GOP congresswoman working to stop Trump from deporting illegal-alien Muslim professor

Dr Syed Ahmed jamal
Dr. Syed Ahmed Jamal of Bangladesh has been living in the U.S. illegally since he overstayed his student visa and the his H1B visa expired.


The Trump administration came oh-so-close last week to deporting a Muslim professor from Bangladesh who’s been living in the U.S. illegally for nearly a decade – but a Republican congresswoman has intervened to stop the deportation in its tracks.

Syed Ahmed Jamal, 55, originally came to the U.S. in 1987 on a university student visa, which he overstayed. Fifteen years later he returned home voluntarily but only for a few months, coming back to the U.S. with his Bangladeshi Muslim bride.

Jamal somehow obtained another student visa to enter a graduate-degree program at Kansas University, after which he again overstayed. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with his wife, who is also an illegal alien, and their three U.S.-born children. He is employed as a professor of chemistry at Park University in Kansas City.

Jamal has been the beneficiary of a sympathetic, nationwide media campaign presenting him as a victim of President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration. The Kansas City Star refers to him affectionately as a “Lawrence dad” while the Denver Post bemoans how this “beloved Lawrence family man, scientist and community leader” was taking his daughter to school when ICE swooped in and arrested him on his front lawn.

At least one mega-church in Lawrence has started a letter-writing campaign to help keep the Jamals from being deported.

The Washington Post, which also ran a sympathetic story on Jamal, claims he has a clean criminal record with the exception of some traffic tickets but then goes on to mention that he “recently ran for an open school board seat.” Is the Post not aware that it’s illegal for non-citizens to vote or run for public office in Kansas?

On Feb. 12 federal officials put Jamal on a plane bound for his native Bangladesh. When the plane stopped in Hawaii for refueling, an immigration-review board suddenly intervened and granted him a stay of deportation. Jamal was returned to the U.S. mainland and he is being held at the Platte County Jail in Missouri pending an immigration hearing set for later this week.

GOP congresswoman trying to stop deportation

Jamal not only has the media on his side. He has two Washington politicians working diligently on his behalf – including a Republican congresswoman.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kansas

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kansas, has filed private legislation in the U.S. House or Representatives that would make Jamal and his wife lawful permanent residents by fiat. Their three children were born here so they are already U.S. citizens as so-called “anchor babies.”

Jenkins is working with Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, on the legislation to give Syed and his wife amnesty. Their bill, introduced Feb. 13, is currently in the judiciary committee.

Cleaver tweeted: “The story of Syed Jamal is the story of many. Families around the country are being torn apart due to President Trump’s hardline immigration policy. Congress must work together to pass comprehensive immigration reform to end this inhumanity.”

Jenkins spokesman Lee Modesitt said in a statement: “Congresswoman Jenkins has been actively engaged with ICE, USCIS, other federal agencies and his family on his matter from the moment Mr. Jamal’s family contacted our office.”

Jamal’s supporters have launched a petition drive at to win a stay of removal, which as of Monday had more than 105,000 signatures. The petition describes him as a model citizen and an “ethnic minority” who will face persecution if he returns to Bangladesh. This is a deceptive ploy given the fact that Bangladesh is 86-percent Muslim and it is the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian minorities who typically face persecution.

Muslim Brotherhood ties at local mosque

So who is Syed Ahmed Jamal and is he really worthy of the enormous amount of time and money being invested to keep him in the United States?

Jamal is a community leader of a radical, terror-tied mosque called the Islamic Center of Lawrence, Kansas, that was once led by Hamed Ghazali, the vice president of the Islamic Society of North America – ISNA is the tip of the spear for the extremist Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Ghazali was imam of the Islamic Center of Lawrence from 1990 to 1996 and remains to this day a frontline Muslim Brotherhood operative. He is former chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s radical Muslim American Society, which sponsored Khalilah Sabra at its December 2015 convention in Chicago calling for an Islamic revolution in America similar to the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East.

