Trump’s DOJ will not prosecute Ilhan Omar for marrying her brother

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, D- Minn.

Two-tiered justice system now on full display: One for globalists, Islamists and communists and another for conservative Republicans

Federal investigators have decided not to prosecute Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for immigration fraud even though it’s a well-known fact that she married her brother in order to gain him lawful status to remain in the United States.

The news that two separate federal agencies have declined to pursue charges against Omar after a months-long probe into her fraudulent marriage came from a veteran insider at the Department of Homeland Security.

The case was investigated by the FBI and involved at least one other agency but the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota, Erica MacDonald, has decided not to prosecute.

MacDonald is a Republican who was appointed to her post in June 2018 by President Trump.

Tasha Zerna, media spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis, did not answer phone calls last week seeking comment on the decision not to prosecute Omar.

An email inquiry to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington was met with the following response from spokeswoman Alexa Vance:

“Thanks for your press inquiry. The Department does not comment on any decisions to prosecute or not prosecute.”

Abdihakim Osman Nur, a member of the Somali-American community in Minnesota, became the first person to go on the record with firsthand evidence of Omar’s marriage to her brother. He told the British-based Daily Mail earlier this year that Omar told him she wanted to get her brother, Ahmed Elmi, a green card so he could stay and work in the United States, at a time when she was married to her first husband, Ahmed Hirsi. The easiest way to do that was to marry him.

Even President Trump has mentioned the rumors about Omar’s fraudulent marriage.

“Well, there’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. I know nothing about it. I hear she was married to her brother. You’re asking me a question about it. I don’t know, but I’m sure that somebody would be looking at that,” Trump said at the White House in July 2019.

Omar has long been accused of being married to two men at the same time in 2009, and that one of them, Ahmed Elmi, was her own brother and a citizen of Britain. The rumors never gained traction in the establishment media. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has interviewed the main reporter of the story, Scott Johnson of the Minnesota-based Powerline blog, and the New York Post reported in January 2020 that the FBI was investigating the marriage and had met with a source in Minnesota. That source provided “a trove of documents” associated with the fraudulent marriage.

Omar denounced the accusations as “disgusting lies” by bloggers who were engaging in “Islamophobia.” She refused to address questions on the matter.

Then on Feb. 20, 2020, the Daily Mail published its zinger, “Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother, and said she would ‘do what she had to do’ to get him papers to keep him in U.S.”

Marriage fraud convictions are punishable by five years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000.

The FBI never officially confirmed it had opened an investigation on Omar, but the insider source at DHS says an investigation did indeed occur but is going nowhere.

“The marriage fraud case was turned down by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Minnesota and in Washington, D.C.,” the source said.

The excuse was that the statute of limitations on the case, five years, had expired. That is dubious given the fact that her divorce from Elmi did not occur until 2017.

He added that, while not entirely shocking given the makeup of the federal bureaucracy, which remains stacked with Obama-era civil servants loyal to the Democrat Party, refusing such a case marks a complete break with long-established FBI culture.

It also shows that President Trump still has a long way to go in reforming the FBI, which continues to act politically as an arm of the deep state under current Director Christopher Wray.

Trump tapped Wray three years ago to head up the FBI after he fired James Comey.

“Years ago they would love high-profile cases like this,” the DHS insider said.

But not under the current FBI ground rules, which pay more attention to the politics of the case than the facts.

This has led to a two-tiered justice system — one for Democrats and globalists and another for conservative, America-first Republicans. Only Republicans get indicted by the DOJ, not Democrats.

Democrats presided over Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Iran nuclear deal with cash transfers, the Uranium One deal, the Steel Dossier, Hillary’s private email server, and the ongoing coup attempt against the Trump presidency. None of these crimes resulted in indictments.

Omar is just the latest case of progressive Democrats getting away with whatever they want.

“This was clear marriage fraud and immigration fraud, that’s a fact,” the source said. “For the D.C. office to decline [to prosecute] is clearly political. Democrats get a free pass on everything.”

