Democrats hand GOP juicy fodder for midterm elections: Must-see video

maxine waters
U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, at a rally last week, urges Democrats to confront and harass Trump officials in public spaces.

Everything seems to be coming together perfectly for Republicans to have a wildly successful mid-term election this fall.

Not that they can take any credit for their impending success.

While the Republican leaders in Congress continue to be inept at passing legislation in support of the Trump agenda, they have one ace in the hole — their Democrat counterparts.

Democrats are acting increasingly like spoiled children. Reps. Maxine Waters calls on fellow Democrats to publicly shame and harass White House officials at restaurants, gas stations and department stores.

Peter Fonda says the president’s son should be ripped from his mother and placed in a cage with a pedophile. Kathy Griffin holds up a realistic-looking severed head of the president during a “comedy” routine. Singer Madonna says she day-dreams about blowing up the White House [Johnny Depp suffers from the same cravings for presidential blood]. These are just a few of the entertainers who have made outrageous statements inciting the masses to rise up in violence against the Trump administration.

And the Republican National Committee is taking full advantage with a new ad that does nothing but show video of Democrats acting out.

Check out the new TV ad the GOP is releasing just in time for the midterms:

Mainstream media, such as Time magazine, have been caught altering the facts to suit the Democrats’ open-borders agenda. Time presented a cover last week showing the President in a doctored photo saying “Welcome to America” as he looks down on a crying little Honduran girl. There was one problem: The girl was NEVER separated from her mother, who left a husband with a good job and paid human smugglers $6,000 for a trip to the border.

Even professional athletes are getting in on the hate. Lebron James and Stephen Curry, representing the two teams that made it to the NBA finals earlier this month, said neither one of their teams would visit the White House if invited as part of the honor that usually comes with winning their league championship.

This is pure snobbery on exhibition by over-paid men who have one skill in life: They are able to throw a ball through a hoop at various angles with uncanny precision.

I wonder how many past NBA champions have been card-carrying Republicans who enjoyed shaking hands with Presidents Reagan or Bush? Did a GOP-leaning NHL hockey champ relish going to the White House to shake President Obama’s hand? No, but they kept their dignity in place by accepting the presidential invitations. It’s called civility. But we no longer live in a civil society where folks in the entertainment world can sit in the same company with those who disagree with them politically.

With all this dishonesty, and insanity, it really is a miracle nobody has made a serious attempt on President Trump’s life. But the outlandish, almost freakish, invective coming from Democrats inside and outside of government is driving key independent voters to the GOP.

Looking beyond the next election, the sad part is this: Young people coming out of school have no memory of anything different. They will believe this type of unsavory behavior, in the entertainment and political realms, is entirely normal.

Our founding fathers warned us about this. John Adams was very blunt. In a speech to the military in 1798, he warned:

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

If that’s true, we are living on borrowed time.


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  1. This sounds like criminal harassment. Neither judges not state nor federal legislators would want to be targeted this way, nor would any law abiding person living in the US. IMO, Waters should be prosecuted for inciting criminal conduct and violators arrested on the spot.

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