Ramadan draws to bloody close as Western schools, media, even some churches give Islam a high five

Ramadan ends at sundown tonight and we can all take a deep breath and thank God for that.

Ramadan-Bombathon-2018Depending on whose figures you use, somewhere between 600 and just over 850 people have been murdered during the Islamic “holy month.” Scores of others suffered horrific injuries in Ramadan-inspired attacks.

We read in the media that this holy month inspires Islam’s 1.5 billion adherents to pray, fast, self-reflect and become better, more peace-loving Muslims. But the evidence of this introspective goodness fails to convince us infidels who have still not handed over our brains to the PC police.

  • Was the Somali mob that beat a man unconscious with bricks, rocks and sticks in a Lewiston, Maine, park on Tuesday, June 12, trying to become more peace loving and tolerant? [UPDATE: the man has now died of his injuries]
  • Were the Muslims who dragged atheist poet Shahzahan Bachchu out of a pharmacy in Bangladesh last week before putting a bullet in his head trying to perfect their inner religious piety?
  • What about the two civilians who were tortured and then summarily executed by Islamists in Libya shouting praises to Allah? Were they exhibiting the fruits of their month-long self-reflection and Ramadan prayers to Allah?
  • Muslims even kill other Muslims during Ramadan, as was the case in South Africa where a Somali man entered a mosque and stabbed two worshipers to death.

But, we’re told, we should not focus on Islam as the source of these attacks. We should focus our attention on ourselves. We who call Islam into account, we who cite Islamic “holy” texts as the primary inspiration to violence and misogyny, we are the guilty ones. If we “Islamophobes” could be silenced and everyone was nicer to Muslims and more approving of their beliefs then they would not be as eager to kill us.

According to Western elites the best thing we can do to defend ourselves against this threat is to ignore it while trying harder to affirm the softer side of Islam.

This Western mindset meshes nicely with the Islamic doctrine of fitnah. A fitnah, Arabic for persecution or oppression, caused by non-Muslims is seen as “worse than slaughter.”

If you criticize Islam, you have become a fitnah and it’s better for you to be slaughtered — figuratively as in slandered if not literally killed — than tolerated.

We reported earlier this week how schools, universities, government offices, businesses, the media and even some Christian churches are falling all over themselves to help Muslims celebrate Ramadan. They’ve been participating in Iftar dinners and co-sponsoring celebrations of the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which includes three days of feasting as Ramadan comes to a close.

I can certainly understand feeling the urge to celebrate the end of Ramadan, because it means at least some of the jihadists will sleep later, eat more, and be less likely to remain in attack mode.

But let’s be real. There are no examples in world history of any society that successfully changed Islam into a religion of peace by submitting to its demands and playing along with its lies about bringing peace and justice to the oppressed. The only time Islam respects the rights of minorities is when it is a minority. There is no Muslim-majority nation in the world today in which non-Muslims enjoy equal rights with Muslims. Not one.

But we’d rather accept Islamic lies and continue deceiving ourselves.

I am particularly saddened to see Catholic schools succumbing to the same deceptive bag of Islamic tricks as public schools. For example, the largest Catholic college in Minnesota, the University of St. Thomas, not only provides Muslim prayer rooms and ritual footbaths but is also hosting an Eid celebration on campus June 16.

On the school website is the following statement:

“The University of St. Thomas is demonstrating its commitment to interfaith dialogue and the common good by holding the Eid Carnival event on June 16 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the lower quad on the John P. Monahan Plaza. Students, staff, alumni and community members are invited to this free event.”

Since nothing is free, the university is likely paying for the Islamic celebration.

“The Eid Carnival is the first event being organized by the Center for Campus Ministry’s new Associate Chaplain, Islamic Faith, Sadaf Shier,” the college website states, while referring to “Prophet Muhammad’s” own observance of Ramadan.

This speaks volumes because the Catholic university did not say “Islamic Prophet Muhammad,” it said “Prophet Muhammad,” which implies that this Catholic institution believes Muhammad was a legitimate prophet of God.

See related story: Self-described radical Muslim student sets fires at Catholic college.

The Eid Carnival is supported by the university’s Diversity Activities Board, the Saudi Students Club and the Muslim Student Association.

Shier, a native of Pakistan, has played a leadership role in Minnesota’s interfaith movement.

The art of deception

But interfaith dialogue is nothing more than Islamic trickery, designed to neutralize Islam’s natural spiritual counterparts – Judaism and Christianity. Once Islam gains sufficient numbers, it is no longer interested in “dialoguing” with Jews and Christians it only seeks to subjugate them. This can be seen in the example of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, who offered peace to the Christians and Jews of the Arabian Peninsula while he was weak, only to launch bloody conquests of their communities after he gained converts and built up his armies.

Nations throughout the Middle East such as Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Egypt have all gone from majority Christian in the eighth century to 90 percent or more Muslim today. What happened to all the Christians? They have been forced to convert to Islam, flee or stay and live as second-class citizens under the oppressive jizya tax.

Because 98 percent of humans on the planet are what Islam scholar and former Iraqi Muslim I.Q. al-Rasooli calls “Quran and hadith ignorant,” they are easily deceived by Muslim leaders’ calls for interfaith dialogue and peace in the early stages of an Islamic settlement.

Rasooli uses a pseudonym because of the many death threats he has received since leaving Islam. The penalty for apostasy under Sharia is death, and even in the West a Muslim who leaves the faith can expect to experience threats, intimidation and violent reprisals.

Rasooli says every American should read and digest at least the guts of the Quran, which are found in its first nine chapters.

First on the list of Quranic concepts that Westerners must learn is that the Quran allows Muslims to deceive when they are living in a non-Muslim society. This deception is called taqiya, which is part of the “law of necessity.”

Watch Paul Sutliff’s interview with former Muslim I.Q. Rasooli below:

According to Quran 3:54, Allah himself is a great deceiver. It says “Allah is the best of deceivers.” [Also see Quran 8:30 and 7:99]

“You don’t have to read the whole Quran, but read these chapters. And if you come to any conclusion opposite mine, you should be put in a mental asylum,” Rasooli bluntly stated in a June 13 interview with Paul Sutliff.

Taqiya deception

Quran 5:51 says “Oh believers, take neither Jews nor Christians as your protecting friends: They are only protecting friends of one another. Whoever of you disobeys this commandment will be counted as one of them.”

There is one exception to this rule, however. If you, as a Muslim believer, fear a danger from the disbelievers, you may pretend to be a friend of the disbelievers.

Al-Bukhari, compiler of the most respected hadith collection, recorded that Abu Ad-Darda [a companion and pupil of Muhammad] said, “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, “The Tuqyah [or taqqiyah, deception on behalf of Islam] is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.”

“We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

Our schools, universities and churches would be wise to keep this in mind in their dealings with groups like the Saudi Student Club, the Muslim Student Association, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and every other Islamic organization now waging cultural jihad against the institutions that undergird Western civilization.

This deception also applies to these groups’ alleged allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, says Rasooli.

When a devout Muslim tells you he is loyal to the Constitution he is exercising taqiyya, “because he knows it is man-made, not from Allah,” he said.

Rasooli added that, for the U.S. government to allow large numbers of devout, Sharia-compliant Muslims to emigrate into America is “criminal negligence bordering on treason.”

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