fact checked it. Stands to reason though, that if you don’t PCR test healthy people you won’t get tons of “cases”. See link for graph.
    Also here is a video on Tanzania from February 8, 2021 https://youtu.be/G8W_SXQKysI
    Tanzania rejects WHO & Vaccine. Bill & Melinda go after Tanzania for rejecting WHO & Lockdowns & testing & the jab.


  7. Remember basic geometry? Here’s a theorem.
    A does not equal B.

    Bob says A. Five minutes later Bob says B.

    Either A is true. Or B is true. Or both A and B are false.
    The only thing we can be sure of is that Bob is lying.

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  8. When is America going to get it? This is a Jesuit looking for a modern-day Inquisition. Look at the upheavals in Latin America with Liberation Theology and the role of the Jesuits. They have hidden themselves under Marxists’ agendas in the past. Deceptive folks acting like they are concerned for humanity. The vaccine is also a huge money $$$ making business as well. If this virus was “solely” from a meat market with unsanitary handling practices, we would have seen an outbreak decades ago. Keep exposing the corruptions, Leo; and pray that the Word of the Lord have free course (2nd Thessalonians 3: 1-2). These globalist control freaks are going after many freedoms; one being the Word of the Lord which rightly divided reveals their sin; therefore, they seek to either misrepresent the Gospel of Christ Crucified, or abolish it all together.

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    1. I wonder how many realise that Pope Francis is the very first Jesuit Pope? Which, when you think of it, is an interesting nconsideration, hmm?


      1. The extensive list of liberal socialistic Democrats and political Jesuits is rather unsettling.
        For starters: Gov. Newsom of CA is Jesuit educated; Gov. Cuomo is Jesuit educated; former Director of the CDC Robert Redfield is Jesuit educated; former DNC Chair Perez, who is aggressively against voter ID laws, is also Jesuit educated. Former President Bill Clinton is Jesuit educated. The list goes on. Given the history of the Jesuits and politics as well as Pope John Paul II asking the world to forgive the Church of its involvement in the Crusades, Holocaust, and indirectly the Inquisition, one seriously has to ask if history is just repeating itself with a different mask. It is a known fact that Jesuits give their loyalty to the Pope; therefore, “We the People” have the right to question if these government officials are giving their loyalty to the Papacy and its socialistic agenda, or is their loyalty to the US Constitution? The way things look now is their loyalty is to the Vatican; and the White House is clearly showing that. A union of Church and State is gripping America; and it’s not a holy alliance for the well-being of the People; and particularly for those of the Baptist/Methodist & Protestant faiths that remember their history from Europe to the American Revolution. Unless the current political arena changes, more persecutions are on the horizon. Coercion of COVID vaccines is only the beginning. Come Lord Jesus.


      2. Oh dear, thank you for that but I am not American nor do I live in America so the vast majority of those names mean nothing to me. However, I am sure what you have written will be shaken a few Americans up which is all to the good. However just one question are Baptists and Methodists not Protestants then? I wouldn’t know because I was not brought up in a Christian household, quite the opposite in fact, it was completely hedonistic so I have never been able to get my head around all these denominations, preferring instead to claim “I follow Jesus, I am His disciple” rather than claiming to be a Methodist or a Baptist or a Protestant! I do think we all tend to try and put people in boxes but there is one ‘box’ I would avoid like the plague and that is the Roman Catholic box in all its variations. By the way I studied Jesuit history at school so I know a fair bit about the Crusades and the Inquisitions – oh boy did the enemy have some ‘fun’ with those! Tragically those incidents, even now, colour people’s attitudes to Christians.


  9. Thank you Leo for your journalistic honesty and for posting folks with diverse comments. That is what the 1st Amendment is all about.


    1. Just in case, whilst it is really good to read diverse comments I cannot, for the life of me, understand why some people have to be so jolly rude, so I would agree with you apart from that small rider. As we have always said in my family there is no reason not to disagree agreeably.


      1. Julia, the main difference between Protestants and Baptists is in regard to infant baptism and diverse views of Covenant Theology. Baptist typically do not consider themselves to be Protestant; despite their opposition to Catholicism and the Pope. Methodists are considered to be Protestants; and do practice infant baptism; but differ with some Reformed Baptist Churches and traditional Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches on the degree of free will in salvation. Today each denomination is far more diverse with additional teachings; and today; only a small handful of these Churches adhere to their historic creeds and faith. Theology with all the denominations is extremely complex today; and unfortunately, has caused many divisions; some justified, while other divisions could have been avoided. Despite the divisions, all Protestants and Baptists were all in agreement against Papal Supremacy and refuted that the Pope of the Rome is the predominate Antichrist of the Scriptures. Sadly, the Protestant protest against the Pope is very faint today; too much religious compromise; and denial of the Truth for the sake of a false unity. Hope this helps. Tommy


      2. Sweetheart, have you not got it yet, I do not care. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am born-again, I am Spirit-filled and I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, I wish everybody else would refuse labels too because by labelling a person you have put them in a box, in effect, you have dismissed them and were you to dialogue further with them you would say to yourself ”he/she is a ‘Pentibapticharismaticky’ person” and you would evaluate what they have written with that label in mind, thereby rendering their uniqueness as irrelevant. I am grateful to God that I did not come to know Him until after I was an adult because that saved me from having to ‘unlearn’ all the junk that people place upon another person. Do you know what it taI kes to be a Christian? It is so simple my five year old and my four year old responded to Jesus and 40+ years on they are still walking with Him. Do they attend the same denomination I attend – no but that does not make them any the less a Christian. Whilst I am totally aware of the deep dotrinal issues we have with the Roman Catholic ‘denomination’ going any further smacks of ‘heresy hunting’!


