Police face backlash after officers shoot, kill knife-wielding Somali refugee near Atlanta



How many times has a Muslim migrant attacked innocent Americans and the Council on American-Islamic Relations or some other advocacy group swoops in to suggest that the attack was a result of mental illness?

Well, it happened again on Saturday, April 28, in Johns Creek, a suburb of Atlanta, where Somali refugee Shukri Ali Said, 36, was threatening her family members with a knife.

Said’s sister called 911 and two officers responded to the scene near Northview High School. They ordered the woman to drop her knife. When Said refused to drop her weapon even after being Tasered, the officers opened fire. She died at a local hospital.

The Georgia chapter of CAIR immediately took up the cause, issuing a press release and speaking for the family to local media. Said suffered from bipolar disease and should not have been gunned down, they said.

Edward Ahmed Mitchell, Georgia-CAIR director

“Shukri Said was and is loved by her family members, who called 911 out of love for her, not fear of her,” CAIR-Georgia director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said Sunday in a news release. “We do not yet know all of the facts related to this incident. What we do know for sure is that mental illness should never be a death sentence.”

CAIR said Said’s sister called 911 Saturday morning to “seek mental health assistance” and that the family expected Said to be taken to the hospital.

Exactly how a woman wielding a knife was supposed to be taken to the hospital against her will was not explained by the CAIR spokesman.

The CAIR release goes on to state:

“It is also possible that law enforcement reacted differently to Shukri, a Somali-American woman who was reportedly wearing a hijab and a dress at the time of the shooting, than they would have reacted to another individual.”

There you have it. Another Muslim victim, according to CAIR.

Police provided no evidence of Said’s mental condition, but assuming CAIR is correct in its assessment that the Somali woman is mentally ill, it begs the question: Why is the United States admitting so many mentally ill refugees?

When our government invites refugees and immigrants to come legally to the U.S., shouldn’t the bar be set higher?

We already know that a refugee uses taxpayer-funded social services at a rate more than five times that of an average American citizen, but it would be reasonable to assume that a refugee with bipolar disease is going to be even more dependent on the government, likely for a lifetime. If she has children, she will likely be unable to care for them and they will also become the government’s responsibility.

The other possibility, of course, is that Shukri Ali Said was not mentally ill at all, and that CAIR is either inventing that scenario or exaggerating it for propaganda purposes.

Dr. Mark Christian, a medical doctor and former imam who emigrated from Egypt and converted to Christianity more than a decade ago, said CAIR is notorious for hopping onto these type of cases and making accusations before any of the facts are known.

CAIR did the same during the San Bernardino shooting by Syed Farooq and the St. Cloud mall stabbing by Dahir Adan.

“In this case, the woman’s own family are the ones who called 911, so we don’t know what they said in that call. They called 911 so there must have been a reason,” Christian said. “She did not get dangerously mentally ill overnight, if that is what she is, so if you were afraid of your relative already, pulling a knife definitely would do it.

“And the fact that she was near a high school, nobody wants to take a chance anymore,” Christian added. “It is very sad the woman lost her life, but I think her religion and the previous actions of Muslims in similar instances hold some responsibility for what took place, because in the minds of the police this is a Somali Muslim woman walking down the street very close to a school, where kids frequently go to play on the playground on a Saturday morning, with a knife that she refuses to put down.”

Christian said police also would not have known if Said was armed with possibly more than a knife.

“If someone calls and says they see a woman walking the street in possession a knife, that is a threat, they don’t know if she has on a suicide vest or what her intentions may be, how would they know?” he said. “Their family cannot control her, it’s a very sad situation, it really is, but we cannot blame the police: If they see a threat, their job is to eliminate that threat, they have seen what happened in Parkland, Florida, when they did nothing.”

But we can never expect CAIR to play it straight, said Christian, who is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and its history going back to Egypt in the 1920s.

“Any American or any journalist who would think of CAIR as a fair organization that is advocating for human rights is very naïve,” Christian said. “CAIR is an organization that has a very specific agenda and does not have the good of the American society in mind, or even the good of the American Muslims at large in mind.”

CAIR has one, very narrow, agenda and that is furthering the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, he said.

“Because they are, at the end of the day, a Muslim Brotherhood front group. CAIR is working on a daily basis to build their case files and they want to stack up as many cases as they can to build their statistics that will show Muslims are a persecuted minority that need special protection from the government,” Christian said.

Don’t be fooled, he warns, by any of the propaganda CAIR feeds to the gullible U.S. media, whether it be in Atlanta, Columbus, Minneapolis, Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, New York or any of the other U.S. cities where Muslims have attacked innocent civilians.

“Don’t be naïve, because the Muslim Brotherhood have shown a pattern in history of playing the victim. They scour the nation looking for cases, and if they can’t find enough cases they are willing to invent some, even if it means putting another Muslim in danger.”

This happened in the aftermath of 9/11, and again after the election of Donald Trump, where many supposed cases of anti-Muslim violence turned out to be fabricated. Even if some of the faked cases were later exposed, it plays out to the advantage of the overall Muslim Brotherhood agenda, Christian said.

“CAIR is no stranger to that tactic. They are scouting and building their cases and building their statistics in support of widespread ‘Islamophobia.’ Their agenda is not for the benefit of the United States and they are not so much advocating for Muslims at large as they are for the Muslims who can help them further their political agenda, which is to establish principles of Sharia in a non-Muslim society.

“They do this by building cases one at a time, because at the end of the day the facts will shake out one way or another but whether this case ends up being legitimate or not it’s going to be a case in a file that nobody sees, but they are going to say “remember what happened in Atlanta when police shot an unarmed mentally-ill woman,” so the details will fade away but the headline stays with you. They have done their job.”

This tactic of using Muslims as victims in waging a propaganda war on a non-Muslim society is nothing new.

It’s the same template CAIR has used recently to file lawsuits against U.S. prison systems in Michigan, Oregon and other states. They claim Muslim prisoners are being discriminated against because they are not given halal food prepared exactly the way they want it according to the strictest application of Sharia law.

“When the Brotherhood are defeated on the frontline like they were in November 2016 they don’t go into hiding and do nothing; they build an opposition, so when they return to the front line of power they are bigger and stronger than before. This is how they function, and why they come back stronger every time. This is not their first rodeo, they have been defeated numerous times, they have been crushed numerous times, and they always come back. They don’t sit down and cry, they work harder to present the Muslims as victims who are persecuted by the non-Muslims.”


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  1. They ALL claim to be mentally impaired. It’s the standard excuse for any murderer these days coz they KNOW it is a “get out of jail free” card… These POSs are taking over everywhere.


  2. Time to remove CAIR and other radical extremist organizations (You can put lipstick and makeup on a pig’s face, but its still a pig!) from American society! These groups are a “hang-over” from the Barry Soetoro, Crooked Hillary and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz era of subversives!

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    1. Unindicted co-conspirator to the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is a terrorist group plain and simple and should be disbanded in the United States. Arm yourselves America!


      1. I’ll believe it when I see it with regard to declaring the MB a foreign terrorist organization. And such a declaration would be fruitless anyway unless it includes all of the many offshoots of the MB, including CAIR, ISNA, MSA, ICNA, MPAC, EMGAGE, etc., etc… the list is very long and growing every year.


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