New Year’s Eve ‘safe zones’ for European women? I kid you not!

Fireworks over Berlin, Germany, in celebrations two years ago.

News out of Germany today ought to make every Christian and Jew in the West take note: This is your future if you continue to allow your governments to invite migrants and so-called “refugees” into your cities and towns.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin will offer a “safe zone” for women for the first time in the city’s history.

Organizers of the Brandenburg Gate party are hoping to prevent mob attacks similar to those that occurred in Cologne two years ago, when hundreds of women and girls were mauled, groped and sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve.

Fox News has the story here, although even Fox refuses to tell the whole story, neglecting to mention the words “Muslim” or “Islam” as the reason for the new air-tight security measures.

Fox chose to refer to the December 2015 attackers merely as “gangs of men with migrant backgrounds.”

Last year’s New Year’s celebrations included thousands of extra police officers on patrol, and while the number of attacks was not as bad as in 2015, there were still many women who were assaulted by Muslim migrants who see Western women as “asking to be raped” because they don’t cover themselves like Islamic women.

So, to take the security to another level, the German capital will this year have a “safety zone” where Red Cross helpers will look after women who feel harassed or threatened.

The revelation of “safe zones” for women trying to celebrate the new year, comes on the heels of reports just weeks ago that the traditional Christmas markets held in almost every city across Germany had to be fortified with armed guards and concrete barriers to ward off would-be Islamic terrorists like the one that killed 12 and injured several dozen in last year’s Berlin truck attack.

The writing is on the wall for those who still have eyes to see. Whether we want to face it or not, it should be obvious what is happening. Since Germany opened its borders to more than 1.5 million Muslim migrants over the past couple of years, life for ordinary Germans will never be the same.

Rape and terrorism are the new normal. What the German government under globalist dhimmi Angela Merkel is saying by these actions is obvious. “Scope out your safe zones’ women of Germany, because outside of that zone our police are unable to protect you from these rapists we have invited into YOUR country.”

They come with a sense of entitlement. Not help themselves only to the generous German welfare system, but the fair-haired German women not fortunate enough to find a ‘safe zone’ are apparently also theirs for the taking!

The lunacy of the left is on full display and if anyone is under the illusion that the left thinks any different in America than it does in Germany, they need to get a copy of my book, Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Munich, Germany.

I don’t expect facts, no matter how harsh or how jolting, to change the minds of the hardcore left and its globalist counterparts on the right. They will take a sword for Islam, which they have decided to adopt for what I believe are nefarious reasons, not the least of which is that the globalist left knows Islam will come in handy in their eventual plan to round up, imprison and even kill conservative Christians. These radical leftists and globalists are never going to change because they are blinded by their own hatred of Christianity, which they see as the true root-cause of all the world’s problems.

But I do remain aghast at the numbers of moderate and conservative-leaning Christians who are still bamboozled by the left’s argument that it’s the ethical, humanitarian, even Christian thing to do to import large numbers of Muslim migrants into our country.

One of the greatest deceptions of our time is going on INSIDE the churches. A large part of the infrastructure that works to resettle Muslim migrants into the West is affiliated with the Catholic, Episcopal and Lutheran churches, as well as evangelical churches that donate time and money to once-legitimately humanitarian World Relief Corp.

Under the banner of religion, these once-great institutions have prostituted themselves for the almighty dollar, and they lie to the faithful in order to enrich themselves.

The truth is they get paid by the head, $2,050 for every refugee they resettle in America. When the flow of refugees gets paired back, so do their revenues, and if the influx continues to slow they are forced to lay off workers and cut salaries [which are all above six figures for the upper-level managers].

The biggest lie of all is that by resettling Muslim migrants into Western cities, the Christian is fulfilling his or her biblical duty to show love for the “stranger in the land.” They use quotes from the Bible to bring in men from a culture that teaches them that it’s OK to prey on non-Muslim women and children.

The reality is that if these self-righteous Christians were really filled with the love of God they could not have any part in importing a culture that justifies raping our women, spousal abuse, honor violence, female genital mutilation and terrorism in the name of religious belief.

When a man believes his religion justifies his hurtful actions against another fellow human being, it’s almost impossible to convince him to stop the hurtful activity. Allah blesses it, therefore it must be right.

They might tell us that by bringing these migrants to the West the migrants will be exposed to a different code of ethics and will eventually clean up their act.

Even if they believe that, the left is willing to sacrifice how many innocent lives in what amounts to a social experiment?

Sorry, but when one’s culture is intertwined with one’s religion, why would they change, short of a miraculous conversion? And all of the Catholics, Lutherans and evangelicals working with the government to resettle Muslim refugees into the U.S. have signed contracts with the U.S. State Department agreeing not to proselytize the Muslims, so their actions don’t back up their words. It’s not about winning souls for Christ. It’s about bringing more money into their coffers. Period.

We made a lot of progress in 2017. My prayer is that even more Christians and Jews will be enlightened to this scam in 2018.

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