Here’s why mRNA injections do not meet the legal definition of ‘vaccine’

What is an mRNA injection? ‘Let’s be very clear,’ says scientist David Martin, ‘This is not a vaccine!’

My previous article about the mRNA injections has gained a lot of traction across the Internet. As a result, it caught the attention of a few leftist trolls who tried to disparage the facts I presented. This despite the fact that the article was based on words straight from the mouth of the top scientist at Moderna, one of the two companies producing millions of doses of mRNA chemical agents to be shot into the arms of people worldwide.

You can always tell when you hit the target because that’s when the trolls come out.

Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS News reporter turned media critic and author of the book Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship, offers this tip when reading or listening to the highly controlled mainstream media:

Be aware that the media use loaded words to steer you away from factual reports that do damage to the false narrative they are trying to feed into the public psyche.

They use words like “‘Baseless,’ ‘Without evidence,’ ‘Debunked,’ ‘Conspiracy theory’ to disparage competing narratives. This often means, according to Attkisson, that powerful interests don’t want you to see or believe a particular study/report/news article and are trying to control the information. “It might well be factually correct,” she warns. “Look into it.”

This certainly describes the featured speakers in the video below who, despite their credentials as highly successful scientists, have had their video presentations scrubbed from YouTube, which is owned by Google.

These same disparaging tactics were revealed in another of my previous articles, titled 12 mind-control tactics used by globalist establishment elites to change the way Americans think.

Still, when a troll questions the facts in one of my articles, I don’t ignore them. No, it makes me dig further to find an even more precise, air-tight way of stating what I already said, so as to make my articles more bullet proof.

So after one troll questioned the validity of the description I provided of mRNA injections, I tried to find a description of this treatment, from a credible source, that could explain in the most explicit detail, exactly what this injection is and does. I wanted a definition that not only offers precision but does it in a way that the average lay person can understand.

Remember, the vast majority of those getting this injection have done little to no research – they implicitly trust Big Pharma’s word along with that of the mainstream media that it will be safe and effective.

I believe I have found the best definition from Dr. David Martin [see Martin’s bio here] in a video he produced in late January with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Judy Mikovits. I watched it three times and each time was able to grasp a little more of what he said. I augmented what I heard with some of my own research and can confidently present it as truth.

One thing you will absorb even on the first listen is this: The injections being supplied by Moderna and Pfizer are NOT VACCINES.

According to Dr. Martin, these manufacturers had to disguise their treatments as vaccines in order to fit them under the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts U.S. Supreme Court case, a ruling that has been interpreted [some say misinterpreted] as a license for states to mandate vaccines during health emergencies.

With that background, listen to Dr. Martin explain the rest. Below is a word-for-word transcription of most, not all, of what he has to say in the above video [italics are mine added for emphasis].

“Let’s make sure we’re clear on something. Let’s stipulate that this is not a vaccine. We need to be very clear that we’re using the term vaccine to sneak this thing in under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine. This is an mRNA, packaged in a fat envelope, delivered to a cell. This is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It is not a vaccine. Vaccines are actually a legally defined term. And they’re a legally defined term under public health law. They’re a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards, and a vaccine specifically has to stimulate, both an immunity within the person receiving it but it also has to disrupt transmission. And that’s not what this is. They have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand going into the cell is not to stop transmission. It is a treatment. But if, it was discussed as a treatment it would not get the sympathetic ear of the public health authorities because then people would say well what other treatments are there?

“The use of the term vaccine is unconscionable for both the legal definition of it, but also because it actually is the sucker punch to open and free discourse, because by saying ‘vaccine’ you dump it into a thing where you could be anti or pro ‘the therapy,’ but if you actually talked about it as a therapy, and remember, and people forget this, Moderna was started as a chemotherapy company for cancer, not a vaccine manufacturer for SARS-COV2. If we said we’re going to give people prophylactic therapy for the cancer they don’t have, you’d be laughed out of a room, because that’s a stupid idea. That’s exactly what this is. This is a mechanical device in the form of a very small packet of technology that is being inserted into the human system to activate the cell to become a pathogen-manufacturing site.

