‘Welcoming cities’ movement drops its mask, launches vitriolic rant against Americans

Lubell david
Welcoming America founder David Lubell


Welcoming America, founded in 2009 by the notorious Obamabot David Lubell, likes to portray itself as a mushy-gushy, love everyone, feel-good movement of American melting-pot pride.

Lubell has in the past stated that he believes most Americans are amenable to mass immigration from the Third World and would be more welcoming of migrants in their communities if they were just “presented with the facts” on how wonderful and productive the migrants are, bringing prosperity and vitality to every city they inhabit.

All we need to do is embrace them. Lubell took it as his personal challenge during the eight years of Obama to “soften up the soil” and prepare it for more “seeds” to be planted. The soil is a city’s native population and the seeds are the migrants – legal and illegal – blown in from the Third World.

There were lots of organizations working on the “seeds” but Lubell promised in various media interviews that he would be the first to concentrate on prepping the soil. He rolled out fancy slogans and billboard campaigns trumpeting the false narrative that uneducated, low-skilled refugees and migrants from Islamic hellholes were actually good for America.

He was master of the soft sell and had plenty of George Soros money with which to work his magic. It all sounded so nice and kumbaya-like.

On its website, Welcoming Michigan states: “At Welcoming Michigan, we seek to build mutual respect among foreign-born and U.S.-born people who call Michigan home today.  Together. It’s better.”

Together. Sounds good, right?

But that mister-nice guy approach, playing both sides to sell Americans on globalist, open-borders policies failed miserably as working-class Americans could see through the twisted logic. They’ve seen their factory jobs disappear, their wages stagnate, their standard of living decline steadily over the last 25 years, and so they flocked to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Coming to grips with that defeat must have been crushing for socialists like Lubell. They worked so hard sowing seeds and watering the soil, but all they had to show for it was a bombastic populist who promised to throw some love to those “forgotten” Americans, the white working class.

Lubell’s organization has been pushing cities of all sizes across the U.S. to rise up and adopt resolutions declaring themselves “Welcoming Communities.”  Don’t be fooled by the flowery language in these resolutions. This is nothing but Lubell’s way of spitting in the eye of those unenlightened Trump voters.

Welcoming America has become part of the deep-state strategy to “resist” and sabotage everything Trump does, even if they agree with it! [Recall that Trump offered them everything they wanted on DACA amnesty but they wouldn’t bit because the deal came with a wall and an end to chain migration].

Now this chameleon, Welcoming America, is getting nastier and uglier by the day as it sheds its nice-guy skin. The organization’s Michigan chapter took off its mask and revealed its true nature in a Feb. 7 Facebook post in support of an upcoming rally sponsored by a group called Michigan United.

Take a look at the post below and decide for yourself whether Welcoming America stands for unity, diversity and inclusiveness. The tone of the post sounds more than a tad divisive. It refers to the Trump administration as “racist” and “white nationalist” while distorting Trump’s policies in bizarre ways [remember he just offered amnesty to 1.8 million illegals and the Democrats rejected his offer!]

Upcoming Events to Support the DREAMers!

Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions and the racist extremist are dividing us by using: our immigration status, our religion, our race, our gender identity, our sexual orientation and our economic situations. They win by instilling fear, mistrust, hate and racism of our neighbors and fellow Americans. Young immigrants that would qualify for the DREAM Act are among the most vulnerable targets under threat by the extremist agenda of the white supremacist influence in the white house.

Make no mistake, we are all under threat. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We all fall under the umbrella of their hateful policies:
The deportations that separate families
The racist border wall
The hateful Muslim ban
The unjust laws disproportionately targeting black and brown communities
The tax giveaway on the backs of low income families

This is why, we need to keep fighting with courage for a better more inclusive country that rejects white supremacy and embraces equality, diversity, dignity and justice for all. We are fighting for this DREAM, the DREAM of equality that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had. This is the DREAM for a better more inclusive country.



Saturday, Feb. 10 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development
7150 W. Vernor Hwy. Detroit, MI 48209


For more information contact Adonis Flores adonis@miunited.org 1-888-507-7774 ext. 708#

Since half of the voting American public voted for Trump, I guess that means Welcoming America believes half of America are racist, white nationalist pigs. Thanks for throwing us an olive branch!

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3 thoughts on “‘Welcoming cities’ movement drops its mask, launches vitriolic rant against Americans”

  1. More problems that Americans simply wouldn’t be facing today if they had maintained their patriotic vigilance and upheld the 1790 Naturalization Act to be a text equally sacred to that of the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    ‘For ourselves and our posterity’. Most important words in the US Constitution.

    Patriotism needs to return to it’s roots in 1776, enough of this watered down, politically correct, post-war (((globalism))) masquerading as patriotism.


  2. Funny that they claim inclusiveness for all who think like them but harshly reject whites because we are hateful, rascist, supremacist beings who attack them……with words? Hey, Snowflakes, sticks and stones.


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