Germany IDs terror network made up of Islamist women


German intelligence services say they have identified a terror sleeper cell made up of at least 40 women operating within the country’s most populated state.

The head of the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), told Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper Tuesday that the women follow a strict Salafist code of conduct — from how to raise children and cooking ingredients, to how to interpret the rules of Islam and stir up hatred against Christians, Jews and other non-believers.

The result, said Burkhard Freier, could be something “much more difficult to dissolve, namely Salafist pockets within society,” reported the German news outlet

The German government has welcomed more than 1.5 million Muslim migrants into its borders just in the last three years, leading to increased crime, sexual assaults and terrorism. Many cities could not even hold their traditional Christmas markets this holiday season without armed guards and concrete barriers to ward off would-be terrorists like the one that killed 12 and wounded 56 in Berlin last Christmas.

Freier also revealed that the female sleeper cells have been indoctrinating young children to hate Westerners. “Salafism has become a family affair,” he told the news agency.

The 40 so-called “sisters” have also won the approval of their male counterparts. They are well aware that women can be more useful than men in Western societies in putting forth the “peaceful” face of Islam on the one hand, while preparing for war on the other.

This is the phenomenon I warned about in my book, Stealth Invasion, in which generations of non-assimilated Muslim migrants grow up in a parallel society — forming a nation within a nation over a period of years. Once this type of insulated society establishes a foothold in a country it is virtually impossible to root out short of an aggressive police crackdown, which some analysts fear could spark civil war in countries like Sweden, the UK and Germany. So far, no Western nation has been willing to take on that risk, opting instead to kowtow to Muslim leaders who demand that Muslim “civil rights and civil liberties” be placed above common-sense national security measures.

The BfV chief’s remarks followed reports by Germany’s DPA news agency, which revealed that German authorities had classified several dozen Muslim women and young people as potential risks to domestic security.

It remains unclear what the government intends to do about its findings or if the women have even been detained.

The number of Salafists in Germany has reached epidemic levels, according to reports in the German press.

Muslims who practice Salafist Islam hearken back to the fundamentalist roots of Islam as practiced by Muhammad and the first caliphs. It is the fastest-growing sect and encompasses much of mainstream Islamic scholarship coming out of al-Azhar University, the primary school of Sunni jurisprudence and a hotbed of Muslim Brotherhood activity.

Recently leaked intelligence reports indicate the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar are fueling the growth of the Salafist movement in Germany. And the reports found there is virtually no difference between one group’s missionary work and its jihadist theology.

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