“And I refuse to stipulate in any conversations that this is in fact a vaccine issue. The only reason why the term is being used was to abuse the 1905 Jacobson case that has been misrepresented since it was written. And if we were honest with this we would actually call it what it is. It is a chemical pathogen device that is actually meant to unleash a chemically pathogen production action within a cell. It is a medical device, not a drug, because it meets the CDRH [Center for Devices and Radiological Health] definition of a medical device. It is not a living system, it is not a biologic system [as it would be if it were a vaccine]. It is a physical technology. It happens to just come in the size of a molecular package.

“So we need to be really clear on making sure we don’t fall for their game, because their game is if we talk about it as a vaccine then we’re going to get into a vaccine conversation. But this is not, by their own admission, a vaccine. As a result it must be clear to everyone listening that we will not fall for this failed definition, just like we won’t fall for their industrial-chemical definition of health, because both of them are functionally flawed and are an explicit violation of the legal construct that is being exploited.

“I get frustrated when I hear activists and lawyers and everybody else say, ‘we’re going to fight the vaccine.’ If you stipulate that it’s a vaccine you’ve already lost the battle. It is not a vaccine.

“It is made to make you sick. 80 percent of the people who get the virus are asymptomatic, meaning they have no symptoms at all. 80 percent of the people who get this injection have a clinical adverse event. You are getting injected with a chemical substance to induce illness, not to induce an immuno-transmissive response. In other words, nothing about this is going to stop you from transmitting anything. This is about getting you sick, and having your own cells being the thing that get you sick.”

There is more in the video and I encourage you to watch it in full.

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49 thoughts on “Here’s why mRNA injections do not meet the legal definition of ‘vaccine’”

  1. FB’s well-paid “fact checkers” already censoring this article with their “false information” overlay when I shared it :-/


  2. Thank you Julia and Ian! Blessings to you from Will in Nebraska [smack dab in the middle of USA]! What an encouraging and hopeful comment you wrote about Jesus Christ [our great hope]. Also we are to comfort one another with the words of the rapture. The Rapture is A Message of Comfort (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). Ian mentioned Gary Stearman who I absolutely love!!
    Take care you two!!

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    1. My beloved and I are very deeply touched by your kind words which the Lord must have prompted you to write. We are missionaries (according to our lovely friend Bob Ulrich) in Cyprus still, after nine years, looking for a Bible-bvelieving church with life here. We are English and ancient and can, occasionally, feel quite lonely, and then comments like yours pop up. Thank you so very much or, as the Greeks would say “epeisis”. May the Lord give you a special day today. It is my beloved who has done all the research.


  3. How ironically strange…
    That so-called ‘covid-19 virus’, generally, has a CDC 96 to 99.7% rate of recovery. With that fact in mind…everyone must ask: what that ‘covid-19 vaccination’ is used for & for what reason? To help (or heal?) a mere 4% of the world population?
    In my humble opinion…I’d rather have the ‘covid-19 virus’ than ‘submit’ to the stab jab ‘vaccination’!

    And let’s not overlook or dismiss that ‘covid-19 vaccination’ is NOT FDA-approved! Only FDA-allowed under emergency situations. Only 4% of the world population are NOT within any medical emergency, exactly like 96% plus are not in any medical emergency situation which requires to get vaccinated. Another fact to keep in mind?

    The US MILITARY is in place as an absolute scare tactic, or maybe force everyone into accepting the ‘vaccination’. Not making any accusations, only sharing my few thoughts.

    PLEASE, I ask everyone: do your own research, make your own decision, make your own choice. And…please live to enjoy the day. One last bit of factual info?