The lack of action against Omar does not portend well for the likelihood that Attorney General Bill Barr will announce any indictments against former Obama henchmen like Comey, James Clapper, Robert Brennan and Andrew McCabe?

Bu the insider source still believes there is a possibility things could change if Trump gets re-elected.

“If he [Trump] doesn’t’ get re-elected I can assure you they won’t,” he said.

Under a Joe Biden White House, the alliance between the left and Islam only figures to strengthen.

The Million Muslim Votes project recently released a video ad promoting Biden for president, showing the former vice president pandering to Muslims in a video where he quotes from a hadith and promises to name Muslims to his inner White House circle.

“We’ve got the power, raw power,” the Muslim ad boasts, as images of Omar, fellow Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece Linda Sarsour appears on the screen.

Wray’s reluctance to go after a prominent American Muslim like Omar is not surprising. He has always been an establishment guy.

Dan Bongino, in his Aug. 10 podcast, exposed Wray as a deep-state insider who has lied to Congress about the legitimacy of the Steele Dossier, which formed the basis of the failed case against Trump in which the president was accused of being a Russian asset.

“Christopher Wray has got to do,” Bongino said. “This guy is swamp, through and through.”

Wray’s swamp-creature credentials were on full display three years ago when he sailed through confirmation hearings after Trump appointed him to succeed Comey as FBI director.

When asked at his Senate hearing if he believed the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible links to Trump’s campaign was a “witch hunt,” he stated that he did not.

On July 20, 2017, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously recommended to confirm Wray as the next Director of the FBI. Wray was officially confirmed by the Senate with bipartisan support on Aug. 1, 2017; the vote was 92–5. He was sworn in by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a private ceremony on Aug. 2, 2017.

The federal law-enforcement community’s refusals to prosecute Omar and other high-profile Democrats is a direct testimony of how successful former President Obama was in remaking the federal bureaucracy in his image.

Obama’s strategy, called “brilliant” by the DHS insider, was to replace non-political senior executives within the federal agencies at Homeland Security, the FBI, ICE, etc. These are the career bureaucrats that run the day-to-day operations of the agencies. When a new president takes office, he names his own political appointees but the senior-executive level employees are still on the job.

“He didn’t fire anyone, he waited them out and was very selective and they hired their own people, they were very smart about it,” the source told me. “They put all their people in power and they’re all still in there today.

“Most of these people are for the most part very liberal people, who run the day-to-day operations of the federal agencies. So people ask why isn’t ICE doing more, why aren’t they deporting more? Because they aren’t going along with the agenda, what the president wants, they’re just moving things around, shifting numbers; it’s a shadow game, and it’s really unbelievable.”

That’s why the FBI refuses to investigate Rep. Ilhan Omar’s immigration fraud and refuses to infiltrate the rising Muslim and black-power militias. Instead, the Bureau is out hunting white supremacists.

“I have sat in on meetings where they are going on and on about a few guys with no capabilities, no brain power, no funding and this is what we’ve spent the last hour talking about and it just blows my mind,” the source said.

In these same meetings, often with local law enforcement present, the real threats, if anyone should raise concerns about them, get met with hushed silence and icy stares.

As proven in Minnesota, even those U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump are hesitant to push the Trump agenda and go after high-profile targets like Omar.

“No …They want high-powered jobs out of government and they know high-profile immigration cases will quash that opportunity for them,” said the government insider. “They are not willing to risk their afterlife. They’re all looking for post-government careers.”

The last thing they want is to have the label “arch conservative” or “far right” attached to their names after they leave office and are looking for a job in the private sector.

Timeline of Omar’s two marriages:

1997: Omar and her family settle in Minnesota after fleeing war-torn Somalia

2002: She marries Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi in a religious ceremony but it is not recognized legally. The pair go on to have two children.