Ghazali produces videos at GIV Ghazali Islamic Video of Lawrence. The video below produced by Ghazali focuses on Islam infiltrating the U.S. public school system. The footage courtesy of GIV is from an ISNA convention in Ohio.

Ghazali’s work was mentioned explicitly on page 12 of the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 Explanatory Memorandum as a key component of the Brotherhood’s dawah (outreach) efforts, and Ghazali was listed in the Muslim Brotherhood telephone directory introduced into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008, according to the highly respected Middle East Forum.

Ghazali’s speech at the 2010 ICNA-MAS convention was cited by the Anti-Defamation League as an example of anti-Semitic incitement after he claimed “Allah gave us the Jews” as an example of those who “take the wrong path.”

Some of the visiting preachers at the Islamic Center of Lawrence also raise eyebrows, including Sheikh Khalid Yasin, a circuit-riding speaker at Muslim Students Association events on college campuses across the United States, as well as at Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated mosques.

Yasin, a U.S.-born Muslim convert based in Atlanta, promotes the extremist Brotherhood idea that it is Allah’s will for Sharia (Islamic law) to govern all nations.

According to Discover the Networks, Yasin teaches the following:

  • There is no evidence that al-Qaeda was reponsible for the 9/11 attacks.
  • Homosexuals should be killed because the Quran mandates it.
  • The Quran permits wife beating.
  • There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend.”
  • Claims “missionaries from the World Health Organization and Christian groups went into Africa and inoculated people for diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever, and they put in the medicine the AIDS virus.”

Yasin is pictured in the photo below inside the Islamic Center of Lawrence with area imams.

The photo above was taken inside the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS. From left are Imam Bassam Helwani of Lawrence, Imam Yahya Furqan of Kansas City, and Sheihk Khalid Yasin the infamous preacher of hate.

On September 11, 2001, Yasin was in Saudi Arabia soliciting the support of an al-Qaeda front known as the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation — which eventually would be designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government — to help finance the creation of his proposed “Islamic Broadcasting Company” (IBC).

Yasin can be found on YouTube talking about how wonderfully Muslim women are treated despite the fact they have few rights under Islamic law – their testimony is worth half that of a man in court and a woman’s  inheritance rights are half that of her male siblings. A woman victimized by rape must have multiple male witnesses to prosecute the rapist.

In the video below, Yasin says the Quran is very clear about homosexuality and lesbianism: “They are punishable by death.”

Yasin was also caught on tape praising the deterrent effect of sharia criminal law:

“Then people can see people without hands, people can see in public heads rolling down the street, people got [sic] their hands and feet from opposite sides chopped off and they see them crucified…they see people put up against the pole and see them get lashed in public they see it, and because they see it, it acts as a deterrent for them because they say I don’t want that to happen to me.”

But it’s not just Jamal’s associations that should give pause to any politician siding with him in his deportation case.

Jamal’s disregard for state laws against non-citizens running for a seat on the public school board in Lawrence makes him guilty of voter fraud. Jamal is a community leader at the Islamic Center of Lawrence as noted in an online petition asking for intervention regarding his imminent deportation, and that mosque has a repeated record of hiring radical imams and bringing in radical guest speakers. He has twice overstayed visas and flaunted U.S. immigration laws.

Congresswoman Jenkins may need to be asked why she is putting the power of her office behind this man.


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.

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  1. If Congress won’t change the law, enforce it. Otherwise, we’re not a nation of laws. And it seems neither the Democrats, nor the RINOs that control the GOP want to change it. If it takes deporting this guy to do it, then that’s a small price for the country to pay, though I’m sure it’s a big price for Jamal. But he broke the law.


  2. I agree, send them all back and abolish “anchor babies” we don’t been people who break the law. What other laws will they break? They already brok a law when he ran for a school board seat since he isn’t a legal citizen …. every time we allow one of these law breakers to stay, it’s a slap in the face of the legal Imigrants to this country!,,,


  3. Write your congressman and tell this trash the laws apply to everyone. This congresswoman has a problem with the law….then change it by the constitution, you know the job she was elected to do and if not throw her out.