    I Corinthians chapter 6 verse 19-20:
    “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”
    Thank You


    1. I love your response but I am so thrilled to add to it that when we became ‘born-again’, or however we choose to phrase it, at that moment our spirits were saved for eternity! Whilst here on earth we are encouraged to work out our salvation in fear and trembling, and that is cooperate with the Holy Spirit in becoming more like Jesus each day, that’s our souls being saved. Then either when we die or if Jesus comes for us in the Rapture, before we die, that’s when our bodies are saved in that we are given an immortal one, an incorruptible one to replace the body which has been so marred by this sinsick world and our own sins. So all in all there is NOTHING which can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus and we will not die a day before or a day after the day God has already designated we are to go and bnd be with Him. So it’s win-win all the way. However, on principle, I will not be having the injection of whatever its latest name is! PS My husband has been doing research for almost a year now!

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    2. PS:
      There’s a drastically serious problem after Merck stopped all effort in making their ‘covid-19 vaccine’. Why? And I’ll quote: “…studies showed immune responses were inferior….”
      Yet lo & behold….new ‘information’ has recently been released that Merck has direct ties (bribes?) in with renewing their manufacturing ‘covid-19 vaccine’ for Johnson & Johnson.

      Again, not making accusation against anyone but hey…
      This time, one plus one just doesn’t add up right. I’ll bet the clown farm that something is askew. Sometimes said, something stinks to high Heaven. If Merck ‘covid-19 vaccine’ has any reason to cease production…what type of insanity gave them the idea it’s just fine for anyone except them? Or…it’s not good enough for Merck, but perfect for everyone else. If it’s not good enough for the ‘maker’ then it’s certainly not good enough for the taker. (o_0)

      And please, whatever you might choose, don’t overlook or dismiss this suggestion: hydroxychloroquine. Last but far from the least: please review the Hippocratic Oath, written a few years ago by Hippo creates. NO…sorry, I mean the Hippocratic Oath was written by Hippocrates. Again I’ll quote: “Above all, I must not play at God.”
      Oh…did you think I was about to add in something different LOL?
      Thank You


  4. Many thanks to Kayjae and Martie. I have also been carrying out research into these issues since the commencment of 2020. There is absolutely no doubt that they are all a work of the evil one and his hapless puppets. Also Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God the Son and Father God and God the Holy Spirit have not been caught off guard.

    Even before I became a born again Christian, 27th July about 7.45 1976. I was aware of Freemasons and the Illuminati and latterly the Elite.

    Then I began to learn about Jesus and His work in Creation and so much within His word spoke to me and still does for we never stop learning.
    Considering the scholars like Jack Lanngford, Gary Stearman, John F Walvord, Clarence Larkin, Larry Ollinson, Arnold Fruchtenbaum , A Ralph Epperson [The Unseen Hand] and so many more who all take a literal,truthful view of scripture it is sensible to be aware of our enemy.

    I believe that this period of time has been planned by Satan, created by God as Lucifer the angel of light. I do see this as a huge stage setting of his penultimate attack against God, the evil one has been planning this since he stole back the domininion of the world from Adam and Eve.

    I urge all of us to focus mostly upon Jesus Christ while we research and stay alert for by our watchman lifestyle we may have mercy on some who are doubting the truth and snatch many from the eternal fire, Jude 22. For we need to keep looking for the blessed hope that is in Jesus Christ, Titus 2 v 13. Maranatha

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  5. Not a reply, but a question. From reading about the J&J “vaccine” it does appear to be a vaccine, has no mRNA or no PEG and does not need to be kept frozen. (That frozen part alone makes me leery). So it isn’t as effective “they” say, but sounds better to me. Yes, I understand it has the human female cell line. As for that bit of info, why are these cells needed and why female?


      1. I am so sorry you read it that way, you don’t know me otherwise you would know I do not do ‘nasty’ without good reason, it truly was just a question, perhaps I will have to write “just askin” in future. I do not have hidden agendas. As you can see my husband is researching and seeking to find answers too, so why would I be nasty to somebody else, hmm? May the Lord bless your day because it seems to me you need His blessings right now. (Just sayin’)


    1. The cells from an aborted fetus were used as an incubator for development of the vaccine. Pfizer and Moderna used them in the lab testing stage but not in the final vaccine product. This cell line is present in the J&J vaccine final product. I have not found info about why a female cell line was chosen. Perhaps it was simply the one at hand during the development and may have passed some other criteria for its use.


