WATCH VIDEO: Iran’s president chides Biden for his weakness: ‘America and the world will kneel down before our great nation’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Rouhani said America and the world would have to kneel down before the “great nation” of Iran and the U.S. would be forced to give up its “oppressive” economic sanctions, according to a translation of his speech by Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI.

“Indeed, we have moved a step forward and achieved a great victory,” Rouhani said.

Rouhani made his remarks March 1 during a public address aired on Iranian IRINN TV. He communicated his exuberance that “that murderous butcher in America,” a reference to former U.S. President Donald Trump, “was toppled.”

Rouhani said the new Biden administration has acknowledged “four times” that the maximum-pressure policy was a mistake and a failure. Rouhani said the fact that Biden has admitted to the failure of this policy is Iran’s “greatest success in history.”

Watch 1-minute video below:

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