2009: Omar marries Ahmed Elmi in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

2010: He enrolls at North Dakota State University to study fine art and lives with Omar

2011: Omar claims she and Elmi split this year and he went back to the UK

2012: Omar and Hirsi have their third child. Elmi is still in the US according to college officials and social media

2013: Elmi starts working in London

2017: Omar divorces Elmi

2018: Omar marries Hirsi in a civil ceremony

2018: The marriage is brought up during Omar’s campaign for Congress

She denies it and it is largely ignored because of the lack of proof around it

July 2019: President Trump thrusts the rumor back into the spotlight

July 2019: reveals Omar and Hirsi have separated and she’s moved into a penthouse apartment also reveals Omar’s secret relationship with her married aide Tim Mynett

August 2019: Tim Mynett’s wife files for divorce, claiming her husband had professed his love for Omar

Early October 2019: Omar formally files for divorce from Hirsi

November 2019: Omar is granted the divorce from Hirsi

December 12, 2019: Hirsi marries pediatric nurse Ladan Ahmed

December 19, 2019: Mynett is granted a divorce from his wife Beth

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  1. You freakin’ Idiot DOJ, why did you not prosecute Omar and then send her back to where she belongs!! She’s evil, a traitor, and a Taliban suporter, you dunce!!!


  2. I dont know but i think trump has this. He’s not going to do this one pos at a time. I think he’s going to wait and flush when their all floating around in the bowl and theres no escape. They know its coming. At least I’m hoping this is what is going on. I think we have more white hats in there than people realize.


  3. It sounds like the US is fully infiltrated with it’s enemies.
    It reminds me of the scripture that says “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” Gal 5:9.
    The meaning of leaven in the dictionary is ‘an element that produces an altering or
    transforming influence’.
    The leaven has and is doing its work in our country.
    I don’t see any way back to America as it was founded unless God mercifully intervenes.


  4. May I “ditto” your sentiments in this great article.The “movement of Muslims into our country”
    started with such sympathy for these poor families and we should welcome them with open arms.
    I felt this was a subtle invasion of a terrorist organization beginning inside our country – and I was and am convinced I am right. Be a missionary. Take them to church.
    Tell them about our God!
    Pray that we show American ideals
    to these people from foreign terrorists country.

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  5. I hate to tell you this, but the white liberals who voted for Omar are just as bizarre as she is.


  6. The fix was, and is, in.. You are correct sir.. This is a blatant example of a two-tiered justice system, and a very dangerous situation I would contend.

    In my opinion, they have all become afraid of what they have allowed to come in to the gate; the radical Islam version of the ‘Trojan Horse’..

    What has happened to my country?

    I hate the fact that I have to be subjected to breathing the same Minnesota air she and others here have contaminated..

    This place has become a sewer, and cesspool of slimy corruption..

    This also completely explains what really happened in the ridiculously mysterious death (not suicide as reported) of Philip Haney in northern California on February 21st, 2020; the former co-founder of, and Case Officer with, The US Department of Homeland Security..

    He was about to publish his second book, as a sequel to his first book, entitled: ‘See Something, Say Nothing’, and relating precisely to this convoluted subject matter, and the ‘Deep State’ people involved in it.

    Philip was also planning on being married this year, and reportedly planning on returning to a post within The Department of Homeland Security under the trump Administration this year as well. ..NOT a likely candidate for a ‘suicide’ to be certain..

    This has become a very dangerous time in our nation’s history, and a dangerous and critical time for OUR Country.

    I am ashamed of what we as a Nation have allowed to become of OUR Nation. and this great American experiment. Our ‘Founding Father’s’ would feel the same..

    Someone should tell US Attorney Erica MacDonald what my Dad the WWII and Korean War combat vet, and peacetime – state-side drill instructor – then NYPD Special Investigations Unit (Knapp Commission) Officer, would say, when he used to repeat the following quite often.. ‘The only thing you get by running away from a bully, is shot in the back’.. He was right..

    The US Attorney in Minnesota, and others, are now afraid of the ‘Trojan Horse’ they have allowed inside the gates of Minnesota, and OUR nation. What’s next? ‘Sharia law’ for all of Minnesota?

    Rest in peace, and may God Bless Philip Haney and his family.. You served your country well my friend..


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