  6. Thank you Leo, again. Dr. Martin is highly intelligent, I learn more and more with every opportunity I have to listen to him. I’ve watched and re-watched this video as well as a couple other interviews he has done. Additionally, the video “Plandemic” is an enlightening video as well. More info can be found on (be careful – NOT – which then tried to scam my son by sending him to a pharmacy located here in Dallas, TX to for medication attempting to charge him $350 – price gouging; it has been reported to the state AG’s office’s department of price gouging).
    I like to research and cross-reference articles and interviews I consume – because there’s so much misinformation out there and, from my perspective, neither government nor the medical establishment getting kickbacks can be trusted. With doctors and other medical personnel (who should be considered trustworthy, right?) continuing to push this false narrative and gene therapies, we all should become more involved in educating ourselves when it comes to our health as well as that of those we care about who may not be able to do so. Ask questions, lots of questions. If a doctor can’t or refuses to answer or worse, attempts to deflect or speak down to you, find another doctor. I homeschooled my children for 17 years and always encouraged them to ask questions – that’s how we learn and that’s how thoughtful discussions take place.
    Posting a link below to a video by Dr. Carrie Madej who has another excellent explanation of the mRNA gene therapy from the website
    There are other videos and articles on the site as well as the movie “Plandemic”. Be warned – if you are just beginning to seek to understand, as one of the commenters questioned above “But why?”, this information could cause something called “cognitive dissonance” which happens when a deeply held belief is challenged. If that happens, take a break, take a walk, and go back when you’re ready. Don’t let it scare you away though because knowledge is power and it leads to freedom. The plandemic and it’s supposed solution, the lockdowns, the masks, the 2020 election, Event 201 (look that up), and so many other things are all tied together. I started down this rabbit hole approximately a year ago, researching almost daily, and I’m still learning more and more even when I go back over the information, such as the following video, again and again. Another way of learning is to look up the ingredients individually that are contained in these “therapies” (I’ll no longer refer to it as a vaccine. Don’t take anyone’s word for it – do your own research and pray for discernment.
    Also, take a look at
    I apologize for the lengthy comment. It just makes me sad and angry to see so many – even a couple of my own children – brainwashed and in complete denial about the world they are choosing to enter into out of fear and blind misplaced trust, under the guise of safety.
    Thank you again, Mr. Hohmann, for sharing your research. God bless you.

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  7. Leo—you do great work. Your articles are always excellent. I believe these mRNA “vaccines” will come back to hammer anyone gullible enough to take them. It’s only a matter of time as these have the potential of being used as preprogrammed bioweapons. Because Something was very fishy about how this whole pandemic started and especially how it has been handled by our government, Big Pharma, the medical establishment and who knows what cabal or cartel. I do not believe for a minute that the feudalist powers that be have any benign interest in our welfare—quite the opposite! So everyone—resist the siren call to walk into “the showers”. Instead, get organized to take back your freedom before it’s too late.

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    1. What ’emotion’ was that then? Is one not supposed to emote when discussing such dreadfully harmful matters?


    2. wow, this guy is a fauci shill, lies sprinkled in with the attitude, oh its no big deal, its wildly successful, the way of the future, using filtered data from pharma , saying it is successful for the elderly, although stats show a 40% higher mortality rate for elderly than covid. Yea, listen to this guy and feel good about pharma reprogramming your cells with new instructions, to do what? As sars covid2 sample has never been purified, it is impossible for them to create a defense for it.


      1. IHolly…..if the interview you posted above is still up on YouTube it is a pretty good bet it is propaganda. You tube doesn’t allow anything to remain that is contrary to saying all vaccines are good, all of the time, and with zero downside. The same people who believe everything the “scientists” are saying about this pandemic, the lockdowns and the masks will be the same people taking the vaccine without doing any research into it on their own.. Remember, God’s Word tells us that the last days will be marked with mass deception.