  4. You are correct. We don’t need people who violate the law and ignore judges orders, send both home to their countries of origin and if the kids want to go give them a ticket. It a teachable moment for those kids on what not to do.


  5. I absolutely hate this crap. Obviously, being in our country twice, breaking our laws twice, is nothing criminal to the crazies. And just why is any school hiring an illegal, a Muslim to teach our American kids?? That is simply wrong.

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      1. An illegal alien who overstayed his H-1B Visa, is his first crime committed. Then brings a second illegal alien wife and now has committed 2 crimes. 2 American children – this is the “play book” of all illegal aliens, then bring illegal relatives? Negotitate: He IS a chemistry professor! Put him to work with the CDC or DARPA/Military research programs and he can stay with his wife/kids. Have him work for the country he “loves” on special projects. No difference for those illegal aliens who had the heart to join US Military and served! ANY illegals who serve the USA military, CIA, FBI & any research programs such as DARPA, Livermore Labs who can pass a security clearance who keep all of their fellow Americans safe deserve citizenship without controversy! Everybody else who are just “here” having more and more kids, living off of social programs are exportable! A “case-by-case” review of all illegal aliens, including those criminals/gang members under law enforcement control to be exported behind “the wall” unless they are involved in active court cases until adjudication….then exported behind “the wall”.

        Socialism: Getting FREE stuff until the money runs out, then economic collapse follows – see: Venezuela

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      2. Yes, Su, all Colleges and Universties can be held accountable by filing a complaint with their Accreditation authority in addition to the Department of Education! Businesses who hire illegals may be challenged via ICE, Company Business Licensing Boards and Banks they do business with. It’s a legal solution!


    1. Send then back and with their kids too. He knowing broke the law and then she too.

      How did he become a professor after overstaying his visa? Didnt he have to prove citizenship? Who was the person that broke the law in making this happen? Throw them all in the pen.

      Besides, these type make horrible professors because no one can understand them and a lot of them seemingly do not like white Americans. Kids are spending a lot of money to go to school these days. Too much for some self absorbed foreigner to spout his self seemingly intelligence out of his mouth and then not even be able to understand it. Then, on top of that he cant even help after the fact. We need white, English speaking professors again.

      Send him back, besides, Christianity and Muslim crap don’t mix.


      1. Park University is likely a s**thole of academic waste. The government should charge and sue the university, its President and its Faculty Senate for multiple crimes against the US. As far as this R congresswoman— sayonara , anti-American biatch .


    2. I hate it also Marilyn, and agree with everybody in this post. When I was in college back in the 70’s in San Diego, I saw for myself how pregnant women who were Mexican nationals would sneak across the border and go to the nearest hospitals to have their “anchor babies” and no one did anything. It was “status quo” back then but those episodes turned into a huge problem today! The illegal immigrants in the 70’s multiplied to millions of illegals today! Yes, they broke the law and as such there must be a legal cost and we never want to put these illegals ahead of our normal legal immigration. Colleges and Universities, not to mention High Tech companies who employ these types of people should also be held accountable. The borders between Mexico and the USA are getting blurred. Pres. Trump offered a deal to fix DACA that we now see the Dems do not want to do as these illegals are used as pawns for the Dems to get votes! This is why I hate “politicians” who “politick” all the time. They all listen to the same radio station: WIIFM (Whats In It For Me?). Force Dems to accept Trump’s terms on DACA to solve the problem…deport everyone else. BUT, looking through practical eyes: there are some with high level skills including those who currently hold anywhere from a BS/BA, Masters and even PhD’s from our University systems we should keep as assets which can “off-set” their immigration crimes. I certainly do not want to deport educated immigrants back to their home countries because they were educated through our systems, and we helped paid for their education! Why send them to another country to reap the benefits of our education systems and costs? We want the full benefit of their education applied to industries whether Military, Law Enforcement such as Border Patrol and any other place where they could make an impact…we paid for it! AND, there are some who served gallantly in our Armed Forces including special ops. If these exceptional few can pass stringent background checks, consider them Americans! The rest can be sent “packing” across the wall!


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