Shocking rise in knife attacks documented across UK following record migrant influx



By now almost everyone has heard about the escalating violence in London under its Muslim mayor, Sidiq Khan.

If you aren’t being stabbed to death in the UK’s biggest and most important city, you risk having acid thrown in your face by one of the gangsters being welcomed by what is essentially the West’s largest sanctuary city.

A new report by the London Times confirms that death by the blade is not ravaging London but is spreading outward “from the cities to the suburbs to the shires.” [‘County Lines’ Drug Gangs Spread Knife Crime Epidemic to the Shires, by David Collins and Iram Ramzan, The Times, May 6, 2018]

The Times report shows knife crime in Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Essex and Norfolk has almost doubled in three years.

At least 36 people in London have been stabbed to death so far this year.

Knife crime is up 20 percent in London over three years, but in the outlying counties the increases since 2014 are even more dramatic. The Times reports:

Knife crime incidents in Hertfordshire are up 150% from 229 incidents in 2014 to 573 in 2017; Hampshire is up 102%, Cambridgeshire up 83%, Warwickshire up 180%, Bedfordshire up 86%, Essex up 86%, Thames Valley up 50% and north Wales up 134%. Norfolk’s knife crime rate has rocketed 274%.

Khan made the astonishing admission last year that his administration was preparing for 1.5 million new people to move to London over the next decade. Since it is preposterous to think even half of that number would move to London from within the UK, Mr. Khan’s plan obviously involves importing many more Muslims from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. [Sadiq Khad boasts of 1.5 million new people to capital as he reveals shock ‘London Plan,’ by Siobhan McFadyen, The Express, March 4, 2017]

This would swell the ranks of Muslim voters and solidify London as an Islamic stronghold right in the heart of the West for years to come.

London Mayor Sidiq Khan

And the Islamization of the UK doesn’t stop with Mr. Khan or the city of London.

A record 16 Muslims, including a dozen of Pakistani ethnicity, won UK Parliamentary elections in 2017 to become members of the House of Commons.

And Prime Minister Theresa May just a couple of weeks ago appointed Sajid Javid as the country’s new interior minister. Javid is considered very ambitious and openly says he wants the top job at 10 Downing Street. Imagine the UK not only with a Muslim mayor of London but also a Muslim prime minister!

As the UK becomes more Islamic, it also becomes less safe.

Thanks to the Times, we now have documentation that Mayor Khan’s enabling of violent gangs to expand their operations within his city is also affecting public safety in the outer-lying suburbs and smaller towns remote from London.

This is an indictment of the open-borders policies of British governments dating back to the 1960s and 70s and continuing into the 2000s. This open-borders policy is what led to the election of Sidiq Khan in the first place, as mass Muslim immigration has the natural result of more Muslims being elected to public office.

Developing the critical mass necessary to elect Muslim politicians does not happen overnight. As we’ve seen in the UK, it takes four or five decades.

This should be a warning to other Western societies. Today’s open-door migration policies, while filling the cheap-labor demands of corporations, will eventually lead to tomorrow’s Sidiq Khan ruling over your city, state or county.

In fact, the slow grind of  “cultural jihad” — taking over incrementally through the peaceful political process — is already starting to come into view, albeit dimly and barely noticed by the vast majority of Americans.

Dr. Abdul Mohamed al-Sayed is running for governor of Michigan on the Democrat ticket.

In Michigan, Dr. Abdul Mohamed al-Syed is running for governor in this summer’s Democrat primary, one of more than 90 Muslim candidates running for office across the U.S. Part of Dr. Syed’s platform is to make Michigan a sanctuary state.

We already have more than 300 U.S. cities that are in various stages of being transformed through Muslim immigration. Just like in London, the transformation starts in a major city like Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis or Atlanta and quietly moves outward to the surrounding suburbs and smaller cities.

This process is aided by an army of nonprofits and community organizers that work to indoctrinate voters, and especially elected officials, to be more “welcoming.” The Blandin Foundation of Minnesota, for instance, has been in business since 1985, working to promote the UN’s Agenda for sustainable cities, but with a special focus on indoctrinating the leaders of smaller cities and rural communities. The foundation claims on its website to have trained more than 7,000 leaders from 600 rural communities in Minnesota.

The multicultural vision being implemented in these cities not only brings higher taxpayer costs for healthcare, housing, crime prevention and education, it also brings a loss of freedom of speech. Anyone who peacefully speaks out about the negative aspects of the welcoming movement is marginalized as a xenophobe, a racist and an “Islamophobe.” Eventually, like in London and the UK, such speech will not only be marginalized but criminalized in compliance with United Nations Human Rights Resolution 16/18.

Cities like Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco, Boston and New York have already implemented hate-crimes hotlines, where residents can call in and report an employer, educator or police officer for holding anti-Muslim views — a label that will then be used to get him or her forced out of their job.

The soaring murder rate in London also serves as a reminder that thugs needn’t have access to guns in order to kill.

It was recently reported that for the months of February and March the murder rate in London, a city where legally owning a handgun is virtually impossible unless you are a member of law enforcement, eclipsed that of New York City, a city where guns are readily available.

The Times’ investigation into knife crimes in the UK is laudable, but we still don’t hear anything about the identities of the vast majority of knife-wielding killers. How many are immigrants? How many are the sons of immigrants who live in migrant enclaves that refuse to assimilate?

The report on rising knife crime in the UK emerged after President Donald Trump, in a speech to the National Rifle Association last Friday, criticized the extreme level of knife crime in London. He compared one hospital to a “war zone . . . knives, knives, knives.”

Khan did say in his March 2017 speech that he planned to make London the “greatest city in the world.” He just didn’t say for whom.


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