    1. Dear Alan, so are you in the UK then? I ask because you mention ‘both sides of the pond’? I am English but the Lord called us to a small European island some nine years ago


  8. Hello Leo, Another EXCELLENT article, THANK YOU!!! I SHARE these with ALL I know, GOD BLESS YOU and keep up the good work. 😇💖 Sharon and Don Gricol 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  9. I join my husband in also requesting a link to the whole video, please, Leo. I am thoroughly gobsmacked, yet again. I bet I can guess who one of your ‘leftist trolls’ did their ‘username’ start with a ‘B’ and the last letter an ‘S’?


  10. Leo, this becomes worse by the minute!!! Thank you for the info. I was surely moved by God the very moment the ”Crisis” commenced and became convinced that this is a move by the Satanic Master – his endtime LAST MOVE. It is so incredibly clever and remarkably interwoven with the timing of all the other behaviours and denial of the Truth of The Word of God and the political machinations together with the satanic computor manipilations on hundreds if not thousands of levels.

    No wonder the masses have been taken in as they have no concept of supernatural evil such as this.

    However beloved readers – BUT God -He has been warning us for a very significant time and has told us what will happen and what is now happening.

    Is there any chance of a link to the complete video?


  11. Thanks Leo for your great investigative reporting! I have forwarded this article on to my concerned friends. I believe we are seeing the beginnings of DNA modification on a world wide scale. This certainly has troubling similarities to Genesis 6 which precipitated the destruction of the human race save Noah and his family. “ Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations,”…I believe that is talking about his DNA being unaltered. The god of this world wants to destroy the image bearers of the one true God. This age is winding down. We all need to call upon God’s anointed one…Jesus. “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


    1. Jesus meant that calling on HIS Name you would be ‘saved’ from HELL. Not saved from the lethal injection.


  12. My question is WHY? This makes no sense.
    The confusing messages about “not stopping the spread” made me skeptical from the start. What good is a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection? But this isn’t a vaccine.
    The reason given from so many lining up to take the shot is, “I don’t want to get sick.”
    It reminds me of what the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation did to those children in India. The polio vaccine contained living samples of polio. Crippled and killed many.
    Dr. Ten Penny means well but by posting on an anti vax site and calling it a “vaccine” repeatedly she hurts her credibility.
    Mikovitz’s message is more hopeful. On Dr. Mercola’s site she says an anti inflammatory diet can help those who are suffering after the treatment. Along with some other suggestions.


    1. They were not only ‘busy’ in India but in Africa too. I do believe though that the Indian government banned the Bill & Melkinda Gates Foundation from practising any more in India.


  13. This entire “vaccine” quagmire scenario reminds me of a Bible story!
    Joseph’s coat and the other brothers!
    Genesis 37:31
    And they took Joseph’s coat, and killed a kid of the goats, and dipped the coat in the blood; And they sent the coat of [many] colours, and they brought [it] to their father; and said, This have we found: know now whether it [be] thy son’s coat or no.
    Just like Big Time Religion, selling doctrines of men Contrary To The Scripture!
    Don’t know the difference between goats blood and The Blood of The Lamb! As long as they don’t have to prove according to The Scripture, they make money!


  14. Great article and I so enjoy Dr. Martin and Dr. Mikovits. I have one thing to add. Jacobson v Massachusetts. That lawsuit was not about mandating vaccines during an emergency. The lawsuit was about about the $5 fine. Jacobson refused to take the vaccine so he was fined $5 and it was the fine he went to court over. At the end of the day he did not get the vaccine but he did have to pay the $5 find. So at the end of the day you could refuse the vaccine but had to pay a fine if you did. You can also verify this with RFK Jr. This argument was brought up during the debate with RFK Jr. and Alan Dershowitz. That interview was not the first time I had heard this clarification of Jacobson v. MA.


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