  10. Julia, you asked a question about Baptist and Methodist being Protestant. I responded back with a brief difference between Baptist and Protestants/Methodist. Now you belittle me with no knowledge of my beliefs. Is it any wonder why so many folks today are rebelling on Christianity (Romans 2:24). Didn’t Christ Himself and the Apostle Paul confront the diverse heretical teachings of their times? The doctrine that Christ and Paul taught through the ministry of the Spirit was precise and simple. I’m not heresy hunting per your accusation. Even so, we have a Biblical command to be on guard for heresy (1st John 4:1). The brief response to your question is the reality of the Protestant Reformation. Despite problems with church and state in Europe and theological differences, thank God Almighty for the Reformation; for without it, we would not have The Holy Bible – written in the languages of the nations for the salvation of God’s Sheep scattered abroad. Tommy


      1. I’m sorry, do I know you? Have we met and I have completely forgotten, hmm? Are you capable of reading people’s thoughts and motivations from thousands of miles away?
        I do not have to do anything to make my calling and ‘election’ sure, Jesus has done everything.
        It does appear to me, in my ignorance, that you are propounding a Calvinistic gospel – not one I care to espouse. What insufferable arrogance.
        I had seen your ‘links’ before and I did wonder, now I have been to the one you posted above. Wow! I feel great pity for the poor souls who would believe that diatribe of yours. Fancy going through life never knowing if you are saved or not. I know people like that and, poor souls, they are truly fearful as to whether they will go to heaven or not, how absolutely awful.
        I have been reading the Word of God from cover to cover for the last 45+ years having become a Christian at the age of 32 with no ‘Christian’ background and your assertion introduces me to a god who is not revealed in the Bible. The God I read about in His Holy Word has so much more love for us than that, after all he sacrificed us His only begotten (monogenes – ‘one-of-a-kind) Son to give us a way back to Him and, having done that, you tell us that He is going to toy with us for the rest of our lives here on earth never confirming our salvation, never giving us the peace we need to serve Him wholeheartedly. That sort of god you can keep, or perhaps you really need to become a Muslim because, it seems to me, apart from the fact that allah did not sacrifice his son, because he does not have one, he leaves his followers in doubt for the whole of their lives as to whether they will be with him when they die or not.
        Perhaps it is time for you to go and kick the dog rather than somebody you do not know nor, please God, will meet on this earth.


      1. Thank you Leo, this is something I should have said instead of ‘reacting’ – I have a feeling I was ‘played’ and fell for it. I will try to do better in future. As ever my beloved and I thoroughly appreciate all that you share with us, we have learnt so much. And, with deep respect, we do not come to you for doctrinal teaching but for what you have gleaned is happening in the world today. XX


      2. Yes brother Leo, I try to keep my comments short and to the point of where mystery Babylon is headed but when Christians ignore passages such as these I must speak up so please forgive me:
        2 Timothy 1:9 who saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before times eternal,
        Philippians 2:12 So then, my beloved, even as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;
        2 Corinthians 7:1 Having therefore these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.


      3. Oops, that did not work too well, did it? Ah well, back to the drawing board, and thank God that some things are just brilliant – see my email. Again, please forgive me if I have added fuel to the fire, as promised I will endeavour not to indulge myself again, which is really hard right now considering the response you have just received. Oh my I kinda think God has His work cut out with me. But I thank God for you!


    1. Sweetheart if you feel belittled by my comments then I am sad to say that belittling is coming out of your own heart, because to do that I would have had to have thought that and I did not.


  11. Leo, I agree and apologize for the theological issues: despite the fact that the Word warns us of forthcoming evils before His Second Advent. On another note of liberal hypocrisy: Isn’t it amazing that the Biden crew is playing the race card with the recent shootings in Atlanta before investigations are complete; and why can’t they accept the fact that the Chinese people are in bondage to a Communist government; and the term China virus has nothing to do with race; but the fact that the CCP had ulterior motives with this virus. Democratic hypocrisy beyond hypocrisy. Keep striving to expose the truth. Thanks again Tommy


  12. Hi Leo,

    I have only one question for Fauci: when are you going to tell Biden to close the border and ‘follow the science’ so that we’re not letting in 10%+ Covid positive people and sending them all over the country. There were more than 100,000 illegals in Feb alone, so that means at least 10,000 spreaders.

    I’m not holding my breath for Cameleon Fauci to step up. That question and position should be obvious.

    Warmest regards,

    -Ken Ken Greenberg ken@alertli.org

    Mission AlertAmerica.News is devoted to notifying citizens of impending threats by working with local and national law enforcement, local and state legislators, and members of Congress.

    We’re focused on strengthening national security, assuring the preservation of Israel, upholding the Constitution, preserving free speech and the right to bear arms, maintaining our energy independence, protecting our power grid and assuring the safety of our citizenry.



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